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  1. I didn't know. It didn't come up in the couple interviews I read with him, and I was going by his otherwise blank IMDb page. Well, it's good they went that way, then. Someone yesterday compared Spencer and Trina to Nikolas and Gia 20 years ago, and I can kind of see it, but I like these two better. Marisa Ramirez in her GH years had a kind of grating, whiny voice I never got used to, and Coltin Scott/Stephen Martines was my least favorite of all the Nikolases (counting temp recasts, five) even before those articles painted such a disturbing picture of him.
  2. So much this. To talk about it in depth would take me way off-topic, but several years into the me-too/times-up era, I think we're in the midst of an overcorrection when it comes to discussion of pretty much anything woman-related (which, of course, means pretty much anything). I hope it eventually sorts itself out, keeping the good progress and doing away with the extremism and hypersensitivity, which often seems performative to me to shut other people down. If KMo thinks criticism of an unflattering skirt is the worst thing anyone wrote about her or Sam that day, I envy her sheltered 'net ex
  3. I haven't seen Wednesday's show yet, but I see from posts in the episode thread that we still don't know for whom the mysterious eavesdropping/smirking nurse is working or what her angle is. I hope it's only a coincidence that her first appearance and the car fire coincided with a sudden spike in talk about Kiki. I liked Kiki as played by Hayley Erin, but a reveal that she's alive and has a different face would just be too much, even for GH. I had that thought during yesterday's episode, and I dismissed it as being too far out there, but apparently I'm not alone. https://www.hitc.com/en-
  4. Honestly, I thought Monaco seemed tired, bored, and poorly audible when she was paired with Billy Miller too. And the two of them together were a lot of muttering in one place. I remember transcribing an entire Sam/"Jason" conversation here with what I thought I was hearing with the captions off. It was probably funnier than what they were really saying. She was flat as a Kansas backroad opposite Jason Thompson as well. The last time she really seemed energized to me for more than a few episodes at a time was during SB's original run, around the time Original Recipe Franco was terroriz
  5. If there's a lot of fan resistance to CamMat's version of Drew, will that be called "The Cain Mutiny"? Anyway, there's a picture of him in character now. https://soapdirt.com/first-official-photo-of-new-drew-cain-other-general-hospital-comings-and-goings/
  6. Picking up from some discussion in the "News" thread... Watros and Benard actually do have decent chemistry, in my opinion, but I'm over women falling under the spell of Sonny, no matter what he's calling himself. And everything wrong with the Nixon Falls story has been well covered. What could make the Tan-O tedium worthwhile for me is a hoist-by-their-own-petard tack when "Mike" does show up in Port Charles. I'd love for Carly and Jason to be painted as essentially the Quartermaines circa 1996, the clutching, "selfish" loved ones pressuring "Mike" to remember a life he no longer r
  7. I was never a Greenlee fan in my AMC time (the mocking references to, as she called her, "Lesbianca" were one turnoff), but Hayden did grow on me. I always thought Budig was good. She's a high-quality daytime performer, and she had chemistry with some of her GH circle outside of her love interests, notably Rebecca Herbst, Donnell Turner, Jane Elliot. I especially enjoyed Hayden and Liz, not the catfights as much as the post-thaw period after they discovered their connection. Liz finally had the interesting sibling relationship they couldn't develop with either of the Sarahs or (mileage might v
  8. When the episode started with Jason feeding the little girl (and yes, Burton did a good job with that scene), I assumed the little girl was Born-Through-Jeans Baby. I thought they were setting up the Drew return by showing that Jason has become her de facto father and still has a relationship with her even now that he's not with Sam. I should have known better, but I tend to forgot about Spina Bifida Baby's existence.
  9. Asp Burger


    I finished the series this morning. This is a tough one. It felt like two related but significantly different series to me, with the shift in the middle. I already knew that Rina Mimoun took over from Greg Berlanti as the principal showrunner in seasons 3 and 4, but I think I would have guessed there was a handoff. The style and tone change. The town recedes to just being a scenic setting as the Irv narration goes away; there's less focus on the peculiarities and character of Everwood. Everwood becomes (even) more of a relationship-focused show, with all the classic soap stand-bys l
  10. Jon Lindstrom also did a one-episode pop-in. He was a cancer patient who was smoking the ganja, and he made a pass at Rose. He keeps playing guys who are into small-town female mayors.
  11. I agree it could have been a better-told story. It could even have been good with a certain amount of requisite annoying Corinthos fluffing. But they're just going to sandbag Chase, and I'm expecting it to get worse for him before it gets better. The one thing keeping them from going full Zander '04 model with Chase is that he has a strong on-show support system with Finn, Violet, Dante, Jordan, Jackie (once in a while), etc., He's more likely -- eventually -- to accept he's the loser in this triangle, get past Willow, and get involved with BLQ or someone else new. Which is better for f
  12. I think she had a more limited frame of reference in romantic relationships than most women of her age would have. The actress was 23 when she first appeared on GH, and I think the character is the same age. Most 23-year-old women have had boyfriends in high school and college. Willow's past in the cult was recent enough for Shiloh to have fathered her baby that was born/died about three months before we saw her. So I don't think she's had much of a dating life. If she exchanged I-love-yous with Chase when they were together, I don't think she was deceiving him. When she was actually wi
  13. The only read that makes sense is that she was inexperienced with healthy relationships (which realistically she would be), and what she had with Chase was satisfying at the time. As an entrée to normal-world dating and relationships, he was a big step up from life in the cult. But then when she formed a romantic connection with Michael, the golden boy, it was like comparing a hasty pencil sketch to a great oil painting. In the mind of Willow, Michael is just the better guy. And I don't think she's materialistic, and I don't think she cares about taking her place in two powerful families or an
  14. It's hilarious when Sam's recent history is mapped out as @nilyank did it above. Her psychology and "motivation" have been baffling for almost four years now. If Kelly Monaco actually put in more of an effort, I'd feel sorry for her having to act all these shifts. You'd think Sam would have became easier to understand once she got over her mental illness from rolling around in the cat feces, but honestly, when she was in the throes of that is the last time she made sense. She keeps (listlessly) wanting different things. In that clip of Sam getting the phone call from Drew, nothing better
  15. It is funny to imagine daytime vets between jobs contriving run-ins with FV. Kristian Alfonso: "I could pass for Sofia Mattsson's mother, and I'm out of yogurt. Where does Frank shop?"
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