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  1. True, pre-employment drug tests are fine under ADA, but I don't think that has much to do with disability, it's more to determine if a candidate is taking illegal drugs. I don't think they would report any prescription drugs as long as it's disclosed to the drug testing facility that there's a valid Rx. With some employment, a pre-employment physical is also required (ex. truck drivers) because certain conditions would disqualify them from driving. (high blood pressure, epilepsy, poor eyesight etc.) That's not discrimination, it's a safety issue. Yeah, I doubt she's changed much since
  2. I don't believe an employment application can ask about medical conditions or use the word "disability", all they can ask is if you can perform all the "essential functions" of the job and if you would need "reasonable accommodation" to do so. This is due to the Americans with Disabilities Act. (I don't claim to be an expert but was sent to a seminar by my employer years ago when it went into effect)
  3. I agree. She's a trainwreck and they love it. Whether it's her hair, makeup or the inanely stupid things she says, she gets lots of attention on social media. She's always trending on twitter. Sure, it's all negative, but attention is attention. It's all about the ratings, baby.
  4. I agree Ronan looks like Mia's father, and Mia's father looks a lot like Frank, with more refined features. Not sure what that says about Mia, who married a man old enough to be her father who looked amazingly like her deceased father. I don't believe Ronan is Frank's son though, all that posturing about how Ronan doesn't want a DNA test, oh please. I think Ronan and Mia would jump at the chance to prove he's not Woody's son, but they know they can't. They just enjoy poking at Woody with those allegations.
  5. Looks like Meghan is mixing up her big words again. "Hubris"? I think maybe she meant hyperbole. (?)
  6. What in the Medusa has Sunny done to her hair?
  7. Oh my. Rachel totally brought me to tears. So raw and so real. I had also wondered why she couldn't just do her show from home like so many others are. But this really hit her hard and she was probably an emotional mess who couldn't even do her show until she knew Susan was out of the woods. She still looks drained and exhausted.
  8. Yes, each season is a totally new story, so you can feel free to jump in when this one starts.
  9. Yeah, those MailOnline stories came out at least a few years before the actual split. I mean, c'mon, he bought a HOUSE for another woman, yet everything is fine? She knew. She was willing to put up with everything but the baby. I always thought he looked embarrassed because she was always trying to imply a relationship that wasn't there. He was her employee, nothing more. And I do think it was sexual harassment to make him go along with it as terms of his employment.
  10. Yeah, I do feel sorry for her too, to an extent. It's not easy to restart your life when you're in your 50s and have been part of a couple for so long. Especially when your partner leaves for a younger woman, and a baby. Big blow to the self-esteem I'm sure. But, she knew he was a snake for a long time and should have kicked him to the curb years ago when restarting her life could have been easier. I think she thought the money and fame would keep him, and she's a needy person who wanted the security of a man to take care of her. That's on her. She certainly didn't need him for financial reaso
  11. Coming back to the studio in September? Oh FFS. Nothing is going to change with the covid situation by then. I don't see how she'll be able to pull that off without her "co-hosts" and all her people to make her look and act presentable. No guests or stupid fashion and cooking segments and no Ask Wendy? Or will that all be remote? She will fail just like she did trying to do her show from home. She can't do it on her own without people around to prop her up. They should just cut her loose and replace her with Jerry O'Connell. I think he could pull it off, remotely or otherwise.
  12. I absolutely agree. She's been up for parole 3 times and has never shown remorse. She still feels she was the victim and they got what they deserved. She's 72 now and has been in prison around 30 years. Anyone who wanted to get out would at least feign remorse but I agree she's content and probably sleeps just fine. Her next parole date is 2032 so I think it's more likely she will die in prison.
  13. How is she getting away with not doing new shows from home? All the other daytime talk shows are (i.e. The View, Kelly and Ryan etc.) She just refuses and it's ok? Doesn't she have a contract? They should just fire her ass.
  14. hahaha well who believes this? raise your hands oh well at least I won't have to delete the new shows from my dvr for awhile. get well soon Wendy. *rolleyes*
  15. CynicalGirl

    S03.E08: BFF

    It was driving me nuts trying to figure out where I knew him from. Banshee. He played the former skinhead tattooed guy who became a cop. Reminds me of Keanu Reeves.
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