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  1. LoveIsJoy

    Designers: Love Em or Hate Em

    Is there a topic or forum for it yet? Maybe not many viewers yet.
  2. LoveIsJoy

    "The View": Week of 4/29/2019

    I laughed and laughed when Whoopi interrupted Meghan asking her to explain “Fast & Furious” to the audience (just in case some viewers didn’t know what she was referencing spewing during her blue card diatribe against Obama AG, Eric Holder). The look on Meghan’s face was hilarious to me as she sputtered out some fast food word salad that it was a program about illegal guns and very controversial. Very controversial. Of course, anyone needing to be enlightened by that explanation would still be in the dark. I always think that people who “live for politics” can easily and thoroughly explain a concept succinctly and at the drop of a hat. Maybe I expect too much from my pundi(n)ts.
  3. LoveIsJoy

    Windy City Rehab

    This episode already aired, but I’m tagging just in case anyone who hasn’t seen the episode yet doesn’t want to be spoiled.
  4. LoveIsJoy

    Meghan McCain: "Both Sides" Wannabe Tough Chick

    Sadly, I have first hand knowledge about this subject. My sister gave birth in the late 70s to a baby who was born without a brain. She was hydrocephalic and only had a brain stem to allow primitive breathing function. She lived in NICU all of her brief life (close to 3 months), connected to a breathing apparatus, feeding and other tubes. This was in the days when ultrasounds were very rudimentary. The doctors had no idea that the pregnancy was in trouble until she went into labor and they eventually had to perform a C-section because the baby's head was enlarged due to excessive fluid and she couldn't come through the birth canal. It's been over forty years, and I still remember the pain and suffering that my sister, her boyfriend, and my immediate family went through every day knowing that the baby could not survive long term. One or more of us was at the hospital every day to be by her side. My sister had to work and would work long shifts at a restaurant, and then take a late bus to the hospital to hold the baby and stay with her overnight. It would have been a godsend if my sister had had a choice about what to do in the situation. Maybe she would have chosen the same road, but how dare anyone rant and rave about something so painful and gut-wrenching to a family.
  5. LoveIsJoy

    Windy City Rehab

    What was the reason Allison gave that she couldn't use the hutch part of the built-in "as planned?" Somehow I doubt she planned to ever use it at all because she said there were pot lights installed and something about the storage would be too high? What does that even mean? She was mumbling quickly during that part and I didn't understand. Don't they have professional architectural plans to work from? Do the electricians just begin putting up pot lights wherever they please? Don't the carpenters measure height clearances before they create and install projects? How the heck does a 36" hood (which looked basic to me, even though it was specially crafted) get installed instead of a 42" one? How is it a complete surprise that the old concrete steps needed to be demolished before the new entrance could be built, and that such work costs time and money? Does she just randomly change the plans when she has a whim, after all of the work has already been signed off on and done? And why did it take two sets of inspectors--and three weeks of inactivity--before they finally passed inspection? What is the payoff in adding $100,00 to the budget to expand an already large and pricey home. And finally, where's Mike Holmes when you need him?! He'd straighten everybody out in no time! LOL I absolutely cringed when she tore that historical built-in out out of the wall, and broke it up into 2 pieces. Then painted it. And discarded the top (for another project--sure). To make the room more "open" (which it actually didn't). Yeah, because nothing says Old Chicago like a half-assed, painted wood, built-in. (/sarcasm). I'm Chicago-adjacent, and every time I'm in the city I'm just in awe of the beauty of some of that architecture. I also hated that she used that antique mirror frame (I forget the actual name of it) to frame a piece of art. Art is so subjective; unless that quickie painting is exactly what the buyers wanted nailed into the wall. At least she didn't paint the outside brick, white, this time. Personally, I'm beyond sick of white and gray, gray and gray, white on white, and white and black on my TV. In a city as diverse as Chicago, there surely must be some other colors available to inspire viewers. I'm also way past the trend of open concept. I'm gonna need to see some walls, dammit! I'm hate watching at this point. And wondering if she will run out of money or if Donovan will run off from a job site, mid-project, with his hair on fire.
  6. LoveIsJoy

    Meghan McCain: "Both Sides" Wannabe Tough Chick

    The special treatment of Meghan reminds me of how Luke Russert was treated after his dad, venerated Meet The Press moderator Tim Russert, passed away several years ago. Luke was suddenly thrust into any news slot TPTB could find for him, although IMO, he was a lightweight (though pleasant) political analyst. I think he may have even had a cable show for a short time. Haven’t seen or heard of him lately so I don’t know what he’s up to now. I just remember thinking there was nothing special about him, and he was just getting opportunities because of who his father was. Same as Meghan.
  7. LoveIsJoy

    Surviving R. Kelly

    IIRC, the flunky who forged the documents to change Aaliyah's age was actually related to her. At least that's what I thought I heard when he was first introduced...an uncle or something. And then Sparkle introduced her own niece to Kelly, even after all she'd seen up close. Sparkle initially said she'd be keeping an eye on her, but then never followed up when she found her niece alone in the studio with Kelly. All she said to her niece was "what are you doing here alone?" Then there was no follow up in the interview. I kept waiting for Sparkle to say she confronted Kelly, or told her niece's parents, went to the police, or something. But it sounded like a lot of time passed between that incident and the release of the sex tape. Time enough for her to have intervened in some way. All I got from the documentary regarding Sparkle was that she was estranged from the family (at what point, I don't know), and that she feels guilty for introducing them. Sparkle appeared tough and didn't seem to be emotionally abused by Kelly, so I don't understand her reason for not stepping in to protect her niece. Wish that part of the story was better explained.
  8. LoveIsJoy

    S01.E07: Part 7

    Does anyone know if Lyle continued working at the prison? The closing credits said he still lived in the area and was waiting for Tilly to be released, but I'm just wondering what he's actually doing now.
  9. LoveIsJoy

    S04.E07: Down the Rabbit Hole

    Thank you!!
  10. LoveIsJoy

    S04.E07: Down the Rabbit Hole

    Can someone please educate me on the correct pronunciation of "Laoghaire?" With the accents, I have never been able to quite catch what she's being called. Then, when I come to the boards, I see it spelled Laoghaire, but the spelling doesn't match what I'm hearing. I guess it's like that actress Saoirse Ronan--pretty name--but sounds nothing like Americans would spell it. Thanks.
  11. LoveIsJoy

    Flip Or Flop Atlanta

    When they do the walkthrough, are the estimates they’re quoting for reno, inclusive of labor costs or just materials? I didn’t know you could put in new flooring for an entire house for 5K, or that a gut job in a new kitchen was only 15K (complete with rewiring, plumbing, custom cabinets, vaulted ceilings, new island, countertops, expensive fixtures and fancy tile backsplash). He quoted 10K to completely re-do 2 bathrooms. I’m guessing they have an ongoing crew of workers. So are the labor expenses taken out after the “profit?” I just can’t figure it all out. If it only costs 5K to completely gut and re-do a bathroom, then I know what to ask for this Christmas!
  12. LoveIsJoy

    "The View": Week Of 10/22/2018

    The thing that I notice about Meghan is that she has a habit of turning challenging real-world situations into mere "optics" and "red meat for the base." I'm sorry [™ Whoopi], but I don't think a caravan of human beings literally running for their lives from violence and terror is merely a red meat talking point for politicians and "pundints" [™ Meghan]. Abby had the decency to express sadness for the families and a desire for a humane outcome, but Meghan was having none of it. Does the woman really not have a heart? Even if a person believes that the US cannot absorb all of the caravan, can she not see how desperate they must be to walk for untold miles--with children in tow--in search of refuge. Isn't it possible for her to throw out some suggestions and alternatives to aid the families? But no, instead of first acknowledging the gravity of the situation and some measure of sympathy for her fellow human beings, she immediately starts snarling about being a nation of laws, and self-described "extreme" on the issue. How is a person like this a self-anointed voice for the struggling blue-collar, border-state-cum-Middle America class? She shows zero empathy on a daily basis. I'm liking Abby more each day.
  13. LoveIsJoy

    S05.E04: It's Her Kid

    Since Frank and Oliver are keeping tabs on Gabriel, it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that Gabriel is also tracking them. If he’s as smart as the show wants us to believe, he's probably got his own apartment under surveillance and has already seen footage that Frank broke in last episode. And as an earlier poster suggested, he may even have two computers. I have no idea if any of this is true or just another red herring, but it makes me wonder. ETA: I was under the impression that Bonnie was raped by her father, and so her son would be a product of incest. It’s a surprise to me that so many are speculating that Gabriel is possibly Bonnie’s son; the actor appears biracial. What did I miss?
  14. LoveIsJoy

    S05.E02: Whose Blood Is That?

    At one point, Annalise called Bonnie to ask for a computer password. Bonnie replies that it’s the usual XYZ, while she and the DA are fumbling with their clothes. Annalise hears the commotion and asks if something is going on. Bonnie says no, and they finish the call. Am I being paranoid, or did Mr. district attorney probably make a mental note of that password? Bet it will come up again later.
  15. LoveIsJoy

    Making It

    I thought Dayna--aka, the Etsy lady--was completely hypocritical in her review of Khiem's cake topper. She woefully mentioned (paraphrasing) that she'd already seen numerous peg doll items on Etsy already, like that was a bad thing. Normally when something is plentiful on Etsy, Dayna would have raved that his wooden peg family was "on trend," which would have been a good thing. Then she gushed that Jo's cake topper included the couple's two girls and the joining of the families as a positive element. But that aspect of Khiem's cake topper was completely ignored. His creation had the same married couple, two girls--and dog to boot!--but Dayna didn't mention that at all in her judging of Khiem's project. Hoping for more consistent critiques next season. At first, I couldn't stand the banter between Amy and Nick. Now it is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the show. They have really relaxed into their roles. I'm looking forward to a new season; warts and all.