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Married By Mom And Dad

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Devin really surprised me with all the stuff he did while Ursula was on vacation. I would have expected him to do a generic roses with chocolate-dipped strawberries and champagne.  I am genuinely impressed by the fact he went through her list and is working his way through it.  I am a bit skeptical about his ability to not fall back into his old habits once the newness and excitement of this relationship wear off... but props to the guy for at least wanting to switch it up and be a good husband.

I just realized who Bethany's mom looks like- Michelle Duggar





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Tahnee's mom-duo bugs. They treat her like she's a 20 year old precious flower ('you're so brave!') instead of a mature 30 year old woman. She does seem like she'd be fun to hang out with--hope to see more Tahnee and less moms.

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On 1/24/2017 at 11:29 AM, PamelaMaeSnap said:

The "hummus stone" had me cracking up (I actually had to go back and listen again just to make sure the CC's hadn't misheard it) but I did think it was really cute that he was giving her the pedicure.

I wonder if he's just playing up the "dumb entitled horndog jock" image for all it's worth because that's what he was hired to do or if he is totally for real.  I like his parents enough to think that they would have smacked him upside his head for some of this behavior if they knew about it.

Hummus stone killed me and hubs too!  I am strangely rooting for this couple.  I love Ursula and her word of the day.  

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4 hours ago, Chloecat said:

I bet anything that Billy's parents were going to dinner to keep the peace until they found out about the cameras, they just don't want anything to do with this farce on TV.

I believe you nailed it. They would have met them for dinner without cameras. BnB probably avoided telling them about the cameras until the last minute hoping they wouldn't cancel.

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I assume that was the season finale.  It was an odd season.   I would have preferred seeing more about the relationships.  Instead we got a lot of recapping.  I always found the episodes had very little new info. 

Two of the relationships have a chance.  Tahnee's does not sound like it will work out. 

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I think B&B are the only ones with a chance. The cell phone drama was most likely production driven just to have something. However, I still feel they may have known each other prior.

I don't know why Marissa was back at all, except to wrap it all up with her dad on camera for the final. An honest moment from the dad was in qualifying someone for her one of the perspective husband's traits would be someone who could 'tolerate her'. Good luck all there.

I had mentioned Matt seemed underwhelmed with Tahnee. Quite problematic that he was talking annulment in the first 2 weeks. The parents will all stand by their decision no matter what happens. She finally met the son so maybe things will turn around.

I still don't trust Devin. His banter with Ursula is typically sexually driven, he doesn't want her to do home cooked meals so she won't get fat. He has no proclamations of love even though Ursula did. That in itself isn't the issue, but my overall feeling from him is he's still very superficial & not into unconditional forever love. I'm just not seeing it.

Good to know Devin is quite 'regular' though, as he must be very healthy inside. Good for him. Ursula's shopping trips should always include air freshener.

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I actually paused my DVR several times to try to solve the puzzle concerning Tahnee's parents/step-parents/bonus parents. Yep - still not sure! 

I don't quite know what to make of Devin. With his past, I know that I personally wouldn't be able to trust him. Ursula really seems to be giving him a chance and I can't imagine that's the easiest thing to do after being bombarded with so many TMI tales about his sketchy past (let's hope that Tatia is truly in the past now). The Word of the Day task that she gave him cracks me up. He seems really eager to learn those words too. Bless. 

Matt and Tahnee: She seemed so apprehensive going into this and then once she saw him at the altar she started acting overly giddy. On the other hand, Matt's smile seemed to deflate almost instantly upon seeing her. I don't see this ending well for them, unfortunately.

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Devin is such an adorable meathead. And Ursula is such a sly fox, he doesn't have a chance. She knows that teasing and withholding sex is the exact opposite of what all of his other girlfriends have done, and it is driving him crazy and keeping him very interested, at least for now. The chemistry they have does not seem to be faked for the show. I think her plan to not give up the goods right away is a good one. It is making him learn how to appreciate all of her other qualities first. And I think Ursula is also getting to see a side of Devin that he hasn't shown to his previous girlfriends.

As for Billy and Bethany, I don't find either of them to be very mature. Arguing like an adult involves acknowledging the other person's feelings, which neither of them seem capable of doing. They are both just yelling at each other "I'm right! You're being stupid!" and storming away. You can't get much achieved with that kind of discourse.

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Devin may well be mostly  motivated by his desire to get on TV and stay on TV (a spin off?) but if it works, so be it.  His game has definitely been upped by the connection with Ursula.  And if she's  motivated mostly for the same reasons... good match!   May their marriage continue based on a common understanding of   where their bread is buttered.  I kind of do hope TLC gives them their own show.   Wonder how long Ursula can  maintain her "no kids" stance.  Either way, could be interesting.  They're both still basically selfish so  any development along those lines could be interesting to see if they could be less selfish.   Or not. 

Tahnee and Matt:  the fact that  he brought up the prospect of an annulment almost immediately, and they live two hours apart and seldom see each other....does not bode well.  Wince!

B and B....maybe so.  She's going through training to become a Catholic?  okay.  Probably won't hurt.  These two have alot of growing up to do.

As for that  girl who gave up and disappointed her parents....bad casting TLC!  But it was probably hard, really hard, to find show participants who would  allow for this kind of risk.

At the end of the day, 2 out of 4 isn't all that bad... maybe even better than most marriage odds these days?

  Ended up liking it better than expected and certainly better than  "90 Day Fiance" or Heaven protect us---the latest Dugger iteration: Counting on.  

Agree a reunion is in order. 

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I kind of like Devin and Ursula.  He seems kind of dumb, which would drive me crazy, but each to their own.  I wonder if consummate was his word of the day? 

Billy and Bethany I think might work out.  They both seem to want it to work, which is half the battle, IMO. 

Tahnee and Matt, I don't know, neither of them seemed thrilled with the pairing.  There was something about Matt I didn't like.  He sort of looked like a Ken doll, like his head was molded. 

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12 hours ago, steff13 said:

 There was something about Matt I didn't like.  He sort of looked like a Ken doll, like his head was molded. 

His hairline an unnatural look, kind of straight across, as if it were painted on, hence the resemblance to Ken. There also was something "overgroomed" about him, and I can't quite put my finger on what. Plucked eyebrows? Plastic surgery? Guyliner? Hmmm. I guess I need to watch this again to figure it out.

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He looks too perfect.  There's an episode of King of the Hill where Hank uses a level to make sure his hairline is level for the family Christmas picture.  That's what this guy make me think of.  He's just too...level. 

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Finally got around to watching the finale, and my recording ended while Devin and Ursula were talking. What was their summary write up? I'm assuming still together? I laughed at his "Word of the daaaaay! Residual." 

I'm still worried about Bethany. Isn't that hallmark behavior of an abuser to come in with some grand gesture to proclaim his love after an abusive episode? He was even saying to the camera that her parents misrepresented that she's high maintenance. Then he laughs like it's a joke--as she gives him "the look." But, nope, any issues they have is because SHE is high maintenance. Bethany, blink twice if you need help, girl!

Yawner (lol, I did type Tawnee, but that autocorrect is apropos) and whatever his name is...father of Ben...he doesn't seem too interested in dating her long-distance, but he's less enthusiastic about the idea of them moving closer. But I would stay away from the parental triumvirate, as well.

I cracked up over Marissa's parents saying how she needs someone very special, and dad added "who will put up with her." Truer words have never been spoken. They had 0 chance of finding a stranger who would put up with her after the wedding anyway. That kind of "overlooking of flaws" takes a deep level of commitment--and mostly time to wear you down to it, so it's more like, yeah, that's Marissa, but we've put in X years, so I'm not starting over now--sort of like Schwartz and Katie on Van Der Pump Rules.

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1 hour ago, JenE4 said:

Finally got around to watching the finale, and my recording ended while Devin and Ursula were talking. What was their summary write up? I'm assuming still together? I laughed at his "Word of the daaaaay! Residual." 


Devin and Ursula summary:" David and Ursula recently moved into a new condo together. Ursula is still helping Devin with his vocabulary."

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On 1/29/2017 at 0:34 AM, Lola16 said:

Bethany Layton

Blonde smokey voiced Bethany from Charlotte is baptist and her mom has a friend named Jesus. Her father has been married 5 times, the first time to Bethany's mom. Mom has remarried and is very interested in her daughter's sex life. Bethany is picky - she doesn't like her food to touch on her plate, doesn't like guys who eat loudly, or have spittle on the corners of their mouths. Which ruled out candidate #2. Billy Young, candidate #1 won (I guess) even though he is a Catholic. The horrors. Bethany is also a slob.



Bethany's Dad added Married by Mom & Dad to his Twitter profile:


Bethany https://www.instagram.com/bfaith1234/

Billy https://www.instagram.com/wrhall44/

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