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  1. I also didn't get the logo. 🤷‍♀️ I also didn't get the Numilk big machine. As someone mentioned, aren't the ingredients going to have to be refilled quite often? I'm guessing it takes quite a bit to almonds, oats, whatever, to produce a bottle of the "milk". Bike is definitely high-end niche product. What about selling it to resorts and in vacation spots where people ride bikes?
  2. I get that they are nervous about another eye surgery, but the "wait and see and observe" period has gone on too long. I'd be going to a specialty eye center and trying to see the most (or a) highly acclaimed doctor in the field. I live in the mid-Atlantic area and there is Wills Eye Hospital. At the absolute least, get a 2nd opinion.
  3. The title of the show should be "No Demo Reno*" with the asterisk and a disclaimer, in a cute way. I do appreciate the concept of doing a reno in an existing footprint, AND in trying to reuse things and repurpose things. I really liked what she did with the 1st house that had a galley kitchen. Reused the granite, changed appliance locations, etc. What really bugged me was the host recording herself. I guess that is for social media, or is part of the gimmick? 🤷‍♀️ There is a filming crew RIGHT THERE ... I don't need to see her filming herself. On a superficial note, her hair is
  4. Yes. Very fresh. I realize that the young couple probably wanted the 3rd floor suite, but wasn't a simpler solution just to switch bedrooms and bathrooms so that Grandma could have the walk-in shower? 🤔 I liked what the homeowner did to the exterior of the home. I'm assuming he gave it a refresh.
  5. I guess GIs and colonoscopy centers are really hurting for business due to the pandemic. I read that many people have put off standard screenings this past year (I know I have). My doctor's office is sending out information about it too. Part of me agrees that we should get the screenings, but the other, older, more cynical part of me thinks it is all a racket for them to make money.
  6. I loved Savanna with the simple country version of "Hold Me Now". It is the only performance out of the season that I am going to rewatch and recommend that people watch. I love the purity and simplicity of her voice. Hope she doesn't get ruined by the "system". I want her to stay true to herself.
  7. That was a nice house and I'm glad they didn't do fake drama of the couple trying to "decide" which house they wanted. "This is the house!" Good for you. Throughout the years on this show and Fixer Upper I can recall some really cute "storybook" houses that were more "storybook" than this one, but I'm glad they found and loved this one. I know Erin loves green, and so do I, so I loved the green cabinets in the kitchen. I need that app that tells you what kind of tree you are looking at. 😉
  8. Cougartown with Courtney Cox pivoted from the initial concept and made a joke out of the title every week in the opening credits.
  9. Pinch Me Therapy Dough - love it as a gift idea and for corporate clients (when more workers are back in the office). Yes, you can do the same thing with Play-Doh, but I wouldn't want to give an adult a tub of Play-Doh.
  10. This drove me crazy for a long time. (I thought I was losing my mind!) It definitely does suit her. Can't even imagine her with a different style. I like how sometimes she has it wavy. "Clean Lines, Open Spaces" ... really liked the kitchen and the blue backsplash tile. Not so sure about the dark exterior. One thing I love about the show in general is how many cool and interesting and different houses there are to look at. Storybook Tudors, little cottages, colonials, mid-century moderns, etc.
  11. I'm so glad Devon's patient survived! That really would have sucked for him (and for her). Loved him bringing in the dancers. Can Dr. Bell catch a break with his former step-son? Jeez. He just introduced himself to the husband. Didn't show up at their door uninvited. Bruce Greenwood does such a great job showing the emotion in those scenes.
  12. I was so rooting for him. 😔 I "pre-guessed" L'Arc de Triomphe for FJ (before they even showed the clue), so I'm giving myself just a few points for being in the right city.
  13. The new winner is unemployed, so his winnings are a godsend to him. (Look for a tweet from the Jeopardy account.) I like him, especially his spiffy attire. I hope he goes on a long winning streak.
  14. Preacher Lawson, a finalist (comedian) on America's Got Talent, was one of the people in the conference room. I forget if he had a line or not. Way to go, Preacher! I liked the story that involved all of the Olivias. I'm going to research how popular that name is, and how it has trended over the years. (Ranked #1 for girls in 2019. In 2005, 16 years ago, it was ranked #5.) Mikaela looked cute with her hair up. I love her fashion and style. Did you notice how the cake and all of the balloons were gray instead of pink or blue?
  15. How much money did/does Johnny make? That is a multi-million dollar water view. Sarah Chalke is really good in this. She does vulnerable very well. I also like the guy that Tully is using as a boy-toy. He seems sweet.
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