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  1. The Mighty Peanut

    S02.E06: Donar the Great

    I wish this episode had gone “Donar” party and ate itself. I award zero points. What a stinker.
  2. The Mighty Peanut

    The Act

    The real Dee Dee wore clothes that looked, if not expensive, bedazzled, loud, and impeccable. Her hair was always done and she always had make up on. For the show, my guess is leaving Gypsy to tale care of her lest she die is another way to tie adult Gypsy to her. It's part of the sick "I'll be there" BS. Also if Dee Dee looks tired it broadcasts what hard work she's doing all by herself. She's just horrible. Some piece of work.
  3. The Mighty Peanut

    The Act

    I can't undo this quote from another thread. My apologies. Anyway. Patricia Arquette always sounds like she just swallowed a bottle of valium. I love it! The Disney is so, so weird. Weirder than the BDSM. I can't imagine being so warped that at 18 you WANT to dress in bad Cinderella cosplay to meet a boy for the first time. At a movie theater. With your mother. In some ways I admire her resourcefulness. I am not sure if it's how the show is making him out to be, but I feel a little bad for Nick. Obviously he brutally killed someone, but he is clearly very autistic and I think an argument could be made that he can't differentiate between real and tv.
  4. The Mighty Peanut

    The Act

    So I've been following this case since Law & Order SVU did a story based on Gypsy's ordeal; it was weird then, and got weirder as I learned more, and now with The Act it is mega super weird. I love it! Personally I think PA is nailing Dee Dee but it does bother me that she seems perpetually disheveled and out of breath, which makes sense but in the doc I also agree that Dee Dee was planning to eventually kill Gypsy, because she had warned everyone that Gypsy would probably only live into her late teens. What I don't know is how she'd keep running scams without her cash cow. One thing that always strikes me about people who run these long cons...wouldn't it be so much easier to just get a job? I can't imagine the amount of time it would have taken Dee Dee to pull her stunts. From personal experience, it is hard to apply for govt assistance when you legitimately need it and they will actively look for ways to kick you off Medicaid, unemployment, disability, whatever. It's torture dealing with The System. I'd rather work.
  5. Bill is a snowflake. He wants a safe space where he can not only be shitty about everything he wants to be shitty about without facing any real blowback, but to be congratulated for his bravery. Lately he's switched gears from Islam to millennials. Also I'm 39, born in '79, I always thought I was gen Y but lately I've been told I'm a xennial or very early millennial...personally I see myself as the last generation to grow up without shooter drills...what I wanna know is when I turn 40 in June will I be considered a real adult by Bill? To treat a 37-year-old man like he was an exceptionally mature child was gross.
  6. The Mighty Peanut

    Queer Eye

    Agree. I just think "overwhelmed" is a kind way of excusing the inexcusable. I think the Fab 5 can be kind of harsh sometimes (calling a dirtyish grill disgusting, making fun of furniture from Goodwill) but in this case they just had to explain in a way other than "one says he works too much, the other says she's too pregnant, both are full of shit, and no one wants to fight."
  7. The Mighty Peanut

    S02.E02: The Beguiling Man

    I, too, miss Anansi/Mr. Nancy's stories. This is a lot to ask, probably way too much even for cable and not really needed for narrative purposes, but I could die a happy woman if he told the story of
  8. The Mighty Peanut

    S02.E02: The Beguiling Man

  9. The Mighty Peanut

    S02.E18: Trampoline

    You know, I really only put this show on because I wanted something I didn't need to pay close attention to on while I did stuff around the house. I'm not a fan of med dramas and I'm not into romance unless it's in the midst of a zombie apocalypse or a violent medieval fantasy world (GoT 4-eva). But I fell head over heels in love with this show, and Sean. Even the characters I don't like (Glassman, Han), I don't hate. I'm sad the season is over already.
  10. The Mighty Peanut

    S09.E13: Lost

    This times a million. If Frank had a mysterious incredible back pain that doesn't look like anything in the x-rays he wouldn't have gotten drugs, but it is unethical not to manage pain resulting from a fracture. They would have given him some norcos and monitored him. When I fractured my ankle they were very cautious (I'm a recovering alcoholic) and started me on the lower end of pain meds but did raise them as needed. You can't just say fuck you take a Tylenol even if you hate the patient. I don't know why but this really bothered me a lot.
  11. The Mighty Peanut

    S02.E16: Believe

    As a viewer, I want Sean in surgery. As a patient, I am more of a cold hearted bastard. Be rude, idgaf as long as you fix me, and I trust his precision above all others. But while my life is in the balance I don’t want anyone who can be thrown off by an irritating sound or an interrupted ritual. In pathology he can find all the same missed connections without the risks. I'm sorry! 😞 I do love Sean.
  12. The Mighty Peanut

    S20.E14: Part 33

    ....Who was arrested for manslaughter, but Olivia had the charges reduced when it was revealed the sperm whale was also a rape victim.
  13. The Mighty Peanut

    Tidying Up With Marie Kondo

    Agreed! I realize this is very I walked 10 miles back and forth to school in the snow, but I walk up and down three flights of stairs with a bad ankle lugging laundry to the coin operated machines in the basement (and half the time they’re already in use or I forgot the laundry detergent in the apartment). I have no kids but I’m single and work full time. And, you know, I’m not perfect and it gets the better of me sometimes, and I get that some days getting out of bed at all is a win. But I don’t like wearing dirty, stinky, wrinkly clothes so ultimately it GETS DONE otherwise I’ll get even more depressed....babe.
  14. The Mighty Peanut

    S07.E08: A Housewarming Divided

    Ok I really messed up the quote function; my apologies. Anyway, I agree with all of this, except none of these guys can end their codependent relationships directly and will instead act like a monster until she does the actual breaking up. We can expect Tom to cheat soon. I do wonder if we will see it on TV--neither of them want Kristen to be right. The writing is on the wall. Tom wants to have sex with Ariana and she doesn't want to, plus she specifically doesn't want oral performed. Then what does Lala do? Have oral sex with Tom's girlfriend. Tom is pushing 40 and wants to get married. Ariana is hanging on to her youth and at this point doesn't want to get married possibly ever. Tom says kids are a non-negotiable factor, Ariana is phobic of pregnancy and doesn't want kids. Tom is loyal to his friends to a fault, Ariana doesn't really care for them and sees them as a duty for the show. The only major red flag they don't have (that we know) is handling money issues. I very well may be projecting my own issues, but hear me out. I have never desired kids and will not be disappointed if it never happens for me. But when I was married I was VEHEMENTLY against them. It took until after I was divorced that I realized I wasn't that opposed to kids, I was opposed to kids WITH HIM. Now, I have no drive to try for a baby, but no longer live in fear of being attached to my partner for life by a child. I think that might be going on a bit with Ariana. This post is way too long, but one last thing: ever notice when Ariana is on the wrong side of Tom over anything it's due to a deeply rooted phobia? Phobic about her vag, phobic about marriage, phobic about pregnancy. I think she's looking for a reason not to have a conversation, too, so she makes it impossible to argue with her without seeming like an asshole for being insensitive to her fears.
  15. JFC Bill, people like watching heros and villains duke it out in the Marvel world precisely because we ARE functional real world adults the other 99% of the time. Does he not know the concept of escapist fantasy? Imagination? I am at best a fair weather fan in that if it's not Ironman or The Avengers feat Ironman I don't make a point to see it, but I still found Bill was insulting to Stan Lee's legacy of providing a small joy to a large population by saying "no disrespect to you Stan, I just hate your childish universe and anyone who follows it over the age of 10." He tries so hard to stay relevant and then goes on these epic curmudgeonly rants about whippersnappers with their silly hashtags and their comics. I remember an episode of The Cosby Show of all things where Cliff made fun of his colonoscopy video being viewable at "w w w dot flim flerm flip" and how it was still better than watching The Jets (god dammit Bill Cosby why did you taint all your work by being a scumbag serial rapist garbage human). Anyway it was the same thing, "look at these young people and their dumb ideas". IMO he loves to puff out his chest and do his fuck you I don't care what you think routine, but with the house n-word gaff and the Ben Affleck controversy he is worried about consequences so he goes after....comic book geeks. Also did anyone else notice how he condescended to the audience by saying they'd kiss the ass of whoever was on the panel, then kept looking up and waiting for applause during I Hate Millennials Edition 784? He was the most annoying element of the show, and Ann Coulter was on so that's saying something.