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  1. This!!! I feel like I hardly saw any of Derek's dance because it was so far away. They are doing this too much for everyone, but it was especially bad for Derek's dance.
  2. Thank you so much! Ten years, and she still doesn't know any Hindi. And doesn't cook or clean. And will need care before Mom and Pop Sumit do. Wow. I hope getting her money is worth all that. Is there any place to watch earlier seasons online?
  3. Man, this show is addictive! I started watching this just this season. I have picked up bits and pieces, but could some kind person fill me in on the backstory? Thanks!
  4. Cody Rigsby Explains Why 'Dancing With The Stars' Didn't Partner Him With A Man https://www.huffpost.com/entry/dancing-with-the-stars-peloton-star-cody-rigsby_n_6176bcd9e4b079111a5a6a84
  5. Don't forget the money that Jenny is bringing in - Social Security and TLC pay. (Still can't believe that after all this time she hasn't learned any Hindi.)
  6. This seems to suggest that it isn't Brenda George has the affair with, but some unknown person, because Sheldon knew who Brenda was. Also, his mother did not dive into religion because the marriage was breaking down; she did it at the time of Sheldon and Missy's birth.
  7. I missed that episode, is there somewhere we can see it online?
  8. They could appeal to what is important to him - money and girls. "You could get a better paying job and make a lot more money"..."You could get a better class of girlfriend"...
  9. We have seen in BBT that Georgie became a successful business owner. Do we know how Missy fared? I don't remember anything about her future.
  10. treeofdreams


    I have been watching that as well. The earliest seasons easily were the best. As happens with most shows, once the UST is resolved, and the leads get together, the show goes downhill. They made that dynamic too much of the story from the beginning, and now the writers don't know what to do with them any more. It is a challenge to find ways to keep the dynamic going, but good writers should be able to do it. Having them get married is the easy way out, but leaves the show with nowhere to go. They should just keep the focus on the cases; at least that is what I watch for. I have no intere
  11. More hints of what is to come: "Steven and Alina hit a breaking point; Kenny is denied his wedding wish; tempers flare between Ellie and Victor; Sumit's parents test Jenny; Ari gives Bini a final ultimatum; Corey and Evelin work to reconcile their relationship." From https://tvlistings.zap2it.com
  12. Her constant refrain...and yet, here she still is...
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