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S11.E11: The Moral Minority Season Poll Question

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Who should have gone to see Vicki in the hospital?   POLL OPEN

73 members have voted

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If I had to pick one person, it would have been Tamra because she caused the accident.  While she and Heather, Kelly and chose to FaceTime Vicki, I don't feel they should, especially Tamra,  have held Meghan and Shannon to a higher standard.  Of course, Michael and/or Briana should have been there.  That is their mother.

Tamra seemed well enough to throw Eddie a birthday party so I don't think she was physically unable to see to one of the causalities. 

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Shoot - I voted for Kelly because Vicki tried to throw up in her lap and thus (of the people who were in Glamis) she should feel the closest to her and want to be by her side - but that was before I read the entire list.  I would have voted for Briana or Michael, but I guess it's ok to have a little diversity...

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I voted Kelly because she's friends with Vicki and was going on on the phone about how Meghan and Shannon should have gone and seen her and I'm like "Well why don't you?" Ditto for Heather. Yes they had their kids there with them but there were other adults on the site that could have watched them. The driving thing is BS too. Call an Uber! 

I also voted for Vickj's kids. Briana claimed being sick with the flu and no one had Michael's contact info. Hmmm ok. Wouldn't the hospital have tried to contact someone in Vicki's family to let them know about the accident? 

The whole Meghan/Shannon thing irked me so much. Meghan and Shannon both have issues with Vicki and are not friends of hers. Why should they be obligated to go visit her, especially when Heather and Kelly are both squawking about it on the phone while the 2 of them sit on their asses at the camp. 

I'll give Tamra a pass because she was banged up from the accident and probably just wanted to get back to the camp and rest. 

IMO it was a game of hot potato. Kelly and Heather kept insisting someone go see her, yet they didn't go either, so clearly they thought someone should go see her but no one wanted to actually get stuck doing it, not even her own kids. 

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Her kids should have gone for sure...and they are the ONLY ones who should have been expected to go (though it would have been nice of her "friends" to go as well). Shoot, my brother broke his neck playing rugby while in college at an away game in Providence, RI while my parents were visiting their parents in Michigan. I made the the 2 hour drive from northwest CT to the hospital to check on him every day after work and then back home for a full week until I knew for sure he was gonna be fine. How someone can not go visit their immediate family in the hospital after a bad accident like that is stunning to me.

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