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  1. CBS unveiled their fall schedule today, TAR32 is scheduled to air Wednesdays at 9 this fall. Deadline is keen to note that TAR is the ONLY show on CBS's fall schedule that has actually filmed. The rest of their schedule is business as usual, with the hopes that Hollywood will be able to restart in the summer. As for TAR33, CBS did make some comments about it in this article: https://deadline.com/2020/05/cbs-navigates-tricky-international-waters-with-the-amazing-race-survivor-1202938568/ The highlights: “In terms of Survivor and The Amazing Race, we’ll get those into production as soon as we can safely get back into production. That’s going to be a little more complicated because we literally have to navigate some international waters,” CBS Entertainment President Kelly Kahl told Deadline. “If we get back into production [on The Amazing Race], you can trust that we have plotted out all of the safe and smart ways of doing it. Some countries are more affected than others and these producers are some of the best in the business and they will plot out a race that sticks to countries that are safe,” added Kahl. The cynic could note that he says "IF we get back into production on TAR", rather than WHEN, but it does seem like they are committed to completing it, if they can do it safely.
  2. Just throwing out ideas...what if Travelocity pushed back against the premiere date cbs announced? They are clearly the biggest advertiser, and advertising travel is not worthwhile right now. Maybe travelocity threatened not to do their traditional ad spend? Who knows.
  3. Zero percent chance. For starters the virus is showing no signs of slowing down. Secondly, these race courses take months of planning and scheduling. You don't just shut everything down and then start back up again 3 weeks later. Everything has to be re-planned and rebooked. Not to mention that its unlikely all the teams would be prepared to get another month off so soon after being gone for 2 weeks already. Best case scenario is summer if the virus slows down. Fall is likely more realistic.
  4. There are no indications anywhere that TAR is moving to streaming. It's a once-a-year show at this point, so we'll just enjoy it as long as it lasts. I actually thought that interview was a huge positive as it is confirmation that TAR 33 is in the works. So therefore we'll have at least 2 more seasons to look forward to. It sucks that we're down to once a year, especially since our ratings are very comparable to many shows. But keep in mind that the real money that CBS makes is getting these endless crime dramas to syndication deals down the road with many episodes. Even if TAR might rate a tad better than a few shows and make a few more ad dollars up front, CBS is playing the long game by having as many of their dramas get to long syndication deals as possible, which is where the real money is. TAR makes very little after airing the first time.
  5. Actually the show does not do very well at all in the Live ratings. It is pretty much ABC's lowest rated show. ABC just announced their midseason premiere dates and there is a new show taking over Tuesdays at 10 'after Emergence finishes its 13 episode freshman run'. That is a VERY ominous sign from the network. If it was doing well enough, they would have likely given it more episodes this year, known in the tv world as a 'back order'. I'd consider a second season very unlikely.
  6. I hope Locke isn't gone for good. I'm not that keen on Emily being the big bad. However, this show moves so fast that by another week or two we could be talking about entirely different things. The show certainly doesn't drag things out like some sci-fi.
  7. On one hand, it sucks that we have to continue to wait for 32, and it sucks even more for the contestants (especially the winners), who will have to wait close to 18 months to see their season. On the other hand, CBS has clearly relegated TAR to 1 season per year at this point, so getting 32 aired in the winter wouldn't make TAR33 magically get here any quicker. It would still be relegated to the 2020-21 television year, to air likely spring or summer 2021 (assuming it gets renewed). We'll probably get an announcement in March or so that TAR will fill in on Survivor's slot, over the summer, which was TAR31's initial plan.
  8. I think it was the beginning of the previous episode, when they were being set free, the guy in charge made the statement like 'And remember your loyalty, to this nation that has provided shelter for you in this difficult time.' Trying to spin it like that....oof. I recorded the whole season and binged it over the past week since I knew it was ending. Definitely more enjoyable to see it in quick succession. I thought the stuff at the camp, and even Chester's stint in the army, was good. The Yuko stuff, and the second baby plot introduced in the last couple episodes...not so much. I've been reading the comments of earlier threads, and agree with some of it, mainly wondering what exactly the rules are for Yuko. Seeing her switch hosts for the hundredth time got a bit stale towards the end. And relying on Spanish magic to solve it seems especially odd. I hated how Chester treated his adopted parents. There was never so much as a thank you or I love you, yet they always ended up showing unconditional love to him. A little gratitude would be nice. I appreciated the show for shedding light on some of the awful things that transpired in this time. And the credits scene was very moving. I never really dug the supernatural aspect of the season though.
  9. I really am enjoying this show. It's the only new sitcom I watched past the pilot (sorry mixedish, Perfect harmony, sunnyside, and Carol's second act). The cast is really great and has great chemistry with each other. I like how his daughters joined in and want to be a part of it, as well as getting in on toying with Forest. As someone who also lost a parent at a modest age, I enjoy seeing the camaraderie with the family and the rest of the group, even if 1 year is pretty quick to be forcing him back onto the dating scene.
  10. I rolled my eyes through the entire facility scene. Robot dogs? I appreciate that the show is already answering questions and moving along. I was worried that every week would just be someone else trying to kidnap her. And I love Terry O'Quinn in the mix. But there's still something that isn't quite gelling for me here. Can't put my finger on it.
  11. Agreed. I rewatched this within the last year or two. I don't mind Dave and Connor as much as some, but this finale is awful. Way too many linear tasks that you can't swap order on. The top 2 teams got to the final task seconds apart and yet it was still a yawner of a finish since we know the skydivers are first come first serve. Should have been a memory task when they landed in the racetrack. Prior to that though, the season on the whole isn't as bad as its reputation IMO. The route map is terrible, but the show is decent on an episode to episode basis.
  12. Stick with it through Australia at least. There's a couple really great moments coming up.
  13. Those first couple episodes especially it feels much more like a documentary than a reality show. It's interesting to see how far its come. Have enjoyed reading all the behind the scenes tidbits relayed in the past page. Fascinating stuff
  14. I heard Ray had some very serious health problems within the past year or 2 as well. Was touch and go for a while but he pulled through. I've been watching a bit of season 7 recently as I haven't seen it in years. It's great stuff. Rob is really great. He knows how to play for the cameras much more pleasantly than someone like Rachel. The 2 hour premiere is so welcome in this season, as it allows you to get to know the whole cast early. All 11 teams factor deeply into the premiere, which just isn't possible in these recent seasons.
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