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  1. I thought I was the only one. I tend to decorate in a more traditional/transitional style, but that choice of tube lighting in a suburban home left me scratching my head. I thought they were exceedingly ugly, probably trendy and will be outdated in a few years. But then again, what do I know? I never saw gray and white becoming popular colors, and yet, that’s about all you see nowadays. Maybe multiple black lighting tubes hanging from your ceiling will be the next big thing.
  2. I only DVR the show. Never watch it live. As soon as I see the scene of the crew coming down the street, I fast forward until it gets back to Mina and her assistant at the design table. I gave up watching those scenes practically from the beginning, since I can't stand Tad and his bro antics. It's beyond tiresome, juvenile, and predictable.
  3. Nope, you're not the only one watching. I stumbled upon The Hype and got a little excited because I love any creative competition show. However, after seeing the entire series, I was pretty disappointed and not at all hyped! First, the judges left me confounded. I know that the Marni lady is a celebrated stylist to the stars, but those ridiculous shoulder pads and hairdo just left me shaking my head. I've since found out who Offset is (although most of the season I could barely understand any of his criticism or praise of garments; he mumbles when he talks). The other woman judge--who
  4. I mean this sincerely: I praise all of you who can discuss this episode without referring to the graphic image at the end which is now burned into my optic nerves. I admit to having some prudish tendencies, but I am fine with consenting adults doing whatever they please with each other. So when the scene shows Belinda and Shane opening the door and their mouths drop open and eyes bulge in shock, I anticipated they were seeing Armand and the employee in a compromising situation. I assumed it would be left up to the audience's imagination as to what the pair were doing. I was so "clutching-
  5. Thank you! That’s very helpful!
  6. I’ve only been reading this forum for a few days and I’m stumped by some of the abbreviations. I get that FJ is Final Jeopardy and DD Is Double Jeopardy, but my mind is drawing a blank for TS and CDC. Thanks!
  7. After watching this episode, I leaned over and told my husband that the writers must have gone on strike this week. No real plot movement, nothing for the actors to do but pretend to dance around at various parties. And why exactly is Poppa’s wannabe girlfriend suddenly so smug (Myisha?). What shine-worthy enterprise is the source of all this newfound adoration and social media haters? I find the young female characters so tiresome (starting with Keisha, then on to Gemma, Myisha, Kevin’s new gaming love interest, and Tiff). I have no idea why I’m still watching this mess. Probably be
  8. LoveIsJoy

    S01.E10: Day 10

    Some of the scene changes were so abrupt that I felt like I missed something important. At one point, when Lucky is cradling the crying baby, it seems like the devil/priest is urging her to do “something” but I can’t figure out what he wants her to do. Then it seems like she’s agreeing, and all the perimeter characters are menacingly holding what looks like forks(?) towards her. Then, after rocking the baby and crying, she says something unintelligible and suddenly she is there alone with the devil/preacher and all the bystanders are gone. It happened so quickly, darkly, and was so muffled
  9. The winning design reminded me of the “theme rooms” that were popular 20-25 years ago (before they fell into disfavor as too literal, unsophisticated, and matchy-matchy). I, myself, once had a “ballet room” for the girls. Plus a “travel” theme for my husband’s office—complete with paintings of ships, map pillows and matching valance, wallpaper sporting a map with sailboats, and an embroidered-compass wall hanging. Antique navigation tools and naval coffee table books styled carefully throughout finished it off. My husband is a Navy vet, so it was awesome at the time and got a lot of compli
  10. Something I didn’t understand about this episode...don’t the walls require some kind of insulation? It seems to me that they removed all of the drywall and the ceilings, and I got a little chill wondering how it will feel to live in an un-insulated house in Pittsburgh during cooler weather.
  11. I really enjoyed the episode, but I hated Nate and Jeremiah’s countertops with the corner cut-outs. I seem to remember on their own show, they did a different “creative” countertop, but that time the edges were cut so the design was outward. I remember thinking how impractical it was because I’d likely jam my hip into it several times before remembering it was there. I like the pair a lot, but think they design for magazines and not real families.
  12. My recording ended abruptly before the end of the final scene (probably because the beginning of the recording ate up a few minutes with the drama(?) of scenes from next week’s Greys Anatomy/Station 51 crossover event). Which I don’t watch or care about. And I have no way to set my recordings to record a few minutes before or after. Grrrr. Anyway, the last part that I saw was Rome making a speech, and the camera panned to a pained Maggie and then a concerned Gary. Did anything noteworthy happen after that? Thanks.
  13. I’ve never seen the play version, so I didn’t know which parts were added or taken out for movie purposes. My curiosity about the scene was strictly on the film version as a whole. Just wondering about its significance, even if it’s just an add-on to the play.
  14. I can’t quite put my finger on the significance of Chadwick’s character’s fascination with the locked door. Is it a metaphor that he thinks he’s breaking down a door (getting the opportunity to select and record with his own band), only to burst through and find himself in a smaller room (his hard work and dreams snatched from him)? But then, once he’s broken into the room, it seems like the character is looking upward towards the open sky. I don’t get what that part signifies. I’ll probably have to watch again and pay closer attention to the details. The acting was excellent all arou
  15. I didn’t catch the name of the other actor who was also up for McConaughey’s part in A Time to Kill. He apparently is a close friend of Matthew’s and they think they may actually be related through Matthew’s mother or something. It was hard to hear and there was a bit of crosstalk so I missed the actor’s name. Did anyone catch it? Thanks.
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