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  1. I was sadly underwhelmed by this episode. I actually had a hard time staying awake. The best part was the town council meeting! I really wanted Alma to die, but I can see that it's more horrific having a sociopath like her existing.
  2. Sometimes I just don't get the judges' choices. I didn't care for the last singer at all. The song was awful, forgettable garbage, and the performance was nothing special, and she gets 4 chairs. The one just before her I thought had a really nice voice, and nobody turns. I used to like this show, but now I only watch it when there's absolutely nothing else on, and then only the blinds.
  3. I had the impression that Isaac was about to kiss him.
  4. What exactly was Jeff Daniels doing with the drugs? It looked like he took the pills, ground them up, weighed the powder, separated it into smaller piles, weighed it again, and then flicked some of it away. It didn't make any sense to me. This show reminded me a little of Mare of Easttown, except this place (can't remember the name) kind of makes Easttown look upscale.
  5. I really enjoyed this. It's "different". A lot of people are commenting about the similarity of the LR set to that of All in the Family, but I also thought the layout looks a lot like the Romano's house in Everybody Loves Raymond, which only goes to show what a great trope that is. This show has an undeservedly low score on IMDB because the review section has a large number of "1" ratings given by apparently brain-dead people who all said some variation of "I watched it for 2 minutes and turned it off because the jokes were lame and the laugh track was annoying". !!!!!! I despair for hu
  6. I couldn't help feeling unsatisfied by they way they ended this show. I wasn't buying Ryan's claims about it being an accident. We saw in other scenes that he's an accomplished liar. He stole a loaded gun and lay in wait for the girl he blamed (instead of his sleazebag father!). That's premeditation. And Lori belongs in jail, instead of flapping her self-righteous yap at Mare for doing her job. I guess in Easttown, you get away with obstruction of justice and accessory to murder if you're an old friend of a cop. And somehow Dylan has miraculously transformed from gun-wielding thug who cheered
  7. At what point did this show first mention the term Galanthi? Because all I remember is Amalia saying it once at some point in the last ep, and it making no sense at all, and then all through this episode, it's like we're all supposed to just know wtf the Galanthi is. I watched the 'future' part of this episode seriously debating whether or not to just change the channel and wait for Mare of Easttown to start, mainly because I couldn't make out what they were saying most of the time and there was so much random gibberish being spoken it was frustrating and annoying to watch. I still have no ide
  8. That was one of the WORST series finales I have ever seen. What a terrible way to end a show! Did the writers forget this is supposed to be a COMEDY?
  9. Lily H


    Just saw the good news/bad news about Sanditon. I really enjoyed it, so I'm glad it's coming back, but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! No more of the delectable Theo James/Sidney? He's not merely eye candy, he's a 200-pound box of Godiva chocolates. I hope that Young Stringer (can't remember the actor's name) will be coming back, at least.
  10. I think what bugs me most about this show (apart from the unending torture and general bleakness) is that I really don't get why Serena is treated like visiting royalty. She's a CRIMINAL and supposedly a PRISONER, and there she is in her nice outfit and high-heeled shoes, living in a lovely suite, being given an ultrasound picture of her devil spawn. She even gets to summon visitors. I also don't understand why Rita called her "ma'am" and was so ingratiating. I wanted her to kick the bitch repeatedly in the stomach.
  11. I'm confused. Why did the dead girl's friend go to the Julianne Nicholson character with her big "secret"? What does that woman have to do with anything, other than being the friend of Mare the cop?
  12. This is not the kind of show I generally watch, but there's precious little on TV right now so I figured I'd give it a go, and I loved it. It's probably the most bizarre thing I've ever seen. I'm going to watch the pilot again in the hope that it'll all make more sense the second time around.
  13. I'm thinking Legarski's boss, the "don't mess with my men" bitch, is in this up to her eyeballs. That look on her face. The sheriff or whatever he is who she strong-armed into laying charges is completely incompetent. As others have stated, there would have been evidence to find in that trailer if anyone had bothered to look.
  14. Lily H

    Your Honor

    I think this show needed to do a lot better job of making the kid sympathetic if they want us to buy into this for 9 more episodes. But he's such a dumbass, I don't like him and I don't think he deserves to get away with killing the mobster's son. It wasn't a true 'accident', it was 100% his fault, from the pointlessness of leaving the picture in a place where it clearly wasn't going to last 30 seconds, to his dangerous driving, speeding and weaving all over the road. If the inhaler is so important, he should have secured it better. The attempted mouth-to-mouth was not only gross, it was obvio
  15. So no one's going to mention my favourite scene? When Bonnie had to go into the gas station for her Dare with bra & panties on over her clothes, ask for the smallest condoms they have, and then serenade the bemused attendant with "Natural Woman"? No one? I laughed myself silly.
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