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  1. I don't recognize the champ from any of the stuff listed on his IMDb page, but he's bound to have been in some commercials because he looks SO familiar. I don't know why Anderson's delivery of the clues continues to be off-putting to me, but it is.
  2. The hesitation before saying the answer was correct drove me nuts by the end of the show. I hope they encouraged him to speed it up for the next game. I definitely appreciate that he's a smart guy and knows how to pronounce everything, but it sounds like he's reading the news. Which makes sense considering his day job, lol, but it'll take me a bit to get used to his delivery of the clues. I'm not a fan of his, but I think he'll get better and better as each game goes on.
  3. I'm not a fan of Aaron's football-wise, but I thought he did a nice job for his first day. I liked the way he added some emphasis in the right places on certain clues, unlike Dr. Oz, who was awful and chewed his words IMO. And he had a sense of humor, which was great - especially on Scott's FJ answer. Nice one, Scott lol I got FJ because I was a huge soap fan for years and therefore never missed the Daytime Emmys. (I even went and watched the red carpet arrivals one year and got to see Alex in person!) And the year Mr. Rogers got his Lifetime Achievement Emmy, a dear friend of mine wo
  4. OMG the slowness killed me! And when it causes us to miss two TV clues? Sends me to rage stroke city lol Bryce seemed so timid at first and then when he started racking up more money, he was all, "In your face, people!" I kinda liked it.
  5. I love all things royalty (well, minus the Sussexes lol), so I ran the Kings & Queens category. But I missed FJ - my guess was 50 years. And as others have said, Amal's flailing is just bizarre and distracting. But I could forgive that if he'd just speed things up.
  6. Ken's thank you was simple, seamless and sincere. I have no doubt Mike's is just as sincere, but it just doesn't come across quite that way IMO. Plus, yep, it's too long. But I love that they all want to continue honoring Alex, no matter how they do it.
  7. I'm two weeks late to the party here, lol, but you are not weird for knowing how old Prince Edward is! I'm a huge Royal Family fan, so it took me about .02 seconds to get the answer that night. My personal belief is that the Final Jeopardy category should always be either The British Royal Family, Boy George or 80's TV. And I have to throw in my two cents about Ken, which is that my family and I are really enjoying him. No one is Alex, of course, but we like him. And we're glad he seems to be reading the clues a bit slower than his first few games.
  8. I loved Jill, but I always thought the way they wrote her out did a disservice to the character. While I definitely believe she would have done anything to protect her boys, I never bought that she would let things go as far as they did with Don without asking for help from Diane and the gang.
  9. I pretty much loved S2-S8 equally. Those are my go-to seasons when I want some comfort TV. And even though it remained my favorite show the whole time it was on the air, it wasn't quite the same for me after Kim Delaney left. As for Vince, remember when he lost to James in the delegate race? He thought his homemade cannoli would sway everyone's votes lol.
  10. The only thing I would've changed about this is having it be two or three episodes longer, just because I found it so fascinating and well done. I could have easily watched another couple of hours about the investigation alone. And no matter how often I watch something about Challenger, the line they inevitably play from Reagan's speech about them touching the face of God brings me to tears every single time.
  11. I guess the main thing I'm remembering about Kale was her hiring him at OLTL and the fans really resenting him and hating his character. I had forgotten about her having a thing for David Forsyth.
  12. I definitely remember her reign of terror on GH. Quite the beast, wasn't she? And there was the whole FOJ (Friend of Jill) thing where she - allegedly - kept giving jobs to guys she liked, like Kale Browne. And I seem to remember her having the hots for Tim Gibbs and John Bolger. @SomeTameGazelle I think you're right about the pill storyline. It was criminal what they did to Paulina, basically sacrificing her at the altar of Vicky. But then again, everything going on those last few years was a mess.
  13. Oh wow, that is so awesome, I would have killed for that opportunity back in the day. Around 2004 or 2005, a friend of mine was working at ATWT (after they moved into AW's old studio) and we got to visit her there. It was nice to meet some of the ATWT cast (not you, though, Maura West) but all I really cared about was knowing I was in the same building where my beloved AW had filmed. That was like hallowed ground to me. I will never, ever forget that bathroom scene. I can still remember exactly where I was when I watched it, it was that powerful and memorable. And as much as
  14. TaraS1

    U.K. TV

    Any of my fellow UK TV fans watched This Is England? I wasn't familiar with it, but a friend gave me the DVDs of the movie and the series last weekend and I have been obsessed ever since. Especially with Woody and Lol. I love Vicky McClure on Line of Duty, so it was great to see her doing something so different, but I'd never even heard of Joe Gilgun before. Good lord, that man is a brilliant, brilliant actor (with an accent I could listen to all day) and I'm now going to watch everything he's ever been in.
  15. TaraS1


    Kenny Doughty (Aiden) tweeted today that S11 will start filming this fall! Woohoo!
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