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  1. I agree. Not much going on at that prison. Zac is really reaching these days to make something out of nothing. When they caught that anomaly on camera then flipped the picture upside down to say it looked like it had a arm raised up in the air lol. Also, that stick figure that lost it's head looked to me like it was trying to map Aaron with his head down. And, when Jay was laying on the x-ray table and saw a black mass hover above him, how do you see that when they're always telling us it's pitch black when they film? Oh, let's not forget Zac felt angry. I thought Zac was going to, or maybe he did, cream his pants when he got to hold a piece of Gacy's brain.
  2. Agree 100%. Jesse became my favorite character, he did bad things but had a good heart and those bad things weigh heavily on his shoulders. Loved the banter between Skinny Pete and Badger. Loved the scene with Jesse and Mike at the river. I wasn't spoiled so when I saw Walter White I was giddy and of course the banter between him and Jesse is priceless and yes it made me want Pineapple ;-) Hated Todd during BB and hated his ugly face even more in El Camino. Breaking Bad in on my short list as one of the best written shows ever put on tv and Better Call Saul is on that list as well but I really miss BB and so I'm glad they made this movie because I wanted to know what happened to Jesse and I'm glad it started where BB ended and not him in Alaska suffering from PTSD. For me the icing on the cake would've been a short scene of the cops finding Skinny Pete's car next to the Mexican boarder and saying something like "looks like he's in Mexico" since the talk about switching cars was a big scene I would've like to have saw closure to that. I loved the shootout scene. I wasn't expecting the gun in the pocket, very WW. I'm glad they made the movie, I enjoyed it very much!
  3. Amen to that! I didn't care for the opening song choice, there are so many other great rock songs that would've fit better. I hope they do better with the last song at the end. But I'm not holding out much hope for that :-( This episode just wasn't that good. I do like Demon Jack hope he sticks around for awhile. I've missed Crowley and his snark, maybe now DJ can fill that gap a little. The ghost looked like they were in a Halloween party costume contest and running down the street was dumb. Why would they need to run when they can appear and disappear? I hate that Castiel is barely an Angel anymore. I miss the badass Cas. The only part I liked was the trunk scene with the flashback to the end of episode 1. It's sad to think this is the last season. I know this show has gone down hill but I will miss the 2 brothers.
  4. I agree. The only time I laughed is at the end when the pigeon flew out of Phil's pants or jacket. Cam and Mitch are not funny at all in my opinion, and I've never liked Gloria.
  5. I laughed out loud at this. So funny!
  6. I agree too. If this show runs for a few years the actress that plays Piper is going to grow so she can't be a robot but like you've implied "upgraded" in some way. I want Jo and Alex to get back together. I hope Jo's dad lives. I hope Terry O'Quinn remains on the show as a recurring guest star. He's such a good actor and the character he played on Lost John Locke is one of my all time favorites. For those of you not familiar with Allison/Jo check out Fargo the tv series she's in it and plays a cop.
  7. And the mom was looking up as the glass was falling almost right on top of her and she didn't get a scratch lol. I really don't think a profiler could get a clear picture of a murderer that quick simply by looking at a few items or a dead body. I'm wondering if Malcolm killed the girl in the trunk and mom and dad covered it up and tried to make him believe it never happened. Why did mom tell dad when she visited him "not to take the only thing she has left" when she ask him to stop talking to Malcolm? I said to her through my tv "what about your daughter doesn't she matter?" For some reason this show is giving me The Following vibe. That show started out interesting and then fell down the rabbit hole of dumb, yeah sure, unrealistic, give me a forking break. I hope it stays away from the rabbit hole.
  8. Or better yet, Blake lol. Their hasn't been 1 singer that has stood out above the rest for me these blinds. Maybe during the battles, which I'm not a big of. I'd prefer it if the singer sang alone and picked the song, but I know the battles are a way to cut the teams down. A lot of people from Florida this season. I know it won't happen but I want to coaches to stop singer and talking while the person is on stage singing.
  9. Thank you PhD-Purgatory15 :-) If I counted correctly the teams all have 11 members, so each coach only needs 1 to fill their team? I don't know why the show doesn't give us this information.
  10. I hate the match.com commercial with Rebel Wilson and the Act Your Age Progressive commercials especially the plane one, they make me want to punch someone in the throat.
  11. Yeah, she really doesn't have much to say except for the same old crap, "I can help you connect with the audience." Blake is a good sport when someone sings one of his songs. This is the second time that I remember and he turned around both times. Unlike John who doesn't like anyone singing his songs. John looks so short in his chair for some reason. I think the last singer (4 chair turn) picked Blake because of his track record. I don't blame him. I wish the family was in a room somewhere instead of standing by the stage. Didn't they used to be in the first few seasons? I'm sick of the back stories. I wish they would tell us how many spots were left on each team.
  12. I believe it's in 4 parts. I just watched the one about H.H. Holmes on youtube it ended after an hour. What was up with the lady dressing like a child and sleeping in a crib? They talk too much and that device didn't say 7 girls it said 7 girl. And of course the "soldiers" are a demon army. If that boy is stuck there at least Billy tried to help him leave the house but if a Medium can see and communicate with the dead why doesn't she help the boy leave and go to the light? This episode was a lot of yelling and drama and not a lot of investigating. That picture that was supposed to be only half of Zak's face was not I could see his whole face and it looked like they tried to show only half the picture.
  13. I keep telling myself get your cards paid off so you can afford a Subaru. One day. I love the commercials with the Golden family. Have you seen the one where they take the car to get it washed and a bunch of bull dogs ( I think that's what they are) wash the car but can only reach and clean the bottom part of the car because they're so short? So cute!
  14. Thank you for putting together the list :-) I really, really hate it when the coaches talk over the other coaches. Please Stop! Gwen's pitch is weak, she always talks about helping them with their personality and stage presence. But her saying "I can mother you" is just weird. I would never pick her. John has some good singers on his team. If I had to pick a coach it would be Blake. He gets his team to the finale. How many more episodes of the Blinds are left?
  15. What the HELL, since when does the voice do cliffhangers. News for you The Voice, we don't care that much! I hate when they have the back story on a person and they have no chairs turn. Hey, Producers hire some editors. Why show their story if they don't go through. I wish they would let us know how many spots the coaches have left. I hate when a singer doesn't get a chair turn then the coaches tells them how they love their voice or what a great singer they are or after they see what they look like say, oh, I should've turned.
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