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  1. The first one has some good moments for me, much more than the second. Did you like Carrie’s apartment makeover?
  2. Yes. Many of the longtime fans were upset that the party became about the Housewives than the ones who’ve been around for years. Can they spend her salary going to Chicago to film Tinsley’s dog walks? Or maybe film leaves or that cheese shop in the Berkshires?
  3. Out of boredom I put on the first movie for background noise the other day and as said here multiple times, it kills me how poorly written both movies are. I picked up the series on the $29.99 iTunes sale so i can watch without digging out dvds so I’ve been rewatching (again!)
  4. Officially obsessed with her reunion jewelry! I’ve only seen photos, haven’t watched yet. I’m still six episodes behind. I’m having a hard time making it through this season.
  5. MOB stands for Most Official Bitches/Most Original Bitches. I urge everyone to listen to her podcast archives sometime. They’re uh interesting.
  6. Poor Danielle! What will she do now? Maybe she can get a spin off where they track down GucciModel.
  7. I think the house has a lot of potential but not at that price. So much of that style is considered dated now. A friend in that area had a gorgeous home but it had the early 2000’s Tuscan style kitchen and the bathrooms ten years later looked gaudy not stylish. She tried for two years to sell. She renovated, removed the Tuscan stuff and a few days later had multiple offers. There are some whose taste id pay for too. But I meant when they go overboard whether it’s the Guidices or someone’s family initials carved in marble or a basketball court, no one wants to pay for that stuff. Now I’m curious if all the subway tile and open floor plans will be the new “dated” in ten years.
  8. I keep thinking about this. Even with the sex advice column, the clothing line, the edginess - she’s a lot more basic and bland than she realizes. There’s nothing wrong with being basic or bland but she tries to play off like she’s so very different but she’s not.
  9. That’s the problem with so many customized, personalized homes. No one wants to pay for someone else’s taste. They never make their money back.
  10. She doesn’t come from money. She’s made a good living off of collaborations (Reebok, Colette) and writing but she isn’t wealthy or even on the level of the other wives. Sonja at least owns something. A lot of Leah’s flashiness (new apartment, travel) is with housewives money. I doubt she was friends with Tinsley before the show but they seem to have forged a good friendship which I like. I had to stop listening to her podcast when she wouldn’t shut up wanting to know the details about Aaron Hernandez’s penis and what it would be like to have sex with him.
  11. Absolutely! I’ve been rewatching as background noise and this is more and more evident each time. I wish they would’ve focused more on Katy, then slowly added in the roommates.
  12. Leah on the show is much different from real life/her podcast/social media. The podcast is crazy. She’s toned it all down a lot since joining the show. I do like the idea of the show adding some younger women with interesting careers, lives to mix with the other women.
  13. That’s really what I fell in love with in Italy. I had chicken prepared that way. I had some type of white beans with olive oil, lemon, salt and chili flakes. It’s so hard to explain to others but the “simple” meals turned out to be the most impressive to me. But I agree with the original poster as well. The best French meal I’ve ever had wasn’t in Paris, it was in Mexico. I can’t stand Kyle but I too like salmon, all oily fish well done. What’s the purpose of Teddy on the show? I love Garcelle. I want Dolce & Gabbana to send me tiaras for my birthday. I’m curious if we’re not seeing Sutton’s full personality.
  14. Isn’t she so precious? Yeah and even if she was dropping the Wedding Crashers line, it seemed so low to even make that crack considering how truly kind and welcoming everyone was to her. But it goes back to the lack of vulnerability thing. She’d rather be the bitch than accept the love offered to her. It had to be uncomfortable. And half of the stuff she spouted would’ve had her dragged on social media in today’s climate. Calling that guy Nick creepy and making fun of him was uncomfortable.
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