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  1. TheRabbi

    TAR31: Spoilers (With Elimination Info)

    It's about a 99 percent chance of being true, based on following the race as it occured on finale day. Colin and Christie, Tyler and Korey, and the Afghanimals are 100% the final 3 teams, and C/C left the final task over an hour ahead of T/K. The Afghanimals never showed up to the final task as they got stuck at a rappelling challenge (or something at the same location at least). C/C are the assumed winners due to their significant time advantage leaving the final task.
  2. TheRabbi

    Ratings and Scheduling

    Premiere garnered a 1.2 rating in the demo. For reference, Survivor got a 1.5. Season 30's premiere last year got a 1.6. All things considered I think it's an ok result.
  3. TheRabbi

    S31E01: You're In Our Race Now

    So happy the race is back! The tasks were a little underwhelming, but I didn't care. I was so happy to see folks like Colin and Christie back on my screen, and even teams like Becca/Floyd and Tyler/Korey. Pretty wild finish too. I imagine Art and JJ were 100 percent convinced they were in last and would have tried their damndest to power through if they knew Rupert was behind them. Also, Phil in the travelocity commercial gets a 10/10. Its about time!
  4. So happy these two are back!!
  5. TheRabbi

    Ratings and Scheduling

    Will be interesting to see what this means for TAR32. Theoretically, the earlier start date means they have the option of airing right through the summer and still finishing before the fall shows come back. Or maybe 32 could air this fall? Hopefully it at least airs in 2019.
  6. TheRabbi

    Ratings and Scheduling

    Breaking news: Season 31 now premieres WEDNESDAY APRIL 17 at 9 pm!!!! Million dollar mile flopped and moves to Saturday
  7. TheRabbi

    S09.E16: The Storm

    I stopped watching around the time that Rick left, and decided to peek in here to see the general consensus on how the show is now. I don't regret my decision.
  8. TheRabbi

    S03.E08: Now Am Found

    Finally watched the new season. I liked it a lot, definitely close to the first. I never did watch the second, with all the bad things you read about it. Ali and Dorff were fantastic throughout, and the show had a satisfactory conclusion. My only complaint was that the finale had a bit too much narration of characters explaining what happened.
  9. TheRabbi

    The Grinder

    Same. I was thinking about it recently so I decided to buy the season 1 DVD. Can't wait to give it another watch. But what if I didn't...
  10. TheRabbi

    TAR in the Media

    I just saw that Jim Raman, of Misti and Jim (season 25 Dentists), has passed away at just 42 years old. Very sad.
  11. TheRabbi

    TAR in the Media

    Even if the Worlds Best gets canceled or banished to Saturdays, the much more likely event is that Million Dollar Mile simply gets moved up a couple weeks. At this point, the odds of TAR moving up from its 5/22 launch window are pretty low. Unless MDM flops as well, and maybe they decide to move TAR up a few weeks. But we're a little more than 2 months away. Have some patience I say, as we've already waited this long. Edit: and on second thought, I don't think MDM will even move up. That 3/27 launch date is no doubt a strategic plan, as it gives CBS a chance to advertise it during March Madness, with the Lebron connection. So no, I don't think we have any chance of premiering prior to 5/22
  12. TheRabbi

    TAR31 Anticipation Thread

    From what I remember reading about the first all-stars, the producers were desperate to have some kind of crossover team regardless. They tried for Flo and Drew, tried Brennan and Emily, etc, and eventually settled on Eric and Danielle after others declined. So I dont think Colin and Christie would have bumped them out if they had taken part in TAR11. More likely they would have bumped someone like John Vito and Jill, who were last minute alternates as it was. As for TAR31, I think the cast could have been so much worse given the gimmick. It looks like they tried to stay close to TAR's usual type-casting, even with the gimmick (married couple, sisters, moms, etc). So the cast we ended up with is far better than it could have been based on those rumors. On the downside, maybe not getting all the dramatic personalities CBS originally wanted hurt TAR31's scheduling, causing it to get bumped to summer. Just speculating.
  13. TheRabbi

    Angie Tribeca

    I'm through 6 episodes. My favorite is episode 5 with Rose Byrne. The 2-second Peanuts gag had me in absolute stitches. A lot of blink and you miss them gags. The ending with the wire and her downfall was great too.The Fargo episode was pretty good. Fargo is my favorite show of the past 5-10 years.
  14. TheRabbi

    Angie Tribeca

    I've watched the first 2 episodes of season 4 so far. Pretty enjoyable, but I do miss Jay Geils. Atkins and Tribeca are still the highlights. Not sure on the new cast members yet.
  15. TheRabbi

    TAR32: Spoilers (No Elimination Info)

    Survivor isn't going anywhere. It may be down, but it's still their second or third highest rated show. And CBS wont have big bang theory next year. It will be very interesting to see how CBS handles their schedule next year, if they drop low rated shows like Magnum PI and Madam Secretary, and how they rearrange their comedies without BBT.