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  1. Usually the judges harp on texture but it wasn't mentioned in the Jello round. As soon as Clarice said what she was doing, I thought she'd be eliminated. Guess Yasmine's champagne and strawberries did her in. Her dessert would be a big hit at Wimbledon.
  2. Really hope that was the real ring, it was gorgeous!
  3. I love Jason's shirt even though it's a bit big on him. And as someone mentioned last week, Carla has got the gun show going on! It's amazing how creative these bakers are. Unfortunately, the dramatics were back. Very surprising for 4 to go to the bake off. And that power outage could have screwed everyone.
  4. What really struck me about the Orlando episode is you don't see any other people in that gated community. Were they the first to buy there?
  5. This episode made me want to never buy a car again!
  6. Tours, France. Most mothers would be worrying that their kids would pull that suit of armor down on top of them. As soon as I saw the trampoline, I knew they were getting that one.
  7. LA. If Leah keeps rolling her eyes like that, they're going to fall out. The backyard sold that house. Plus the price.
  8. No happy ending, not even a storyline, but Wendy gets to say the final words. Small consolation.
  9. Stockholm. Furry light, we see something new every night. And I can't believe that sliver was the only window while making it look like a full, covered window. Talk about character, that cafe where they were sitting while discussing their options. It was gorgeous. Ugh they picked the super tiny one. So long as the dog is happy.
  10. It looked like an older Chopped Jr. They showed the other 2 judges but I hadn't heard of them. And there's a different host, also someone I hadn't heard of. In the 2 second clip of her, she seemed a bit extra.
  11. The whole tournament was producer shenanigans. Martha was just the fall guy. The milk they used in dessert was in a bottle so not what they produced. Did anyone see the ad for Chopped Next Gen? They were using the same outdoor set. Said it was coming to D+ but I hope cable runs it. Only because Darnell Ferguson is a judge.
  12. Azores. House #1 I was surprised at how modern the kitchen was. And I wouldn't change a thing about that purple room. I even liked that chair he was sitting in. House #2 was fine (don't agree with"dingy") but converting those stone huts will be very expensive. At least this couple has B&B experience. House #3, my imagination is not that big. So they are putting off the B&B for a bit. What are they living on?
  13. Minneapolis. Their dog is gorgeous! Wish I could make fun of the husband's toilet obsession but mine insisted on oblong bowels, not round ones. I think #1 was a good deal for them.
  14. This week was much better, they really cut back on the fake drama. The right person went home based on what we saw. Those cakes all sounded amazing. Wish I could've tasted them.
  15. I didn't notice the back of his neck. This will require more research.
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