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  1. It's a mix of speculation and wishlist. And the comment about the restart date is completely unverified.
  2. 24 legs? All in Australia? My goodness. I know we've been clamoring for a return to down under on the original TAR for a while now - I guess anyone who wants that will get some version of what they wished for here. That's a lot of Australia.
  3. I have no doubt that the intention will be to finish season 33 with the same cast. Let's say there's 8 teams left. If all of them are able to come back, great! If only 7 are able to come back, then they add another non-elim or maybe shorten the race to 10 or 11 legs. Ditto if only 6 come back. But if several teams are unable to return, then that probably means theyll be forced to scrap what they have and start from scratch.
  4. 1000 times this. Its honestly delusional to think TAR has any chance to film soon. If Survivor is having this much trouble resuming filming in one secluded location, then I doubt they're even considering TAR at this point. It all depends on the vaccine rollout and effectiveness. My guess would be best case scenario it films in the usual November corridor of 2021, airing sometime in 2022. But I wouldn't be surprised if we don't film until 2022. In te interview with Bertram, he didn't say they were waiting for a handful of safe countries to film in, he said they were waiting for containment
  5. Yep, I feel like if they had made it out of europe before the world situation started to deteriorate (since Europe was the first hotspot outside China), then they probably would have tried to keep going and finish it off. Maybe even just starting a week earlier would have been enough. Terrible timing. Oh well
  6. Noticed that season 2 of tough as nails is getting the time slot in February while Survivor is still unable to film. Such a shame about TAR 33's filming. If they had started just a week or two earlier and managed to get the season in, then we almost certainly would have kept this timeslot for the spring, with tough as nails kept for the summer. TAR 32 rated fairly solidly all around given the state of broadcast TV.
  7. Best part was Hung and Chee's cab driver realizing he's on the race. Should have seen more of the cabbies! Other than that, a pretty boring finale.
  8. Curious as to how this yield works. Do you play your hourglass and the next team to arrive automatically has to wait? Or does it function like the yield/uturn of old and you pick out the actual team you want to punish? Can't help but notice the complete lack of travelocity commercials through the first 2 episodes. There's usually at least 2 per episode. I know that it's a different world right now, I just hope that they still want to advertise when it's possible to travel again, because it would be tough to survive without the biggest sponsor. Since it was filmed long before the shutdown
  9. I found myself rooting for the football players. They were teammates for 5 years and seem like actual friends, unlike some of the athlete teams we've had before that seemed kind of randomly paired together. They seem to have a great spirit and energy for the show. Alana and Leo could also be fun to watch.
  10. As has been pointed out, this season filmed in November 2018. Almost 2 years before airing!! You are right, that in the old days, a summer filming would air in the fall, and a fall filming would air in the spring, never more than 3 months or so between filming and airing. After the success of season 30 in early 2018, they greenlit 2 seasons to be filmed in 2018. 31 aired spring 2019 of course, and now here we are for 32. This is just speculation, but I think it has to do with the CBS turnover in management. 2018 was when Les Moonves left CBS in his sexual harassment scandal. And CB
  11. CBS unveiled their fall schedule today, TAR32 is scheduled to air Wednesdays at 9 this fall. Deadline is keen to note that TAR is the ONLY show on CBS's fall schedule that has actually filmed. The rest of their schedule is business as usual, with the hopes that Hollywood will be able to restart in the summer. As for TAR33, CBS did make some comments about it in this article: https://deadline.com/2020/05/cbs-navigates-tricky-international-waters-with-the-amazing-race-survivor-1202938568/ The highlights: “In terms of Survivor and The Amazing Race, we’ll get those into productio
  12. Just throwing out ideas...what if Travelocity pushed back against the premiere date cbs announced? They are clearly the biggest advertiser, and advertising travel is not worthwhile right now. Maybe travelocity threatened not to do their traditional ad spend? Who knows.
  13. Zero percent chance. For starters the virus is showing no signs of slowing down. Secondly, these race courses take months of planning and scheduling. You don't just shut everything down and then start back up again 3 weeks later. Everything has to be re-planned and rebooked. Not to mention that its unlikely all the teams would be prepared to get another month off so soon after being gone for 2 weeks already. Best case scenario is summer if the virus slows down. Fall is likely more realistic.
  14. There are no indications anywhere that TAR is moving to streaming. It's a once-a-year show at this point, so we'll just enjoy it as long as it lasts. I actually thought that interview was a huge positive as it is confirmation that TAR 33 is in the works. So therefore we'll have at least 2 more seasons to look forward to. It sucks that we're down to once a year, especially since our ratings are very comparable to many shows. But keep in mind that the real money that CBS makes is getting these endless crime dramas to syndication deals down the road with many episodes. Even if TAR might rat
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