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  1. The mom is such a b*tch! That is not a good person, there, to insult someone you don't even know. Poor Paxton.
  2. As a long-time Kohl's shopper, I loved the shout out to designer collections at Kohl 's! Fab is stunning, no matter what she is wearing.
  3. Finally, a winning song that didn't sound too different even after having the producer work on it. Songwriter was also a good singer with a great look. I love the song both in a stripped-down, acoustic version, as well as a more "produced" version. Redhead was also a good singer, even though she said she writes and doesn't perform. Blond from Canada had a strange mouth and made weird faces while singing. I didn't really get or like her song.
  4. Can someone with great internet sleuthing skills find the address of the Chicago house? My parents grew up in a similar neighborhood and we are curious. Such a well kept street, and the homes looked well-maintained. The aunt seemed so happy to meet the brothers. Cute! I agree with everything that has been said about the chair. They should have absolutely said that if that one didn't work for him, that they would get him another. I also loved the green cabinets. Sometimes Erin on Home Town does green in the kitchen.
  5. Bye bye Marshall! I don't care if he has a medical condition ( I guess I'm a bad person), but my entire family kept yelling at the TV, "Stand up straight!" That "curling" was an answer after the contestant story was so funny. Alex was quite cute talking about it.
  6. Such a cute house! Only quibble is the color of the front door. I would have preferred green, or something to make the door pop. Loved the tile on the outdoor fountain.
  7. I'm not a fan of Jennifer Love Hewitt, but you have to admit, she can cry and get her eyes welled up like nobody else. Do they have a special class for that in acting school? I thought she also looked nice at the end, and I liked her orange-print blouse. Glad we got to see Bobby and Athenas ex at the end.
  8. OMG, the eye thing was disgusting. "I have to get some different friends." Ha ha I liked Athena's not so subtle talk with her ex about his condition. I feel so bad for the guy who got beaten up. Online dating is so scary to me. I'm wondering how many 1st dates are actually dangerous. Love this show for the "house porn" ... the Steven Culp house was very nice.
  9. I loved the "Say My Name" song and dance number. My daughter dances but isn't really into this show, so I always show her my favorite songs afterwards.
  10. I don't really like Lucia, but I do feel very icky on her behalf after she slept with that guy to try to prove a point. There was absolutely no chemistry or true interest, which was the point, so, yuck. I hope he doesn't track her down and stalk her if he makes it to the US. Javier trying the convince the wife to have another baby ... are you kidding me? I think the actress is doing a great job conveying the pain in the situation, which I could not even imagine. I was totally "Yes, let Val and the baby stay in Mexico!"
  11. I suspected the step-mom of poisoning the girl IMMEDIATELY, as soon as she poured from the thermos. Nic's dress was gorgeous! The way the neckline hugged her shoulder was stunning. "So I talked to my accountant, and I think it makes financial sense to get married." 🙄 It would have been nice if SHE had done something romantic for Conrad. The hair blocking the intestine?!? Gross. Pretty bad when even the surgeons are grossed out.
  12. OMG. I am now dreaming of a green kitchen. I do have dark green cabinets in my basement bar, which I love. Backsplash was a little too much for me though. I prefer a more neutral backsplash. The 2nd home they considered was so cute ... I agree that I hope someone else buys it for Erin and Ben to redo. I love Erin and Ben so much, and on a shallow note, I love her clothes, hair (I like how she switches it up sometimes) and makeup. I would like to know where she gets her clothes and shoes. I saw fancy pedestal sinks like the ones that they put in the master bath in a Ferguson showroom (bath and kitchen showroom) a few years ago, and they were $10,000! I'm assuming those were cheaper.
  13. Another huge thumbs up to the idea of having Laura Berlanti. She must have been booked. Lauren Graham sang "I Will Always Love You" on Gilmore Girls, and did a really decent job. She was OK with "Roar", but it would be nice to have everyone be really strong singers. I like how the boss isn't totally evil, like in The Devil Wears Prada. TV and movies need to show that not all bosses, and not all women bosses, are complete jerks, and that women can support each other at work. (A lot are, but not all.) How cute did Zoey look at the party. Loved the sparkly top, a little more makeup, hair slightly more fancy. So cute. She looks great all the time, and I like her printed shirts and sweaters. Dancing with Simon looked like fun.
  14. I thought Lucy was too light-hearted in the hospital at the end. I wouldn't even have been able to smile or speak at that point. How long was her TO there before she woke up? I thought a while, but then he pulled out the cheeseburger. Blond doc actress must have a good contract/agent to be included in all of the episodes. Annoying.
  15. Totally this. Many of the wives on this show seem really unhappy, and the husbands are in denial about the state of their marriages. The dads, "Parenting is so much work! Wah, wah, wah" "You mean I actually am supposed to do stuff with my kids?!?" What did you think having kids was all about? And if you don't want to do the work, why are you having 2, 3, or 4 kids!!! Think of the moms who read books, talk to pediatricians, go online, and talk to other parents to learn how to parent, come up with fun activities, figure out how to discipline kids, and the dads who just want to sit there and watch TV and threaten to hit their kids and call their wives names. Auggh!
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