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  1. My favorite part was Phil listening to Jay's voicemail over and over, lol.
  2. Oh, Martin, Martin, Martin, I know you're going to escape from that hospital. Did I not see them or were there no guards standing by his hospital room? I want to know if Martin's hallucinations was how he actually kidnaped the girl in the box? If so, I noticed when she was walking in his house to the phone she was barely limping so I think she could've walked to the subway or to hail a taxi. I've had a sprained ankle before and I couldn't put my weight on it but she was walking more like she had a blister than a sprang. I still think Eve somehow knows the girl in the box.
  3. I can't even with this show anymore. I just read about now on here. I don't care about the callings, I think they're dumb and boring. I want to know what happened to them the 5 years they were gone. I can't believe they are using LOST symbols now. You are and never will be LOST so stop trying and get your own symbols!
  4. He was definitely having a bad hair day, lol. I wasn't going to watch the whole show but ended up watching it. I fast-forwarded KISS, was never a fan. My ex was so I've been to one of their concerts around 10-15 years ago and I swear it was "their last tour ever" and I believe the one after that was too ;-) That sand lady is awesome she should stand behind Cody and do her thing when he preforms. The doggie act should've made the top 5 and should've been in the final show. I'm happy V. Unbeatable won, they were very entertaining to watch. I did see the drumstick grab, that was cool. This is the 2nd AGT Champion show and both acts that won were America AGT acts. Why do they even invite the other Countries, they're never going to win. Did anyone notice when Tyler got eliminated Terry went right to Alisha(sp) for her thoughts?
  5. Especially since it was a slow nontraffic store, and wouldn't upper management think it's become too busy for 1 employee and send other to work there.
  6. It's the only Liberty Mutual ad I like. Liberty, Biberty, lol.
  7. So mom carries a bag with a million dollars of loose bills? I don't think it's that easy to walk into a bank and withdrawal that large of an amount. And it's not even bank wrapped, did she keep it under her mattress, lol. I've been having a problem with my HULU so I couldn't see the picture after Malcolm stabbed his dad and they arrested the guy working in the hospital but I could still hear. How old was Malcolm when he was having the conversation with his dad about stabbing someone in the heart? I thought he didn't see his dad after his arrest until after he started working with the police so when did this conversation take place?
  8. I liked the end with everyone waving. Manny didn't need to be there. And that kid/guy is getting big. I laughed when the French guy told Claire and Phil that he was a workaholic and puts in 10 to 12 hours per week.
  9. I don't have one or tv service. I watch the next day on HULU.
  10. I would only care to watch Shin Lim but I'm not sitting through everyone else just to see him so I'll watch the last 3 minutes of the show to see who wins :-)
  11. My favorite ads lately have been the google ad from the super bowl about ways to remember and the Hershey bar ad with the 94? year old gentleman that walks and hands out Hershey bars to spread a little happiness. I just want to give him a hug and have a long conversation with him, what a sweetie pie.
  12. I agree 100%. I know I'm way behind here but Netflix just now dropped season 4. They take forever to put seasons on and I hate them for it! I don't understand why Mike had to kill Warner, just send him back to Germany without pay. And once he returned to Germany even if he went to the police do you really think they would care what's going on in America. And how did they even get hired? Did Gus put an ad in a German newspaper? Plus, I'm sure Gus or Mike didn't tell him they wanted him to build a meth lab but probably just an underground bunker and if they had told him it was a bunker then they wouldn't have to be so secretive about the whole thing. And why would Gus and Mike use they're real name. I really didn't understand why Jimmy would want to become Saul. Is it because Kim wasn't going to open a practice with him? Or is it because he enjoys the fact that he's good at conning people? Did he change his name because he wanted to distant himself from Chuck or because all the people he was selling phones to know him by Saul?
  13. I agree 100%. I'm going to have an unpopular opinion here but if violin boy wins, and it seems like Simon is setting him up to, my 2 cents tells me it's because of all the crap that happened with Gabby. It would prove they're/he's not racist. I'm sorry but the kid is not a prodigy he's average for his age. I did not like the girl that sang "Good Bye Yellow Brick Road" one of my all time favorite songs. Her voice was cracking like crazy and in my opinion she sang it too depressing. I want the doggie act to finish in 2nd place. I'm so impressed with this little girl taking the time to train these dogs instead of sitting in front of an electronic screen for hours.
  14. The one that is popping up on my hate list is the Nissan "Modern Boss" ad. It shows the boss lady leaving work with half the employees chasing her to sign or look over this or that. So is this what a "Modern Boss" does now, leaves work without doing their forking job? And if "Modern Boss" means woman then it's giving all of us a bad rap, plus she can't drive she almost got taken out by a truck. I agree about Matthew McConaughey, can't stand him. The post on the last page talking about when couples on tv first started sharing a bed, I remember hearing an interview (can't remember by who) that said when tv couples first started sharing a bed one of them had to have a foot on the floor, so even though they were in the same bed they couldn't look like they were about to do something.
  15. Yes Please :-) That's all I've got. This show is starting to bore me and I'm also confused about beat in the face guy's look at the end. It looked like hatred to me.
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