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  1. I am in the minority here which pains me but I did not think much of this premiere when half of it was people sitting through painful massages. Pretty unbalanced detour. And a mandatory u-turn vote upcoming? Great [rolls eyes]. On the other hand, it was great to see commercial travel and taxis back, and I liked the opening task at the hotel. I paused it on the close up of the puzzle and tried for 5 minutes to figure it out and got nowhere. I can only imagine how it would be in the heat of the moment. The cast has the potential to be interesting so it can be a great season. Just wasn't a fan of the detour.
  2. This is a SPOILER thread. Saying San Antonio 'would be a good location for a finale' is not a spoiler. It's speculation/wishlist. You do this every season. There is also no evidence to support Romania.
  3. Where are you getting sources for Romania, Malaysia, and San Antonio? Things require sources here.
  4. Here is the best guess at the final route based on all spoilers, credited to RFF: Munich, Germany Innsbruck, Austria Florence, Italy Petra/Amman, Jordan Toulouse, France Malaga/Ronda, Spain Keflavik, Iceland Nashville, Tennessee, USA
  5. Season 34 is underway. The show looks to be keeping the charter plane format from the 33 restart. The charter flew from LA to Munich, Germany on Sunday. After 4 days of zero sightings, the show has been spotted in Innsbruck, Austria in the past 24 hours. So maybe a leg or two in Germany and then a leg in Austria so far. Don't believe there have been any team confirmations yet. As always, this info is credited to realityfanforum.
  6. I miss TARCon!! Hopefully we hear some good stories from it.
  7. Sure about that? Preview looked Spencer and Anthony were not there.
  8. Based on the end of the episode and the preview, it looks like all of Ray/Caro, Taylor/Isaiah, Anthony/Spencer, and Connie/Sam do not return, with both eliminated teams returning to make a field of 7 teams for the restart. Really unfortunate that so many were unable to come back.
  9. I binged the whole season this week to be ready for the finale tonight. I haven't read the previous episode threads, but reading this one it sounds like the consensus is that it's not well-liked. I will chalk this up to the advantage of binging vs watching weekly, because I thought overall the season was very good! It definitely helped get the stink out from the last couple seasons of the original. I tend to over-analyze and bemoan shows that I watch weekly as well, so I try to binge only now. My complaints are that I wanted more Angel in the finale. A scene of him getting some closure or something would have been great. And Deb was pretty pointless as I didn't really see the point of her coming back. But I thought the trajectory of the season was great and satisfying, and was shocked they would actually kill off Dex at the end, given how successful this is for showtime. I love Clancy Brown in everything and he was in vintage form here. I don't know how well a Harrison spinoff would work, but as a single season show, I greatly enjoyed this.
  10. I think the cast for this season is great. The first episode was good, as it was nice getting to know everyone and was interesting. I don't really like the home starts though. I think the TAR starting line is a sacred place that must be preserved! The second episode was pretty boring though and unnecessary. Makes you wonder if they were already scrambling with replacement legs and evolving the route right after leaving, because the tasks of darts/cakes/mail was pretty dull. And this was right after season 32 which had a new country every leg besides the 'mega leg'. London has been done too much at this point, so 2 legs felt like overkill. That said, it's great to have the show back and I love the cast.
  11. The race ended a couple days ago in LA. It appears the show stayed entirely in Europe besides the LA finale. The 'new' route appears to be Switzerland, Italy, France (Corsica), Greece, Portugal, and Los Angeles. And of course the legs filmed in 2020 were England and Scotland, so the best guess is that is the entire route. Assuming there are still 12 legs, a few of those will obviously have 2 legs in them, but theres not enough evidence to speculate which ones.
  12. It's a mix of speculation and wishlist. And the comment about the restart date is completely unverified.
  13. 24 legs? All in Australia? My goodness. I know we've been clamoring for a return to down under on the original TAR for a while now - I guess anyone who wants that will get some version of what they wished for here. That's a lot of Australia.
  14. I have no doubt that the intention will be to finish season 33 with the same cast. Let's say there's 8 teams left. If all of them are able to come back, great! If only 7 are able to come back, then they add another non-elim or maybe shorten the race to 10 or 11 legs. Ditto if only 6 come back. But if several teams are unable to return, then that probably means theyll be forced to scrap what they have and start from scratch.
  15. 1000 times this. Its honestly delusional to think TAR has any chance to film soon. If Survivor is having this much trouble resuming filming in one secluded location, then I doubt they're even considering TAR at this point. It all depends on the vaccine rollout and effectiveness. My guess would be best case scenario it films in the usual November corridor of 2021, airing sometime in 2022. But I wouldn't be surprised if we don't film until 2022. In te interview with Bertram, he didn't say they were waiting for a handful of safe countries to film in, he said they were waiting for containment. Given the months of logistical planning that goes into a season, it's not entirely feasible to just bank on a handful of safe countries, because things can change mightily between planning and filming in this environment.
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