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  1. I agree about the house flipper. I'm sure she goes to "work" with mommy or daddy looking at houses to buy for the flip and they probably ask her if she likes this color paint or that tile and she does a little hammering but she's no house flipper because she's not buying or selling the house. Also, how does she get a book published about 25 jobs kids can start with less than $500 (or something like that) and what 25 jobs did she have? It's one thing to teach kids skills and that it takes hard work and determination to be successful in life but it's a little much to call yourself a CEO at 10. Your right about the parkour being just a daredevil. I thought it was 1 or 3, I was leaning more towards 3 because he was so lean. It was funny when 2 said No to Anthony when he was trying to pronounce the word in French. I thought the stripper was 1 because he was the best looking and fittest, number 3 was good-looking in his days of stripping but did not age well. I'm close to his age and I did not want or need to see that old man try to bust some moves. The armpit sniffer, no just no. Yuck! At least they got rid of that stupid golden Doris.
  2. I didn't really care for this episode. It seemed more like a Nickelodeon episode to me, minus the buckets of blood. Mack having a 20 month self pity party was over the top. Yes, I know his parents were killed and taken over by Chromicons which he had to kill and of course you are mourning the death of your parents but for a trained agent to sit in a chair and drink beer everyday for 20 months and feel sorry for himself was just bad writing. And was that supposed to be his parents house he was staying at? Because the date of death on their tome stone was 1976 and they were in 1982 so we're to believe that house sat empty for 6 years? I think it would've been a bank foreclosure because more then likely they were still making payments on it, or sold by family because who could afford to make payments and not live there? And why did I get the feeling Mack blamed Deke for his parents death when he yelled at him for not following command and killing Malick which caused a wave. He was really awful to Deke, he let his groceries sit out on the front porch even though Mack had to go to the store and buy food and beer he was obviously eating because he wasn't skin and bones but he wanted nothing from Deke. I also didn't buy Deke knowing songs from the 80's when he didn't have the internet to look them up because he mentioned to Mack that it was hard tracking him down without it. I guess he could've looked them up when he got here from the future but again it's like something you'd see on a Nickelodeon time travel show. I thought when he got off the stage he looked a little like Ben Stiller from Zoolander, lol. Are we to believe these people couldn't back up away from the robots saw arm? I know the one girl was grabbed by the robot but Cricket just stood there. For me Deke was the best part of this episode and the Deke squad was so silly for a show not labeled a comedy. I don't know what happened this episode but I hope they get back on track.
  3. I agree 100%. Their was a lot of characters and I tried to remember everyone's name so when they time traveled I would know who's who but I couldn't so it became really confusing to me. I don't think it's a show I will watch again but I thought they did a good job wrapping it up and I thought they did a great job with the special effects and music. So, I guess Jonas get born after all but maybe not Martha because her mom didn't look pregnant.
  4. I don't get why Clarke is "the key" either. I'm also bored with the Sanctum stuff. Coo-coo Echo is sitting in a corner slashing her face. Yeah, let's follow her. Gabriel betrayed his friends but hey he got a robe. Boring episode. Do better show this is your last season start connecting the dots.
  5. I can't confirm it but you're right he looks like he could be Evan's brother. I guess they've spoiled me because I thought the title card was boooooring! This episode was just okay but poor Mack :-( and now he's alone with Deke. Please come back Fitz!
  6. I agree 100%. It was a breath of fresh air not having the audience give a standing ovation every time someone says their name and age. Oh and also not having to see their stupid faces. Man, this episode was full of sappy sob stories. Wow, that comedian guy started crying just because he got through to the next round, calm down you didn't win the million dollars and if you don't win you better try to get your job back interviewing celebrities. A lot of singers this show. The unicyclist was boring and I bet he doesn't have a unicycle taller then the one he rode for this audition so what's he going to do in next round? I wonder if Howie would've hit the golden buzzer for the spoken word guy if his story/rhyming wasn't about losing his sister. I agree it was more of a beatnik vibe then actual poetry. Not really my thing but if he had that awesome sand lady that was on Champions (I think) in the background creating a story out of sand to go along with his story I might actually like it a little. I still haven't seen an act that belongs in Vegas. I'm surprised germaphobe Howie sat that close to the other judges or even showed up during this time with it being the start of the outbreak. I hope they don't do the live shows like The Voice did because that sucked!
  7. I agree about the death arc for Echo. It really seems like the writers are making her such an unlikeable character so we won't care when she's killed. I couldn't believe Gabriel got them captured again. I think my first thought was ugh then booooring! Holy crap, Diyoza took a page right out of Rick Grimes playbook with the bite to the throat. More Murphy, Emori and Indra Please.
  8. I agree, I really enjoyed this panel. And just like Deon, I too saw the cat lady on the clip they showed when Anthony was reading the card. And by the way, I will never consider someone on the internet or someone that does reality tv shows a star. Never! The last 2 men didn't even get to introduce themselves because we had to have the whole Deon won the Doris award crap and then the song/dance. Rita was a good sport. Anthony put the crown on her for "worst player" and she frowned then started dancing:-) What a weird relationship Anthony has with his mom. I don't understand why he wants her there, and I wonder if she's getting paid, but the Doris statue is just dumb.
  9. I loved the opening credits and my favorite part of the episode was when Enoch came sliding around that corner with the almost Terminator line and then he gives them all a review of the car, lol. The only thing that could've made that scene better is a red and white Grand Torino. Did you catch then opening call back scene of Saturday Night Fever with the shot of Coulson's shoes as he's walking down the sidewalk? I liked Zeke jumping right in front of Sousa to stick up for Simmons but I sooooooo wanted him to say "leave my nana alone" to confuse the timey wimey confused Sousa even more, lol. I'm enjoying watching May. I don't remember if we saw the outside of the van with the shag carpet that took Sousa and Daisy but when we do I hope it has a mural painted on the side :-)
  10. What a boring ass episode. I haven't seen one person yet this season that has Las Vegas act quality. I guess Howie was chosen to be the meanie this episode. And wasn't Howie supposed to push the golden buzzer this episode or did he already? What was the point of the body builder lady, did Terry meet her at the gym and tell the show to put her on so he could come out on stage and pose with her? After the bug eyed guy made it through with glowing remarks from Simon I am totally convinced because of the Gabby crap Simon will never push the red button for people of color again. POW!!
  11. That scene made me laugh. Deke seemed excited that Enoch answered the phone but was left just looking at the receiver after Enoch cut him off, with a look on his face like dude, I wanted to talk to you lol. I enjoyed this black and white episode a lot.
  12. Shouldn't Russel be dead since they removed the commander thingy from his neck? Why do I have the feeling we ain't seen the last of this stupid Sheidheda storyline. Who do you think he's going to end up in next?
  13. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Not Gwen she's terrible as a coach her coaching advice is, I can help you bring out your personality on stage. I don't know Nick and his brothers music but he was a breath of fresh air to a show that has become stale. I think they need to rotate the coaches maybe have a 3 season limit for each coach, I like Blake he's witty and has a great sense of humor but he's been there way too long.
  14. I agree 100% about the dancers. And have you noticed Simon now says to everyone that cries I was bullied, "AGT has a no bullying policy" or something like that. The Pinocchio dancer forgot to use the word bullied when telling his story, he said "the kids wouldn't let me dance with them because they said I wasn't any good" which sounded like something he was coached to say. Hey kid, maybe they didn't let you dance with them because you wasn't in there group of friends. Anyways, a couple of seasons ago their was another boy that danced like him but instead of Pinocchio he was a Robot. Their was a giant yo-yo guy last season? And he did it by himself but I don't remember how far he got. The singer with the dad that committed suicide was just okay, and had no reason other than wanting sob votes to tell his story to the judges. The girl that had to come up a new song I believe was a set up because how did the band lay down a track to her song so fast? I'm not buying it. Simon's going to want to record that song for all the daddies out there. Not only that, they give this girl a second chance so why not give the comedian lady a second chance? She lost her train of thought when she said her husbands name and talked loud/yelled but so did Preacher Lawson and the guy with the little arms they both yelled. I guess only singers get second chances. I don't like sword swallowing acts and can't watch them but the guy was entertaining. Enough with the backstage crap and the granny twins in the audience. I can't wait until we get to the shows without the audience. Is it in Sofia's contract that she has to wear strapless dresses/tops that's all I ever see her in. I think she follows Simons lead but I do like her better than what we had last year.
  15. I didn't care for any of the songs that were chosen. My favorite was from Fatherdude (dumb name) and least favorite was from the guy that won. I agree with pezgirl7 that this group of songwriters weren't good singers. Usually I'm shocked how good the songwriters sing and think they should be on a singing competition show but not this group. I think all 3 songs were changed so much by the producers this time they didn't even sound like the same song. I'm happy Ester won but Usher changed the song even more adding in rap. Count me in as one who didn't know this was the season final. I really hope we get a season 3 I enjoy this show a lot maybe even more than The Voice.
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