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  1. I'm confused. Again. If the Saviors shooting up Hilltop with Walker goo turned people into zombies, shouldn't Walker water do the same thing now? Is that where this is heading?
  2. I'm trying to figure out how they could destroy a horde of thousands of walkers.
  3. The Whisperers lead them around in circles to keep them relatively corralled.
  4. I am loving these Carol and Daryl scenes just sittin' around chatting and joking.
  5. It's not penis envy - it's leather coat envy. I mean, Beta's is much, much bigger.
  6. I'd guess that they'd built an ice house: nice thick walls, lots of straw for additional insulation, ice blocks cut out of frozen lakes or ponds or whatever was around. When I was a kid in the 50s, we'd go to the big commercial ice house in town and line up with everyone else wanting a block of ice to put in the big coolers that we used to keep food cold for picnics. It wasn't unusual for people in my parents' generation to refer to refrigerators as ice boxes. So not all that terribly long ago that ice storage was a thing,
  7. I had to miss the last five minutes of the show - the last thing I saw was Gabe looking aghast at the cell. I take it Negan took off? With Lydia? What was the paper Carol was holding as she stood way, way up on that balcony. Is she getting suicidal, too? Why in God's name is Judith going on a (I think) rescue mission? There's a Whisperer hanging out in the shed? And what's going on at Oceanside?
  8. A couple of them were talking longingly about a place that had houses and livestock. Was that Hilltop? I really couldn't get a handle on the timeline in the Whisperer segments. Alpha and Beta are batshit crazy; Gamma seems to be a stone cold survivor. I'm with you about why any of the others would still be there. And how exactly do you recruit new members anyway?
  9. For what it's worth, the song Alpha was humming is "I Go Out Walking After Midnight" which I think is pretty amusing. Nice one, show. I'm starting to like Samantha Morton now. A little. The ep is a real mixed bag for me, though. The Whisperer segments are mostly confusing and one note, but I like Alpha's backstory.
  10. I love that he made her a bracelet. And that she put it on. Really liking this episode.
  11. I don't know. They took him from Daniel and put kittyboy in the back of a pickup. I'm not happy.
  12. anyone?Where'd June's wedding dress come from?
  13. Aww, John waving at June was adorable. One good memory from this episode, anyway.
  14. WTF with the camera work in that last scene. Completely different lighting between Cowboy Cosplay and our guys. It was really distracting going back and forth between vibrant green trees and kind of dishwater greenish trees and washed-out people standing in front of gray-green trees.
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