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  1. Quoting myself to say that I was wrong. So so very wrong. That was fucking embarrassingly bad.
  2. It's not a thing in these plague times, but at least one local club here has them for DJ nights. They're up on tall boxes on the dance floor, scantily clad, great dancers, and best part: equal opportunity (male and female dancers).
  3. I think they've been done for a while, and held the info until Johnny and Cely announced their breakup. And even that assumes they were really together to begin with - personally I only got a friend vibe but I know mileage varies on that.
  4. Because it had to be "updated." Because they're "artists." Because making shit complicated for no reason - even if it destroys the story you're trying to tell - makes you a "visionary." Such a waste of a (mostly) great cast.
  5. Things I liked: * Flagg playing dead * Eye candy of the Vegas party scenes ... That's all I've got. Sigh.
  6. Well, there was a foursome, but I can't swear he only did one of those movies, so... Wait, what? what did I miss? Which Chris?
  7. Pursuing Nicole for two years is living in the fucking subbasement.
  8. Yeah, I stupidly didn't read anything here until I finished the binge, lol.
  9. I think he is and always has been, cheerfully pornographic. 😂 (Sentences I never thought I would type...)
  10. It's the pinned tweet! 😂 He was definitely not hacked. He was in a Skinemax (I think, one of the premiums' late night lineups) movie, before he was on Survivor. So he's not new to porn. Bless his heart.
  11. Obviously, I went immediately to Twitter to check if out. Dammmmmmn. 😂 😂
  12. I agree, but poor Victor! I'll never understand how he landed in this mess in the first place.
  13. Oh definitely! Great casting! Just makes it hard for non attentive viewers like me, lol.
  14. I have a bad habit of watching shows, with only ~80% of my attention. This episode, I didn't even realize there WERE three older brothers. I just saw Colin (with the ridiculous balcony hair) and Not Colin. Later eps were super confusing, as even once I realized they were two different people, I never did figure out how to reliably tell Anthony from Benedict. Oops. Aside from that, however, I loved this show and was immediately sucked in. I stayed up all night Friday, because I couldn't make myself turn it off before the end. The brilliant Duke of Hastings casting was a big part of that. That man is utterly delicious.
  15. Unpopular opinion time: I like this version of Nadine (so far) more than the Nadine of the book or the original miniseries. There's a very good looking, powerful, superhumanly charming, MAGICAL man who has appeared to her periodically throughout her life, both in dreams and while she's awake. He's promised to make her his queen once they are together. I don't find it "one dimensional" or unrealistic at all, that she'd be totally ensorcelled. I do agree with hating the inexplicable relocation of Mother Abigail though. Just one in a series of both bad and completely unnecessary changes they've made to this version. I do feel a tiny bit sorry for Harold (of all people!) for the changes they made to the trucker scene. In the book, Harold and Frannie were already traveling with Stu and Glen, when they ran into the "zoo keepers." That whole "sit here while I rape your friend or I'll beat you more" thing was pretty on-brand for Harold, but still. He wasn't a big enough schmuck in the book, they had to add stuff? Oy. (Nothing in spoiler box - I started to box book info, and then realized we aren't doing that in this thread. Couldn't figure out how to delete it!)
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