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  1. I watch on Hulu. All the old seasons are on there. Sometimes I’ll let them play all day for background noise. Well worth the $5.99 a month.
  2. Never understood the John issues, he seems like a good catch. More so considering how patient he’s been with Dorinda.
  3. The classic MTTM x KAWS collaboration with Leah and the models in bikinis in various poses with a guy in a Gorilla suit. They did limited edition posters and tees. Twice recently I’ve seen someone wearing the tee and I’m like, ah! MTTM in action! I never thought she’d be a housewife!
  4. LemonSoda

    Las Vegas

    I had forgotten how much I enjoyed this show. It was fluffy, fun and entertaining without dragging me down.
  5. That’s what I was thinking about in an earlier post. I think they have a more dysfunctional family dynamic than the Gorgas but the Gorgas put it all out there.
  6. Jacq is a crap stirrer extraordinaire so I’d believe that. I think Caroline helped keep a wrap on a lot of their business getting out but I think Jacq added tons of drama to the fambly. Didn’t they get in a physical fight once?
  7. Me too. I mean, the guy really didn’t show any interest in her. That wedding tv show they did was very awkward. He was unfaithful and she seemed more in to the decor than actual marriage. Then from what I remember (it’s been a while) from Dina’s intro to the show she was more braggy about material things. I remember something about the looks from women when she was driving his car? Which if what little we know about her is true (she was struggling, working as a manicurist) and suddenly she’s driving a Mercedes and has $2,000 purses, some women will look the other way for financial security. It’s sad but it happens. I know weddings, engagement parties are a huge thing in that area but to this day I’m curious how the Brownstone keeps an extended family so wealthy. Of course I realize that a lot of the flash ($100k cars, bags, jewelry) can and probably is leased, charged on credit. Other venues seem to be taking over in popularity so I’m curious. Finances are a private thing but they’ve all put their business out there for years. Also they’ve had no problem discussing the finances, legal problems of others publicly.
  8. Yes! I feel like everyone is erasing the features that makes them unique. I didn't make the Cameron connection until you mentioned it! I see it! A friend of mine describes Dorinda as a “softer, less angular” Diana. That mixture is great high praise. I hope Hannah never touches her nose. I often wonder how many indulging in work these days due to trends will regret it in ten years.
  9. Sara is gorgeous. She’s very photogenic, telegenic. I’m actually surprised she hasn’t done more modelling. A few days ago, I saw someone in person wearing the famous tee of Leah with the gorilla. I wanted to ask Why? Me too with Dorinda. Not sure what’s going on to make her behave so ugly but I’ve always thought she’s uniquely gorgeous. I don’t know, I think so much work is going on these days, even the postal ladies are getting liquid nose jobs and plumped lips that society’s perception of beauty is skewed. If someone isn’t plumped and filtered or has a natural nose it’s ohhh ugly! I hate that. One more Dorinda thing, I miss her old fashion style. I don’t need to see her in this seasons Gucci.
  10. I’m not sure what she defines as a relationship but she’s had plenty of boyfriends over the last few years. She’d mention them on the podcast and in some articles. From the way she talks about some of them, she’s very abrasive and unwilling to compromise. Or as mentioned in her writing and podcasts, they start out hot and heavy then explode in to a mess fast.
  11. The coldness from Carole was really awful and unnecessary. It was like kicking a puppy. I feel like Carole sees many as disposable from her writing. Just the way she observes things are off putting. I do think her body is amazing though and she’s unafraid to do things on her own terms but you can’t treat people that way. I agree with you. I’m so happy for her. Scott too! I hope he realizes what he has.
  12. I don’t think she’s a millionaire. I believe she’s sold maybe a million dollars worth of clothing, especially the partnerships she’s had with Reebok, Colette, other brands. But I don’t believe she’s wealthy. I’ve been following her for the past three years or so because she was involved in an argument I found interesting. (I would explain but that would require its own thread) Except for the yearly New Years trip with her daughter to Jamaica, a lot of the extravagance is new, recent. Even the apartment which by housewives standards is very small. The France trips and all of that have been with boyfriends and no judgments at all I’m just saying Leah isn’t jetting off to Paris on whims on her own dime. She’s mentioned credit card debts on the podcasts. And there’s nothing wrong with not being rich, I’m not out to shame anyone. But there are vast differences between the Leah on the show, Leah on the podcast and even now on social media. It’s bizarre. As I said in another post, just seeing what I’ve seen of Leah, I’m curious about the differences of everyone else. Who else sanitizes themselves for the show?
  13. This makes me sad because I feel like the show had so much potential. The pilot was great. They kept trying to pull it in various directions too soon.
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