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  1. Blake knows his country fans will keep him in the game with a country artist. Remember Red and how far he got? Yeah, that's why. I think the duet that stuck out for me is Kelly's Micah and sorry, can't remember her name. Has Kelly used her saved? Because if not I think she should have here. I was hoping the battles would be over with this episode :-( I forgot to say, I hope Nick sticks around after this season because he is a really good guy and great coach.
  2. I watch on HULU and missed this, what was it? Good episode. I knew Eve would end up in front of Martin just thought it would be his idea to meet her in exchange for information. I now believe her sister is alive. I knew when we met Dermot he would be a bad guy but I got a kick out of Gil's reactions when he saw them together. And of course, Edrissa disagreeing about the dead Cuban ballet dancer being the most beautiful man in New York while looking at Malcom, lol.
  3. That's the thing about this virus, unless you're tested how do you know if you have it or if it's a cold? And since most people can't get tested I wonder how many of us will get it or had it and not known because we thought it was a cold? The only testing sites I'm aware of in my area is an hour away in the city and I believe you have to have the medical insurance of the place it set up at. Which I have no medical insurance because I can't afford it from my employer if I did I wouldn't have enough take home income to live off of. I'll tell what the people that are hoarding toilet paper are doing, go on ebay and you'll see what those aholes are doing. If I ran out and couldn't find any I would use my hand before paying those bastards/tweekers/meth heads for their overpriced toilet paper. They're not getting a dime from me.
  4. This is where I stood in line to buy my toilet paper and as soon as they opened their doors the toilet paper aisle is the first place everyone headed and yeah social distancing went out the window. I was a little nervous when I was standing outside in line with my granddaughter and security came out and told us if anyone runs in the store they will be escorted out and if anyone grabs more than one pack they will be escorted out. Black Friday mobs of people knocking people down and running over them for a cheap tv ran through my mind, I almost left but I didn't because I needed toilet paper. I grabbed the first pack I saw and got the hell out of there then realized I paid almost $20 for that pack of toilet paper, more than I've ever paid for toilet paper in my life. I envy those people that can work from home. I feel sorry for retail/fast food employees that don't have that option and are getting laid off. I feel very blessed that the school district I work for is still paying my salary even though we might not return to finish this school year. I say FU to all those people posting on social media about doing all these activities with their kids now that they are home. Like someone posted above, it will get old fast and I'm sorry but most parents don't have time to do that so don't anyone feel bad if you're not playing with your kids just because you're home. When I was growing up parents didn't play with their kids, either you played outside all day or in your room. Parents were not your friend they were your parent. I babysit my granddaughter who is 8, she plays with her dolls/toys, or paints or colors or draws, she entertains herself and I don't feel bad/guilty about it. My trip to the grocery store yesterday was pretty productive the store was well stocked except for toilet paper/paper towels which I don't need since I still have the pack I bought from Target but I just don't get the whole hoarding toilet paper mentality. If people just bought their usual amount when shopping their would be enough for to go around. I hate hoarders!
  5. I wonder if now Malcolm will want to find the girl in the box body to bring closure to Eve and her family? I can see it now, Malcolm will ask his dad where she's buried and of course daddy will want to meet little sis. Did I hear Malcolm right, did he say he had been dating Eve for 2 weeks? Because she had a key to his apartment so that relationship moved along really fast.
  6. That's the answer. Becky and Jackie could work different shifts so an adult would be home in the evenings while Becky worked and watched the baby. But that makes too much sense, lol.
  7. No, not a word. Who watches him or do they leave him alone? Maybe the person that watches him or like I said in my first post, DJ's daughter could watch the baby. Oh, but then they wouldn't have a reason to introduce the horrible Aunts.
  8. That would've been fun to watch, but they didn't seem too broken up about their world being destroyed and I didn't care for them being tossed out into a new world without a car or money or place to live. I'm sick of the writers using this last season to try and throw in every damn person that's been a guest on the show. Their was no reason to have the 2 wives on and didn't Jo tell Ruby her dark hair look was an improvement over her blonde meatsuit? But in the flashbacks it was the dark hair Ruby we saw with Jo not the blonde. Or am I remembering that wrong? And Meg is the empty? I thought when Castiel was there and woke the empty up it was just a blob outline of a human form? I didn't like this episode very much but that's not saying much, I haven't really liked an episode in a very long time. It's a shame what has happened to this show. In my opinion the angle/demon storyline went on years too long and ruined it. It hasn't been about 2 brothers hunting things, saving people in years. I'm so over Castiel, he was cool at first but overstayed his welcome and why isn't Jack an old man? He grew to the age he is now in what a days time so he should be at least 100 years old by now, lol. I thought when Jack was in the garden and we see the snake he was going to say "daddy" lol. Wow, Jared is really starting to show his age, and I remember when he was the clean shaven brother but he has more stubble than Dean now.
  9. And don't forget the 2 Aunts that blame Becky for everything. Wow, what horrible women who probably due to their religion don't believe in birth control but lets blame the women when she gets pregnant. What about DJ who watches his daughter? Maybe that person could watch the baby? I wouldn't leave my daughter with those 2 horrible women that think a fat baby is a healthy baby and says horrible things about her mother. Roseanne would've tore into those women for saying that about Becky. I miss her.
  10. Wow! A day later and I'm the first to comment. My favorite paring was the last 2 that performed from Nick's team. I think he may have made a mistake earlier when he let his 4 chair turn go in favor of a 1 chair turn, but we'll see. I wouldn't know a Jonas Brothers song if I heard one but Nick is becoming my favorite coach. I really believe he cares about his team and it's not just a game to him. Poor Kelly, someone forgot to cut and finish her sleeve, they just left the material hanging. I think she wore that last season too. Does anyone know if the audience watches the taped rehearsals too before the performance? I don't know how I feel about the saves having to battle it out. Does that mean 1 team will have 1 more member than the other 3 teams?
  11. Good episode. I liked Malcolm's friend. I ran him over with a vintage Porsche, lol. The one thing I have to keep telling myself to let go is that Malcolm can look at a dead body and figure out the profile. Is he supposed to be a Sherlock Holmes? It really bugs me, I don't know why, maybe because he makes it look too easy. It's like the police wouldn't be able to catch bad guys without him. I agree with everyone about Eve, she's related to the girl in the box somehow. I was wondering if she would've ever returned Malcom's calls she didn't seem to happy to talk to him when mom called her and put him on the phone. So what if mom didn't call her?
  12. Thank god the blinds are over, that was boring as hell. And if they didn't show all the back stories and crap with the judges they could be done with the blinds in 2 days tops! I don't remember any of the singers because no one was memorable to me.
  13. Wasn't this taped last year? I haven't heard Kelly mention Jake winning once, she's mentioned the young girl she had on her team that won (can't remember her name) but I think they hadn't filmed the lives yet when they taped this so that's why she hasn't been bragging about winning with Jake last season. I could be wrong though.
  14. I thought this show is on Monday and Tuesday? Episodes 3 and 4 have been Monday only.
  15. I forgot to mention, I think the opera singer should've tried out for AGT. I think she would have better luck there because it's seems Simon likes that style of singing. I'm not sure how far she'll make it on the Voice, not because she can't sing but because I think the audience that watches and votes on the Voice is younger than AGT. But what do I know, maybe with Kelly as her coach she'll go far.
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