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  1. treeofdreams

    Good Witch

    That's odd, because during one of the recent Hallmark movies Erin Krakow made the announcement about the dates of when WCTH and Good Witch would be airing. I guess we just need to keep our eyes on the TV guide for the right dates so we don't miss anything!
  2. treeofdreams

    Good Witch

    I think the May 12 is the correct date for the new season to start; I have not heard anything to indicate otherwise.
  3. treeofdreams

    Good Witch

    Here is the order of Good Witch movies and seasons: Good Witch (movie) Good Witch's Garden (movie) Good Witch's Gift (movie) Good Witch's Family (movie) Good Witch's Charm (movie) Good Witch's Destiny (movie) Good Witch's Wonder (movie) Season 1 of series Good Witch's Halloween (movie) Season 2 of series Secrets of Grey House (movie) Season 3 of series Spellbound (movie) Season 4 of series Tale of two Hearts (movie) Season 5 of series (new season starting in May)
  4. treeofdreams

    Good Witch

    So apparently here is the current info on the new season of Good Witch: On May 5th and 6th (Sunday and Monday) Hallmark is running the last two episodes of season 6 of When Calls the Heart, where we get to see how they will be handling the Lori Loughlin debacle. Then next Sunday, May 12, the new season of Good Witch will start.
  5. treeofdreams

    Death In Paradise

    Season 8, Episode 1 showing tonight on PBS in Arizona.
  6. treeofdreams

    Past Seasons Talk: The Tribe Has Spoken

    Micronesia Cook Islands Fiji
  7. treeofdreams

    S38.E07: There’s Always a Twist

    I find myself unable to sort out what happened with the vote last night. Who initially banded with who, who was each group planning to vote out, what changed, who ended up voting for who. Can some kindly soul spell it out so us strategy-challenged folk can understand? Thanks! Re the chickens: Have a challenge with the chicken tribe against the merged tribe. The chicken tribe has already won one round, it shouldn't be too hard for them to keep on winning.
  8. It's the eyes that indicate the chemistry. Any two characters can look at each other, but yes, there is a warmth there that shows what the character is feeling.
  9. treeofdreams

    S38.E07: There’s Always a Twist

    I think Joe was painting the new flag for the merged tribe. The chickens for the win!
  10. I also loved Love to the Rescue - how refreshing not to have the same old formula! Witty dialogue, smoking chemistry, cute story. And may I just say, I loved Sophia's ears - she looked like a pixie! Adorable.
  11. Wow. Amazon has pulled Garage Sale Mysteries DVD collections. "Currently unavailable. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock" Not only not available from Amazon, but also not available from other sellers.
  12. treeofdreams

    S06.E16: Skippy And The Knowledge Hole

    Kudos to Wendy for suggesting ADD (I just wish someone had thanked her or at least acknowledged her contribution, especially since it turned out to be such a hugely important thing for Bonnie). Didn't she also help setting up an appointment for Bonnie to be tested? Also kudos to her for bringing the nicotine gum for Christie. More Wendy, please.
  13. treeofdreams

    S06.E12: Hacky Sack and a Beautiful Experience

    The hug lady was probably based on Amma, a Hindu spiritual leader. https://www.oprah.com/spirit/amma-hugging-guru
  14. treeofdreams

    S06.E12: Hacky Sack and a Beautiful Experience

    Yes! I was hoping she would get her own spin-off from Men. Having her on this show would be great, and maybe she could get a spin-off from this one!