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  1. Having just finished Schitt's Creek, my unpopular opinion is that David and Patrick are insanely boring together. I love David and I get that his big personality needs someone more grounded, but Patrick is just so bland. Very nice and sweet, but bland.
  2. ITA that it seemed to have matured/changed him a bit. At least for the moment lol. He could have easily went along with Laird about how solid the sovereign wealth deal was, but he's not the same guy who watched that satellite explode and just put his phone back in his pocket and said it went great when someone asked. There isn't even an official Twitter or Instagram account for the show (that I'm aware of anyway), which really shocks me. I tweeted HBO asking for some Waystar/Royco merchandise, but didn't get a response lol. I even went to Waystar-Royco.com (which was on the backdrop behind Kendall during his speech) to see if that might be some neat little easter egg for us, but alas.... I was not only impressed with Roman for coming up with it, I was disappointed in myself that I hadn't even thought of it.
  3. God, I love this show. It doesn't matter which characters are interacting, there's never a single scene where I'm looking at my phone and I think that says it all LOL Tom and Shiv are horrible but man, their scene on the beach was so emotional and beautifully done. I sat there thinking to myself, "Oh my god, I think I'm rooting for Tom and Shiv. Wtf?" My only disappointment was not getting to see that NYT headline about Willa's play!
  4. I know we joke every season about never having seen some of these people before, but I swear I'd never laid eyes on Dean in my life before last night.
  5. I am so, so happy to see Alicia Coppola getting so much well-deserved love as Sheila. She's just awesome. Always has been. And I was not expecting Karl and Simone's story to take such a sad, heavy turn. But Lucy and Jack do great work together.
  6. I was so distracted by Ronnie's horrifying underpants that I totally must have missed Vince's. Also, Elaine has way more confidence than I would, going around in just a sports bra. Due to my gut, I wouldn't have the guts.
  7. I'm so happy Elaine didn't get a single vote! I really thought she was a goner there for a bit. She's from my neck of the woods (and the same county as Nick, who won two seasons ago) and she reminds me so much of one of my best friends - just a regular, hard-working country girl who is funny as hell. I love her. And I love that she sniffed out Ronnie as a lying weasel right away. So far, so good with this cast. Except I hate Boston Rob. I thought the energy of the episode took a nosedive with that whole "lesson" segment because it was so boring. Is that what we have to look forward to every single week? I mean, yes, it's definitely an improvement over Extinction, but still. And while Sandra was never my favorite (I like her, she's just not an all-time favorite), I do love her snark. Her response to Rob's question about voting people out was golden lol
  8. I absolutely despised Tom in the beginning, but now I find his smarmy, suck-uppy awfulness a delight to watch lol And because I can be as shallow as some of the Roys, I do not care for Shiv's new hair. Also, I love Gerri. The actress is so, so familiar to me, but none of her IMDb credits helped.
  9. I just started watching this show a few days ago and my god, these people are horrible. In the beginning, I thought Roman would end up being the n'er do well youngest son who actually has a heart of gold, but nope, he's a slimeball too. I think Kendall might actually be the 'best' of the bunch. And I almost gagged during the songbird scene. I hope Greg ends up killing Tom someday lol
  10. Damn, damn, damn. Come on, Nicole lol. Thanks for the responses, guys!
  11. Are they still voting Holly tonight? I need to be prepared if they're not.
  12. I didn’t especially love either of the Johns, so mine would be Bobby and then Danny. I think I would’ve liked Clark more if his character hadn’t felt like Danny Part Two, with all the personal troubles and growing pains. All fantastic actors, though!
  13. I would just like to plead with everyone to watch GameFace on Hulu. I'd never heard of it, just came across it while searching for something new to watch and I am so thankful I did - it is hilarious!! It's two seasons of six episodes each (S2 just came out on Hulu last week) and it's about an aspiring actress named Marcella (played by the insanely brilliant and hysterically funny Roison Conaty, who also writes the show). Not an exciting description, I know, but trust me, SO, SO funny and well written!
  14. I love Tommy's protectiveness over Simone. Leo Howard is adorable. But I'm extremely sad that Lucy and Alicia Coppola (Beth Ann's friend Sheila) will never have scenes together. I've been a huge fan of Alicia's since her soap opera days back in the early 90's.
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