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  1. I think this is the forum you are looking for. 😉 I thought the 1st two families were large, with 4 kids each, and then I saw the Richardsons, with 6 (blended family). What a heartbreaking loss for those kids. The wife looked pretty darn good with just a bit of makeup. I know you shouldn't have to wear makeup, but it is amazing how it can highlight your features. The Baby boy was so cute and alert and aware. I enjoy it when they show older siblings playing with and having fun with their younger siblings. I love how Jo spoke with the older boy who was acting out. Look at what a kind word, actively listening, and some affection can do. I felt the dad's grief as well, and kudos to him for being open to the process and being vulnerable. Maybe they did it off screen ... I think this family could have benefited from posting the "house rules", which I've seen Jo do before. Things like no hitting, using inside voices, doing our chores, etc.
  2. Rob Lowe's character said something like "Sometimes you need an outsider to fix things" ... I'm old enough to remember that he was in the movie The Outsiders. Cute reference, if that is what they were doing. How STUPID was microwave guy? Throws the burning item into a trashcan?!?! I can't remember if he was aiming for a sink. If my family member(s) died due to that kind of stupidity, I'd be furious. The fact that the responding fire unit wasn't more concerned about big explosions and such seemed ridiculous to me.
  3. I agree. I don't even really use rope, but I could see buying it to have it for emergencies. Maybe they could sell it to companies that produce those pre-packaged emergency kits. Did anyone ask "Do you have a patent?" That is usually a go-to question. I could see the big rope manufacturers easily copying the idea.
  4. That was cute. Talking sports is what a lot of guys default to. The little girl getting her hair braided was so patient. When they said the braids would have to come out so that the mom could do to feel needed, I would have been "Oh, heck no!" I also liked the talkative son "helping" Wade. "Dig a hole with this shovel, and then fill in the hole with this shovel."
  5. Did they say they went to Hot Topic at the mall? I don't think Hot Topic was a thing then. Would have been Spencer's Gifts. 😉 Thought it was funny when Mary was talking to Paige's mom and told her that she looked good. Paige's mom thanked her and said "Yeah, I started smoking again." (I guess implying that smoking helps keep weight off. George telling Georgie (and Sheldon? I forget) that he is proud of them. Awww
  6. Finally got to watch the first 2 episodes. 2 families with 4 (young) kids. God bless them. I wish Jo had talked with the parents asking "Is your family complete now? If yes, have you taken steps to make sure that another pregnancy doesn't happen?" And that should be on the fathers. Snip, snip. I really felt for Riley, the oldest in the NJ family. When Jo said to her, "Why don't you ask Mommy if she will do this craft with you?" and she said "She's busy." Then Jo said, "Why don't you ask your Daddy if he will do it with you?" and she said "He's busy too." Awww. So sad. I also got a kick out of her wanting the tablet in the bathroom to go #2. "See you in an hour." 😂 Maybe she has outgrown her nap. I don't think all 4 year olds need them, but they could institute "quiet time". The twins were cute and looked big for 5 months. Whoo! The family had lots of gear to handle them ... I've never seen that fancy inclined seat that the mom had them in to feed them. I'm glad that Jo talked about screen time and tablet use. No wonder so many young people can't hold eye-to-eye conversations since they were raised by a tablet. (As a side note, I'm old enough that when I raised my kids, cell phones were not used as much as they are today, so I get concerned when I see parents giving a cell phone to a baby while the parents are shopping.) Military family with the 4 girls: hubby got defensive really fast when Jo asked about their relationship as a couple. BTW, he totally reminded me of a young George Eads (actor). He was also pretty scary when he was threatening to spank the daughter. I think every family can benefit from routines, but you absolutely have to have one with so many kids. I noticed in both of those episodes how the youngest children really seemed to notice everything that was going on.
  7. I did NOT like the Iggy therapy session. To me, his husband is professing his frustration, but in the end it is all about Iggy! Heart surgeon gets stabbed and continues to do the surgery? "You are bleeding." "Don't worry about it ..." starts to get dizzy and faints. The PT guy did take her pill? I'm so confused. What was the point of that? I'm at the point where I need "pop up videos" to tell me what the heck is going on, and what the explanation is. Maybe I've just forgotten too much since the previous episodes last year. Don't hurt baby Luna!!! I was worried about her.
  8. Couple with 2 boys, one a teenager or pre-teen, I think, and a younger one as well. They were in a little cottage-type place on a large lot. The house actually looked bigger on the inside than it did from the exterior shots. Would be a great house/property if you are a "free range" type parent who says "Go outside and play until it gets dark out!" They had a healthy budget for a new house ... I wonder how far out they were? I still enjoy the show, and I love Hilary and David, but something seems to be off this season. I think the homeowners are lacking in personality. Slightly off-topic: Does anyone remember "Designing for the Sexes", where a couple had different styles and the designer had to come up with something that they both would like? (This is many, many years ago.) I don't want Hilary to go off on her own, but I could see her being the designer of that type of show, since she seems to work well with the people.
  9. I am not too proud to admit that I have some sort of mental block regarding strategic wagers during Final Jeopardy. You know, when people say "Why did he bet that much?" or "Why did he bet $0?" Even when the smart, strategic people explain it (If so and so got it right, if so and so got it wrong), I usually don't truly understand it, and I don't take the time to write down the scenarios and do the math. 🤷‍♀️ So enjoyed the tournament. I am so dreading Alex's last show, whenever that may be. 😥 Does anyone want Ken to be the next host (far in the future I hope)? What about Brad?
  10. I really try NOT to nitpick medical shows, but they do get so ridiculous. (New Amsterdam, especially!) They didn't have an orthopedic surgeon in on the case?!? They could have borrowed the Jane Leeves doctor character from The Resident. 😉 I am over Carly and Shaun. Carly, you shouldn't have to work so hard at the relationship. Are you happy? Is he giving you what you need? Doesn't seem like it.
  11. Hmmm ... what if you use one of their products and hair starts growing where you DON'T want hair!?! That would not be good. Until I thought of that, I was all about it, but the market certainly is saturated and trendy. Wife was stunning, I must say. Barbara is a b*#tch. If someone likes you more after they have insulted you, that is not the right person for you. How about the Squatty Potty update? Wow. Good for them. What a gorgeous home. I couldn't really tell what all those other related products were. Interesting.
  12. I'm in for the time being. Was a huge fan of the original. You know there will be drama regarding Vanessa, who hooked up with the oldest brother while also being nice to the high-school brother (Beto?). Lucia is super-annoying. I take it she is bi or lesbian? Was that an ex? The teacher may have been un-empathetic, but I would say you do NOT go to a teacher's house to discuss school issues.
  13. I agree, and I could tell that Hilary really didn't like them either. I would have given them some tough love in the beginning. "Do you really need more space, or do you need to get rid of a lot of stuff?!?!" Let's imagine that they did decide to move. Instead of having a garage sale and decluttering and getting rid of things, they probably would just pack it all up and bring it to the new house, which they would then proceed to junk up. Yuck. Can you image how the moving company had to pack up all of their stuff to clear the house for the reno?
  14. Do you think Nic was right that Devon's symptoms were due to stress? Seemed like he caught something to me, which I don't think would be unusual in the ER.
  15. This! Love Zoe's cute clothes. Skylar Astin is one of my movie/TV boyfriends, so that is good. I would almost like it if they told us that this show will be 1 season, or 2 or 3 ... just a finite # so that we can enjoy it while it lasts. Mixing different cereals reminded me of Rory doing that on Gilmore Girls. On a superficial note, I hate to say that I don't think Lauren Graham is aging well. On the one hand, I hate actors/actresses who have so much work done that you say "What did they do to their face?!?!"; however, there are some 50-something-ish people who really look great in a more natural way. Oh well. She is still gorgeous.
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