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  1. OMG I swear I just let out a JD from Southern Charm laugh when picturing this. Hilarious
  2. May I also please invest a dollar on this spy cam you speak of? And can we get a 24/7 live Internet feed? Heck, I'd invest two dollars into that!!!
  3. LMAO at Tom Schwartz wearing the hard hat without the inner suspension. Absolutely hilarious!
  4. Oh I really hope so! Couldn't stand her!
  5. That big toothy grin on Sandoval's face when Jax started flipping out was EVERYTHING!!! Looks like the reiki (sp?) Is just building a pressurized monster that could blow at any moment.
  6. Damn! I sure wish Flat Iron Tom would spill some of these secrets that he is always threatening cast mates with!
  7. I know...Whitney's fragile frame can probably barely support his own body weight. I thought "uh oh" when I heard the call for him to help grab Danni. It looked like he struggled to hold up her purse
  8. Scoobiedoobs, I ALWAYS get such a chuckle when you call Shep "Horseteeth!" Thanks for that!
  9. Marijuana destroys too, but only because it is illegal and on the same schedule as heroin/cocaine. The legal problems caused by a Marijuana arrest are, in my opiniom, the only dangerous thing about it
  10. Does Jax suddenly have a writer for his TH's? He was waaaay less skeezy than usual and...dare I say...ALMOST charming! What world is this?
  11. Probably another hilarious autocorrect from Siri. I think "fearing" was the intended word choice. Oooooor, maybe it was referring to the gators getting terrible cases of wind after they eat humans....which may be an actual fact or something I just made up
  12. Thank GOD we finally got some more crocodile tears from Tom Sandoval! Stassi's tears used to keep me young and healthy, but she is just too sad and mopey now for them to have that effect. Tom's tears now nourish my soul
  13. I agree with this 100%. I don't see a real chemistry or sexual tension either....I see what appears to be a guy enjoying the easy attention of the low hanging fruit that most guys would have some fun with. However, I have assumed the same before and been wrong, so who knows? The problem is that it is not a good look for someone who is supposedly searching for a serious wife contender. It is certainly not her.
  14. Oh please.....OF COURSE Nick has it figured out. He is not some 20 year old frat boy. Production is keeping her around to keep up the drama. Nick is simply playing the game. It's pretty simple actually. They want to make sure he comes off as the ex playboy who is having trouble breaking his old habits of going for women who simply lead with sex...so she will be around for a few more episodes at least. This isn't that dumbass Ben Flajnik who ACTUALLY chose the plant that production put on the show solely for drama. Nick obviously has a shred of acting ability which is why some ar
  15. Can I just say that I LOVE Kristen more than ever for clearly having no clue what "WASP'y" meant. Bless her innocent little heart!
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