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S17.E17: Live Top 13 Performances

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Is it indicative of people's interest in the singing that all the comments so far are about Kelly's dress and NOT the singing?  

I really didn't get the tongue bath for Kat tonight.  Maybe they heard something different in the studio, but I literally winced when she hit some of those notes.  Not good.

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7 hours ago, DaphneCat said:

Is it indicative of people's interest in the singing that all the comments so far are about Kelly's dress and NOT the singing?  

I really didn't get the tongue bath for Kat tonight.  Maybe they heard something different in the studio, but I literally winced when she hit some of those notes.  Not good.

Agreed! I wasn’t thrilled with the song choices or the singing.  I’ve also developed sad backstory fatigue.  At the end of the day, it’s a singing contest/audition and I don’t generally understand why someone would sing anything that wouldn’t be potentially mass-marketable.  While “O Danny Boy” is a nostalgic song that obviously had a lot of meaning, it seems like a bad choice for “The Voice.”

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We determined that Kelly (though we love and adore her) had a slutty Flying Nun vibe happening lol.  And poor Gwen - that ensemble looked like she took three or four leftover Halloween costumes and cobbled them together into an outfit.

I thought Myracle did a great job, that's about all I've got on the actual competition.

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It is funny that Kelly’s costume - I refuse to call it an outfit - is getting more comments than the actual singing! She has to know she looked ridiculous. I think she’s a bit of an attention-monger. I like her but not so much on this show. I just started watching last night - I decided to skip the audtions and battles - and I’m wondering if she has toned down at all from her previous seasons. The nonstop talking - that stupid “stank face” or whatever she calls it - I just can’t take her sometimes. 

I see that Gwen has ditched her fake pony tail for a hideous wig. It looked like part of a really cheap Halloween costume. She’s a pretty woman - why such ugly hair?

On to the singers - the only ones I really liked were Myracle and Cali. Myracle has such a beautiful tone to her voice. Sometimes it’s not about screaming and shouting and hitting the big notes - what ever happened to tone?! That large woman who was screaming about men who did her wrong - whom John said was the best singer ever - practically made my ears bleed, whereas I could listen to Myracle all day. She won’t win, of course, because she is older. Cali has a beautiful voice and the way she uses her falsetto is just gorgeous. I listened to her version of “Wicked” and it gave me goosebumps. 

I agree about the sob stories. I really wanted to like the autistic guy but his voice was just so ordinary. The little girl who sang “Danny Boy” was very sweet, but whether it was because of her age or her missing her grandfather, she sounded off key to me. 

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What is the guy's name who is on Kelly's team where she told him she hopes by the end of the competition he knows how amazing he is as a singer (or words to that effect)?

Anyway, I thought some of his notes sounded really off last night.  But I am no expert in pitch, or anything like that. 

I am surprised that Katie is not working on Broadway by now. She just seems like she would be very suited to that environment.

I really like the super-tall country guy on Kelly's team. For some reason, I just really like his voice. I think he could go on to have a career due to his voice plus looks, but he might need to start expressing a bit more energy and emotion.. I can see how he could start to appear boring.

This season, there is no one that is really grabbing my attention. I like several of the singers, but I don't feel "wowed" by any of them. But I enjoy this show (minus the back stories), so I'll keep watching.

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A lot of people were having all sorts of pitch problems in this episode.  Particularly bad were Kat, Will, Max, and Shane, who all had moments that really made me wince.  I hope that bottom-3 comes from this group.

Joana's vocals weren't as perfect as usual - clearly an effect of dancing all over the stage while she was singing.  But she was still better than many.

Ricky and Jake gave very professional smooth interpretations of their songs, without really showing me anything new or all that interesting.

Katie and Rose continue to belt exceptionally well.  They've consistently been among the best.

Cali redeemed herself from last week's disaster.  I questioned Blake saving her, but this was good.

Hello Sunday were a bit uneven, but the good parts were really really good.  Not everyone can do Jessie J and this is easily one of her most challenging song.

The most surprising thing about Marybeth's performance is that she sounded so good during the parts where she held it together.  I still think she has one of the best voices remaining in this competition.

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19 hours ago, DaphneCat said:

I really didn't get the tongue bath for Kat tonight.

I honesty don't understand it.

My favorites of the night were Ricky and Jake. I do like Marybeth and love the song she sang but it was really hard for her to get through.

Hello Sunday really should be singing on a Disney show. And I agree with the poster above that said Katie should be on Broadway.

My favorite dedication was what Will said about his mom. 

Kelly and Gwen must've thought this was the Halloween show by the way they were dressed.

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The whole time Shane was singing off key, all I could think is "we could have had Damali." And when Kat was screeching, I thought about Gracee.

I liked Will, Jake, Cali, Rose and for the first time ever, Katie. Katie has a lovely voice when she isn't yelling the entire song. She started at a 4 and built to the 10 and it gave me a chance to really appreciate all the things she can do with her voice.

Myracle started out strong but I do think the song got the best of her by the end. It's just such a big song and there are three backup singers with the melody in the chorus that it's a huge challenge. 

Kelly's outfit was ridiculous, like a crazy 80s disaster, but I did like the big hair.

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7 hours ago, MoreCoffeePlease said:

I have not watched this season, but tuned in last night since there was nothing else on.

Have we run out of good singers? Oy vey. The 1st singer of the night ... that was like high school karaoke!  

This is what I don't understand about The Voice.   They all seem to get worse and worse as the season progresses.  I seriously don't get it.   Each year, during the blinds, they're so good, then they get to this point and it all goes to hell.

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Two live shows and Kat has been terrible in both, yet the coaches are blown away by her. Do they not hear the flat notes or is singing off-key good now?  To me, she sounds like a child singing in her school talent show, so clearly there’s something wrong with me.  It’s not a great season of The Voice.

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