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  1. IF they find that Karnak's powers, which have been proven to be "off" on Earth, either because it's Earth and not the moon, or due to the circumstances of his arrival, can be fixed by smoking the weed they are growing, which is where I was hoping they were going in the second episode, I will forgive them much. If not, then they were clearly just high when they pitched.
  2. That's kind of great. I can't recall what NotGrundy's real name was, but perhaps the killer really IS (or was) after her, and also her "boyfriends", not from his point of view seeing them as her victims. Did we see her latest actually get home safely? It could also explain the difference in method. The way he killed NotGrundy was personal, and the attack on Archie (if that's what it in fact was) was less so. They DID say they would try to incorporate the "diverse" characters into the storylines this season, and this was only the opening episode. Give them a chance. They are working with Reggie 2.0, so that is a challenge already, the source material only has one black 'cat, and TPTB probably consider Kevin an example of diversity in his own right, and many of us were not easily incorporated into past soaps, as we generally do not work in the mixing up the couples formula. Besides, if they can do a spin-off for Sabrina, no reason not to look into a spin-off for Josie and the 'Cats, just as in the comics.
  3. It might be too soon what with the Weinstein stuff going on! I used to go to a club that had Dynasty viewing parties on whatever night the original was on (Wednesdays?) and we'd be shit-faced by the end of the episode, so I remember it fondly, if not well. I eventually fell for a guy who looked for all the world like Steven Carrington as played by Al Corley. Maybe that's why I never really liked Heather Locklear? This was like the original on crack. They packed in too much into the first episode. It was trashy fun, but the original took some time to set things up so that the payoff was worth it. This has no foreplay. I'll stick around, though, if only to see who they cast for Alexis, and because the outside stuff is filmed in my area, and that's always amusing. I wonder if Helena Bonham Carter would do the CW?
  4. Medusa is just an awful Inhuman being on this show, and, apparently, so is kid sis! At least in the comics Crystal was kind of cool as first introduced, but maybe that's because the first human she met was hot in a different way than the first human she meets in this version? AND there is absolutely no consistency in what people from the moon get and what they don't get about Earth. (Have they explained how they are on the moon, because it clearly cannot be the way they got there in the comics?) And, just to nitpick, why the assumption that the rings Medusa and BB are wearing are WEDDING rings, or even that Inhumans would HAVE monogamy and/or wedding bands? I know they DO, but that's because they were created in the Silver Age, where anything else would never have been published. But Louise noted BB's ring from a NEWSCAST?? And the vet (what a wonderful coincidence that the male model who ran into Crystal and Lockjaw just happened to have broken up with a vet!) notices nothing unusual enough to stick around and/or to call in the HUGE CGI pooch, other than maybe it was crossbred? With what? An elephant? This show.
  5. You cannot have a dog boy and a Cat Girl in the same episode! There are rules! Poor Alex and his Grandfather! That was just cruel. LOVED the rapping messengers, everything Zsazs, and the horrible riddling. So, is Barbara no longer crazy because of the Lazarus Pit? I miss her OTT self, but it's kind of genius if the Pit was a cure after all.
  6. Now THIS is where you could get a team win! Roughly the same shape as Ayana's, the sparkly essence of M & M, and you open up and get the chocolate that Brandon's fan wanted! I completely misremembered that! Maybe I was still annoyed with Michael over Tapegate?
  7. Sadly, Michael was NOT going for Marvel's Disco Dazzler, which would have been my choice. Claire's twin would NEVER leave so undramatically! So much potential for tears and throwing of measuring tape! Happy for Ayana's win, in that her creation looked like a huge plastic toy that will be easy to reproduce. (Even Barbie would think that the pink was too much, however.) Saw Amy leaving the minute we got the images of her daughter and Heidi pulled the "one or more" line. Kentaro's tape measure line was wonderful, as was him calling himself a butterfly trapped in a spider web at Mood.
  8. Oops! My mistake! I confused Lifetime with E! They are right next to each other on Comcast, and I don't regularly watch either, so I always think of them as the same! My apologies to Lifetime!
  9. Project Runway is on Lifetime. The Network is practically supported by a family famous for a sex tape, so it should not surprise anyone. I had forgotten until news footage that Georgina Chapman is married to Weinstein! I imagine (and have absolutely no evidence for this) that theirs was a marriage of convenience, and his "dalliances" perhaps satisfied him enough that she wouldn't have to touch him. Ever.
  10. I'll fanwank it that Heche's character should not have left the team with no contingency plans in case she's needed, and that she was doing someone she shouldn't have been while off comm, and that's why she decided to go easy. Did Heche look different in this ep, or was it just that she wasn't using the eyeglass prop? I kind of like the team at this point, so I'm willing to stick with them.
  11. The physical comedy always gets me in this show! From the apple fight at the picnic to the sister brawl at the prison they did a really good job. Ben, again, was pretty awesome. I liked how the inmates saved his dad, and also seemed to be a little afraid of him once he told about his arson tendencies. Nice callbacks in this one to the previous season with the parents as well, especially the reveal about Chip. No wonder he's so insecure.
  12. Crystal and Medusa are sisters, so the genetic weirdness of their respective hairs makes some kind of weird sense. Also, jack Kirby LOVED weird and wild hair and headpieces. As I've mentioned before, he would probably have been in heaven designing for drag queens. Who knows? Maybe he did.
  13. In the comics, one of Medusa's partner's was named "Paste Pot Pete". Maybe this version will leave off the "Paste".
  14. Glad that Crystal and Lockjaw made it out of Attilan. It made no sense for the most powerful Inhuman to be the only one still under house arrest. She'll no doubt meet someone cute, as is her comic book history, but the Marvelverse no longer owns her boyfriend, so they'll have to come up with someone new. Medusa showed how entitled she is, and it really IS an ugly look on her. Then, again, it's consistent with her introduction in comics as a villainess. (I may have to start testing ATMs with my claim to Royalty. I have no clue as to who my father was, but I have expensive tastes, so I assume I get that from him...) Last week I thought Karnak would use Fauxlicity as a way to correct his messed up ability, but now I am praying that weed will realign him, because that would be the funniest thing ever! It's a dumb show, but I cannot quit it yet.
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