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  1. I'm pretty sure there's a new documentary series on Netflix that covers this case. It's called Dig Deeper: The Disappearance of Birgit Meier. I watched it a couple of weeks ago and it was very good. I tried, but same.
  2. Best comment ever LOL. I would like every team to be given some kind of truth serum and asked if any of them really thought that was the Queen. I must know.
  3. TaraS1


    Why do so many shows like this have to have a dementia/Alzheimer's storyline? As if the subject matter of Shetland isn't already dark and sad enough lol. I know it's true to life, but it just hits too close to home for me and I ended up having to fast forward through a lot of those scenes with Jimmy's dad. Still great to see the regular gang back, though - especially Jimmy and Tosh!
  4. I just finished the Madame Blanc Mysteries on Acorn and enjoyed it. Typically, light-hearted shows aren't my cup of tea but I find Sally Lindsay very watchable and I love her accent. The guy who played Dom was good too. I must admit that I didn't love the new season of Shetland quite as much as the previous ones. Some of it was just too dark, even for me. But the actors are fantastic and it's still better than most things out there.
  5. That's where I am with this episode/storyline. With last week's fabulous episode, I was stressed out in a fun way because of the tension over the shareholder vote. Last night, it was not fun. Do not like. Right?? She's a wee bit of a liability, lol, yet no one mentioned it. Tom was by far the best part of this one. MM has really been the star of this season, and I hope the last three episodes live up to the hype I've built up in my head for his storyline. Also, I am so very, very over Greg. Don't let him hang his ornaments on you, Tom.
  6. I totally agree with this. Tom seemed quite genuine in his concern for Logan, and gentle in the way he was taking care of him and speaking to him. God help me, I think Tom has become my favorite character lol I think that describes Tom pretty perfectly. He can be awful, but likely really isn't. I feel like something big is coming with him and Shiv/Logan/prison. I really loved this episode, I thought it was definitely the best of the season and one of my favorites of the entire series. I didn't completely understand all the machinations, but any episode where all the character
  7. I loved the smug look being wiped off Liana's face, and then her trying to act like it was no big deal that her big advantage turned into a spectacular flop. You got got, dear. Well done, Xander. I was so bummed Ricard won immunity. Something about him and that serene little smile he always has creeps me out. (And count me in as hating the "live" tribals and the stupid grin on Jeff's face every time they happen.)
  8. That was such a fun game! I admit, my family cheered at the outcome, not because we hated Matt personally, just because we hated all the runaways with only one contestant answering the vast majority of the questions. I'm really looking forward to tonight's show.
  9. TaraS1

    U.K. TV

    I just burned through all three seasons of Motherland (I signed up for a month of AMC + for $.99 through Amazon Prime) and OMG, it was fantastic! I've always loved Lucy Punch (I still curse Fox for canceling Ben & Kate) but I wanted to try this because of Anna Maxwell Martin, and she was fabulous in it! I had only seen her in Line of Duty, so this was a complete 180 and she was just as brilliant at comedy as she is with drama. I highly, highly recommend it.
  10. TaraS1

    S41.E01: A New Era

    I was so shocked by Brad throwing Sara & Shan's names out right in front of them that I just assumed at first that he didn't know everyone's names/faces yet and therefore didn't realize he was talking TO Sara and Shan. I still like him, though, I'm glad he didn't get screwed by whatever Ricard was trying to do at tribal. (Ricard, however, is already incredibly annoying and needs to go.) As far as Jeff goes....remember people thinking Melania had been replaced with a double? That's kind of how I felt looking at Jeff last night. Like, it probably was him, but he looked different eno
  11. I don't hate Matt, he's obviously an incredible player, but I am very much over him and these runaway games. I'm a huge sports fan, but it's boring to watch one team smash the other by 50 points (unless it's my beloved KY Wildcats doing the smashing lol). And Matt, counting the syllables out on your fingers is amusing once, it is not amusing on every question in the category.
  12. @Leeds I love the British Royal Family (well, mainly The Queen and the Cambridges), so I think I'd actually enjoy that lol
  13. Ken, Mayim and Buzzy have been my favorites this whole time, but I'm really starting to think David Faber would be the best choice. He's not a celebrity, no big controversies in his background (that we know of lol), and he had the perfect mix of being an authoritative presence as host while also knowing when to fade into the background to let the contestants shine. Of course, if we can just demand that our favorite celeb get the job simply because they were a part of our childhood and we really, really like them, then I will soon be starting my Twitter campaign for Boy George to be the n
  14. @Trey I just went with “other” too. Thanks for the link @dcalley - might not make a difference, but it’s still good to let them know how we feel.
  15. I'm in the camp that found him to be too schlocky, fake and game show host-y, but I resigned myself to accepting that he was the new host and we were stuck with him. But this Ringer article? No way can this guy be allowed to host our show, to host Alex's show. No way. I hope the drum beat becomes so loud that he's forced to step down or Sony is forced to step in and ditch him.
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