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  1. The Mighty Peanut

    S03.E06: Household

    Is S3 a universe where Eden never existed and wasn't drowned in a swimming pool while quoting corinthians? IIRC THAT WAS KIND OF A WHOLE THING. Nick didn't want to sleep with her or marry her and seemed repulsed by the whole chain of events, and it was implied he resented being sexually subjugated in order to avoid the gender traitor label and subsequent execution. Now he's Mr. Gilead, a general, a Commander trainee. What? Serena made the Canada decision in part because Eden was so pure and faithful, her one rebellion being learning to read so she could study the Bible. Fred tried to lighten up the execution by reminding Eden's dad, who turned Eden in, that these things happen and at least now they could try for a boy. Serena saw the writing on the wall--Fred had no compunctions about the murder of a wayward girlchild, why would he protect a baby that isnt his? Now she wants Nichole back because she's a selfish fucking narcissistic rapist bitch who can only see the long term in brief glimpses relative to her experiences and is generally a monster "layered". It hasn't been brought up much as far as I can see, but this is a huge continuity error IMO.
  2. The Mighty Peanut

    S03.E04: God Bless the Child

    I forgot to mention this in an earlier post because I was too busy complaining about June/Gilead: I love Emily to the point where it's weird. She is so terribly, horrifically hurt and it breaks my black heart. It's very sweet that Sylvia let Oliver know Em may not be ready to be touched...but I still want to give her all the hugs. To make it up to her somehow, even though I know she isn't real. I watched this show initially b/c I love Margaret Atwood...now I watch because I love Alexis Bledel. And Emily, dammit.
  3. The Mighty Peanut

    S03.E04: God Bless the Child

    How much input does Margaret Atwood have? I wish it was more, and that she'd shut down some of the bullshit. I am very forgiving, perhaps overly so, of June, first of her name, the unburnt, breaker of chains blah blah blah. She can't narrate from a cell with her tongue cut out, and the show has put her through a lot of torture that people have already complained was too much. I think in some ways the writers are between a rock and a hard place trying to strike a balance between her defiance and her misery BUT THEY ALSO DO LAZY CRAP WRITING. The "it's not love" line in the book was basically June trying to reconcile why she felt a very small amount of empathy with Book Fred, who is horrible but much less explored than the rape hungry, amputating, perpetually cruel dumpster fire garbage monster we know and hate. It was a bad decision to put it in the show--just added to the throwaway filler.
  4. The Mighty Peanut

    S08.E06: The Iron Throne

    Welp. I didn't think the finale was bad. I also didn't think the last words I'd say re: GoT would be "Brienne should have just wrote 'fuckboy' instead of that whole long thing." And yet here we are.
  5. The Mighty Peanut

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    So, from what I'm reading these two were pulling in close to a mil a year and they ruined it because one or both of them: Mouthed off. Played hardball with their producers. Murdered a small animal for not biting a kid. What the fuck is wrong with them? They had the one job in the world that not only pays them but MAKES THEM RICH for being a combination of lazy and horrible, and they screwed it up because they...put animal abuse on social media, their OTHER, SECOND UNDESERVED FINANCIAL OUTLET. They are so stupid, I can't.
  6. The Mighty Peanut

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    😃 Ok so I can't delete this inappropriate smiling emoji for some reason, so please forgive me if it seems like I'm smiling at a potential murder suicide. I don't think Jennelle deserves to be violently murdered! She's made terrible decisions at great cost to innocents, but wishing her to be terrorized and shot dead seems a little...much. David I'd like to see in jail forever and I wish it wouldn't take the crime we all know he will commit eventually to put him there. I think he likes to kill, and that more than the prepper bullshit is why he has a farm. I think he likes to slaughter the animals and build himself up by saying he's a provider or some shit. But he just likes to watch living things die. I guess this is where I say JMHO, but it sure feels like stating a fact.
  7. The Mighty Peanut

    The Act

    Sometimes in death penalty states the only option besides death is LWOP (life without parole). Gypsy's potential punishments were modified because of the mitigating circumstances; Nick may have always faced the DP or LWOP. I'm not sure because there's nothing out there on his trial. Another factor in these kind of cases is the prosecution often asks if the defendant is a future danger, if Nick could be manipulated into murder again, or if his belief in the existence of the Victor personality combined with the autism makes him susceptible to suggestion. Tbh it's hard to answer "no", even though I think his punishment is too harsh. Source: I've watched too many episodes of MSNBC Lockup.
  8. The Mighty Peanut

    S02.E06: Donar the Great

    I wish this episode had gone “Donar” party and ate itself. I award zero points. What a stinker.
  9. The Mighty Peanut

    The Act

    The real Dee Dee wore clothes that looked, if not expensive, bedazzled, loud, and impeccable. Her hair was always done and she always had make up on. For the show, my guess is leaving Gypsy to tale care of her lest she die is another way to tie adult Gypsy to her. It's part of the sick "I'll be there" BS. Also if Dee Dee looks tired it broadcasts what hard work she's doing all by herself. She's just horrible. Some piece of work.
  10. The Mighty Peanut

    The Act

    I can't undo this quote from another thread. My apologies. Anyway. Patricia Arquette always sounds like she just swallowed a bottle of valium. I love it! The Disney is so, so weird. Weirder than the BDSM. I can't imagine being so warped that at 18 you WANT to dress in bad Cinderella cosplay to meet a boy for the first time. At a movie theater. With your mother. In some ways I admire her resourcefulness. I am not sure if it's how the show is making him out to be, but I feel a little bad for Nick. Obviously he brutally killed someone, but he is clearly very autistic and I think an argument could be made that he can't differentiate between real and tv.
  11. The Mighty Peanut

    The Act

    So I've been following this case since Law & Order SVU did a story based on Gypsy's ordeal; it was weird then, and got weirder as I learned more, and now with The Act it is mega super weird. I love it! Personally I think PA is nailing Dee Dee but it does bother me that she seems perpetually disheveled and out of breath, which makes sense but in the doc I also agree that Dee Dee was planning to eventually kill Gypsy, because she had warned everyone that Gypsy would probably only live into her late teens. What I don't know is how she'd keep running scams without her cash cow. One thing that always strikes me about people who run these long cons...wouldn't it be so much easier to just get a job? I can't imagine the amount of time it would have taken Dee Dee to pull her stunts. From personal experience, it is hard to apply for govt assistance when you legitimately need it and they will actively look for ways to kick you off Medicaid, unemployment, disability, whatever. It's torture dealing with The System. I'd rather work.
  12. Bill is a snowflake. He wants a safe space where he can not only be shitty about everything he wants to be shitty about without facing any real blowback, but to be congratulated for his bravery. Lately he's switched gears from Islam to millennials. Also I'm 39, born in '79, I always thought I was gen Y but lately I've been told I'm a xennial or very early millennial...personally I see myself as the last generation to grow up without shooter drills...what I wanna know is when I turn 40 in June will I be considered a real adult by Bill? To treat a 37-year-old man like he was an exceptionally mature child was gross.
  13. The Mighty Peanut

    Queer Eye

    Agree. I just think "overwhelmed" is a kind way of excusing the inexcusable. I think the Fab 5 can be kind of harsh sometimes (calling a dirtyish grill disgusting, making fun of furniture from Goodwill) but in this case they just had to explain in a way other than "one says he works too much, the other says she's too pregnant, both are full of shit, and no one wants to fight."
  14. The Mighty Peanut

    S02.E02: The Beguiling Man

    I, too, miss Anansi/Mr. Nancy's stories. This is a lot to ask, probably way too much even for cable and not really needed for narrative purposes, but I could die a happy woman if he told the story of
  15. The Mighty Peanut

    S02.E02: The Beguiling Man