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S06.E11: Knots Untie - Pre-Air Speculation and Live Chat

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Qhere the hell is Carol?


That she who baked the cookies isn't here is an anvil that Carol is off doing stuff and thangs and a flashback/parallel episodes focusing on Carl (and probably Morgan) is coming.

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Jesus is still sensitive to the cold, I see.


While the commercials play, I'll note that my latest copy of EW was all about TWD and my "1 out of 6 different covers" was Maggie.  Bummer.


Stories were interesting, although I'm now spoiled about Jesus.



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Abraham and Glenn man to man talk...............

about pancakes or at least that's what I'm hearing......


because he's mumbling again


oh wait it really was pancakes...but not actually.

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Rick touches Michonne's knee.  Michonne pushes away.  Rick makes a point of making a public display.  Michonne accepts.  That's was awesome.  And some show, not tell perfection I thought they forgot how to do,

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