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  1. maystone

    S03:E10: All In

    Hi. <waves> I'm the one over here obsessing about Wendy's S1 worry that Jonah could be like her brother. She might be right to worry. I don't think he's bipolar, but the boy is not OK. I know he's seen a lot of bad in his young life, but he's showing about as much restraint as Ben did when he was off his meds. He needs attention and some time around someone with some damn empathy, neither of which is going to happen in his near future. He didn't kill Helen, but he's going to kill someone. Chekhov's shotgun isn't going to gather any dust, I think. (I know a few posters have said they thought he was aiming at someone in his final scene; I saw someone screaming with pent-up rage and needing to shoot something, even if it was just a very big window.)
  2. IIRC, it was Earl who wanted to start building catapults at Hilltop. I believe it was after the Whisperers kind of dropped a tree on one of the perimeter fences in the first half of the season. I've been liking this season for the most part. I'm not going to miss Alpha at all, as much as I've always previously liked Samantha Morton's acting. I think the Whisperers were much more frightening before we got up close and personal with them; but I admit that in big action scenes, I still get freaked out when a "walker" suddenly pull a combat move. As to Magna shuffling along with the walkers while only having blood on her face, we have seen Lydia shambling along while clean-faced, wearing clean clothes and getting no response from the surrounding walkers. I guess attitude counts for a lot.
  3. Oops, forgot the initial reason I came here to post. The following is from an interview Danai did with EW. (The link is in the media thread.): It’s a late-June afternoon at the Griffin State Probation Office and Day Reporting Center of the Georgia Department of Corrections. But this seemingly abandoned building is bustling with activity…and death. The location is doubling as a research facility and infirmary for a key scene in what will serve as Danai Gurira’s final episode of The Walking Dead. And the actress, who for eight years has wowed fans as Michonne, is not going out without a fight. Could this be run by the group that took off with Rick? Although the scene shows Michonne fending off about 20 walkers, so maybe it's just an abandoned lab that she stumbled across. BTW, the article made a point of not revealing what episode this is.
  4. OK, that last clip ended on a creepy note, but I have questions. How far away was that trailer from the cemetery inside of Alexandria? It had to be a substantial distance or Alexandria would have commandeered it for something. The fact that it was just sitting out in the middle of a large clearing with Whisperers traipsing in and out would seem to be pointing to it being on the Whisperers claimed territory. So if Alpha and the Omegas spent the winter way down south, how did they have the time to dig this apparently huge, very long tunnel. I'm not even going to go into the engineering required . . . mainly because I have no idea of the specifics. But I bet Nashville could clear some of that up. I mean, it has to be high enough so that Beta could at least start walking through it fully upright, and he ain't smol. And also, I wish that just once when they do the shot of the hand breaking through the sod, the hand would have a sock puppet on it.
  5. It seems to be her parenting style. She told a story about how when Maya (the older daughter) believed there was an evil leprechaun stalking her in the house, Glory just kept telling her she was being ridiculous and leprechauns weren't real. Maya was still scared. But Terry jumped in, affirmed her fear, then made it all better by saying that leprechauns couldn't leave Ireland, so she was safe. She seemed frustrated and sad when she was recounting it.
  6. I saw residue, too. I thought it looked like blood and maybe some viscera. Gross, whatever it was. I didn't realize they were Terry's clothes until a couple people here mentioned it. That's why I love coming to the forums here. I saw both episodes and liked them. The casting was spot on, and it was great to see Mare Winningham again. She's only listed for three episodes in IMDB; that's too bad.
  7. Michonne is quoting Siddiq. He's the one Rick heard it from. At least I hope that's why she said it was something her friend used to say.
  8. Michonne! Don't make your kid make that kind of decision for you.
  9. Did Gabe dig up Saddiq to cremate him? And Rosita knew? I'm confused.
  10. CARYL! I'm a happy woman, even knowing that they're friends only.
  11. You know, that whole Whisperer bs line about how people don't deserve a second chance after the ZA? It's coming from a group who walk around in dead people's skin, eating raw meat and worms just to continue to stay alive. Not a very introspective bunch.
  12. I remember a friend of mine saying she was never afraid of dying - until she had a child. It's not that uncommon a feeling. Gabe is being completely tone deaf with Rosita here.
  13. It's that "mother sees child in peril" adrenaline rush. That is one adorable baby, too.
  14. I believe that's at Oceanside, and that's the Rachel who had a running hatefest going with Tara; she grew up good.
  15. Sorry. I'm not sure why that happened. I tried a different link; this one worked when I tested it.
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