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  1. Yes! ITA! When she said she would pamper Chrishell, i didn't realize she meant literally! She seemed down to earth and normal and not at all jealous of her sister, which was a nice change from these type of shows. I thought I saw a poster on here a few pages back which said that Brett went out on his own??? Maybe I missed that???
  2. Woo! what a ride. I binged watched all 3 seasons... and can now stop lurking on this page...Agree with others that this show is just the type of petty, fluffy bullshit we all need right now. Completely mindless entertainment... Mary - so far she's my favourite. Yea, she's got shit taste in men but she genuinely seems to be good at her job and is a good friend. Romain is an immature 25 y o man but he does seem to love her and to me, he's not hot enough to put up with his petulance and he also seems a bit dull. While his Davina hate is justified and entertaining, he comes off looking silly when he goes on his rants about her. She really got to him and just blanking her and rising above it would've been a better look. Chrishell -- I do think she was blindsided and as others have said I do not think she was that good of an actress. I admire her hustle and liked that she tried to do something charitable when selling these obscenely overpriced homes. Re her divorce and Justin's filing: unless you're running away from an abusive situation (a la Katie Holmes) what Justin did was shitty af. Via a phone call 45 minutes before the world knew? Via text???? that's stone cold. If i was the new girlfriend, I would watch my back... that's bordering on sociopathic. Maya -- the best thing about Maya is she manages to be the ultimate shit stirrer but also super diplomatic. The skill in which she can stir the pot and yet remain inoffensive is quite stunning, really. I mostly like her for that reason because it shows she has some savvy and brains that the other ladies don't have. Amanza -- Stop being late. Just stop it. In most professions, punctuality is a must, but especially where you're in the business of selling multimillion dollar houses to your clients. You can't expect people to part with millions when you waltz in a half hour late and make jokes about drying your hair out your car window. Not okay and not cute. That said, she does seem like a good friend. I don't know how much stagers and interior designers make but I almost feel like that maybe she should stick to that kind of work ... she seems to enjoy it... Heather -- huge side eye to her coded overreaction to Amanza in season 2 which frankly struck me as a microagression against the lone POC in the cast. Amanza is the "rudest" person she's ever met? She's so "aggressive"? She's "evil"? Bitch, you're best friend is fucking Christine! I saw nothing that Amanza did that was as bad as the shit Christine (and also Davina) pulled. Please. She should of just called her an Angry Black Lady and be done with it. So glad you finally you approve of Amanza. Also also, I enjoyed her getting so upset about Davina and Christine calling out her thirsty ass. Christine -- this trick. You're not honest, you're just an asshole. I do not find her beautiful at all. She's interesting to look at because she's so over the top. She's like a cross between a Russian hooker, a basic blow up doll and an anime character. As another poster said (sorry forgetting who) she is not as smart as she thinks she is and her game is tired. She attacks and humiliates someone and then the next day blames it on the drink and apologizes and then gets pissed when people don't automatically trust her again. Rinse, repeat. I thought Chrishell declining to go to her engagement party was fair and understandable but she's (Christine) is a typical narcissist so anything but full on butt kissing is not ok. I actually prefer watching Christine work because she does seem to know what she's doing and in that setting I think she shines. But most of the time I can't stand her. I kinda hope her husband is a jerk too (for his own sake) otherwise he's going to be bled dry both emotionally and financially and he seems like a nice guy. I did enjoy her wedding and while it is not my aesthetic in the least, i liked her dress (the veil was dumb however) and the snow. Also...I was disappointed that her and Karamo seemed to be buds because ... yea I thought he would have better taste than that. The bobbsey twins. Two dudes with small man syndrome who think being surrounded by glamazons make them attractive when really it makes them look pathetic and weird. Interesting they split up, wonder what went down there? Now ... ahem ... Davina. WTAF? Is it really the time to force the "2 sides issue" and why do you care so much? Even if you think Chrishell 100% is at fault, why tell her when she's obviously hurting and in pain? Talk about "evil" behaviour Heather. What a complete bitch. Even Jason looked disgusted at her and even "no conflict" Mary went off. I felt for Chrishell. She was an open wound and basically Davina threw salt water all over her. It's interesting we don't see or hear much about Davina's personal life. I wonder if it is because she doesn't have one outside the office or if she keeps it private just to make sure no one does to her what she constantly does to others. It was odd she kept pushing the "2 sides" bit so hard. Maybe desperation to stay on the show but like others have said, she's not an entertaining villain like Christine. She's just... bad... I wouldn't miss her. And also, Adnan is a creepy bully - wouldn't surprise me if his millions are earned via shady means. He's the type of guy who you need to be able to stand up to him (similar to what Christine did) ... Davina comes across as a nervous little nitwit and he rolls all over her. His house is UGLY and is in no way worth that much money ... what on earth would someone be paying for? A pool and a guesthouse? A/C? Plus it looks like it was decorated by a unicorn high on meth. No thanks. I wish there was more emphasis on the real estate and the actual selling like in season 1. I do find it interesting as the whole LA luxury real estate market is so so so far removed from my world and I am comforted to know that even if I did have that kind of money, I wouldn't want to live in 99% of the houses they show. Big blah glass boxes is the truth.
  3. I so agree TXHorns!! Being sympathetic to Betty is human, and sometimes during the course of their story I did feel the pangs of sympathy, but when you step back and look at her situation objectively, you realize how insanely fortunate she was. I mean, at some point, I would've said to Linda "take him, honey!" She was pulling in 16,000 A MONTH, plus had, a what? an Ocean view house? In today's dollars that's over $400,000K a year and a good lawyer (had she listened) probably could've found Dan's assets and gotten her MORE. She was doing a helluva lot better than the gajillions of other women who got dumped by bastard ex-husbands. She was smart, she had a boyfriend, she supposedly had tons of friends before she alienated most of them and she had good counsel that she threw away. I am a lawyer and this was one of the reason I stayed away from family law when I started out because of clients like her that think they know more than you do and are so emotional they refuse to listen and treat you like a therapist, not an attorney. Had she stuck with competent counsel she would have stayed a wealthy woman, still young at the time of the divorce, with the world open to her. I also think her personality disorders made it impossible for her to get help for her mental illness and that's really the sad part. She is a supreme malignant narcissist and was completely unable to be self aware or take responsibility for her own actions. She is a liar and always the victim. Even now. She deserves to die in prison.
  4. OMG This! So much this! Because they could never fathom something like that happening to them, they did not think it could happen to their friend. They loved him and he happened to be black/biracial and they saw his humanity. But way too many white Americans only see race and that's the reality of Alonzo's life and death. Their blindness to their own privilege (being able to go anywhere and do anything) and probably Alonzo's feeling that he was young and invincible, well .... heartbreaking. Regarding Rey Rivera: the only reason I hesitate to say he committed suicide (i.e., jumped off the roof) was where he was found ... If he had jumped ... even if he had run... would he have gone through the roof? I am absolutely not a physics expert but it just doesn't look right and as someone noted, how did he get up there and how did he happen to "fall" into a room that was unused? Suicides are usually found pretty quickly... It was like he thought "hmm, let me jump off the Belvedere and I will hit the roof and or fall through the roof and so no one will find me..." That's just ... I don't buy it. I do not even think he jumped or was pushed off ... I think someone or someones killed him and planted him in that room. Regarding Xavier: I do not believe for one second he offed himself. No way. And I think "broke" meant he would not be able to take care of a family of of 6 in the style in which he was accustomed to going forward ... so he chose himself and he chose carefully. He had had that gun since the death of his father and I think he saw the money running out he had about 3+ months to plan things out. I bet he had a nice chunk of change left that he stashed in a Swiss or foreign bank account and paid for documents and a new identity. Enough to start over somewhere and get an unassuming job. I think his pilgrimage with a big show of him using credit cards and whatnot in his real name was just that, a big show. It was creepy how he seemed to look into the camera before disappearing. I think he killed them after he had his plans in place and not before... this was not sudden. As for his "bad back" making it impossible to do what he did (dig the graves) like his friend was saying.... meh. Adrenaline, wine, and painkillers can help with that. I would imagine once you have committed to murdering your entire family and your 2 dogs stuff like back pain and finding someone to dummy up documents for you is no big deal. He could have rented another car and stashed it somewhere else in that town and drove himself out of there, leaving behind his car, or had bribed a cargo ship or jumped on a train ... The producer announced they had a promising tip saying he was spotted in Chicago... If he is still alive, and i think he is, I hope they find that rat bastard. Regarding the show ... I really like it and I do not mind the 1 story per episode format. I was a HUGE fan of UM back in the 80s/early 90s so I was wary about the reboot but I appreciate that they did not try to keep it too similar and I screeched when I saw GHOST ROBERT STACK in the opening credits. To this GenXer, I thought it was well done. But I do agree I wouldn't mind some more paranormal stories ...the UFO one was not super interesting to me as was the last episode about that poor daughter. Only because, as others have said, it's so obvious it was her sicko mother that did her in. But there will be 6 more eps coming so I can't wait!
  5. I said it before on another post but GD, turn on a light! I hate shows that try to create capital "G" Gravitas by shooting everything so dark. That is just not how people live. If it is so overcast and gloomy outside, people don't sit in the dark. Like the kitchen was dark, the doctor's waiting room was dark (and she was such a big deal she had no receptionist)? I just watched this because I wanted to see if they revealed who is the murderer. I didn't read the book but from the show, it seems to confirm Jacob did kill Ben, yes? Also - one or both of them should have been killed by that crash. Laurie seemed to be on her way to a full recovery and I... can't see how? She drove head first 80+ mph into a stone wall... do the crash pads protect the human body that well???? Overall a meh series, wouldn't recommend. Is the book worth reading?
  6. Agree with the general sentiments here. Chiming in to add: turn on some GD lights, people! It’s so frickin dark all the time ... I’d probably feel stabby too ...
  7. Klaw


    That's a fair point.
  8. Klaw


    hmmm interesting, and I am genuinely curious as to what hints you picked up on? I agree that the actor who portrayed Moishe did a great job - there were moments when I laughed out loud at his comments and I can get why some people would see him as charming... but that said, I still see him more as a garden variety sociopath or at least someone with sociopathic tendencies, with no care to change who he is...
  9. Klaw


    Respectfully, I have to disagree. I think that is rationalising his bad behaviour and I absolutely think he knew that at least some of what he was doing was wrong (I can agree that he may think what he is doing was completely justified, but that is different than knowing what he was doing was wrong). Yanky - who I would argue was even more brainwashed than Moishe in the sense he was way more sheltered -- knew Moishe was acting badly and going too far. It's why he went back alone to speak to Esty's mother. Yanky, to me, was the tragic character in the sense he was essentially a good man who did care for Esty but with him I can see where every single mistake he made was due to his upbringing and brainwashing. Had Moishe been Esty's husband, I really doubt he would have bothered stopping during sex because Esty felt pain --unlike Yanky who only seemed to finish, despite Esty's pain, because SHE told him to. Despite everything, he was respecting her agency. I think Moishe would have just raped her and shrugged because as a woman and his wife, that would've been his "right" and her "duty." TL:DR Moishe was a garbage human.
  10. And that kind of tells you that someone also thinks listing someone's profession as an "influencer" is bullshit. "Digital entrepreneur" sounds a lot better (and more legit). Exactly, if she had been a guest judge on the challenges around digital marketing (like the photoshoot) or even the pop up shop (like how to harness SM to get people into your B&M and online shop) but no, she's talking about the clothes and really, what are her qualifications to critique the clothes? When she said something like "all my followers would wear that" I burst out laughing. That's the best you can do? What a ridiculous thing to say. This. And trying to keep things current and young (it is fashion after all) is a laudable goal for a show like this, but they completely screwed the pooch in execution. I really really wanted to like this show but I have to agree with another poster (sorry forgot who) who gave this show a grade of C. It could have been so much better... I could have even enjoyed the Heidi and Tim "bits" if they were a bit more joyful and not so fake, forced, and weird (did she seriously get that pissed about a dumb game???). (Like I thought the comparison of their packing techniques was funny in an odd couple kind of way and felt more natural than the fencing and the sake pounding). Do we know yet whether there is a second season? If so, would be curious if they change anything...
  11. Oy with the boobs, Heidi... that dress was a monstrosity... that runway show was terrible, as others said what with the quick cuts and the darkness and the dark clothes I could barely see the items... but that’s been true of a lot of the show, the quick edits and cuts to the judges takes away from the Fah-shun, darling... along with the scenes of Paris, NY & Tokyo, that’s why I watch these types of shows. other thoughts: lose the fucking influencer as judge, please ...maybe I’m an old fart but I don’t get why a mildly pretty person with millions of followers on instagram should suddenly be someone I should listen to? Tim’s tearing up got on my nerves, and I have a soft spot for him - I can’t figure out if I still like him after this... I loved him on PR back in the beginning and I never watched Under the Gunn so I don’t remember if he was always so weepy..but after awhile his tears felt over the top and unearned ... I live in Berlin. While Germans tend to pride themselves on their (usually) excellent English they do have a love of cringeworthy sayings in English that is inexplicable. Like the cheesier the better. All this to say that Esther latching on to “Hungry for Life” and feeling it’s profound made me chuckle because it’s soooo German. But girl, enough with the fucking black... and I love wearing black myself but some gray tones or deep purples or blues wouldn’t kill her ...she did make beautiful clothes though, so I may check out her store sometime. i was whatever on Jonny winning ... he seems like an ok enough sort but I question whether he’s Mr Next Global brand guy...his bags were boring and uninspired, his pop up had a dated mid-90s LA feel to me, his pitch to the scary Amazon lady didn’t seem all that cohesive and he didn’t seem to handle pressure well during the competition (and needed help to finish at least twice)... but I guess he did at least try to evolve and introduce dresses and things beyond his black biker dude wear so ....good for him? Sander looked like he was going to punch a bitch out when he heard he wasn’t in the finale... can’t say I was sorry to see him knocked down a peg or 2 as I sometimes found his arrogance grating. He’s talented for sure but he still needs to grow up... Naomi fucking Campbell was, hands down, my favorite judge and favorite part of the show. Say what you will, but she’s a fashion legend and also knows WTF she’s talking about and I agree with her that when it comes to couture “you have to know your history and respect must be paid” ... I want judges like her and Joseph ... people who have had real careers in fashion - not nitwit influencers and socialites. I would include Heidi in the former group but we all know she has shitty taste...Heidi should only judge Halloween costumes, honestly... Also, Heidi? stop shouting 1 million dollars every 5 minutes ...it’s annoying af and yea, I wouldn’t sneeze at it,but let’s not act like it’s a ton of money in 2020 to launch a global brand /eye roll. all in all a just ok show, they really need to revamp it if it gets a second season ...
  12. Klaw


    I liked the show, didn’t love it as I too agree it was a bit too simple in some aspects ... but as an American expat living in Berlin, I loved seeing the sites and picking out the German words from the Yiddish. Also I don’t get that she’d be immediately ok hanging out with gay guys and hook ups but she’d rather be homeless than live with her mother? I don’t know I didn’t get why she did not reach out to her mother right away, even if it was out of anger “ you owe me” ... she was just going to sleep in the music place forever? Also, Moishe can fuck off with his misogynistic, rape culture crap. I’m truly surprised people feel sympathy for that thug. Just in four episodes he committed how many crimes? Let’s see, assault, kidnapping, stalking, B&E ....and that doesn’t even account for his moral failings and gross hypocrisy. He was super comfortable bullying women, he sits there judging Esty and her choice to come to Berlin? And leaves a gun for her to kill herself ??? Then threatens to take her unborn child from her? He’s a monster, I don’t get the sympathy for that prick. also was disappointed we had to live through those awful bad sex scenes with Yanky and didn’t get to see the contrast in what I hope was a good experience for her with the German guy. It was implied but unclear. And while I did feel bad for Yanky I couldn’t believe he was so clueless about sex not to ask anyone OTHER than his damn meddling mother for advice and tips how to please his wife. FFS, Yanky, ask the bum In the subway, gotta be better than mom. SMDH. But overall it was a good show and I can attest to the fact that Berlin is a great and welcoming city.
  13. @ElectricBoogaloo Me too! The judges have their favs and it’s obvious... Daniel, Minju & Angel. I thought Angel’s “dance” outfit was hideous and looked cheap and how is adding underpants to a too-high cut swimsuit good design (not to mention she had no support built in for the girls - wasn’t that something they bitched about regarding Kiki?) I see you, double standards... Daniel’s outfit was well made and had nice colors, but I feel Charles was flat out robbed!
  14. ITA Snarktini. Look Kiki was an asshole to Ferai for sure and the judge should not have stomped away but putting that aside, there were some serious underlying issues raised by the whole discussion that I think got glossed over. Fact is, dominant culture (*white*) always always always steal and co-op aspects of African American culture and claim it as theirs. My mama used to say "black people's culture will always be cool, and we will always be hated" and it's so true. And that's what Ferai was talking about. Of course, when black people are doing it, it is denigrated or called sloppy (afro) or dirty (dreads) or slutty/tacky (showing off our curves). But as soon as a skinny white woman or white man does the exact same thing suddenly it's so cool and edgy and interesting... Like Bo Derek running around with braids or Kim Kardashian wearing corn rows or Princess Diana wearing a one sleeve gown or Elvis Presley singing a song written by a black woman and being called the "King of Rock n Roll" and on and on .... And fashion is the worst ... I am old enough to remember when flat butts and thin lips and super straight long hair were the ONLY way to be considered "beautiful" and suddenly Angelina Jolie's thick lips are celebrated and cool... So yea, it kind of bugged me to hear Tan especially harp about "yea they were in the bottom so many times, they have a problem with execution, bla bla bla" but for the actual challenge - streetwear - they were so not the worst team and while I did not love it (I actually am not a streetwear fan), it certainly had the over the top edgy vibe down. and as the actual successful streetwear designer was trying to explain, the lack of execution was a plus FOR THE CHALLENGE not in general and that was the only challenge he was discussing. So yea, paper bag bitch ( love how she was salty about Kiki and Ferai not being sent home when her "design inspiration" was literally that of a trash bag blowing onto your chest in the street... um what? if anyone should've gone home for the streetwear challenge, it should have been her). Fashion still does not appreciate beauty that strays too far from the European *white ideal*.... Kiki and Ferai may not have been the best designers but their point was valid as was the guest judge who stated he had to start his own line because he was basically ignored. So yea.
  15. ... woo boy, did he go down in movie flames. Look, I like Luke Perry ok, and he’s fine on Riverdale, but he was never going to be a movie star. None of them were... and the way Priestley spent his last 2 or 3 seasons on the show phoning it in was annoying af. Be grateful for the gig, you talentless prick! Ugh. He was never a great actor, but at least in the early seasons he would try to act like Brandon, the character, not like Jason wondered on set and spouts off.
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