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  1. I've never hated tv kids as much I hate these non stop talking over each other all the time kids. So dad comes home and I'm wondering if he's really dad or demon dad? He sure didn't look like someone that just got off the tallest mountain peak in the world. I'm not getting into the lusting of David and Kristen. I mean David knew going into being a priest it meant no women right? So if he can't control himself with a women he's only known for a few weeks what the heck is he going to do when he's a priest. Same with Kristen, your husband has only been gone for 3 months, I know it's a long time but military wives/husbands go longer without seeing each other so if you can't get through 3 months then you don't have a marriage in the first place. What the heck kind of drug were they on? And how much did they take. I know I'm late in the game here but I'm just now watching it on Netflix. I don't know if the show even has a second season but it doesn't matter I'm out after this one. I thought Michael E could keep me watching but sadly he can't .
  2. Me too. Or like the tv show The Exorcist. I really thought Michael E could keep me watching but I'm really having a hard time staying interested. I thought when grandma and Leland kissed the two actors looked so uncomfortable in that scene but I think his kiss put a magic spell on her or something and the bed scene with the fire was stupid. Also, how did Kristen know how many stitches it would take to close the wound?
  3. Didn't the original death (who was freaking awesome) tell Dean that he could kill God? If so why can't new death? I thought angels could see the real faces of demons so why didn't Cas notice the police office that took the girl was a demon?
  4. I came into this blind, I knew nothing about the books or game I just wanted to watch a cool show about a Witcher that kills monsters but there wasn't too much of that. The timeline didn't bother me I figured it out when it showed the queen with her daughter who wanted to marry that hedgehog or whatever he was. I wish they showed how Geralt became the Witcher we saw Yennefer schooling but not Geralts. I had a hard time with Geralts low deep gravely voice I felt like I was watching a Batman movie having to turn my volume up and up just to try and make out what he was saying. I didn't care for the singing stalker I thought he was annoying and found it strange that he wanted to follow this man that clearly didn't want him around. Just my take on it though like I said I know nothing about the books or game I just don't think it's for me so I'm probably not going to watch season 2.
  5. Remember when the show was an hour of Sam and Dean? Yeah, me either :-( I haven't liked Castiel in a long, long time so watching him and boy wonder on a case made me want to get stabby. Great scene with Dean and Amara and when he said he would never hurt her I took it as him saying that because he knows killing her won't be by his hands. Loved the snowy scene outside too. I don't have much to say about Mary there was something about her I just didn't like. I did like young Mary Dean met when he traveled back in time. Not much to say about this episode except not enough Sam and Dean and when I say Sam and Dean I really mean Dean ;-)
  6. I know it's been a while since you posted this but I've just now started watching this show on Netflix. I don't know if you ended up watching Lost but I would highly recommend it if you're a Michael Emerson fan. I agree about the last season of Lost being crap actually I would go as far as saying the last 2 but the first 2 seasons has some of the best scripted episodes I've ever seen on tv. Season 3 has a lot more of the "Others" which Michael Emerson is the leader of and the character he plays, Ben is an expert manipulative. Just my 2 cents :-) Anyways, I don't find this show scary at all the only time I got creeped out was when George first appeared out of the shadows and then he talked and ruined it. So the possessed women after being exorcised by a Priest for who knows how long can't shake the demon but David has a talk about his visions and tells the demon to leave and Bazinga demon leaves. Attention, all shows dealing with demons please stop using the scene from the Exorcist with the looking at the house from the outside. That scene is classic and doesn't belong small I don't know what I want to be show like this. The kids are soooooo annoying, obviously they don't get punished because they snuck out the house to go to a graveyard of all places and would not have even attempted that if they knew their would be consequences for their actions. The oldest daughter should've known better. I think mom should fix that big giant hole in the wall in her basement before she has a rat infestation. Grandma is the worst! That was so crappy of her to ditch her date especially since Leland said his date was in a car accident and oh well lets go to the alley and make out. Unless, he used supernatural powers to woo her.
  7. I didn't care for this episode, this show has fallen so far from what it once was and didn't Charlie work on that panel before? I don't buy that this whole time the bunker has been in stand-by mode. I think the writers are super fans of Scooby doo and think they are writing for the cartoon audience. Dean wearing Scooby doo boxers and a nightgown, I don't think so. The nest of vampires was 2 and Sam and Dean took care of them in like 3 seconds counting knocking the door down. I liked the wink to Ghostbusters but not the montage of breaking down the door, it's like an after thought the writers threw in, oh yeah, they're hunters lets have them hunt and for giggles lets through in Thor's hammer, WTF. In my opinion, Jared doesn't even seem to be acting anymore. I'm happy watching seasons 1-5 I'll stick with those.
  8. I just finished last night and tried to post but my stupid browser kept closing and reopening (hate explorer) so I gave up and went to bed. I like the series but for me it's not one I will watch over and over like I do Friends, Frasier and MASH. And that's because I don't really care for some of the characters with Roland being at the top of my list. I hated that character and he sucked the air out of every scene he was in, even Jocelyn started bugging me. I liked her at first but she because manic after getting pregnant and stayed that way. I know I'm in the minority here but I thought Patrick was dull as dirt and had no chemistry with David and I got no gay vibe from him at all. And I'm really going to upset people when I say I didn't care for Stevie. I did not understand why they stayed at the hotel for years, surely they made some income especially after David got money from the dress shop I think he could've used a little to rent a 3 bedroom house so he wouldn't have to share a bedroom with his grown sister. It was fun when the series first started and they got stuck in Schitt's Creek but after a while I'm thinking why are they still there. I really wanted Alexis to have a happy ending with Ted and I ended up feeling sad for her because it seemed like she was going to be lonely going to New York all by herself. And who's paying for her to live there? I didn't understand why she didn't stay her moms publicist that would be guaranteed money or maybe she will from New York but I don't see her being successful at it she's a little too boop, boop. I did like her though. I understand that the investment firm is going to help with the purchase of the hotels but wouldn't they buy one at a time so I'm not getting how all of a sudden that would mean money for everyone. I know Moira's getting a lot of money for her reboot but they were going to move to New York before she excepted the offer so where was that money coming from? I thought David's wedding was perfect and very sweet but Moira just happened to have a Pope like outfit in her closet, of course she did, lol. I loved Johnny's support of Moira and they were my favorite couple. I was hoping for a time jump forward at the end to see how everyone's doing. The sign was perfect! I forgot to mention I loved the way Bob ran swinging his arms with a little chuckle. I saw an actor do the same thing on another show or movie and now for the life of me I can't remember who it was. But it cracked me up every time Bob ran.
  9. I've just now started watching this on Netflix, and couldn't agree more about the autopsy, that was just dumb that they didn't undress her first and I think she still had her shoes on, lol. And why in the hell would they cut her face like that, I don't think that's how they get to the brain. I was really hoping this would be like the X-Files or The Exorcist tv show but I don't know what it's going to be. The demon was creepy as hell when it first appeared until it spoke, George sounds like a regular guy, which takes the creep factor out of it for me. So Kristen and David have only known each other a couple of weeks and they're already lusting after each other. Good grief! I've been a big Michael Emerson fan ever since LOST so I was excited to see him and will keep watching because of him.
  10. What kind of fuckery was that!?!?! You killed Emori and let these useless nobody cares about characters live. I don't understand how Emori could be at the beach at the end if she was dead and only in Murphy's head, could anyone else see her? Since when did this show become about aliens? So stupid, this final season was a waste and didn't make much sense. So now you can planet hop (that's what Clarke and dog was doing right?) and not lose your memories like Hope did after she stabbed Octavia? I agree it should've been Bellamy that showed up for Clark instead of Lexa. This show had an interesting premise when it started but really lost it's way. Too be fair it happens to a lot of shows, I'm looking at you Lost. I will not be watching the prequel. Murphy ended up being my favorite character!
  11. Just finished the series, for me it felt like AHS with a touch of Alfred Hitchcock with the music and the cuts and especially when Gwen was being operated on with the shadows behind the screen that was very Hitchcock. I thought it was okay, I think Nurse Bucket stole the show. I think Edmund would've either been gassed or sat in old sparky not by needle, that was way out of time. So was other things I thought didn't fit the 40's time period but I'll let that go. So why did Bucket's friend break bad and decide to go on a rode trip with 2 killers? The whole ending was just too far out in left field for me, starting with the stupid dream. Also, Charlotte thought she was the doctor when she came back but what about when she was the other personality that thinks everyone is Hitler? Why would that person stay with Edmund and did she ever go back to being Charlotte? The newspaper, the phone call it was all too much of an eyeroll for me. I knew we couldn't get through a series without Sarah smoking. I don't care if someone smokes but I really believe it's in her contract along with crying. If they do have a season 2 and Nurse Bucket is not in it I'm out. I thought Sharon Stone looked like Madonna.
  12. I couldn't agree more! The only 2 people I care about are Murphy and Emori and they better not fucking kill her! I noticed that about the guns too. I bet they end this with a time jump and we'll hear a voice over of how this new and improved, living in harmony world came about from the sacrifice of their ancestors or some shit. Then the last scene will be EvilHeda because god knows he a cartoon character and can't die, lol.
  13. I stopped watching when AGT became woke but have been following on here. I knew he would win and I don't believe for one second that it was by getting the most votes. On to the Voice, until they become woke.
  14. I watched the first episode last night and I'm on the fence, still not sure if I like it or not. I mean if Sarah is supposed to be the same Nurse Ratched from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest then I'm sorry but IMO Sarah can't hold a candle next to Louise Fletcher's Nurse Ratched. Sarah's breathy voice and crying all the time I got tired of it on AHS so I hope she's not a one trick pony. I thought some details was a little off, I mean we see Ratched book her room and walk past all the little cabins to get to hers but later she's in a hallway, like a hotel with all the doors to the rooms on the inside. At first I thought it was a flashback until the manager knocked and told her she had a phone call. Then the whole thing with giving the priest those pills, how did she know his condition and how did she slip him the pills? And, she got that guy to kill himself so she could help the doctor cover it up and he would hire her? What if the doctor didn't walk down the hallway when he did and I'm supposed to believe where they were standing in the hallway they could here the guy fall in the doctors bathroom? One more, we see her at her hotel watching the police and truck drive by and the next thing we see is her with keys visiting him. How did she get those keys and I would assume that this high profile killer would have around the clock security. I would've liked a little more details on how and why she's doing what she's doing. I know she wanted to get hired but the Asylum was going to get the funding from the Gov. and she chased the one girl away so I think if she did a good job they would've hired her. The doctor was impressed with her during the interview no need for all the plotting. I'm going to give it a few more episodes.
  15. I couldn't agree more! I feel like I'm watching a Wile E. Coyote cartoon, this guy just won't die and it's stupid! I'm wondering if Earth is green now because they went farther in the future then they thought? That better be a fucking fake out at the end with Murphy and Emori.
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