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  1. TaraS1

    Derry Girls

    My favorite line of the entire series has to be from Sister Michael to Jenny: "You will go far in this life. But you will not be well liked." Such a great little show. The acting is a wee bit over the top (to say the least) but I still love every character.
  2. TaraS1

    S21.E10: Power of Veto #3

    I think I have to tap out on this season. You should be able to watch a fun, dumb show like Big Brother and not have a giant ball of stress and anger in your stomach over the vile, hateful cretins who CBS has cast. I could watch the news if I wanted to feel like that. Burn in hell, Gr8ful (in the extra hot section for Jack, Jackson & Bella).
  3. TaraS1

    S17.E14: Finale

    As much as I disliked Hester and everything about her aesthetic all season, I stunned myself by not hating her runway collection. I thought it went downhill after the first few looks, but I still thought it made for an entertaining show. Garo's however, looked cheap to me. They definitely made the right call giving the win to Sebastian and his gorgeous work. I'm not a big Christian fan because I thought he was a mean girl during his season (I know, it was years ago, he was young, etc.) and I can still see flashes of that now. But he was a pretty good mentor, especially because he's such a hot designer right now, has a current, fresh perspective to share with them and has been in their shoes. For me, he's no Tim, but I didn't mind him. Brandon Maxwell, on the other hand, rubbed me the wrong way all season.
  4. TaraS1

    Kids Behind Bars: Life or Parole

    I watched the season finale last night and man, I couldn't hold back the tears during the daughter's testimony in the case where Otis Daniels murdered her mother and shot her sister in the face. So amazingly brave. When you lose someone to such a brutal, pointless act of violence and evil, you dream of what you want to say to the monster(s) who did it. I didn't have the courage when it happened in my family, but I'm so glad she did. And in the Cordell Richards case, did the one girl's mom really think she'd be going home that day?? "I brought her a change of clothes!" That was some major delusion. Also, did anyone watch the episode before this? I'm not sure if it was part of this series or a special, but it featured Josh Phillips who at 14 murdered his 8 year old neighbor and kept her body under his bed for a week. I vividly remember that case when it happened, so I was fascinated to see where all the parties are now. I'm very glad the judge kept his life sentence in place.
  5. TaraS1

    Mama's Family

    I infinitely prefer the syndicated version of Mama. Even in the two network seasons, she was still pretty harsh, so I love that they toned her down a bit. Same for Vint - I actually preferred the super dumb character he became in syndication because Ken Berry was so good at it.
  6. TaraS1

    S17.E11: New York City of Dreams

    Count me in, @walnutqueen!
  7. TaraS1

    S06.E03: Up in Flames

    Just wanted to show some love to @Drogo for using a gif of my beloved Boy George! ❤️
  8. TaraS1

    S17.E11: New York City of Dreams

    She's close, but the winner of that contest for me will always be Kenley. God, how I despised her. Her nastiness towards the judges and other designers was unreal. I prayed weekly for Nina to disembowel her on the runway.
  9. TaraS1

    S17.E10: What Do You Care About?

    I am extremely behind in my watching, so forgive the late comment, but I just saw this episode last night. Nina, what are you doing to me?!? I was counting on her to call out Hester's ridiculous outfit for the silly, unimaginative costume it was, and instead she praises her? WTF? How is she even still on the show, making the same Rainbow Brite garb over and over again? I swear, if this is another fix like the plus-size designer who made hideous plus-size garments several seasons ago....
  10. TaraS1

    Good Behavior

    Those 20 episodes would free up a lot of DVR space @justmehere, but I can't bring myself to delete them either lol
  11. TaraS1

    Good Behavior

    I miss it so much too. It kills me that TNT wouldn't even give us one final season so Chad could end the whole thing the way he wanted. And not having Michelle and JDB onscreen together anymore is a crime against humanity. (I'm also a bitter Betty and refuse to watch anything on TNT now - not that I ever watched anything on there besides GB lol)
  12. TaraS1

    S31:E10 Chugga Chugga Choo Choo!

    I couldn't stand the Afghanimals the first time they ran the race and they've done nothing to change my opinion. So freaking obnoxious. I want to sit them down in a room with Tyler and tell them that none of them are as entertaining and adorable as they think they are. I'm rooting for Victor and Nicole at this point because I really, really like Victor. He seems like such a good guy. Nicole is...well, Nicole. I'm a huge Big Brother fan, so I'm used to her. I hated to see Floyd go because I love him and his positive spirit, but I was never sold on Becca. I definitely don't think she's some horrible, fake person, but she can be annoyingly over-the-top with the "TEAM FUN!!!!!!" persona when things go her away and just as annoying when things don't.
  13. TaraS1

    S31.E08: You're The Apple In My Eye

    I was actually hoping Rachel & Elissa would stay and the Afghanimals would go. There's something about Rachel and her facial features that remind me of a dear friend of mine, so I just had to laugh and roll my eyes even when she was being her most ridiculously obnoxious and melodramatic. I couldn't bring myself to hate her. (Elissa on the other hand just kind of creeps me out.) At this point, I'd like Floyd to team up with Victor and the two of them win lol
  14. TaraS1

    From Across The Pond: Royal Weddings and Scandals

    The best part of Trooping this year, besides Prince Louis making his balcony debut, had to be Prince George giving a half-hearted wave over his shoulder as he walked back inside like, "Later, peasants!" lol. I so love the Cambridges.
  15. TaraS1

    Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    Now that she's gone, I want to thank those who played "Who does Emma look like?" and let you all know that, while Vicky Lawrence was an excellent guess, the answer was, in fact, Kim Darby. 😉 (I didn't know Kim Darby by name, I just knew when I saw Emma the first day she played that she had clearly also played Mrs. Garrett's daughter-in-law on Facts of Life.) I appreciate Emma's personal service to me by getting rid of James, but I like the new champion already and really enjoyed the competitive game. I guessed Bob Dylan too, though.