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Media for Making the Cut: We're Global Now

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I saw a preview for this. Is it suppose to be like the show fashion Star? I really liked fashion star, I know it was a ratings dud. It was cool to be able to buy the items at regular stores and for a decent price.  

I know some people are upset it is streaming only but it seem that is the new way reality Tv is going. The circle and love is blind show are good examples. I would rather see a show streaming only then cancelled. 

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11 hours ago, sonder said:

Do that many people have Amazon Prime tv for this to be successful? I had been waiting for this and just saw the commercial but now won’t be able to watch. Bummer!

I wouldn't hazard a guess, but I think many many have an Amazon Prime account.  The video/tv is an added benefit of that.  

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10 hours ago, SuprSuprElevated said:

Promos.  A sign of success?  Hmm, I wonder...


Does this mean that next they'll be trying to make a copy of Top Chef? 

Since, you know, their copy of PR is such a bust.

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On 5/3/2020 at 8:47 PM, GaT said:

I wasn't sure where to post this, but this seems like the best place. I had no idea, but apparently Tim Gunn has been banned from the Met Gala since 2006


Wow, I never knew about this.  If I was Tim and had seen that, I would have said the same.  What an ego on that woman.  I never liked her either.  What a “B”.

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2 hours ago, SuprSuprElevated said:

Welp, our question answered.  I'm not really surprised, just hope someone with the show reads here, lol.


I wonder if a lot of shows are renewing based upon viewership numbers during the coronavirus. If so, they may be wrong about the ultimate longevity and interest in their shows (what I have watched the last two months..)

However, Amazon’s investment in this show must have paid off in viewership numbers, as I can’t imagine that the winning fashions were all “sold out” and were impossible to find before episodes aired (even if you used a black and white filter during your search 😜)

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Thank for the link - Tim's instagram mentions a reunion special on May 1.  It was done via zoom or something similar - Tim, Jonny, Esther, Sander and Megan:




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17 minutes ago, raven said:

Thank for the link - Tim's instagram mentions a reunion special on May 1.  It was done via zoom or something similar - Tim, Jonny, Esther, Sander and Megan:




Yes, I had seen that.  Held zero interest for me, so I didn't view it.

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I honestly didn't think there'd be a 2nd season, but I suppose I'll jump back in.  

Jonny Cota hasn't exactly become a household name in the last year, so we'll see if whatever new figurehead they appoint this season can do better!  

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