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S34.E06: Step by Step LIVE CHAT

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A shocking elimination takes place while teams continue their Jordanian journey in the “white city.” Teams take part in a traditional folk dance and learn the Arabic alphabet.

Original airdate 10/26/22

This is your LIVE CHAT thread

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So a non-elimination because of Abby and Will's forced elimination. I like how they're doing the staggered departures the next leg depending upon the order of arrival at the pit stop. So they'll still want to beat the others.

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2 minutes ago, Lamb18 said:

Yes, but I thought they might be brought back to replace Abby and Will. Instead the leg is non-elimination.

The Amazing Race Canada lost 3 teams to Covid and brought back the 2 eliminated teams.  

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I shotgunned Survivor, so I’m twenty minutes behind.

Phil shows that he’s the best host out there, whether he’s lowering the boom on a team or standing precariously for an epic shot.

Will the leg be suspenseful with the elimination held before the credits? Can’t wait to find out!

Hey, they got the local drum corps for the start!

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I just realized that with both teams with whining women gone, I like all the remaining teams. I think it's the most teams I've ever liked with this many left. Cool, I can just enjoy it from here out since I'm not rooting for anyone to get Philiminated. 

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The cart falling apart after getting a pass reminds me of my 9th grade Home Economics skirt that was so attractive it got put in a display case - then fell apart the first time I wore it.

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2 minutes ago, dizzyd said:

Aww Glenda and lumumba, love how they enjoy everything they do. But sad they’re in last place. 

I feel you, but this is an NEL, so they'll be back next week, albeit with the latest start, but....

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