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  1. Amen to that! Move on show. Fun spoof of Star Wars. That was a nice surprise to see young Hope from the Originals. You can tell Matthew Davis is having fun this season. It was nice to see Ethan again. I really enjoyed MG, Kaleb and Jed's adventure. Jenny/Lizzie is very pretty but those eyebrows are so distracting. I don't remember Dorian getting married. Alaric needs more adults conversations, I hope Dorian and Emma go back to the Salvatore school. Yay, no Finch. For the last time, I was ELEVEN!
  2. I watched someone's review of this episode and that's what he mentioned too. That would make since with what Casey said about being born behind a desk and not knowing what a fish was and the old tech mixed with the new tech. Is this TVA place they're at on Earth? I don't know anything about lady Loki but I hope in the next episode she explains what's going on to Loki that followed her. Like others have said I too think there will be a Wizard Of Oz behind the curtain reveal of the Time Keepers.
  3. I agree. I don't know what it is but there is something about her I just can't warm up to. So Hope has Captain American strength now or I'm not remembering that she's always been that strong? I really hope she's done moping over Landon because I'm starting to not like her. It's funny, Lizzie was my least favorite character when this show started and now she's one of my favorites and Hope is becoming one of my least favorite. Since the 3 girls were tripping balls and thought they were pandas maybe the person that came out of the hole doesn't really look like dollar store Darth Vader.
  4. He wasn't cuffed unless I missed it too.
  5. I've enjoyed all the movie they made together. This was a fun show to watch, I don't think I laughed much but it was entertaining. I did miss Norman and Sandy's talks and loved Sandy's toast to his friend in the bar after the funeral and loved the old waiter. The whole funeral scene was dumb especially what they did with Jane Seymour's character. Norman's daughter did not look like a recovering addict and it made me sick that her and her son could not be happy living in that beautiful house with a $5,000 a month allowance when I'm sure that was a big step-up from what they had. Money
  6. I agree. The first episode was a lot of fun and went by fast. Steve Rogers will always be my Captain America. That was fun watching Loki shifting back and forth as Steve and when I was watching it I was wondering if that was a reshoot probably not but that would be cool if Chris shot that short scene for this. I laughed too when Loki was spinning that time thingy with the agent. I got a kick out of Casey not knowing what a fish was and didn't get the gut you like a fish reference. Hope we see more of him. Owen Wilson's laid back acting style works here, it reminds me of Age
  7. I agree! I'm so over watching shows that highlight backstories, which is why I'm going to pass on AGT this season and just read the comments here, their more entertaining anyways :-)
  8. I just finished watching and was shocked that Jordan came in 3rd. I thought Rachael deserved that spot because I felt she really grew as an artist. That 16 year old girl really has a good head on shoulders and I could see her as a pop star, she's young enough for a producer to take under their wing and mold her into another Taylor Swift or whoever. I laughed at Blake telling Adam he's texting him to tell him that he's wearing 2 shirts. Did you get the text? Also, Nick's training montage when he flicked Blake's cardboard cutout and it fell over. Yeah, I've noticed that comes a
  9. I really liked all the dedications especially Rachel's to her niece. And I did notice she was reading out of her Nick Notes book :-)
  10. I haven't watched yet, not sure I want to sit through all the acts. Did the singers get to sing with their coach or write/sing their own song? I'm happy Cam won.
  11. IMO Jordan did not deserve the last spot, he sounds like all the rock singers I've heard in a bar. I do think he sang the best song though, maybe because I'm old but I didn't know any of the other songs. I think instead of singing slow songs when your fighting for the last spot maybe sing a fun upbeat song, one the audience will sing along with and remember when it's time to vote. But I also don't think any of the ones that needed to be saved would win. It's going to be between Kelly's county guy that's super dull and Cam and I think Nick's girl, Rachael? will come in third. It was n
  12. I agree with everything you said. I just finished watching and was coming on here to say I think the top voters will be the ones America voted for last week. And that I also believe the top 2 will be Cam and Kenzie :-) I do like the guy on Kelly's team that has pretty eyes, that's Corey right? I'm bad with names but I like the ache in his voice it reminds me a little of Bob Seger.
  13. I don't like Finch at all and cannot figure out what Josie sees in her. I would rather watch Ethan and MG hang out and talk about superheroes then watch Finch and Josie who have zero chemistry. I have to admit, I'm hoping Ethan was faking being compelled and ends up a vampire. I liked this episode a lot and enjoyed Ted but please let that be the last of the Necromancer. Move on to something else show. I'm enjoying Alaric this season and it looks like Matthew is having fun playing him too. So Hope can get stabbed in the gut and not die? How many more episodes this season?
  14. Blake knows how to play the game. IMO, he knows the rocker will not win, Cam has a better chance of getting more of the votes. I noticed that after Pete sang in the 4 way sing off Blake didn't really fight for him like he usually does if he wants them to stay. I'm not saying Blake didn't want Pete to stay but like I said I believe Blake plays the game and he has a better chance with Cam. I really liked Pete and his vibe but my issue with him was he sang too low, I wanted them to turn up the mic or turn the band down because I had a hard time hearing him. Didn't this show used to have a to
  15. Nick, what are doing, you don't let your 4 chair turn go! Cam was the winner of the night for me. I loved the way he sang that song. My second favorite was Anna Grace. She has such a pretty voice. I'm sorry Kellie but I thought Avery was way better then mullet head, sorry to anyone that may still have a mullet. I never cared for that style even when it was in style. Avery has a voice that makes me want to listen, he could sing love songs all day long with his tone. Plus, he has pretty eyes :-) I wish these singer wouldn't embellish their songs so much. Listen to Gladys Knig
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