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  1. I know! (Monica Gellar voice) In my family we all said "how can that be the only official bi-lingual province?!?!" Will need to do some research. I like Ken more than I thought I would, but one thing that bugs is "we were looking for ...". I'd rather have him say "the correct answer is ..."
  2. There are a lot of uneducated and ignorant people out there who don't watch legitimate news or read books about these issues, so I agree ... I'm OK with the show doing this, and maybe, just maybe, someone's eyes will be opened. (The Resident had an outstanding episode about a Black mom dying because the health care workers, both doctors and nurses, weren't really listening to her or her husband. It was based on a true story. Heartbreaking.)
  3. Refresh my memory ... what illness did Lim have in season 2? I was mad at Lim for riding her motorcycle recklessly (even though I know she is suffering). That is what causes accidents. What if her driving were to harm someone else? I cannot even fathom the stress that doctors and nurses are under due to the pandemic. It would be worthwhile for the show to do public service announcements (1 per episode), where they highlight real-life health-care providers and somehow try to personalize the consequences of people not wearing masks, not being careful, etc.
  4. I know we don't really use the metric system in the U.S., but kids do learn about it school, don't they? Jeesh. Not a huge fan of Ken, BUT, I think he has done really well. Alex made it look effortless, but it has to be very difficult, especially if you get contestants who start hopping all over the board quickly. I think some of the guest hosts will be surprised at how difficult the job is, unless they practice a lot.
  5. Nothing to see ... mixed up comments on multiple episodes. Sorry.
  6. Absolutely. The pale yellow was so pretty. Loved the floral curtains, the rug, the redone chairs, the color of the kitchen cabinets, the artwork ... everything! The couple was so sweet too. What a great project.
  7. Will Beth ever have her own storyline this season?
  8. In the movie they talked about "no man's land", "the war to end all wars", and there was poison gas, all things relevant to WWI. Boy, Manisha really tanked. I did like her little story about how she decided to become a lawyer.
  9. Totally. And it still had decent space. Wasn't there an episode of Fixer Upper way-back-when where Joanna and Chip showed a house but the couple didn't choose it, but Joanna loved it so much that she did it anyway as a flip or a business venture? If I were Erin and Ben, I would have done that with the Tudor. I know Hometown isn't a flipping show (thank goodness!), but they could still shake it up once in a while. I will say that I liked the big great room of the chosen house. I can see the whole, even extended, family spending lots of time in there. Some people watching TV, other people playing games, kids playing with toys, etc. Erin still loves her green, doesn't she? I don't mind. I love it too.
  10. He should have given himself a couple of more seconds to answer. After that mistake, he was off his game for a while. If he had gotten right back into it, I think he could have won. This type of mistake, AND, not getting on the board for many many clues, like Teal, is why I would never go on Jeopardy. I would just be too nervous. I also found Final Jeopardy confusing. "What are they looking for?!?" I said to my co-watchers.
  11. Does Mari remind anyone of newsperson Bianna Golodryga, who used to be on ABC? These pictures don't really do it justice ... I saw the resemblance more during the show. Victoria is the type of woman who even a horny guy at a bar would say "No, I think I'll pass." Ewww. I also appreciated Kit's look and her dress and boots. Refreshing and fun. She is too young though. Abigail and the kisses were so sweet. I really like her and them together. I also like Magi from Ethiopia. Kudos to whoever brought the stool to stand up next to Matt. I would have said, "Do you mind if I stand on this step?" to accomplish the same thing. Your neck has to really hurt if you are petite to look up to him.
  12. After the 1st one, I didn't even try. Jove, in the middle, was pretty darn good at this. I liked how the returning champion did a "true daily double" in the alphabetical homophones category. If you understood the theme of the category, it was a good assumption that you would be able to figure out the clue.
  13. I am so frustrated with women especially (I know men get work done too) doing too much plastic surgery, fillers, Botox, etc. Even when the changes are not too drastic, I'm still always asking "What did she do to her face?" And a lot of these people are very attractive to begin with. I know, I know ... the pressure of the industry, how you look in HD, our focus on youth, but I still would rather see someone age normally and gracefully versus asking "What did she/he do to her face?" Zooey's friend's house was SO small. And it looked from the overhead shots that there may have been room for an addition. The kitchen was nice, although boring. Zooey had the idea for the banquette?!? Surprise, surprise, since the Property Brothers do banquettes ALL OF THE TIME. I will say the banquette looked relatively comfortable, and I liked the windows. Some banquettes look difficult to actually sit at. My concern was that the living area with the TV didn't have enough seating. I know it was a small space, but I am a big TV watcher, so I want a comfy couch and good chairs so that the whole family can be in there.
  14. Allison Janney's friend/assistant has the nicest house that I think I have ever seen on a remodeling show. I get the premise of this show, but with so many people suffering SO much, I'd love to see a show that helps the downtrodden, even if it is fixing a leaking roof, leaking faucet, new working appliances, etc. How often do you think the family will use the new dining room? That area is still separated and seems closed-in. On the other hand, it may be nice to have some separation when different family members are engaged in different activities. I will say that I liked that they put the main sink at the window (my personal preference) plus a prep-sink in the island. I'm intrigued by the upper oven with the french doors. What is that all about? I think the wine display thing took up too much space.
  15. At first I didn't think Brendon was that attractive either, but he won me over with his sweet personality. Searching for photos, he photographs very well. Back to Jojo, for the love of god, what did she do to her face? I assume multiple fillers, Botox, etc. WHY?!?! She was so pretty to begin with. Doctors who do this should be ashamed of themselves.
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