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  1. Lucky drug Storyline was supposed to be GV emmy storyline, GV was so happy to do that storyline. Unfortunately for him, it was Guza with no other headwriter written that story. TG only like JJ as Lucky, KM was in contract negotiating, it was like a year or two after she did Dancing with the Stars and that storyline with Ric was her possibly getting written out and that meant Jason had to be with someone so pretty soon it stop being about Lucky drug addiction after getting hurt storyline, became about just graduated high school Maxie manipulating Lucky, to Jason is a hero to Elizabeth is just t
  2. I hated the Niz story line and it made hate Lucky when he said to Liz something like you were only good in the aftermath of your rape, go back to that. Good for JJ getting his emmy I guess. Hated the Drew one because Elizabeth didn't need to know about it since Nick and I forgot who else already knew, but instead of those people being the bad guy, got to have Liz be the bad one and get Sam to be in her face about it.
  3. If I remember twitter at that time. Kirsten stans hated her and Kirsten and her friend/former friend co-star from days were snarky about her too on twitter.
  4. I think what happen back in the those days, the shows choose who they would submit for each category and they had limited spot (two per category). And their was always other actresses ahead of her after she age out of the younger actress category.
  5. From what I've read Matt James did an Interview and Cameo (I think that an apps) for charity and Claire tweeted this
  6. They are the new Merder, they will never end, unless they decide to skill Jackson. The show is so desperate to get the viewers to like them and to like her they will keep forcing it until the show can't make ABC money anymore
  7. I'm sure the head writer consider it a sign of love and that they are soulmate.
  8. Story is Diana's used to tell William, a a child about her issues. HRH only to William's Children
  9. https://www.today.com/popculture/report-greys-anatomy-hunks-fight-set-2D80556035
  10. Maggie came on at the end of season 10, Cristina interviewed her. She had a big pointless centric episode early on season 11. She was there before Richard and Catherine got married.
  11. I think they want us to root for Maggie and Jackson. I think the writers are just doing the siblings jokes b/c of the big ew no reactions that happen last season on social media. Its suppose to be a way to get audience to get over it, but it doesn't seem to be working. Jesse and Kelly aren't that good of actors, and I don't think Jesse is even trying.
  12. I started watching Grey's again right when she beat him, so it didn't leave a good impression And the very next season, she told Callie she has put 3 men in hospitals. I think we are supposed to see her as a strong woman or at least root for her as someone who can make Alex happy without the writers actually writing something for Alex. It the only reason why she's the only one who survive from that intern class. Its not because Camilla is a good actress. They should have kept Shane and crazy Leah instead of her.
  13. I could never care for Jo and Alex after she beat Peckwell (I think that was his name) almost to death.
  14. So are we suppose to root for Sam and BM after that scene were Sam was like I will always be in love with Steve Jason.... I just can't be with him? Yesterday was the first time watching in a while and I just don't get this story
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