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  1. I'm actually really enjoying Chef Alex on this show. She's funny reacting to the shenanigans, and seems like a good teacher. LOVED the picture page of sushi (even though it's hard for me to imagine someone who has no idea what it looks like, even if they've never personally eaten it).
  2. http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/2775756/amp
  3. I watch his Instagram stories - this is accurate. (Minus the yelling, but yes, she's very well versed in what victim noises are, and why they're unacceptable.)
  4. Dead. I am dead, and you're the killer. 😂 😂 💀 😂
  5. One million percent. Nailed it.
  6. I think this is true for Bayleigh and Swaggy (and would have been true for Jay and Jenn if they'd made it any length of time). But I don't see anyone wanting to challenge Fessy if they didn't have to. I don't have the years of history some of you do, though - in previous seasons, did giant athletic rookies get thrown in repeatedly?
  7. Yes, they were in opposite alliances right pretty much from the begininig. Having said that, Kaycee is so laid back she's horizontal. That probably plus Bayleigh's crush on her (which wasn't apparent at the time), meant that they could hang out together without drama. Unlike say, Tyler, who had the insufferable audacity!!! to say good morning to Bay, thus infuriating her to the point of (literally, for those who don't watch BB) shrieking until she was spitting blood. One of his finer qualities is being the Bayleigh whisperer.
  8. So if they both wind up on 22, is this a fake breakup? Or is it real, but they'll wind up back together in the house?
  9. I agree, but I just checked her Instagram. She's scrubbed it of the gf, back to April 24th. Sad.
  10. Dang it. I liked my idea better. 😂
  11. Am I missing something, or does the ep title not tie back to anything? I think it's probably part of the Dee Excision - she's yelling at Rogan, and tells him she has "pictures of you" taped to the door of her locker?
  12. Truly terrible. Which made the video even better! 😁
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