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  1. Whatever Oscar and Dev left to be desired as characters to watch, they were Cameron's closest (really, only) male friends of his own age in recent years, and they both died. In a perfect world, that would get explored as much or more than the fact that they were a love interest and love-not-much-interest for Josslyn.
  2. Sam thought she was leaving a bunch of voice messages for Jason, but in reality, he blocked her number a long time ago. He was tired of the daily barrage of sleepy-voiced messages that were never about the kids (who were usually at the Q mansion anyway) or anything urgent. Mostly she was just monologuing about her mother, about Julian, about Valentin, about Peter, about Brando, about her parole officer, about whoever she hated the most in that moment. She would always finish with "Anyway, I was just wondering what you were doing. Call me." She was going to see him in person later that day anyway. Then there were all the texts with pictures of her in stores, for example, holding up identical black blouses and wanting to know which one she should get. So he blocked her, and she still doesn't realize it. She still calls and thinks she's leaving messages, but they're going to a filter. Usually she has forgotten about all the messages by the time she sees him. On the rare occasions she brings it up, he just says his phone died. He came back to the Floating Rib when he heard about the explosion some other way.
  3. It was a pretty good post-disaster episode. But could it have been more of a microcosm of the show? Kelly Monaco confusing "frantic/concerned" with "obnoxious/shrill" at every opportunity. Laura and Mac reacting to Dev's death with the equivalent of "Ah, what a shame," and then barely taking a breath in before Laura jumps to "BUT WHAT ABOUT JASON?" (That was like meta-commentary on this show's inability to nurture a younger generation.) The Dev-corpse isn't even cold yet, and Sonny already is getting propped up by Carly for giving Dev the wind beneath his wings. I don't think anyone was concerned about Liz all episode. She just got up and around and went into caretaker mode. By the time they got to the hospital scenes, I wouldn't even have known Liz had been at the Floating Rib. But I'm totally on board with making my main concern how Sonny handles all this. I'm sure it will bring back memories of Stone and Morgan, those two other beautiful young men he could not save. Also, when it comes out that a mob rival is responsible for the explosion, that might bring Lily and their unborn child into it. He'll need so much support. And what about Josslyn? She's just now getting back to some semblance of a normal life after losing the love of her life, Oscar. I hope Sonny and Josslyn have an entire episode that's just the two of them talking about their pain. That would be swell. Carolyn Hennesy for MVP. I legit welled up a little bit. I'm glad the writers remembered the "Litigator of the Year" episode. The cuts back to the site of Alexis's stupid half-assed intervention really should have been dead spots with everything else going on, but they weren't, because once Sam was gone, the only bad acting was from Haley Pullos.
  4. I'm getting a "budget cuts" feeling from the show lately, and I'm thinking there may be more high-profile exits coming. It wouldn't surprise me a bit if "Liz has to decide whether to donate Franco's liver to Alexis" is a February story.
  5. I won't see the Monday show for a few hours, but if they're saying onscreen that Dev was part of the Corinthos household for two years, it won't work for me. Dev first appeared in the overseas part of the Dante/Sonny story in March 2019, and then he showed up in the U.S. the following summer. So, not even a year and a half. The other day, someone (Carly?) commented that Trina had been mourning her father for "almost a year," and I had the same reaction. Maybe it's easy to sell to viewers that it's been that long, because the production layoff and the pandemic have made 2020 such a weird year. But Taggert "died" in March, they had recently referenced all the usual winter things on the show in the weeks prior, and we just had people in Halloween costumes and then a whole episode about voting. So they're kind of stuck with "That was March and this is November."
  6. GH alum Natalia Livingston (ex-Emily and ex-Rebecca), now an Atlanta mom of two, on whether she would ever return as one character or the other. https://soaps.sheknows.com/general-hospital/news/584545/general-hospital-natalia-livingston-interview-new-life-emily-return/ Whatever anyone thought of her portrayal or the writing choices, it really was a bad idea to kill Emily off.
  7. Re: "You're not wrong." It's worth noting that both head writers of the story in which Julian held the knife to Alexis's throat (Jean Passanante and Shelly Altman) are long gone now. That was in summer 2016. I can understand why DeVry and fans of his character wouldn't be in a mood to look on the bright side, but Julian did get a four-plus-year run following that, in which he did achieve some measure of rehabilitation. He became owner of a legit small business and was onscreen a lot, and he even had a civil, sometimes supportive relationship with Alexis. I'm neutral on Julian, and this is much more than I was expecting for him. In summer 2016, I thought all signs pointed to the character being either dead or shipped off to prison by November sweeps. In related news, I'll never stop finding it funny when Google gets confused about two people with the same name.
  8. I sometimes briefly wonder if I'm being unfair, but Sam manages to be the less sympathetic character in any one-on-one confrontation with anyone. Brando, Valentin, Julian, Kristina, relapsing Alexis, anyone. No matter what cards she's holding, she comes out looking worse than the other person. Monaco's portrayal has become almost toxically unpleasant. The character is such a tiresome, condescending black cloud. And yes, that sentence originally ended with something other than "black cloud," but I'm erring on the side of caution with Forum Standards & Practices. I haven't liked her in a scene since she kicked Sonny into the hole while suffering from the cat-feces disease. Also, it's rich to me that Carly turns up her nose now because "everyone hates" some other woman. It used to be that she got her back up because everyone loved some other woman (Robin, Liz).
  9. No, when Carly said "Not until about a week ago," she wasn't talking about the coke abuse; they were still on the Chase/Sasha fake cheating. She was covering herself by saying before a week ago, no one had really told her or included her in the plan; she just intuited it all ("You told me about the affair and it didn't make sense...I could see the way she still looked at you"). So that's her "out." She has deniability with Michael until the last week because no one had ever verbally confirmed her suspicions. As I recall, the scene in which Carly found out consisted of Carly saying what she thought was going on, and that she knew exactly why Chase and Sasha were doing it and she supported it, and Sasha not denying it. That kind of weaseling wouldn't mollify me -- God knows, when Carly is sure about anything else, she can't wait to broadcast it to anyone involved, whether she turns out to be right or wrong -- but it seemed to lower Michael's temperature a little. Eh. Cheap shot, but when they cut from Sonny to Nikolas and back, it's hard to believe there's only 15 years' difference between the actors. Coloma has great skin.
  10. I think because most of us like Chase, or at least don't hate him, we don't want to admit that he may not be very bright. Our major data point for his policing is that his whole career in Florida imploded when the world's most transparent murder suspect, "Janelle," had him eating out of her hand. (I'll keep it family-friendly by saying "hand.")
  11. If I were a paranoid JaSam fan, I'd be reading cloud formations and wondering. Burton has been back for more than three years, and Jason and Sam have been nominally "together" nearly the whole time, but they've really had nothing. Neither actor seems into it. Monaco barely seems into playing Sam. Ned and Olivia have had juicier story in 2020 than Jason and Sam. Recent commentary on them by other characters (most recently Alexis, but others too) has consistently emphasized the negative, and it isn't just Monaco's limp delivery that makes Sam's rebuttals seem halfhearted; it's the writing too. On top of all of this, Jason is inching back into Elizabeth's orbit, saying he'll always protect Elizabeth and her boys. And they're apparently chem-testing him with Britt (who dislikes Elizabeth, and vice versa, so...if Sam and Franco lifted right out, they'd have another insta-triangle). It's easier for me to see other things they'd do with him than with her.
  12. It bothered me how cavalier Jason was about sending Spinelli traipsing through Franco's medical records. I get it, the mob has its own super-hacker who can penetrate any firewall and find out anything with his magic computer, and Franco does have a history of manipulation and deceit. But it's one thing to have Spinelli "tap into the surveillance cameras" to prove that someone did or didn't shoot someone, and another to have these goons rifling through confidential databases with sensitive information. I just had to strike a blow for HIPAA awareness. To me, Swickard just looks like a guy in his late twenties who sometimes has facial hair and sometimes doesn't. I don't see any jarring difference, The only time I was really "glad" about him having facial hair was when he was a new addition and was overlapping with Griffin.
  13. I think the character's name was "Michael's Girlfriend," or, informally, "His Girlfriend." I remember Laura Wright saying it many times in the couple episodes right after KA vanished through the legal trapdoor.
  14. The previous time GH did a whimsical 1920s episode, about 18 years ago, Nancy Lee Grahn also got assigned the role of a temperance advocate. Anyone else remember that? It was in the era of the Tamara Braun Carly, and we were getting a flashback to the youth of Faith's grandmother (who was played at that age by Braun) and her relationship with a Sonny equivalent. It was very Pratt/Guza, in that Carly got to be the sexy heroine at the center, and Alexis had little walk-on bits as a tiresome killjoy/scold. I thought this episode vacillated between kind of cute and awful. Most of the women weren't very convincing in the period, Kelly Thiebaud being the worst offender. Maura West gave the best performance, and Becky Herbst looked right. Too much of a Laura Wright showcase. I did like that past-life-Portia said, "Bogus! Yes!" It's a word that a modern young person would use but that would register with someone of that time. But when she referred to "people of color," that struck me as anachronistic. When Josslyn said, re: 1920, that voting really made a difference then, I kind of smirked given the way that election turned out. The machine-backed provincial nonentity Harding won by a landslide, and his administration was one of the most corrupt in history. Men and women alike had to take the shame for that. I rarely love this kind of detour episode; I don't think GH does them well. I remember the legendarily awful 7th Heaven episode about the importance of voting, which ran the year of the Bush/Kerry election, although they didn't use names. All the political arguments among the family members and their friends referred to "our President" and "the other guy." As usual with the later years of that show, nothing anyone said sounded like the way human beings talk. But that had more laughs in it.
  15. Also, every time Dante says "I will complete the mission," I think of this.
  16. I've been stuck a day behind everyone else, not seeming to be able to watch two episodes in a sitting to get caught up, but I just wanted to say I hate these scenes with Finn and Jackie. I'm assuming it's going in the direction everyone has seen coming from the start, that he's Chase's father rather than his half brother. I liked those two as brothers. It was one of the best things about Finn. This plays as though someone just realized there's a 25-year age gap between the actors -- when it isn't how they read opposite each other or how they've been playing their scenes from the start (IMO) -- and went with the biggest "shocking soap twist" imaginable. And, really, did anyone need or want another layer of complication for Finn? His back story was already overwritten, with all that stuff about the dead wife with the incurable disease, besides the entanglements he's actually played onscreen over four and a half years. Hayden is still out there somewhere, on pause. I hope they hit abort on this somewhere along the way, but even if they do, the revelation that Jackie did a story on Finn when he was a first-year resident, and they had sex right before she married his father, is overly convoluted and alienating. Finn's been on the show for four years, Chase for two, Jackie was briefly an important character in the early '80s, and Finn's father has barely walked through. So I don't think any character involved is central or well established enough to get this kind of realignment -- the way, for example, Alexis was when we were asked to roll with her being the mother of Sam.
  17. You can join me at the very small card table of Dev...tolerators. I don't mind him. The actor has room for improvement, but I find him more likable than the kid who played Oscar, so he's a modest upgrade. When Diego -- Courtney's twentysomething foster child turned serial killer -- came up a few pages ago as a point of comparison for Dev, it made me like Dev even more. Diego was so bad in all of his phases, but I see the actor has stayed in the business and built up a lot of credits to the present day. Maybe he's improved. I think they could help Ashton Arbab out by writing Dev with more depth and focus rather than always making him a foil, but this teen group does have pretty good chemistry. I just can't stand how Joss is always first among equals.
  18. Sasha uses drugs like I manage ice-cube trays.
  19. Also, it fit the personalities of the earlier guys better. It seems off-brand for Dante (who's not really "snarky") in the best of times, let alone this traumatized, haunted Dante who just had an unpleasant surprise.
  20. Respect: That was the best scene I've ever seen between DZ and the ER Lulu. They stepped up. What state is it that Nelle's body was found in? I know they've probably said it, but I think it needs to be more clearly emphasized.
  21. At that point, they had enough Sonny offspring, stepchildren, and stolen children running around that they could spare one to play Fredo.
  22. I think he believed her about the sexual harassment, but he found out that the contract she had signed was iron-clad and then just pivoted to, "Well, there's nothing I can do. You're stuck. Maybe now you'll be smarter about what you sign." We were supposed to think about how, as fathers go, Ned is no Sonny, who , if he found out Linc had preyed on one of his children, would have had hate-sex with him on a grave. Good point, though, that the story is all about the most recent thing.
  23. Moore is who I always try to remember when I'm coming down hard on a soap newbie, especially a young person. I was not actually around for her GH run, but I had read for years that she was one of the worst in GH history. When I eventually saw clips...well, she was gorgeous, of course, but "raw" would be a nice way to put it re: her acting. Then, just a couple years later, she had become a real actress in films like About Last Night. Another example is Tammy Blanchard, whom I found so gauche and screamy as Drew on Guiding Light, and she went straight from that to being a (deserving) primetime Emmy winner for the Judy Garland movie. Sometimes it's just a matter of a different work pace and directors who can focus a talent that's there, plus a little more maturity and comfort on a set. This is what I see coming, unfortunately. "I've read your work. You're good! That piece you wrote about cafeteria lunches? Every journalist I know was talking about it."
  24. If Molly had walked into the hospital and seen Alexis walking around with an amputation of the whole arm at the shoulder level, I don't think Haley Pullos could have overplayed Molly's shock and alarm more than she did over a cast. Dial. It. Down. I really appreciate the people on this show who are always in the right zone, because there are distinct camps of "too much" and "too little" (ahem, KeMo) and I'm sure there's pressure to be pulled into one or the other. The osteoporosis scenes did feel especially PSA-y. Alexis even had dialogue like (paraphrasing) "I never thought this could happen to me!" It was a good point a page or so ago about how it's always the female characters who get these stories. Not that I'm rooting for Robert Scorpio to get a prostate-cancer scare so we can have Finn talking about the results of his PSA (the other kind of PSA, I mean) and the importance of routine screenings over the age of whatever. Maybe they're going by what they imagine to be the target audience.
  25. The actor who plays Brando graduated from high school in 2004 and from college in 2009. (There's a lot of "local pride" stuff about him on the internet; he's from SC,) So there's that. I've been mentally putting Brando in his mid-thirties. I think what we're supposed to assume is that, in this false version of Dev's parentage the Corinthos clan is selling to the rest of Port Charles, Brando got a girl pregnant while still in his teens. So, older than TJ and Molly, younger than Sam and Jason, and enough in the middle that he can mix with either set.
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