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  1. I think Bling Empire just proved that being wealthy can be a disadvantage on this show. Half of them were listed as philanthropists, so they probably don't need the money. Really wish we were watching Wilson Phillips and Pentatonix sing instead of playing Family Feud. That would make a great collaboration. Bijou played great but what were those bows on her shoulders?
  2. Bribie Island, Australia. Does Molly look older than Sean? What does this guy have against a little yard work? Get a job and you can hire someone. Those kitchens don't look that outdated. Does he do the cooking? Sure that condo was spectacular, but I think Molly is looking for some privacy after living with resort guests. Nice trade off, she gets what she wants and he can have a boat.
  3. Pyeongtaek, South Korea. They are an attractive couple. Does her "job" bring in any money that could contribute to the rent? That was a nice playscape at #1. The wallpaper wasn't too garish. I could live with it. The 3rd apartment definitely had a lived in vibe. It didn't seem that bad. But Justin should know how competitive Anna is and not turn this into a contest. My dad hated kimchi, I've never tried it.
  4. When Darnell first appeared on GGG, I thought it was 5 kids. But he could have had 3 more by now 😉 His wife obviously doesn't require sexy food.
  5. Orihuela Costa, Spain. Nick! We'll take what (who) we can get. Hayley is ok, but seems stuck on being by the water. Those first 2 option are really nice. The beach place is way too big for her. Mary and her family could move in so Hayley isn't lonely. Wonder if she really goes to the beach all that often. Omg, I noticed that too! She is not one for bras.
  6. Mountains or desert, NM. So surprised they chose #3 when the agent said furniture was included. Really don't think it had the space that they need. Especially the outside. At least the couple was pleasant.
  7. Brisbane, Australia. That rooftop space at place #1 was spectacular! And there were actually people using it. What a great way to meet new friends, Matt. The studio was cute. Too bad they didn't take some of the bedroom space and add it to the lounge. I'm impressed the realtor hasn't thrown up her hands. Good outdoor space at #3. Can't believe Maxine tried to talk him out of his choice. Did she live nearby #2?
  8. I don't understand why they can't broadcast The Big Bake at a reasonable time. Last night's episode isn't available On Demand yet.
  9. Naples, FL. How fake looking is this woman? Chest wasn't this big in their wedding photo. She has to write books since what client wants to listen to her voice? You'd think she'd lived in Florida her whole life with that wrinkly skin. And his hair could use a trim. Wow, I'll try to be more positive tomorrow. I don't even care which property they buy.
  10. When Guillermo put bourbon in his pie, I thought Nancy Fuller is not a judge on this show.
  11. Doesn't seem like covid is a concern. Maybe everyone is vaccinated so they're not worried. Strange to have 2 bakers go home in first round. So glad to have John back as host, he does creepy well. And Carla can go back to being a reasonable judge instead of trying to do too much. Am liking Nicole, Adrina, and Guillermo. Even my husband was commenting what does that have to do with the lake at some of those designs (after hearing me say it so often). Knew Steven's bad first round would doom him when in the bottom for 2nd round.
  12. You must have missed the blond consultant Peter spoke to at the start of his day. I think it was Chrissie or Christie, was too distracted by her boob that was hanging out.
  13. Can someone explain to me the purpose of the off the shoulder straps Monique had to have? Is it so technically the dress isn't strapless? I don't like the look of them. Peter was fine, so much better than Shay. Funny when the producer asked him if he liked plunging necklines.
  14. I liked both finalists so was happy with whoever won. This one must have been filmed at 5 am because Joe seemed to lose it at every Riggle joke. I too am wondering how a 9 person finale will work. Am looking forward to it but am a little sad it will be over.
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