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  1. Yeah, I put Miller in the "no chance in hell" category. His last year and a half on the show made it unfathomable to me that he would ever return, unless it was far off in the future, there was a new producer, and he had guarantees he probably isn't a big enough fish to secure. His performances in the Kim/Oscar period, especially, looked like a prisoner counting down the remaining days. But I didn't buy him as "Jason" and felt Drew was little more than a make-work assignment to burn off a contract, so I wasn't pining for it. Miller's best work on GH was before they had him supposedly ge
  2. I've reached a new level of depression at having something in common with Carly.
  3. What about her crackling sexual tension with Dante? I was spritzing myself with water that day he was showing her how to hold a bat! (No, actually, it was so dull that I didn't even consider the phallic symbol they were presumably going for until I wrote that.) There are some dire new spoilers. Cameron groveling endlessly to get back into Josslyn's good graces? Carly and Liz bonding over being widows? TJ and Molly terrorized while celebrating their five-month anniversary? (They "celebrate" five months? Just can't wait for six? You just know TJ and Molly are that couple their friends hide
  4. Oh! I should have read more carefully. I'd say no, on the first nine minutes. I just skimmed through it, and it's a slow starter. Stella thinks Curtis is leaving the hospital too soon. Jordan taunts Cyrus. Liz tunes out Britt's work-related questions because she's flashing back to Finn touching her face. Sasha is sorry she didn't come to visit Chase sooner. Jason/Carly on their two topics (the transfer of power, what's going on with him and Britt). Anna says she'll find Peter, and Finn says she never will. Everything was either clarified in the later scenes or is very missable.
  5. Laura's style was matronly 20 years ago, so at least she's consistent. I remember so many negative viewer comments about the clothing choices for Laura at the time she was running Deception and butting heads with her forced partner, Carly. GF wasn't even 40 then.
  6. If he's staying at the Metro Court and it has some super-special best-room-in-the-house presidential suite that doesn't have any number because it has a whole floor to itself, I'm sure Carly has given it to him. She'd throw the actual President out on his ass to make it happen. Other topic: I so badly need the story of the slowest-acting poison in history to be over, and for Chase to be extracted from the triangle with Willow and Michael and put in with Brook and Valentin, whatever it will take. The story isn't playing to Swickard's strengths and is making me dread Chase's scenes, and I
  7. It's a trope I hate for female soap characters nearing or past 50, and those four are all at least played by actresses 50 or over. Kate Roberts on DOOL was just off-the-charts insane about interfering in the love/sex lives of her several adult children, but I'm sure there have been famous examples on all the daytime soaps. (It's funny that Alexis has been screamed at so much for trying to control her daughters' lives, especially by Kristina, and she's actually a lesser offender, as soap moms go.) If those four formed a club, though, it would probably go terribly wrong. They'd get t
  8. I really don't know the best place to put this, and this seems as good a place as any. It's just a funny memory I had, and I want to see if others remember it. I did my most sustained watching of this soap in the 1990s, and I remember a mistake I couldn't believe made it to air. One of Eileen Davidson's characters, either Kristen or Susan, was having a fantasy about John. We saw them in some romantic setting out on a blanket, maybe at the beach (although clearly the studio floor dressed up), saying lover-type things to each other and cuddling. The dream was obviously supposed to fade se
  9. Yeah. Soaps gonna soap. A character might be brought on for a certain purpose, but the actor shows some flair and catches on with the audience and the character gets developed in unexpected ways. Obrecht was originally an icy Teutonic henchwoman who probably was earmarked for short-term duty, but Gati showed a gift for humor, and then the character's family connections proved to be worth pursuing. So they never killed her off or made her pay for her crimes in ways we'd be calling for in real life. Now she's "gray," and that includes better relationships with characters she's wronged than may m
  10. Jail (or institutionalization) is only a real danger when someone is being written out and they don't want to kill or "kill" them. Steven Lars, Matt, Heather, "Liv" Jerome, Brad as you mentioned, Ryan. Shawn's done a good long six-year stint, although they're building to his being exonerated/sprung now. I don't think Kristina has ever been said to be gender-fluid. That would be if she stopped defining herself as exclusively female. I'd categorize her as bisexual, on the evidence. When she was getting involved with Parker, she also had a sexual relationship with that cute guy who was
  11. And his response to that perception has been to preside over a show on which everybody has come back from the dead and there have been several twin stories. Re: Terry, a story in which she fights for a position at the hospital is the kind of thing they would do with her. She'll want a job, our "good" characters (for example, Liz and Finn) will be supportive, maybe we'll get a villainous day player to mouth some unenlightened things, Terry will ultimately get the job, and then Terry can go back in the freezer. Hospital administration is not exactly the stuff of front burner on General Hos
  12. Was it just me, or was there a mass glow-up on the Thursday show? I know it picked up right after the one(s) before, but the hair stood out to me as a lot better on several people than I felt it had looked recently. Willow. Liz. Carly. Laura. Sasha (her makeup too). Michael and Brando, on the male side. Not poor Cyrus, though. Maybe we're supposed to feel sorry for him because his mother didn't love him and never taught him about hot-oil treatments. I don't ship or even feel an attachment to Sasha/Brando (...Saber?), but I did think they were kind of cute looking at the ultrasou
  13. I'm not sure when Liason as a name for them was first coined, but the initial Jason/Liz tease (and resulting fanbase) was in '99, before Jason left the first time. Robin was out of the picture, Lucky was recently "dead," they had already been friendly through Emily, and there was obviously a spark. It intensified when Liz harbored and played nurse to Jason at her studio when he was shot by a rival mobster. She also kept Carly away (Jason didn't want to see her; he knew about her sex with Sonny), which was the start of that feud. But Burton left to pursue other things, which kept it from gettin
  14. Holly as the Nursery-Rhyme Stalker and eventual childnapper wasn't a good story at all on GL, and it comes up sometimes in "famous bad soap stories" lists. So it's not anything I seriously think would be a good idea. I'm just over the St. Willow writing, I find her relationships with both guys in this triangle boring, and lunacy seems like a good alternative. But I don't generally find soap writing (even for characters I like) to be ennobling to either women or men. I think they appeal to our baser instincts. Even when soaps try to keep up with the changing times, they're so rooted in the
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