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  1. Yeah, and what about the note on Jan's door? Really enjoyed this season, can't wait for season 2.
  2. I enjoyed Hill House so much, Bly not so much but this was a huge let down for me. But if they keep making them I'll keep watching because I like the repeat actors and it's nice seeing Henry Thomas. I thought the actor that played Joe really sold it and did a great job. Some scenes were heartbreaking like the end of Riley but like others have said I can't believe no one thought vampire instead of angel. I did notice that in Riley's room he had a poster of Dana Scully on his wall and Annabeth Gish was in The X-Files :-)
  3. Thank you, I was wondering the same thing. And her dad plus the buff guy in the pool house couldn't push a 9 year old girl off them before she bit their neck? I'm an old, petite women that works with violent middle school kids and I can hold them back from biting and scratching me and these grown ass men can't. Also, you wouldn't die the minute your neck got bit I think when her dad felt the bite he could've pushed her off. I liked the story idea of this season but the writing was wonky. For me anyways.
  4. I went over to my daughters last night and she was watching this on HULU and after sitting through the Blake and Kelly show I'm glad I'm skipping this season. That is not entertainment it is annoying as hell. I know the producers wanted to keep the Blake and Adam rivalry going with Kelly but they were off the rails last night. It's annoying enough when the coaches won't shut up when a contestant is singing but this bickering is getting old and it's not fun to watch. I'm convinced that Gwen and Ariana go to the same wig shop. If Ariana wore red lipstick and thigh high boots she would be Gw
  5. I'm not watching this season because of Ariana. I might tune in to watch the final to see which coach wins, but I will come here to read comments I can't miss a season of those, lol.
  6. This episode just put the final nail in the coffin of I'm done with this show. I think this whole nuke plot they're going to carry into next season is stupid. And this episode should've been in 2 parts, instead of that Dream episode or the Mother episode they should've bumped the one before this up and made this one longer because it was rushed and disjointed. Now June's a sharp shooter and I'm pissed that she and JD forgave that little bitch that killed John, even though she got it in the end that still pissed me off. And how did Morgan hear that baby cry over the intercoms in the sub? The he
  7. It's nice to see him but I kept looking at his eyes thinking he looked stoned as hell, lol. I swear Sarah and Lily must have it written in their contracts that they cry in everything they're in. Or they have eyes that produce a lot of tears for some reason. I'm telling you if my spouse grabbed my finger I just cut and started sucking on it I'd be out of there so fast or if my child every talked to me the way this girl spoke to her mom that smarty mouth's violin would be in a thousand pieces. So far so good but we know that won't last, unfortunately the story will start to fall a
  8. I agree with you 100% about John Dorie. And I for one will not be annoyed if you keep mentioning him and his departure. :-) I'm also having trouble finding TV shows, especially newer ones or movies that are interesting to me. That's why I'm so far behind and didn't notice until recently that HULU had dropped season 6, I don't pay for TV service so I only have HULU, Netflix and Disney+ and hardly watch them. I've never been a Strand fan so right now June is the only one I want to follow even though I was pissed at her for not leaving with John she redeemed herself a little by putting
  9. I liked Richard as host minus all the kissing lol. I can't stand Steve Harvey so I don't watch just like The Price is Right, I can't stand Drew Carey so I don't watch that anymore either.
  10. I haven't watched the last couple of episodes, I've lost interest. I'm so over mama Doris and the obnoxious celebrities, they have ruined the show for me. Maybe cause I'm old but I prefer the classic game shows. There are so many game shows I can't watch anymore because of the host or the changes like this one with mama Doris and celebrities that think they're funnier then they are. So I think this is going in my big pile of I can't watch that anymore :-(
  11. What a bunch of douchebags! This is what's wrong with the world today there are too many ass wipes like this in it taking up air. And this is why I hate social media, it has created a generation of narcissist, self absorbed, wouldn't know a hard day's work if it came up and slapped them in the face bunch of fools. And Santa had time to put the camera in the fridge just in case they ran out of beer in the house and time to post on their channel and even repost after it was taken down, all within a matter of minutes. The only good thing about this episode was the black convertible Cadillac with
  12. Wow! I have to wonder if it's because Jamie's price for hosting has skyrocketed? I've noticed if the team that leaves first has only banked $8,000 Corinne doesn't say "your not walking away empty handed you have x-amount of $" because since they started only giving them 10 percent instead of half their bank that $8,000 would only be $800 so she doesn't say it anymore if it's less then $10,000. It's probably just me but Jamie doesn't seem to be interested in these people when he interviews them. And I wish these people would stop making fools of themselves when they fawn all over Jamie or
  13. Yeah, whenever I see aliens that look like this I always wonder how did they build ships and computers etc... I know that should be the last thing I should worry about when watching a movie about aliens lol. That makes since that these creatures are the "killing machines" so maybe the next movie will explore more of alien side.
  14. I wished they would've focused more on the beginning, I liked the flashbacks too and wanted to see more of how they learned that being quiet will keep you alive and everything else they learned to do to survive before we met them in the first movie. I agree about the actress that plays Regan being a lucky find because she's a better actor then a lot of kids I've watched in movies that aren't deaf. I didn't understand how the creature got on the island it wasn't on the same boat Regan and Emmett took right? Was it on a boat that just happened to float to the island or did the creatur
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