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  1. You can join me at the very small card table of Dev...tolerators. I don't mind him. The actor has room for improvement, but I find him more likable than the kid who played Oscar, so he's a modest upgrade. When Diego -- Courtney's twentysomething foster child turned serial killer -- came up a few pages ago as a point of comparison for Dev, it made me like Dev even more. Diego was so bad in all of his phases, but I see the actor has stayed in the business and built up a lot of credits to the present day. Maybe he's improved. I think they could help Ashton Arbab out by writing Dev with more depth and focus rather than always making him a foil, but this teen group does have pretty good chemistry. I just can't stand how Joss is always first among equals.
  2. Sasha uses drugs like I manage ice-cube trays.
  3. Also, it fit the personalities of the earlier guys better. It seems off-brand for Dante (who's not really "snarky") in the best of times, let alone this traumatized, haunted Dante who just had an unpleasant surprise.
  4. Respect: That was the best scene I've ever seen between DZ and the ER Lulu. They stepped up. What state is it that Nelle's body was found in? I know they've probably said it, but I think it needs to be more clearly emphasized.
  5. At that point, they had enough Sonny offspring, stepchildren, and stolen children running around that they could spare one to play Fredo.
  6. I think he believed her about the sexual harassment, but he found out that the contract she had signed was iron-clad and then just pivoted to, "Well, there's nothing I can do. You're stuck. Maybe now you'll be smarter about what you sign." We were supposed to think about how, as fathers go, Ned is no Sonny, who , if he found out Linc had preyed on one of his children, would have had hate-sex with him on a grave. Good point, though, that the story is all about the most recent thing.
  7. Moore is who I always try to remember when I'm coming down hard on a soap newbie, especially a young person. I was not actually around for her GH run, but I had read for years that she was one of the worst in GH history. When I eventually saw clips...well, she was gorgeous, of course, but "raw" would be a nice way to put it re: her acting. Then, just a couple years later, she had become a real actress in films like About Last Night. Another example is Tammy Blanchard, whom I found so gauche and screamy as Drew on Guiding Light, and she went straight from that to being a (deserving) primetime Emmy winner for the Judy Garland movie. Sometimes it's just a matter of a different work pace and directors who can focus a talent that's there, plus a little more maturity and comfort on a set. This is what I see coming, unfortunately. "I've read your work. You're good! That piece you wrote about cafeteria lunches? Every journalist I know was talking about it."
  8. If Molly had walked into the hospital and seen Alexis walking around with an amputation of the whole arm at the shoulder level, I don't think Haley Pullos could have overplayed Molly's shock and alarm more than she did over a cast. Dial. It. Down. I really appreciate the people on this show who are always in the right zone, because there are distinct camps of "too much" and "too little" (ahem, KeMo) and I'm sure there's pressure to be pulled into one or the other. The osteoporosis scenes did feel especially PSA-y. Alexis even had dialogue like (paraphrasing) "I never thought this could happen to me!" It was a good point a page or so ago about how it's always the female characters who get these stories. Not that I'm rooting for Robert Scorpio to get a prostate-cancer scare so we can have Finn talking about the results of his PSA (the other kind of PSA, I mean) and the importance of routine screenings over the age of whatever. Maybe they're going by what they imagine to be the target audience.
  9. The actor who plays Brando graduated from high school in 2004 and from college in 2009. (There's a lot of "local pride" stuff about him on the internet; he's from SC,) So there's that. I've been mentally putting Brando in his mid-thirties. I think what we're supposed to assume is that, in this false version of Dev's parentage the Corinthos clan is selling to the rest of Port Charles, Brando got a girl pregnant while still in his teens. So, older than TJ and Molly, younger than Sam and Jason, and enough in the middle that he can mix with either set.
  10. All the Sonny angst and Sonny wistfulness by Mike's bedside are definitely making me forget that Sonny neither saw nor mentioned the character between 2011 and 2018, and it took a distress call to jump-start the relationship then. If Mike were off in New York quietly following the Yankees and not ill, Sonny would probably be ignoring him until he died of old age. Yeah, I know. The character was off-canvas, there was no actor to play him, and if I were a Sonny fan, I could fanwank that they were staying in touch and we just weren't hearing about it. But the way the onset of the dementia was played when Gail took over, it really seemed they had become near-strangers. This kind of thing does happen in families, but the writers have Sonny regretting the wrong things, in my opinion. He keeps talking about how obstinate he was over Mike's failings when Mike was trying to repair the relationship, like, 20 years ago when the Ron Hale version was working at Kelly's and going out with Tammy, instead of their absence from each other's lives for most of this decade. He didn't even know the Rita woman that Mike was living with. Now, I fear we're in for "a town mourns," not only Sonny but numerous other characters talking about the hole that Mike leaves in their lives, as if he were a beloved Port Charles patriarch. All that said, hats off to Max Gail for his often-touching performance over the last two and a half years. It's likely he has friends around the same age (he's 77) who have gone through this and died now, or are in various earlier stages of it. I feel he honored them, and all Alzheimer's sufferers, with the truthfulness and bravery of his portrayal. I'd say I'll miss him, but I'm sure there will be flashbacks and ghost visions until the New Year at least. ALW always did have nice skin and hair, and she did look good. As for the character, "dead" is my favorite version of her.
  11. Remember when Nikolas was "dead" and we had Ava bringing him up from time to time as the person she didn't have enough time with, the person who "understood" her, et cetera? I thought that that was a weird choice at the time, because she had mostly interacted with the temp recast when the character was on borrowed time. But that was the story they went with. Then when they brought Nikolas back on a permanent basis, they made Ava a big part of his story from the start, so I was expecting follow-through on it. It seems now equally strange that they're hostile and antagonistic and even using the word "hate," and there's so little in the way of other layers. She has a better rapport with Sonny these days.
  12. Totally. I'll forever be bitter that the Gooze had Becky, Jonathan, and Tyler all at the same time (three of the fantastic four from the late-'90s youth set), and he gave them the nasty story he gave them. Then don't even remind me of the Siobhan era.
  13. Ric was appreciably worse, in my opinion. One thing they've successfully sold to me is that Franco is all about Liz, loves her and her sons. Ric was always as Sonny-fixated as Jason, and thus was contaminated in the way of all Sonny satellites. Even when he was at his most anti-Sonny, it was clear enough who the center of his universe was. On Friz: I think the actors work well together, and I like both of them, but I've never really been a fan. The pairing brings out this eager-to-please puppy-dog side of RoHo that I don't think is his strongest suit. I know Friz is supposed to be the "root-for" couple in this quad story, but I really do prefer Franco with Ava, and Liz with this Nikolas.
  14. I didn't know about that, but I do remember that almost a decade prior to that (2002), she had a much-publicized DUI incident. She was swerving all over the twisty roads of Malibu for about five miles, and the police arrested her when she got home. Then she dug her hole a little deeper by being belligerent and mocking during the arrest. She got dropped from one of the CSI shows very soon thereafter. I hope she's put all that behind her too. What's funny, and makes that stand out in my mind, is that one of the TWoP writers/recappers did an interview around that time with Leslie Hope, who played Jack's wife on the first season of 24. He mentioned it in passing but got the wrong Delaney; he said it was Dana Delaney. So Leslie Hope was all, "Dana Delaney got a DUI? She's one of my best friends!"
  15. Nelle will probably find an amnesiac Morgan, start a relationship with him, and teach him to hate Sonny, Carly, and Michael, setting the stage for a Morgan/Nelle double comeback in some sweeps month. Bonus points if Julian is killed off in the interim so there's no impediment to their coming back married.
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