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  1. Absolutely. Holly saw it as a stepping stone then got caught up in all of it, wanting a fairytale with Hef. She had fame aspirations. Bridget wanted to be a playmate and while she has done some acting, some even before GND I’m not sure she had a clear path other than wanting to do something in broadcasting/journalism. Kendra’s only real knowledge of Playboy was her uncle working at the casino.
  2. Possibly! I remember reading that Kendra was impressed by it all. But I think one of the biggest differences is she seemed to have an understanding whether consciously or not that she was a visitor in wonderland, it wasn’t “hers”. Holly wanted it all. Bridget? She’s acknowledged she was there for the fun ride. She never wanted to be Mrs Hefner.
  3. It’s been a while since I read her book but I agree. Before she moved in to the mansion, Hef had been sending cars to bring her to hang out on weekends so it wasn’t like she just showed up. She was still working at Cheetah’s, doing local car show, bikini modeling. Who knows? With the right connections she could’ve made a career just of that. If she got a real agent instead of her boyfriend that is. She started out in the guesthouse. The other girls wanted Room 2 for their scrapbooking room. Kendra wasn’t out for a husband in Hef or even a fairytale. It was all a lifestyle for Holly a
  4. I go back and forth on the self esteem thing because while I’m fully certain Holly didn’t have any, I’m not sure if Kendra had much either. Kendra had a dysfunctional home life, meth problem, a bad boyfriend and Hef/what he could provide was a breath of fresh air. With her strip club education she was going to get everything out of the experience she could. And she did. Why I say that is from Kendra’s own books, various tv shows she has a lot of trauma, self worth, self esteem and serious abandonment issues. So mostly I feel like she just saw the game for what it was instead of wanting the
  5. An online friend found the Skinnygirl stevia at big lots for .75 each and stocked up.
  6. THIS! Again, I love Holly but I think she wasn’t far enough removed from the situation when she wrote it and again (sorry to all the regulars in this thread for my broken record!) as she keeps repeating the same life/relationship patterns I think there’s so much more self work that needs to happen. But yes! I think Kendra had a much more realistic idea of girlfriend life than Holly. Bridget too though. She stayed in her lane for the most part, took in all the perks, worked on her education.
  7. The possibilities are endless! Skinnygirl toe rings! So everyone knows your toes are skinny! Forget Sandals! Skinnygirl Resort by Bethenny! Exclusively furnished by Home Goods and TJ Maxx. Spend a week in paradise while getting the Skinnygirl experience.
  8. Isn’t Sam really gorgeous in this ep? She glowed! I had S1 and S2 playing for background noise and kept looking up from time to time. The background shots really get me. I miss THAT New York. So many of those places, restaurants, stores no longer exist. I had almost forgotten how prominent the towers were in so many background scenes.
  9. Looking back on it all, especially reading the books ex girlfriends have written and reading between some lines I wish they had stopped participating in allowing themselves to be pitted against each other. Hef liked and created all the drama to keep everyone on their toes. They all participated in one way or another. Whether arguing, attitudes toward each other, drama over earning something or this girl instantly receiving what took the other one three years to get. Like how Kendra got an Escalade instantly while Holly ended up with Buffy’s old hand me down truck. They all lived in the h
  10. I’m behind on episodes so can’t comment on her housewife antics yet but i remember loving her personality on that Who wants to be a Hilton show and wished we were shown more of that instead of competition and faux society stuff.
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