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  1. I was nearly killed by Emma Caulfield (Buffy, 90210, etc) at a friend's barbecue, so that's a memorable celebrity encounter that stands out to me. She was in charge of grilling the chicken, but when my friend and I got our pieces, they were almost raw. We didn't eat it, of course, but we always joke that the chick from Buffy tried to poison us. And on top of that, she was....well, I would describe her as charm-free. But maybe she was just having a bad day. My mom and I drove from KY to MA to see Maura Tierney in a play there about ten years ago (I've met her a few times and she's lovely) and while we were exploring the town, Casey Affleck and Summer Phoenix approached us and asked for directions. They were very nice, but I wanted to say, "You're from MA and we're from KY, we're even more lost than you are!" lol I spotted Rosie O'Donnell with one of her sons at LaGuardia once and essentially pointed in her face like a crazy person because I was so surprised and excited to walk right past her. She said hello and kept moving, but I felt like I'd been rude, so I sat down at my gate and tweeted her an apology. She almost immediately tweeted back that it was no problem, and started following me on Twitter. I just thought that was nice of her. When Kelli Giddish (Rollins on SVU) got her start on All My Children, I became a big fan and started a little fan message board dedicated to her. Her dad found it and sent me a message, and he and I became friendly. So just before she left AMC, I was going to be in NYC for a few days and I asked her dad if she might be willing to meet up with me - and she was! Believe it or not, she actually came to the hotel my friend and I were staying at and picked us up, and then bought us breakfast and spent the morning with us in Bryant Park. She went so far beyond what 99% of celebs would do (even if they aren't hugely famous), it will always blow my mind that she was that kind and open. Ironically, she was in the middle of filming a tiny guest spot on L&O:CI at the time, so I guess that's when the L&O folks first became aware of her. I've also had the privilege of meeting Boy George (the love of my life since I was five years old lol) at a few meet & greets and he has been an absolute dream come true each time. The last time, it had been almost two years since I'd seen him, but he was like, "I know you!" and gave me a big hug. Plus he recognized my mom, gave her a big hug and told the photographer that he was going to take extra photos with us, even though we'd been told by the staff that it was forbidden. I could have been hit by a bus two seconds later and would have died the happiest person on earth. But the nicest famous person I've ever met, hands down and without question, is Lucy Liu. I wish everyone could meet her someday, not even because she's famous, but just because she's such an extraordinary human being who is the epitome of kindness and generosity.
  2. I hate Rob, that's why it generated a "fuck you, Rob." And of course no one was obligated, but we all know what would happen to people who refused. Everyone would get suspicious of them and they'd have a big target on their back moving forward.
  3. It made me sick watching everyone scramble to open their bags when King Rob demanded it. Fuck you, Rob. That’s what’s in my bag - a big pile of fuck you Robs. And while I’m not normally one to bag on a player’s physical appearance (Sierra’s nightmare-inducing eyebrows notwithstanding), I could vomit at the sight of Ben’s pubic hair beard.
  4. I just discovered LoD on Hulu a week ago and signed up for Acorn so I could get my hands on S5, which I finished last night. Mother of god, I love this show! lol. I love Hastings and the friendship between Steve and Kate, but I think my favorite things are the actual police work scenes and the interviews. Those were always my favorite parts of NYPD Blue, which is what started my love for cop shows. I could listen to them referring to documents in your folders (after the very long beep of the DIR) all day long lol It's hard to say which season was my favorite, but I'm leaning towards S4. I have never been a Thandie Newton fan (probably because I hated her so much on ER) but I thought she was a brilliant villain. Same for Keeley Hawes. I'm not a fan, but she did an excellent job of making me despise Denton while also kind of pitying her for being a pathetic wretch. I'm so happy they've started work on S6, but if I had realized ahead of time how short the seasons are and how long we have to wait between them, I wouldn't have stupidly burned through all five in a week lol
  5. Hitting the like button cannot possibly cover how much I love this response. You are 100% correct and I join you in your bitterness! lol I can honestly say I don't care about any of these people's kids, where they left them or who with lol. But I get your point.
  6. Thank you! I thought it was just me and my 41 year old ears, lol, or just my TV. I actually noticed it during the last season too. I hated to see Natalie booted first (I love the twinnies) and was glad to see Amber go (can't stand her or Rob), but obviously it's hard to really care about anyone getting voted out when you know they're just over on EoE. Also, I still hate Ben and will forever blame him for the stupid rule change we're apparently stuck with now at the final tribal. It will never be fair that the winner of that final immunity challenge doesn't get to vote out the person they want gone. And like most of us here, I've never missed an episode in 20 years, but I swear I have no memory of Michelle. When they showed the old clip of her, I couldn't believe she had played with Tai and Aubry, let alone won lol
  7. I've discovered through watching Line of Duty on Hulu (which I am loving) that I really can't stand Keeley Hawes in anything. She's just deadly dull and unlikable to me.
  8. I thought I heard her say Lech Lawesa instead of Walesa, so I assumed that was what Alex meant. And I consider myself a huge sports fans, but I had never heard of the Queensbury rules thing from the other night in my entire life. I was very upset with me.
  9. Just started this on Saturday night and thankfully I love it! I thought I would because Siobhan Finneran is so fabulous, but I recently got fooled by a terrible show called The Accident with the even more fabulous Sarah Lancashire, so I was wary of this one. Can't wait to finish it tonight.
  10. I'm a few days behind, but in my part of KY, we say "Lew-uh-vul" when we're being fancy and using all three syllables, but it kind of gets condensed down to "Lewvul" when we're talking fast to other hillbillies lol
  11. Since I tend to complain about players/champs who bug me, I just wanted to say how much I like Veronica! I hope she enjoys a good run. (My dad thinks Marlan should get to come back since he was smart and only lost by a dollar lol)
  12. Me too! I lose my mind whenever there's a royal category, because if it's anything from Queen Victoria to the present day, I know I've got it. Love the Royal Family! (Well, mainly just the Queen and the Cambridges lol) My mother is very concerned about the way Alex looks. I'd like to think it's the different lighting, but his coloring really does seem off. It makes me sad.
  13. Shaun looked like he had just come straight from the set of A Night at the Roxbury in 1998. Also, I meant to mention this the other day but forgot - there was a clue the other night that asked for an occupation and I am 99.9% sure Lisa (I think it was Lisa, the current champ) said "choreography." But wouldn't the actual occupation be choreographer? Or are both acceptable? Or did I just mishear her? I just thought they would come back and ding her for it after the commercial, but they didn't.
  14. James getting shut out of all the Daily Doubles and therefore being unable to do that annoying "all in" gesture made me so happy. I'm rooting for Ken, but I'm really Team Anybody But James. I was delighted that two things I really love - Facts of Life and the Miami Dolphins lol - made it into the tournament all in one category, but I had zero chance of coming up with the answer to the other two parts of the clue as quickly as the guys did. Really impressive play, especially from Ken and James.
  15. The current champ's dullness is destroying my will to live. Okay, that's being dramatic because she seems very nice, but she's boring the stuffing out of me. I don't need a contestant to be all jazz-handsy like annoying Austin, but I like to see at least a wee bit of pep. Also, sad to say I was clueless on FJ. I just couldn't make the question make sense in my brain.
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