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S43.E07: Bull in a China Shop LIVE CHAT

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In a game where knowledge is power, one castaway risks sharing their “knowledge” with a few too many people. Also, another castaway tries to recover after a complete blindside at tribal council.

Original air date 11/2/22

This is your LIVE CHAT thread

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The clue mentioned immunity, so wouldn't this be for that?

I think drawing rocks probably is the fairest, and doesn't put a target on someone's back.  Although I miss the days when people would say they wanted to be paired with the strongest person and dug their heels in over it.

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1 minute ago, Lady Calypso said:

Drawing rocks for pairs is SUCH a huge risk. I don't think that's a good plan. Why put your game in the fate of luck?

I agree, but also demanding to partnered with the strongest person or not wanting to be partnered with the weakest would likely put a target on someone's back.  I am sure no one really wanted to draw rocks, but went along with it.

And so this is an immunity challenge, but only one person wins.  The whole pairs thing is stupid.  Why not just have them run four at a time or something and whoever finishes first moves on to the end?

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2 minutes ago, vb68 said:

Still trying to decide who I'm rooting for to win.  I don't have a favorite at all this season.

Neither do it.  Feels like I have to bet on someone to build interest

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Just now, Lady Calypso said:

I love Karla, but that might turn out to be bad, seeing as the women have been dropping like flies.

I worry about Noelle, too.  I think she might be more vulnerable than Karla.  I'd be okay losing Cassidy or Jeanine if a woman did have to go.

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2 minutes ago, iMonrey said:

I am not amused with this net in the mud challenge.

I didn't enjoy it, either.

2 minutes ago, mojoween said:

Jeanine was stuck too…

yeah but her part, Jesse, also took forever. So some of that is on him.

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I would be horrible at this part of the challenge, too.  So Cody and Dwight are moving on.  Can't say I'm surprised.

Oh damn, Karla and Cassidy almost had it but Karla fell.  Of freaking course Gabler and Owen move onto the last part.  Hoping anyone but Gabler wins.

Ryan isn't taking the loss well.  I really don't think he's so good at this game.

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