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  1. I had to laugh when he said "I've had sex! PLENTY of sex!" Yeah, right. I'm thinking not very plenty, and only with women he pays or are somehow willing to overlook his strange appearance and bizarre behavior, and never the same woman twice. This show is only 2 episodes in, and already it's so over-the-top it's ridiculous. The writers are throwing everything but the kitchen sink in there. It's like they watched a marathon of Criminal Minds after it jumped the shark, and then said to each other, "How can we put all that crap in just TWO episodes?" Oh, and that CGI snake was cheesy as hell.
  2. I wish, just once, that someone would tell Franny to sit down and be quiet, and stop asking questions that are none of her damn business. That kid bugs me like no other. I cannot stand her. Even if Carrie didn't already have issues, Franny's constant whiny questions would be enough to drive anybody around the bend.
  3. What a huge disappointment. Celeste had a few good moments in the courtroom, but I was somehow hoping for more. And the part where the judge, who has already made her decision, allows Mary Louise to stand up and start pontificating again was just stupid. I'm sorry we never got to see anyone tell ML to sit down and shut her piehole. Speaking of ML, the mysterious death of Perry's brother they've been teasing us with all season turns out to be a mundane car accident because she was apparently distracted, which they show in a snippet so lightning-fast you could barely make out what happened. I think we all knew what was going to happen with Renata's husband's toys the moment he told her he could keep and play with them even after they were sold. The whole Bonnie story, boring as it was all along, fizzled out into nothing. She was clearly the weak link from the start.
  4. I just watched this episode, and as a Canadian, I would have to say "Yes". That is exactly what a Canadian government would do. I knew they would cave and not risk offending the fascists.
  5. The moment Nigel says "Let's get your kid on the stage" is the moment I change the channel.
  6. Mary's looking more plastic than ever.
  7. I can't be bothered to watch the rest of this. It would be so much better if it was about a fictional mass Ebola outbreak. As it is, we already know nothing happens except the usual military and corporate incompetence and corruption.
  8. I really just find Eve annoying as hell now. She's supposed to be in MI6, yet when confronted with a guy carrying an axe and in the process of strangling Villanelle, she dithers and hesitates and dances around and generally acts like a little girl who's afraid to squash a bug. "Let me think!" Really, Eve? What a pathetic display. And that scene in the hotel lobby, where some criminal is so taken with Eve's stunning looks (must have been -- he didn't know anything else about her), he asks her out on the spot. Oh please. Does Sandra Oh have it in her contract that all men on the show must swoon at her incredible beauty? Or is this the writers' attempt at humour? Because it has now become kind of a joke.
  9. Well, now we know who the real psychopath is! I mean, orange chocolate really is yummy.
  10. 30 Helens Agree with me! ;)
  11. I think the demographic for this show care less about who's on Blake's team than they do about just voting for the white singers, regardless of talent.
  12. Ugh. First Kelly picks Jej and then John picks Celia? Those are the LAST 2 I would have thought deserved saving. This show must have a really high yokel viewership since Blake's team gets through so easily. Whenever someone does a country song I just mute the TV and read until it's over.
  13. Well, THAT was totally unfair to the remaining contestants who now have none of the saves or steals left (or maybe just one - I lost track what with all the coaches losing their minds and hitting their buzzers for just about every contestant). Why were they saving so many mediocre singers from this week? And I just KNOW that next week, one or all of them will be whining, "I wish I had a steal left - you're so good and you deserve to stay, blah blah blah ". By using their saves the first time one of their singers wasn't voted through, they're telling everyone else on their team that they're not as worthy. I don't like this new format at all.
  14. I noticed that Betsy changed a line in You Oughta Know ('make out with you' in a theater LOL) and I wondered if it was the network or the show producers that made her change it, or if it was her decision.
  15. I'm a bit late to the party here, but I can't help weighing in when I see that I reacted so differently to a lot of people posting. I think Beth is being very selfish, as usual. She chose to be a mother of 3, and if her kids need her, then she should be there for them and not spend all her evenings trying to recapture her youth with this dance stuff. Randall was elected, so he can hardly quit. It's Beth's responsibility as the parent without a real job to actually do some parenting, and not expect them to waste money they don't have hiring a substitute. Beth is someone who thinks her own desires should take precedence over everyone else's needs. She's lucky Randall has put up with her crap all this time, but in his eyes she can do no wrong.
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