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  1. Yeah, like you said, they didn't want him to be murderous. It must have been a weird line for them to tread, like, he was the leader of tug-of-war whose only goal was to make sure the 10-ish people on the opposite team all died, and when push came to shove he put his own life above the old man's. I don't blame him for his hesitance to be a martyr out of loyalty to someone he just met, and he's definitely not a killer, but can we really say he isn't selfish? I wish he would have killed Sang-Woo as well...it would have made more sense than getting wrapped up in nostalgia at the last second
  2. So I binged it and Netflix fully shamed me ("Are you still watching? STILL? ARE YOU SURE?") but I have no remorse. I can't remember the last time I have been so excited about a show. I really can't, like, I'm sitting by myself and I say to myself, "Self? Have you EVER been this into anything? I mean, I know we like post-apocalyptic dystopias, but The Handmaid's Tale doesn't make me feel some type of way like this does." Personally, I want a season 2. The director has already talked about the plots he wants to explore for the second season (it has not been officially picked up, I don't thi
  3. Just "popping" in to confirm it is very difficult to get insurance to pay for these procedures due to the prejudice/excuse that it's cosmetic. I had a ganglion cyst on my wrist, it was nothing like what we see on Dr. PP but it did look like someone took one of those jawbreaker gumballs and shoved it on top of my hand. I got it drained a few times but it always came back. I was only able to get hand surgery after it begun to press on a nerve in such a way that I couldn't write. And even then it was a fight. My doctor asked me if it caught on clothing and I said no...then he goes "Are you SURE i
  4. That is sad to hear. Usually when I see it there are a few tiktok stars and washed out musicians, and occasionally someone cool pops up. I just can't imagine why someone would want to talk to a man whose proudest moments are clearing out a waiting room with his odor, forcing his nurse to clean up his piss, and calling an ambulance whenever things don't go his way (don't go his way = he can't get drugs and/or pizza). He is truly one of the most disgusting people I have ever had the misfortune of being aware of in my lifetime.
  6. I don't think Gilead observes female sexual pleasure unless they're lopping parts of or killing them. The head placement from what I understand is supposed to be symbolic of the fertility coming forth from the womb of the wife, making it "her" child. That she may keep the HM from running away is an added perk. I remember S1 when Lydia is explaining the ceremony in these cutsey terms and poor Janine is like "We're flowers!" and Moira was like wait just a damn second and asked point blank if she meant they would have to have sex with the commanders. So Lydia says more biblical nonsense and
  7. Can we talk legality? I am going to take a wild guess that Gilead did not agree to give up 22 resistance fighters in exchange for a corpse. If Fred was going to get dead it would have been by their hands. So I wonder what happens to Nick and Lawrence now--neither of them seem too worried, which strikes me as odd. Perhaps they were in no man's land where Fred had no rights, but he was brought there by Nick and the Eyes, am I correct? Are we to assume they are all rebels or rebel sympathizers? There is some debate over whether or not June is leaving Luke for good, I sadly think she is
  8. TL;DR Luke been thru some shit. I actually have a lot of empathy for Luke. First off, he has survivor's guilt and each day he has to face the fact that his efforts to rescue his wife are stagnant and he is, in an ironic sort of way, impotent. Yet, he doesn't stop because he also blames himself for not taking June seriously enough when shit started to get real. Then Emily shows up and leaves him with an infant who is both a piece of his wife and (he then thought) a product of rape, which is further complicated when he gets the tape from June that essentially says she loves Nichole's d
  9. Serena and Fred don't really even need a house, they already live in the lap of luxury in the jail loft where they can come and go freely and get unsupervised visits whenever they want, as well as a full wardrobe and apparently free wi-fi.
  10. I think deep down he knows they are doomed. He has the luxury of focusing on the positive because he hasn't spent years as a sex slave under constant threat of torture and death. Moira got out of there under different circumstances and wants to heal peacefully, Emily seems to be the embodiment of that old saying about having two wolves inside of us (good and evil) and choosing which one to feed, Rita wants to let the wheels of justice do their work which is probably easier as she was "only" made into a house slave but was never raped, and June just wants to straight up kill everyone. They aren
  11. My impression of why no one brought up exchanging Hannah was Hannah is not an intelligence asset whereas 22 resistance fighters would be valuable from an espionage standpoint. That's 22 women who heard secret conversations with the commanders who like Fred who didn't think they were smart or important enough to bother being careful with privacy...22 people who know the best routes for getting troops from point A to point B...22 people who know about safehouses and weapon strongholds, and so on. Also, even with the efforts of Joseph and Nick, Gilead's prime directive is grooming children
  12. Season 5 spoiler: June is the Dread Pirate Roberts! Emotionally I enjoyed the finale, logically I really wish they hadn't left so much up for fan wanking. Not just the killing but Nick and Lawrence easily border hopping without being arrested. Also I don't think it's realistic to have these sort of gotcha moments with prisoners. Like we don't tell an inmate he's going to be free, take him somewhere, then say sike you actually get the death penalty (though again, it was satisfying).
  13. What a heartwarming finale. Hate conquers all, at last.
  14. I just saw a commercial for tonight that showed June in her red coat with blood stains on her face. It didn't look like her blood. Maybe she really does kill Fred.
  15. Pure speculation on my part but I've always gotten the feeling that Nick's character was not intended to last more than a season or 2, but he got popular and people started to ship him and June so he stayed on. If not then they were very sloppy with his character by giving him the one scene where the military is saluting him as he walks by and we find out he's a major player and has a lot of power; after that point I really got the feeling it was a pay-no-attention-to-that-man-behind-the-curtain sort of thing. For example he seemed so genuinely oppressed (so far as a male in Gilead can be
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