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  1. I am sure Amber thinks psychologist and psychiatrist are interchangeable. Maybe she should go for an executive MBA instead.
  2. Haha, I posted about that awhile ago. Amber was born in May 1990, so she was probably a young freshman and would turn 18 shortly before 2008 high school graduation. Leah was born Nov 2008, so Amber would have been pregnant from Feb 2008 and in her final semester of high school. When Gary and Amber are at Walmart, they run into a high school classmate and Amber explains she was supposed to graduate, but...and gestures to her stomach. The girl they are talking to looks extremely confused and you can see the wheels turning in her head as she is trying to figure out how being pregnant the final fe
  3. Yeah, she's totally the type to adopt whatever personality her SO has. And she also seems to immediately jump into a new relationship the minute her most recent one fails. I don't think she's going to be happy until she gets some much needed therapy. She clearly doesn't like to be alone.
  4. I think she's smart in some senses, but she's pretty lacking in judgment. The things she wrote in her first memoir were several years post Mansion life, and she was probably in her early 30s at the time, and she still wasn't seeing Hef for what he really was- a predator who exploited insecure and financially desperate (beautiful) women. Sure, they were all adults, but Hef got way more than he gave. I too wondered why Holly didn't just go home. Sure, I'd rather live in LA than Alaska (I mean Alaska is beautiful, but I personally hate the cold and I say this as a midwesterner), but i
  5. Holly felt like he "saved" her. Without him she would have had to go home to Alaska because she was nearly broke when he invited her to move in. She also felt a lot of the girls weren't grateful enough to Hef for providing a roof over their heads. I don't know how anyone could be so out of touch with reality. Hef was hardly a benovolent benefactor, looking to save troubled women from life on the streets.
  6. Holly definitely bore the brunt of the labor and emotional blackmail. I don't think Hef had the energy to play mental warfare with three separate women so Holly got the worst of it. He played the most mind games with her and regularly scolded her for not keeping the other two in line- particularly hard when she had no real authority over them or any leverage. And her "reward" for being #1 girl was to have the most sexual duties and share a bedroom with him. Holly had no space to call her own, but it wasn't like she could demote herself.
  7. That, or she's just that spiteful and didn't want to prove @configdotsys right, even if it cost her the chance to use a nicer computer. Come to think of it, yet another thing this woman has in common with Kail...
  8. Hahahahaha. Yes, she really does. She thinks she has leverage. She has producers that kiss her ass because that's simply the easiest way to deal with her, not because she has them over any barrel. Sure, they could tell her what's what, let her throw her hissy fit and stomp off and bitch about them on social media, before waiting for her to come crawling back with her tail between her legs, or they could simply indulge her and enable her delusions so she makes for even more laughable fodder.
  9. That is awesome. Did that disable all the features?
  10. Exactly! Kail thinks because she makes enough money to put her in the 1% (albeit the very lowest tier) that this is somehow a partnership. She is a monkey dancing for dollars, and MTV/whatever production company doesn't have to tap dance around her feelings- they know she's not quitting no matter how much she whines. In fact, they probably intentionally piss her off, knowing that's more likely to cause drama and resurrect ratings. I actually can't believe this and Teen Mom were renewed for another season- although then again, what does MTV really have left besides a series of fledg
  11. This makes me apoplectic. A lot of these tropical countries are dependent on tourism to float economically, but the workers themselves are often poor and don't have great access to healthcare. If Kail decides she just has to have a tropical vacay in another country in the midst of a global pandemic- she better be taking every precaution possible. But of course she's not, because, hey those local workers can decide for themselves whether or not they want to work, right?
  12. Wow. If Chelsea truly thinks she is such a big celebrity that people will pay at least a 100% markup just to say they bought it from her, she is Jenelle-level delusional. Jennifer Aniston/Reese Witherspoon/some other A lister couldn't get away with bilking their customer at this level, and Chelsea is no Reese Witherspoon.
  13. Yeah, I remember, LC is like, wiping away tears and Jason is straight up giggling the whole time. I mean, insult to injury, this breakup is traumatic for her (even though she instigated it), and Jason is acting like a stoner cheerfully greeting the pizza delivery man.
  14. Oh no. I sincerely hope, for Audrina's sake, that this is a showmance entirely scripted and she's willing to look like an idiot in exchange for a storyline, and doesn't really believe men "change" for the right woman and certainly doesn't believe Brody has the emotional capacity to not only settle down but also raise a child that isn't even his. If so, she's dumber than I thought, and I always thought she was pretty dumb.
  15. Even back when Laguna Beach was airing, the buzz around the forums was that Jason's grandparents had a lot of money and their kids (Jason's parents and possibly aunts/uncles) and the next generation (Jason's) were all living off the grandparents. I guess I have no way of knowing if that's true, but it didn't really surprise me. Maybe Jason is the type to consider his parents/grandparents' assets as his own?
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