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  1. Speaking of which, please tell me i'm not the only horrible person who laughed when both Kim and Barry voted Kim is the better driver in the stupid clip show.
  2. That is hilarious and strangely appropriate. #teamsussex
  3. Who is the top row, third from the left, and why do they look exactly like the duchess of Cambridge?
  4. Can't blame her if she is dreaming of that. Christian AND Xavier? Yes please. #noshame
  5. 0this feels like a good time to mention that the Wow react doubles as a vomit one. (they're both even green! :).) This question largely comes down to another one - have you ever lived with a cat? If yes, under saved your sanity at least once, and therefore is the default.
  6. Assume you're talking about the post game recap from the broadcast ep. The streaming ep had a way more graphic version.
  7. @Callaphera you slay me. It's early, but "Mercury is in Gatorade" gets my vote for post of the season..
  8. Depends on the equipment involved... Uh, or so I heard from a friend
  9. I googled his pic after you said he was in bb11. Still no memory of him whatsoever
  10. Must have blocked this idiot from my brain. Zero recall.
  11. I'm going to guess no on that. Among other issues, I don't want to punch @Nashville whenever he talks. Who is Braden?? IIRCc, she'd had her wisdom teeth removed just before the season. Spec was that she popped a stitch and yes, it was a glorious trainwreck.
  12. Please tell me this is a George Glass reference? My brain immediately went there at the "looking for Miss 100"line
  13. Karma for how she treated Kiko!
  14. Perfect encapsulation of her personality. 🙄🙄
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