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11 minutes ago, tennisgurl said:

I feel like Harrison Ford doing a commercial voice over would be a pretty huge get, is that something Harrison Ford would even do?

I think he has done stuff like this but for foreign markets. 

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23 hours ago, LadyintheLoop said:

So now Charlie's in charge of black stuff?

This! Wasn't it a big promotion for Dre to be in charge of black stuff? So now he's been pigeon holed his entire career in it? Am I totally remembering this wrong? 

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I was trying to figure out how Dre's new agency of one person managed to get a meeting with SoFi to pitch his idea. Did he just call them and say, "Hi, I was working on the ad campaign pitch for your company at Stevens & Lido but my boss didn't like my idea so I quit and started my own company today. I have a great idea so can I show it to you?"

My main takeaway from the montage at the end of the episode was that I need Charlie to stick around for the final season. I had to laugh at everyone waving goodbye to Dre as he walked to the elevator because he still works for the same company in the same building. He could stop by and say hi to them every single day if he wanted to.

On 5/18/2021 at 7:07 PM, LadyintheLoop said:

I saw this episode once before, only then it was called "Michael Scott Paper Company."

Ha, Mr. EB said the same thing!

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2 hours ago, possibilities said:

Non-compete clauses don't exist in the ad world? Interesting.

Non-compete clauses aren't generally enforceable in CA and courts have more or less put restrictions on what they can or can't do almost everywhere in the US. 

I think the only questionable area would be whether or not Dre could use what he created as an employee of Lido & Stevens while competing with them for business.  Since Lido & Stevens won the account anyway, it probably wouldn't be worth it to them to go after Dre in court.  He'd still be able to compete on future accounts.  It was probably smart to solve the problem by trying to bring him back in.  

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Diane prefers situations where she can catch people off guard. Of course she does. So the twins are driving around on their own now? I thought they were only 15. In CA they're supposed to have an adult riding with them, no?

Please, K-Ci and JoJo can't sing harmony on a videochat like B2M. It's hard!

I'm surprised Bow goes to bed without wrapping her hair, or at least securing it in some way. That's quite a thick mane she has.

Jack's got 5G, playboy. Which Bow probably covers via autopay no matter how big the bill is. New car, unlimited data. My gosh those kids are spoiled. 😑

It'll be interesting to see Dre interacting with a new group of coworkers. Hope Charlie will still appear occasionally.

And oh, Dre, you might want to reconsider using the Foo Fighters.

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The only laugh was Pops not being sure if he took the red or blue pill.

I have a feeling that the showrunners had felt for a while that next season would be its last which sets up a new direction for Dre. 

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This season received 6 Primetime Emmy nominations https://deadline.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/2021-Emmy-Nominations-List.pdf

Outstanding Contemporary Costumes

Outstanding Contemporary Hairstyling

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series (Anthony Anderson)

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series (Tracee Ellis Ross)

Outstanding Voice-Over Performance (Stacey Abrams as herself)

Outstanding Comedy series

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