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  1. This is as close as he got, when Carly said yes, he was abusive, and produced the receipts with "faithless whore," "worthless," etc.: "I want you to hear my side. I have a temper, a bad temper, and you've seen the worst of it, and I have yelled at you, screamed at you, called you names. I'll even take it a step further--I might have grabbed you at some point, but you by no means were innocent. You lied to me, you cheated on me, right? And you even set me up with the Feds. [...] I'm just saying, it takes two to tango. We were equals, and you weren't the helpless type. How many times did you deliberately do something, knowing it was going to hurt me and set me off? [...] You deliberately provoked me, and then you gave as good as you got. [...] I never saw you cowering on the floor, sobbing, beaten. Because that's what I see as abuse. That's what my mother and I went through for years." So he makes it all about the specifics of his relationship with a woman, instead of identifying his own pattern, and everything's in the shadow of his idealized mother figure who suffered "real" abuse. If he can tell himself he's better than Deke, he can live with himself. It was an interesting story, psychologically, but they were only going to go so far with it.
  2. I skimmed some recaps. Not as recent as it may seem. His last day was in July 2016. He was around fairly regularly through April 2016. He was on Sonny's good side by now, and Sonny was putting him on things like investigating Josslyn's kidney donor. Carly still hated him and told Sonny not to trust him. Then he just disappeared. He was still mentioned (for example, by Molly and TJ re: the two of them moving in together and whether her dad would have a problem with it), but not seen. Then he made a one-day appearance in July 2016. Liz/Franco was just getting started, and Ric didn't like that she was showing interest in a former serial killer. They had a predictable argument at the hospital in which she alluded to all the things Ric himself had done. She made it unambiguous that she didn't want him in her life, even as a friend. Then he left. Hearst has said (in 2019) that he would be open to coming back, and that he considers Ric a legacy character with important ties.
  3. One thing I'll say about Nem: Tyler and Natalia always put on a show. I remember one love scene in particular that surprised me, that it got on daytime television without cuts. They always seemed very into it and convincing in the physical side of that relationship. I can take or leave steamy sex scenes.
  4. Specifically, it seemed like a character retcon that suited the Kirsten Storms version of Maxie. She really is believable as a former "mean girl." (Not Storms herself, but Maxie as played by Storms.) I don't remember the Robyn Richards Maxie projecting snobbishness or being all "You don't know all about the latest trends? You are so hopeless!" She was kind of insecure. She had that crush on Lucky, and her attitude was that he would never even look at her when he had a perfect girlfriend (Liz). That's not how it played when they actually did Maxie/Lucky years later with Storms and GV. Also, the RR version had the infamous "Maximum Maxie" story, when Kyle put the sex video of their first time on the internet and made her an object of ridicule. Even the interim, short-lived, little-remembered Maxie -- the one who said "exspecially" -- wasn't haughty at all. Just kind of a bimbo. But Richards was good at fragility, and Storms is good at something else. On Man Landers: I didn't hate it as much as some did. It was just eating up a lot of air time for a story about some new characters plus Nathan, who only had a trace of a personality and had mostly been Someone's Husband/Brother/Son. And it was built on a questionable premise, given that the successful advice columnists anyone can actually name are women. What it had going for it was Risa Dorken's energy and sweetness and the general likability of the characters in it (Amy, Nathan, Chet). I hope RD is doing better and will be back on GH eventually. She opened up about serious mental health struggles earlier this year.
  5. As soon as I found out that Coloma is musical (he's not bad), I was thinking we were doomed to a corny "sworn enemies make music for a good cause" number with Nikolas and Valentin duetting at the ball. Valentin on the keys and Nikolas on guitar. I'd make a crack about feeling we dodged a bullet, but honestly, I do miss the show and wish it were still airing. However, I'm not short of other things to fill the time...more than I'd have had 20 years ago.
  6. Paevey left/Nathan died in January 2018. It was 2016 when Storms announced she was taking time off to recover from skin problems, and they recast Maxie with Molly Burnett. In 2017, Storms took a longer break, and someone at the show or the network too-revealingly blurted out that she would be gone for 90 days. That time, they just wrote Maxie off temporarily. Nathan was very much around then; they filled his time with Nurse Amy and the Man Landers saga. Storms/Maxie was back for the end of that story. Post Nathan's death, later in 2018, Burnett again did a short-term replacement of Storms. But I think that that time, it was only for a couple of air days. So, the 2015 NB show just repeated was before all of the above.
  7. Accents for TV characters who are going to be ongoing are always something to think long and hard about. For a movie, it's different. You know when it's going to be shooting, you do your work in advance, it's great or passable or not so great (even someone as good with accents as Cate Blanchett had her Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull misfortune), and it's in the can. But an actor in a TV show might have to maintain it for years, no end in sight. I remember when Peter Reckell of DOOL had a regular role on Knots Landing, and the show unwisely made his character Irish. That brogue was sliding all over the place. Sometimes really heavy, sometimes light to nonexistent. They finally did exactly what you want GH to do with MEK -- they had another character say, "Hey, what happened to your accent?" and he revealed that it had always been fake.
  8. I remember Patrika Darbo (formerly Nancy on DOOL and Shirley on B&B; ultimately a Primetime Emmy winner) talking up Becky in an interview about the Daytime Emmys. This was a year in the early aughts that the nominations had come out and Becky had not received one. Darbo said Becky and another then-young actress (I can't recall) were two she had been encouraging people to look at. It is a little odd that she's only had three nominations in 20+ years. She doesn't always have material that's unquestionably "about" Liz, but she's frequently outstanding in other people's stories, and it would be hard to define "supporting" better. I don't know; I think movies are a little different. You're more likely to get a well-written role that's really at the center of a movie, with the guidance of a top director, as was the case when Anna Paquin won at 11 under Jane Campion's direction. I actually thought it was kind of cool in 2013 when the youngest Best Actress nominee ever (Quvenzhané Wallis, 9) competed with the oldest Best Actress nominee ever (Emmanuelle Riva, 85), and either of them would have been a defensible winner. But it went to Jennifer Lawrence, 21...who was playing older than her own age, and would have been in the "Younger" category had she been on a soap.
  9. Some of Benard's fans are saying in various places -- where outrage is high that he was snubbed -- that he "didn't submit." I don't know anything either way, but I'm surprised, if that's true. Whatever anyone thinks of what he did with it, and I don't think much, the Mike story has looked like awards bait.
  10. I've always thought this was a problem. I remember when Sarah Brown won it a couple of years in a row, and while she did qualify on a purely numerical level, it just didn't seem right to have her competing against small children, when Carly was in front-burner adult stories, having sex on pool tables and all that. In that same era, we had to watch little 7-year-old Bryant Jones crying (and being consoled by his 25-year-old Y/R costar and fellow nominee Joshua Morrow) while Jonathan Jackson collected another trophy.
  11. I was just watching some clips of Sonia Braga as Mrs. Westlake from that episode when she comes over for dinner. What a great supporting character/performance. Braga's delivery is perfect in the monologue about the kind of teacher she tries to be. It actually sounds like something a person might say, and of course she spoke beautifully accented English. Eventually, the show got over the top with its lectures on Cosby's personal passions and preoccupations, with "responsibility" sometimes taking precedence over humor, as in the notorious commencement episode. But in the first couple seasons, the balance was just right.
  12. Shortly after the Wiley parentage reveal, they did show Lucas acting irritable and moody at work, rebuffing the concern of Felix and Liz. (That was after Brad's sentencing, wasn't it?) But then he vanished. He could be working endless shifts at GH, he could be stealing from the drug lock-up to self-medicate, he could be drunkenly over-tipping strippers in the gay bars of Branford...anyone's guess. I just don't think the show cares that much about Lucas, and I don't think he's popular enough for fan outcry to force something. He's a character who can be part of stories, but can't have stories of his own.
  13. Agreed. It's a fierce competition, but I'd give Brook Lynn "worst character" right now, because she has less reason to be around than the other candidates. She's been one obnoxious, badly dressed flail from the start. She goes around with a pissy expression getting into people's faces, or she reiterates what others have said ("Yeah, Willow is great!" "Nelle is a psycho!"). Once in a while, we have it reemphasized for us that she's (1) a Quartermaine through and through or (2) the second coming of Tracy. She's been back since November, and we're still being told rather than shown why we're supposed to care.
  14. Maybe it's only absence making the heart grow fonder, but at least RPW's Dillon attacked a love scene with reasonable enthusiasm. I just looked, and there are actually some GH clips with him that have the YouTube viewer discretion warning. Michael's romances mostly consist of conversations in restaurants and coffee shops. A big break in routine for him is wearing exercise clothes.
  15. A few years ago, she just got suspended and could apply for reinstatement in a year, like Slippin' Jimmy McGill. If these writers really are committing to disbarment, that will be more of a game changer for the character. I'll believe it when I see it.
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