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  1. She did look like she really aged to me too. But so did Tim Allen, even his voice sounded different to me, and I know he's almost 70 but his voice was just so flat like it had no tone. I didn't see the point of Tim Taylor. Don't get me wrong Tool Time is one of my favorite tv comedy shows but I think Tim Allen has been away from that character so long he forgot how to play him because that was not Tim Taylor that was Mike Baxter with gray hair. Is their talk about rebooting Tool Time? So they did a 3 year time jump but Eve is still in the Air Force, how many years was she in before the jump because it's a 4 year contract so unless she resigned she would be out but they didn't mention her so... With the time jump why would they bring back the exchange student, they don't stay that long do they? When did they decide to make new Mandy not so dumb? Because she was pretty dumb when she took over the role.
  2. I was thinking the same thing. I hate it when shows do that, one minute a person is drunk the next minute they're pretty much sober. I wanted to hear more of the critiques, now that could've been a funny bit.
  3. Me too! And I don't know why but I hated Kathy Lee Gifford (it wasn't Gifford then) and her singing with a smile, lol. I'm surprised they flew to Australia to film a game show but even if they had to quarantine for 14 days after they arrived they're still hugging people and the audience is sitting next to each other, so... Randy did not look good. I knew a lot of the songs but couldn't think of the names. I would bomb big time on a show like this or Beat Shazam because I can't think that fast off the top of my head anymore. The host is just not doing it for me, and it seemed like she would ask one contestant about themself but not the other. I miss the game show host of the past. I think it's weird that they win a prize during the game and I didn't hear weather or not the loser takes home the money they have in their bank?
  4. I don't understand why Kat didn't text her mom and friends and say "I'm here, I made it" why avoid them even if you're not really where they think you are? Like I said in the last episode, I think Mayim is trying too hard to be funny it's not coming off natural. For me anyways. I didn't think this was a good episode. I don't mind them waving at the end but like others have said I wish they would put the names of the actors under them when they wave. Also, in the last episode thread I mentioned how surprised I was to see how close the actors get to one another with Covid.
  5. I'm guessing in Kat's world there is no Covid but in the real world there is so I'm surprised to see how close the actors are to each other. Better then the pilot but I'm still on the fence I think Mayim is trying too hard to be funny.
  6. I just found this on HULU as I was searching for something to watch. I did watch the original and thought it was a cute show and I really liked Miranda on Call the Midwife she's very talented. I hate canned laughter and in my opinion breaking the 4th wall was done best on Malcolm in the Middle, not so much here. I thought the characters were okay and I'll give it a couple more episodes to see if it improves.
  7. I was thinking that Wanda probably had to deal with the loss of Vision alone. At the end of End Game, Tony was dead, Cap was an old man and black widow was dead. Who was left that she was close to? Also, since my brain is old I can't remember if she was at Tony's memorial? So I understand why she would want to live in this sitcom world with Vision but I think there are outside forces doing something to her, it's not just her sitting alone in a corner somewhere living in this fantasy world.
  8. I enjoyed the opening on the ledge scene, except I can't believe anyone could hold another persons dead weight with one hand while talking on the phone with the other 😉 I don't ship Malcolm with anyone but I do like the friendship he has with Edrissa even though I know she wants more I just hope they keep them as friends. I don't think Ainsley remembers what she did but I think eventually she will and then I believe she'll go off the deep end. Did Malcolm cut that guy up in his moms living room? That's body is going to come back to haunt all of them, and bring some very bad/dangerous men with it.
  9. When I worked at Walmart they were locked up because they were a high thief item. Their were lots of high thief items locked up, video games, tools, headphones, even some toys.
  10. Thank you ProudMary 🙂 I was going to ask if anyone knew who the voice on the radio was. In a way this reminds me of the Framework season on Agents of Shield. Or a movie I saw about a group of soldiers that was sent to guard a mansion and all this weird stuff started happening so they decided to leave but ended up walking in circles with the same scenes playing out along the way. It ended up that the group of soldiers were in some kind of experimental coma to help them deal with the real trauma they went through. But all the people they encountered in their "dream state" were the doctors and staff workers at the lab they were being kept at. I don't know what's going on with Wanda but I bet these characters she's interacting with are people she's encountered in the "real world". I just don't know if she's the one in control or if she's being held against her will and is fighting against something and that's where the cracks come in, like the radio. Is this series supposed to be only a 1 or 2 season long? I don't know how long they could carry a show that's trapped in a sitcom world and keep it interesting.
  11. I don't read comic books so I'm not as familiar with the origins of Scarlet Witch/Wanda as I know her from the movies. I love classic sitcoms, but don't really want to watch a whole season of Wanda and Vision stuck in a sitcom without knowing what's going on. Not that I know it's going to be the whole season, just saying. I think the cast is great and the sets are right on.
  12. Agree 100%. I didn't laugh once. I'm out.
  13. I'll give it one more episode but for me there are too many characters that I just don't like or find funny 😞
  14. That was heartbreaking and beautiful at the same time. I'm so over Sister Monica Joan. Didn't get enough of Sister Julienne. I'll miss Nurse Valerie she was one of my favorites. I laughed when I saw Sister Frances expression while she was holding the rabbit ears. I enjoyed the episode very much and can't wait for the new season! When is the new season scheduled to start?
  15. I had high hope with another Ted Danson show but so far I don't care for any of the characters except for the mayor, and I can't stand the bratty teenage daughter. I don't know why writers think a brat or smart mouth kid is funny, I think they are tiresome. I give it one or two more episodes to see if it can change my mind.
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