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  1. I don't hate Matt, he's obviously an incredible player, but I am very much over him and these runaway games. I'm a huge sports fan, but it's boring to watch one team smash the other by 50 points (unless it's my beloved KY Wildcats doing the smashing lol). And Matt, counting the syllables out on your fingers is amusing once, it is not amusing on every question in the category.
  2. @Leeds I love the British Royal Family (well, mainly The Queen and the Cambridges), so I think I'd actually enjoy that lol
  3. Ken, Mayim and Buzzy have been my favorites this whole time, but I'm really starting to think David Faber would be the best choice. He's not a celebrity, no big controversies in his background (that we know of lol), and he had the perfect mix of being an authoritative presence as host while also knowing when to fade into the background to let the contestants shine. Of course, if we can just demand that our favorite celeb get the job simply because they were a part of our childhood and we really, really like them, then I will soon be starting my Twitter campaign for Boy George to be the n
  4. @Trey I just went with “other” too. Thanks for the link @dcalley - might not make a difference, but it’s still good to let them know how we feel.
  5. I'm in the camp that found him to be too schlocky, fake and game show host-y, but I resigned myself to accepting that he was the new host and we were stuck with him. But this Ringer article? No way can this guy be allowed to host our show, to host Alex's show. No way. I hope the drum beat becomes so loud that he's forced to step down or Sony is forced to step in and ditch him.
  6. I got Melanie Griffith as Dakota Johnson's mom, and then blurted out "Tippi Hedren!" for Gwyneth Paltrow's mom, even though I knew good and well it was Blythe Danner. Tippi, of course, is Melanie Griffith's mom lol.
  7. I'd never heard of David Faber, but I thought he did a nice job. At the end of the episode, I realized I hadn't thought much about his hosting skills at all because he just blended in nicely and wasn't obtrusive to the game. Poor Levar, I felt for the guy. He was clearly thrilled to be there and wanted to do well, but yikes. He turned out to be just a step above Dr. Oz for me. I'm sure Ken will probably get the job, and that's okay with me, but I'd be tickled to see Mayim or Buzzy win out.
  8. So, I'm only about twenty years behind, but...Kath & Kim anyone?? It's on Netflix here in the US and a friend forced me to watch it despite my protests. I'm now on my 4th time watching it all the way through. Gina Riley and Jane Turner are geniuses!
  9. TaraS1

    U.K. TV

    I just finished S2 of This Way Up, with Aisling Bea, on Hulu - so, so good!
  10. Seven or eight years ago, some friends and I were so excited to spot Mike, Frank and their crew having breakfast at a hotel we were visiting. One of my friends had her son with her, he was probably around 8 at the time, and he was dying for a picture with them. So we waited until they finished eating and were walking out, and my friend approached them with her son. You'd think she asked them to stop, have an hour long conversation AND give her an Indian motorcycle lol. They were both, to quote one of my favorite episodes of Designing Women, charm-free. You can catch anyone on a bad day, I
  11. I wish I could say the same. Twitter is quite the cesspool, no matter the subject lol
  12. A dear friend of mine was into Supernatural years ago and even though I never watched it, she got me invested in the insanity of that fandom. I will never, ever forget the person on Twitter who has absolutely outraged and disgusted by those who thought Jared & Jensen were together in real life....and yet if you scrolled down her feed, you'd see that she very seriously believed that Harry and Louis from One Direction were dating and that the baby Louis had with some woman was a fake doll lol. Insane and hilarious. I was a soap fan back in the day and lord knows those fan wars were ab
  13. I love the show, the cast, the endless interview scenes, etc., but S6 turned out to be my least favorite so far. The tight, intricate writing and plotting we're used to just wasn't there. And I didn't care about Jo Davidson or what happened to her either way, which I guess is not what they were going for with their main character of the season. I also found it totally bizarre that Carmichael was missing for most of the last episode. She had just told them all in the previous episode that she wanted to be informed of everything going on, she was in charge, etc., but yet everything tha
  14. Savannah's "You got it!" was mildly annoying, but otherwise I thought she did a nice job. I think I'm in the minority, but I absolutely loved Mayim's turn as host. I thought she was fun and personable and did a great job reading the clues. (But she's an anti-vaxxer?? Ugh, I wish I hadn't heard that.)
  15. I had sympathy for her being attacked, of course, but the violent behavior towards her family made her one of the most unlikable addicts I've seen on the show in a while. She looked absolutely amazing in treatment, though. I'm sorry for her and her family that it didn't last.
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