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  1. Thank you for posting that dance! Loved seeing Mark again, one of my very favorite dancers of all time. And look - no special effects, no fancy lighting, just pure dance. DWTS, take note!
  2. For me the dances from Nev and Johnny were the only ones I watched again. Loved them! But they needed to lose the fog for Johnny and light Nev better -it was so dark I could hardly see parts of his dance. And thank you, costume people, for not putting those feather duster bumpers on Justina again. She really does have a lovely figure.
  3. I too find all the lights, setting, and confetti, etc., over the top; even Tyra's costumes. But I can understand that they are trying to make up for the lack of an audience, so they try to fill up the visual space and distract from it. What bothers me the most is the audience noise when there is no audience. Too much, too loud, the boo-ing and the judges' reacting to the boos are too fake. I realize how challenging it was to set all this up, so I give it them a partial pass. But I would really prefer less distraction and more emphasis on the dancers rather than the environment of the dance.
  4. Okay, thanks. So they couldn't have gotten rid of Bones anyway.
  5. While I do like the new aspect of elimination, where the judges save one of the two in jeopardy, I am a bit confused. Are those two really the bottom two in scores/votes, or can the judges put anyone they want in jeopardy?
  6. I confess I am rather disappointed with Johnny's performances. I understand how different the technique for dancing would be from the technique for skating, I am not knowledgeable enough about dance technique to judge that. But the choreography seemed to be lacking - not making the best use of his talent. Do you think a different partner would have made a difference? Who could have lit him up and excited us?
  7. I don't know a thing about what people have against Carole. Can someone please summarize? Thanks.
  8. Neville - or rather the actor - is actually very attractive. Perhaps the character could transform back to his real look
  9. But was it really wrong? Charlotte was a farm girl. They did not have fancy hair arrangements; I could see that the way she was wearing her hair in the series was the way she wore it at home, the way she was used to.
  10. A re-run from last season on tonight. 😞
  11. Any word on a fall Good Witch movie?
  12. On a lighter note, the Commissioner really cracked me up in this episode. And Yay!! for JP acing his exam.
  13. Yes, perhaps I overstated my idea, but I was mostly rehashing the last few episodes in my mind, where there weren't many clues but simply a leap to the answer. Since these are most recent, it seems that this is the direction they are going. The beginning of the series was much better, which is why I find it a bit disappointing now. No doubt it is challenging to keep coming up with new plots after having been on for so many seasons. But they have their formula and are apparently holding faithfully to it. It has keep them on the air this long.
  14. I suppose it is because the show is built around the theme of a genius DI who makes amazing intuitive leaps to put the pieces of the case together and magically knows the answer. Since the last few episodes have really highlighted the fact that Neville seems to pull the answer out of thin air I don't see that changing.
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