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  1. It’s not a violation as she no longer lives there so posting links is fine ❤️
  2. I wouldn’t doubt that. A writer/helper/witty friend. A good friend of mine loved a podcaster’s humor and wit. She met her and found her to be bland in person. After some chatter she found out that most of the podcast was written by someone else. Yeah, all that wit that sounded so natural was a script. Erika came off semi snarky in her book but I don’t think it’s true humor, I think she mocks others and things as a defense mechanism.
  3. I’m going with Meghan simply because she reacts to every little thing. She also fails to see beyond her own space, have awareness of others. Jim, for all his own messiness doesn’t seem the type to melt down, make scenes or behave inappropriately around kids. I’m curious who paid for the thousands of dollars of dresses she ordered and tried on.
  4. It truly is! I’ve always been curious if someone taught her.
  5. Yes 😂 That early 2000’s faux Tuscan trend ruined so many houses!
  6. Late to this (sorry) but this thick as thieves loudmouth snake behavior is why I could never like Caroline.
  7. I agree! It’s insane how not only Melissa but most of that group jumps from trend to trend. They all (minus Danielle) had the overly ornate early 2000’s homes and now they’re all jumping on to the new trends. Sadly I think The modern white houses will age better/be easier to work with than all the gaudy ornate places but they’ll still look dated. Marge’s style isn’t for everyone but it’s original and she stays true to what she likes not what is popular. I can’t remember much of Caroline’s house but remember Dina’s was very ornate. Jacqueline’s had many of the same elements, the
  8. Yes. But she identifies and has come out as gay to quote herself. She’s not getting a divorce. Evan Is her life partner. But she’s allowed to date and have relationships and we’re all close minded jerks if we don’t see it all as wonderful. I was more confused by her choice as girlfriend because Kris seems to have a thing for reality show girls
  9. Yes! It’s a very fascinating set of skills to watch. I’m shocked she’s not teaching workshops or YouTube
  10. And now her ex Kris is dating Alexis Neiers and her little brown Bebe kitten heels
  11. Those are the best adventures. Katie’s voice seems different
  12. I think it ebay had existed then, many people would’ve made good money selling copies of the calendar he was in. I loved this season and it was my “first”.
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