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  1. Will this be on a regular TV channel or only on prime video?
  2. Thank you so much for that thorough run-down!
  3. My cable conked out tonight so I missed the episode. Can some kind person give a rundown of what happened? Thanks!
  4. When Christian put on the black puffer coat, and started dancing around in it, I immediately thought of a zorb ball.
  5. This is my biggest pet peeve about Survivor - when they feature one player so heavily that other players are practically invisible. And unfortunately the ones they spotlight are players I usually cannot stand. I probably do not need to name who those players are...
  6. Brilliant play - one of my favorite moments (epic moment!) of Survivor. I don't understand how Dreamz going back on his promise was any worse than the many betrayals, lies and backstabbing that have gone on in all these years of Survivor. If it had been someone else other than Yau-man being betrayed, I wonder if people would be so upset.
  7. None of these designers seem to have much imagination. Avant garde requires major imagination!
  8. I was wondering the same thing myself. For a "farm girl" who had never been anywhere, she certainly fit into society Life.
  9. treeofdreams

    Home Fires

    I finished reading the second book, and was quite satisfied with the resolution of the Pat/Bob storyline.
  10. Thanks. I was looking forward to it. Oh well. Edited to add: I just read the reviews on Amazon and
  11. Does anyone know when Beecham House is airing on PBS? I thought I saw something about March 1.
  12. I wrote myself a note a while ago that Beecham House would premiere on PBS March 1. Can anyone confirm this? Or have other information?
  13. I have never followed anyone on Twitter before, but I am now! Go Yul!
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