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  1. Maybe she was a late bloomer, or autistic...not all children develop mentally at the same rate. And yes, I suppose 13 should be too old for the mother to decide that a "hard break" would be better, but just because she is 13 does not mean she is guaranteed to be defiant toward her mother. Maybe she was just a sweet child, who didn't question her mother's decision. Or maybe she was defiant about it, but what could she do about it?
  2. RE: the bolded part of your post I looked at it more like they were killed for having the inappropriate teacher/student relationship, LGBTQ+ or not. I don’t think that a teacher/student relationship should be condoned, and I assumed they (the writers) were making a statement that they do not either, so that couple got killed first. I haven’t watched beyond this episode yet, but I felt like they were implying lesbian vibes with the real Lennon and her friend Riley, in the first episode, so they probably figured they still had LGBTQ+ represented by that pairing also, so it wouldn’t b
  3. I just watched tonight, so I haven’t read other comments yet, but I just made this:
  4. I agree with you both, and raise that it looks like a "Sonja by Sonja Morgan" that was found at TJMaxx or a consignment shop. 😄
  5. Exactly!! I wore that hair in high school, but I was not a "popular girl" LOL. I wore a version of Dorit's too, but Dorit's actually looked cute. Kyle's looked stringy and crunchy. And the outfit was HORRIBLY unflattering.
  6. The bolded sentence! Bahahahahahaha! This whole thread is killing me, but I literally laughed out loud at that one. Thanks for that! 🤗
  7. I'm feeling this way too. If I were Leighton Meester, Adam's wife, listening to the podcast, I would be a little annoyed how Rachel is constantly talking about how Adam is so great, and funny, and cute, and talented, and has such great music taste. She's even commented on being jealous while rewatching, when she sees Seth and Anna kissing. It's awkward, and I feel embarrassed for her, a lot of the time. That said, I am enjoying the podcast, and they have a good guest stars.
  8. Yes! And their overly "worked-on" faces are both equally frightening.
  9. Yes yes, to all the bolded especially. Half the time, I have no idea what they are talking about story-wise, and I have re-watched season 1 many times, so I will be totally lost when they get to later stuff. And I think you were the one who mentioned Tori & Jennie on 9021OMG being bad at it too. I listen to Rachel Bilson and Melinda Clarke's The OC podcast, and they do a much better job recapping and talking about the episode, than the 90210 & OTH girls do. OMG yes, they were annoying me with the constant screeching and EXCESSIVELY loud laughter, at things that were not that
  10. I finally watched last night, and decided that, from now on, I will be calling it: A Million Little Contrivances
  11. Listening to the episode "Better Together (S2, E9)" of the 90210MG podcast, and they totally name-dropped @Tara Ariano and @Sarah D. Bunting, and Jennie said they should have them on their show. They were referring to one of the "A Very Special 90210 books", and Jennie said she likes how they recap the episodes, but also "talk shit" about them. 😄 ETA: Not sure how much they would want to collaborate, if they had listened to the whole AWT podcast, and heard all the "Cat-butt-mouth/Cleavern" comments, though... I am enjoying the 90210MG podcast, but it truly does not hold a cand
  12. Thank you so much! At work now, but I will give this a try later, for sure!
  13. @SarahDBunting -- I know I'm a little late to the party, but I am re-watching VM, and wondering if this podcast is still available? I am not finding it on Apple podcast.
  14. This is the only image I could find, but I could immediately picture what outfit you meant. This was it, right? 😄
  15. In the first season or 2, Pope always wore his shirt buttoned to the top like that. I noticed now he wears his top button undone and Jay wears his buttoned to the top like that.
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