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  1. Thank goodness for the Chiefs/Ravens game - just a quick flick of the remote whenever this in between categories nonsense comes on.
  2. Floating home. We rented a 27-foot pontoon last weekend for our family, including our 5-month old grandson. The gentle rocking of the boat lulled him to sleep for almost the entire day. Hope the Londoners had the same experience with their baby - it was crazy how relaxed he was.
  3. Frankfurt husband had such a lovely, deep voice. Yeah, he could convince me to move to the country.
  4. Ft. Collins. His parents cannot be happy.
  5. I adore Dawn and Shota - hoping they're the final two. I've watched every Top Chef/Top Chef All-Stars/Top Chef Master episode at least 4 times and remember back in the day that contestants would get reprimanded by the judges if they cooked 'their' cuisine every single challenge - now it's celebrated. I don't care one way or another but thought this particular challenge was interesting since Shota absolutely rocked a Japanese dish - with cheddar cheese. Genius. Am thinking Shota is getting the Paul Qui season 9 winner's edit - after the Texas season was over and aired, Tom admitted th
  6. Racking my brain to think if I've ever seen a bigger douche on HHI than Mr. Thailand. Mingle, my ass.
  7. Let's play a drinking game. Every time a prospective buyer or realtor says 'light and bright,' cheers!
  8. Hey Maria? Why don't you take a big seat on the self-pity train. Little too much drama right there about being in the middle for what appears to be fairly lackluster food. That said, I know she was a James Beard semi-finalist and I'd happily eat anything she would care to serve me. Just no more whining, please. Also, talking with sounds as an adult woman is cute for maybe 2 minutes tops, Jamie. Bye. Those were my only two beefs with what was a really fun episode, and a smart way to have the public involved in judging during a pandemic. Gabriel doesn't even bother me. He's tame compar
  9. I'm not going to lie. Am having a little PTSD after watching the last episode unfold. I got home from visiting my daughter in NYC on March 12. Walked off the plane, drove home, and self-quarantined for 14 days while the world proceeded to go to &*#$. Watching it happen all over again on tv was hard. Eddie saying he didn't think it would last more than a couple of weeks...
  10. Women who describe themselves as 'people pleasers' with just a hint of proud martyrdom make me think they deserve what they get in terms of being run over by their kids.
  11. Oh my gosh, YES. I thought the exact same thing.
  12. Ian in Dallas, I would have bought condo #2 with its enormous fireplace just to spite your BFF Hayden.
  13. Just one thing, Lisa. When they were growing up, there were days when my kids were mad at me or tired of me, but not once did they go to bed and wonder if they were loved, which seems to be your night time mantra. Good grief, woman, priorities much?
  14. I thought the Houston couple was a hoot - liked them a lot.
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