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  1. Stupid frigging Dean. That probably put the final nail in Elaine's coffin unless she finds another idol or goes on an epic winning streak at immunity challenges. If my parents were on Survivor, they wouldn't know what extrapolate means, so they'd ask, just like Elaine did. I know so many folks like her in our area, so I find her to be very genuine. What I did not find to be genuine was Karishma's Razzie-worthy performance during the loved one visit. The only thing worse than a sad sack, is a sad sack playing up their sad sackness for the cameras. Going back to the early episodes, I can totally see now why they left her lying face down in the sand after her life-threatening papercut or whatever it was and didn't bother checking on her lol.
  2. I thought Rose was so, so good - and Shane was so, so bad. I also didn't get the love for Maryellen last night, but was happy to see Ricky do so well. He seems like such a good kid.
  3. I know they were supposed to be celebrating that one particular album of Gwen's, but how do you bring out Eve and not give us at least a little of Let Me Blow Ya Mind?? Instead, they practically shoved her off the stage the second it was over so they could present Gwen with whatever that was on the big easel. Eve is incredible, she deserved more fanfare IMO. And I was so bummed for Myracle. She deserved to stay. Will, Kat, Shane...I'd much rather have been rid of any of those three.
  4. As soon as the actress playing Anne opened her mouth, I was like, "Oh yeah, she's perfect." Personally, I found this episode and everything that Princess Alice went through even more moving than the Aberfan one. Nice work by Tobias Menzies and the actress playing Alice. On the downside, I find some of the dialogue this season so insanely unbelievable that it takes me completely out of scenes. I know there's dramatic license and all, but I can't picture the Queen saying some of these things in a million years.
  5. Missy is one cold customer, there’s just something so off-putting about her to me. Of course after last week, she was dead to me no matter what happened this week, so perhaps my judgment is clouded. Anyway, thrilled to see her ass gone. Hopefully Dan and Elizabeth are soon to follow. Oh and the irony of Missy calling Jeff out for not addressing something at the last tribal. Yeah, there were plenty of things he should have mentioned last time, Missy - namely the bullshit you and Elizabeth were running on Janet.
  6. We determined that Kelly (though we love and adore her) had a slutty Flying Nun vibe happening lol. And poor Gwen - that ensemble looked like she took three or four leftover Halloween costumes and cobbled them together into an outfit. I thought Myracle did a great job, that's about all I've got on the actual competition.
  7. I wanted to scream every time the camera went to Missy, sitting there like a stone while Janet was turning herself inside out over doing the right thing. Fuck you, Missy. And Elizabeth. And Aaron. And Dan. But why did Jeff not bring up the meeting the producers had with everyone? Or the fact that Dan was pulled aside and warned? If you’re going to address the elephant in the room, then you damn well better address it fully or don’t bother addressing it at all. So much important info and so many important conversations were left out.
  8. That was such a strange episode, particularly the way it just kinda ended. Something even seemed off with the way Bad Janet was being played. And I 100% thought Brent said bitch lol
  9. Well since I stupidly always thought it was "dude rag," I should probably just stay out of this discussion altogether lol ITA. If she was saying she felt Elaine is dumb game-wise, I have no problem with that, that's her opinion. But if she was implying Elaine is dumb because of the way she speaks/where she's from, then screw you, Lauren.
  10. I think it's partly a byproduct of all the conventions they do - some fans (at least many of the ones I've encountered on Twitter) truly do think they know what these guys are like. And they want to defend/protect them at all costs. It's bizarre and disturbing, even for online fandom, which is by its very essence kinda bizarre and disturbing lol. I've even seen the argument that the actors have no idea how much the fans are being (over)charged for these events and that no one should ever mention it to them because they'd hate that their supporters are being gouged. I just find that incredibly naive. These guys aren't just actors, they're businessmen who are there to make money. I literally saw someone say, "Please don't mention to Misha how much his meet & greet went for. He doesn't like knowing people spend so much to see him." You're trying to protect the feelings of a millionaire who is being paid to meet you? That's nuts to me lol. These guys are making bank off of fans, they aren't just showing up to these things out of the goodness of their hearts. They seem like good guys, but they aren't clueless, defenseless woobies in need of coddling lol.
  11. I was totally convinced Elaine was a goner, especially when she made a comment at tribal along the lines of, "Someone's gonna get their feelings hurt tonight." So glad the editors faked me out. My dad is as country as country could possibly get, so when he saw Jason and Tommy reacting to the chicken being killed, he was apoplectic lol. "Have them boys never seen a chicken killed? They'd never make it through hog killing time." No, dad, they probably wouldn't. And I too implore Jamal to put on some pants.
  12. First of all, I will not be Applebee's shamed here! I could eat a plate of their boneless buffalo wings the size of my head and you cannot take that away from me. (Look, I live in an area so rural that we have to drive 40 minutes just to get to someplace as 'nice' as Applebee's, so give me a break lol.) And while I find Karishma just as useless and whiny as everyone else, I still wanted to crotch punch Jeff for his running commentary of how much she sucked in the immunity challenge. Give it a rest, dude - you think we can't see that she's slow? You think her tribemates can't see it? We all get it.
  13. Having just finished Schitt's Creek, my unpopular opinion is that David and Patrick are insanely boring together. I love David and I get that his big personality needs someone more grounded, but Patrick is just so bland. Very nice and sweet, but bland.
  14. ITA that it seemed to have matured/changed him a bit. At least for the moment lol. He could have easily went along with Laird about how solid the sovereign wealth deal was, but he's not the same guy who watched that satellite explode and just put his phone back in his pocket and said it went great when someone asked. There isn't even an official Twitter or Instagram account for the show (that I'm aware of anyway), which really shocks me. I tweeted HBO asking for some Waystar/Royco merchandise, but didn't get a response lol. I even went to Waystar-Royco.com (which was on the backdrop behind Kendall during his speech) to see if that might be some neat little easter egg for us, but alas.... I was not only impressed with Roman for coming up with it, I was disappointed in myself that I hadn't even thought of it.
  15. God, I love this show. It doesn't matter which characters are interacting, there's never a single scene where I'm looking at my phone and I think that says it all LOL Tom and Shiv are horrible but man, their scene on the beach was so emotional and beautifully done. I sat there thinking to myself, "Oh my god, I think I'm rooting for Tom and Shiv. Wtf?" My only disappointment was not getting to see that NYT headline about Willa's play!
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