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  1. I have to confess, I did not respect the way Parvati played. Giggling, flirting, playing up to Russell, and enabling him in the nasty way he played the game. I was so glad Sandra won.
  2. Tomorrow's episode: "Old and new wishes start coming true after Cassie, Abigail and Joy toss coins into the historic wishing well."
  3. I finished watching HvV last night - a satisfying vote at the end. Ha Ha, Russell! I'm curious - what do you all think of how Parvati played the game?
  4. I'm just re-watching Heroes v Villains... I have a general question. When the survivors are at Ponderosa, are they allowed to talk about who they are voting for? I thought I remembered someone saying that they aren't. (I'm just imaging a conversation among the jury members - Are you voting for Russell? Nope...nope...nope...) But maybe they can't do that. Anyone know?
  5. I have been tempted to give up, but I am still faintly hoping they will pull a rabbit out of the hat (magic!) and tie all the stories together and make a run to the finish that makes this all worthwhile. I really would like to see the resolution of the central Charmed storyline, but I do have my doubts they will accomplish this in a way we will be happy with. I do have a question, because either I dozed off during this part (which is happening more frequently with this show - not a good sign) or I just don't remember. How did they find Joy, or how did she find them?
  6. Tonight's episode: "Joy's dream sends the three Merriwicks on a search for Phillip Harper, Joy's father." Should I get my hopes up that they are finally moving in a magical direction? Will they finally give this storyline more than two minutes in this episode? We'll see...
  7. Aw, come on. We have to have something to pick apart...
  8. All of Sam's storylines seem odd and usually make him out to be some kind of hero, which is why I think he is writing those himself and they are using them to keep him happy to stay on the show so Cassie won't have to lose another husband. I didn't get a good look at the baby blanket, but I am willing to believe it is important not because it is anything of quality but because of its sentimental value to the family.
  9. My favorite Anne Boleyn is Geneviève Bujold in Anne of a Thousand Days. Richard Burton played Henry quite well. Oops - edited to correct to Anne of the Thousand Days. My bad!
  10. Yes - loved it! Some people complained that it was not historically appropriate, but who cares!? I think either part of it was recycled for the latest series on Queen Victoria, or at least that music was by the same composer. I have liked Jodhi May in her other movies, but I agree that she was miscast in The Other Bolyen Girl. I liked her best in Daniel Deronda. I don't even remember Eric Bana.
  11. I agree with all this SO much! Keith Michell was perfection as Henry. Contrast that with the serious miscast for "The Tudors" - also badly miscast were Anne of Cleves and Katherine Parr. I haven't watched Bette Davis's Elizabeth in a long time; about all I remembered was the way she kept twitching - twitching her shoulders, her hands, her arms. The rest of her acting might have been really good, but I found the twitching so distracting. I just ordered the DVD, so I will have an opportunity to re-evaluate and see where she fits in my list.
  12. I think the various BBC productions from the 1970s were the best in terms of casting. More bare bones in terms of settings and costumes, but they nailed the characters, especially in The Six Wives of Henry the Eighth. Henry himself was perfection, as were all the wives. In recent productions, they are more focused on giving us pretty people rather than what the characters were really like. I will be most interested to see how they do with this new version of Elizabeth.
  13. Of all the actors who have played Elizabeth, Glenda Jackson from Elizabeth R is my favorite. I measure all the other Elizabeths against her. My second favorite is Ann-Marie Duff from The Virgin Queen, also a BBC production. I guess Cate Blanchett is third. Least favorite : Helen Mirren in Elizabeth. I never saw her as Elizabeth, simply as Helen Mirren playing Elizabeth. Never convincing, for me. And then there is Bette Davis:
  14. I agree with most of this (I am not hate watching, but watching more out of habit.) There are not only too many storylines, but some of them seem just randomly stuck in without being connected to anything. Sam's injury, the old chapel, Martha and her sister, etc. I wish they would have fewer storylines and at least have some connection between them all. With so many storylines, only a few brief moments are given to each one. It's hard to care about the characters when we see so little of them. What seems meant to be the main storyline of the season is that symbol of protectio
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