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  1. I loved Jill, but I always thought the way they wrote her out did a disservice to the character. While I definitely believe she would have done anything to protect her boys, I never bought that she would let things go as far as they did with Don without asking for help from Diane and the gang.
  2. I pretty much loved S2-S8 equally. Those are my go-to seasons when I want some comfort TV. And even though it remained my favorite show the whole time it was on the air, it wasn't quite the same for me after Kim Delaney left. As for Vince, remember when he lost to James in the delegate race? He thought his homemade cannoli would sway everyone's votes lol.
  3. The only thing I would've changed about this is having it be two or three episodes longer, just because I found it so fascinating and well done. I could have easily watched another couple of hours about the investigation alone. And no matter how often I watch something about Challenger, the line they inevitably play from Reagan's speech about them touching the face of God brings me to tears every single time.
  4. I guess the main thing I'm remembering about Kale was her hiring him at OLTL and the fans really resenting him and hating his character. I had forgotten about her having a thing for David Forsyth.
  5. I definitely remember her reign of terror on GH. Quite the beast, wasn't she? And there was the whole FOJ (Friend of Jill) thing where she - allegedly - kept giving jobs to guys she liked, like Kale Browne. And I seem to remember her having the hots for Tim Gibbs and John Bolger. @SomeTameGazelle I think you're right about the pill storyline. It was criminal what they did to Paulina, basically sacrificing her at the altar of Vicky. But then again, everything going on those last few years was a mess.
  6. Oh wow, that is so awesome, I would have killed for that opportunity back in the day. Around 2004 or 2005, a friend of mine was working at ATWT (after they moved into AW's old studio) and we got to visit her there. It was nice to meet some of the ATWT cast (not you, though, Maura West) but all I really cared about was knowing I was in the same building where my beloved AW had filmed. That was like hallowed ground to me. I will never, ever forget that bathroom scene. I can still remember exactly where I was when I watched it, it was that powerful and memorable. And as much as I grew to like Jensen as Vicky, I always thought Anne was the superior actress, if for no other reason than that one moment/episode. And if I'm remembering it all correctly, wasn't there some drama over Judi's weight? She was still carrying baby weight after she had her son and JFP had an issue with it. Or maybe we all just hated JFP so for making Paulina boring that we just assumed she was mean to Judi about her weight. I still can't believe Judi's son passed away. And then she had some horrible horseback riding accident earlier this year and nearly died herself. I've skipped the AW Zoom reunions just because watching those things give me weird second-hand embarrassment for some reason, but I know there was a second one that Alicia Coppola, Kale Brown, Alice Barrett, Christine Tucci and Anna Stuart did. I follow Alicia on Instagram (her Lorna is my all-time favorite AW character) and she hasn't aged a day, she's absolutely gorgeous.
  7. TaraS1

    U.K. TV

    Any of my fellow UK TV fans watched This Is England? I wasn't familiar with it, but a friend gave me the DVDs of the movie and the series last weekend and I have been obsessed ever since. Especially with Woody and Lol. I love Vicky McClure on Line of Duty, so it was great to see her doing something so different, but I'd never even heard of Joe Gilgun before. Good lord, that man is a brilliant, brilliant actor (with an accent I could listen to all day) and I'm now going to watch everything he's ever been in.
  8. TaraS1


    Kenny Doughty (Aiden) tweeted today that S11 will start filming this fall! Woohoo!
  9. I have three words for you all: Charity Shop Sue. Has anyone else seen this absolutely brilliant series on YouTube? OMG, it is so hilarious and fabulous. I'd never heard of it until Vicky McClure (Kate from Line of Duty) shared a clip on Instagram. Apparently she's one of the producers and she even did a cameo in the show. It's a mockumentary about the manager of a thrift store in the UK and her team of volunteers. Believe me, that description doesn't begin to do it justice, but you will not be disappointed. The actress who plays Sue is simply an international treasure. There are 18 episodes (and a Christmas special) and they're all between 6-12 minutes long. Charity Shop Sue
  10. Just wanted to let @LisaM and @dleighg know that I only have a three episodes of No Offence left and I'm so glad your recommendations made me hang in there with it! It took me until about episode 5 of S1 to get into it, but it has really turned out to be such a great watch. I love Viv - what a fabulous character! Dinah is probably my least favorite of the regulars, but it's still a fun supporting cast. I think everything I've ever seen Paul Ritter (Miller) in has him playing the same kind of character (like on Vera) but I just adore him.
  11. I loved Siobhan in The Stranger, too. (*Hated* the character of the stranger, though lol). And she's in A Confession, with Martin Freeman and Imelda Staunton, which is a limited series showing on Britbox right now. It's based on a real crime and I'm through the first two episodes right now, which are quite good. I definitely want to check out A Touch of Cloth - thanks for letting me know it's available! I definitely don't get British humor most of the time, but if it's a parody of crime shows, I think I'll like it. You should definitely check her out in Benidorm - which is the only British comedy I've watched that made me laugh out loud. The first few seasons are so funny, especially the family of her character. I just finished Unforgotten a couple of weeks ago and it's so well done (Nicola Walker and Sanjeev Bhaskar are fantastic), but I almost found it a little too dark and depressing, even though I typically enjoy that sort of thing. So many of these kinds of shows seem to have storylines dealing with dementia and that's just something too painful for me to watch.
  12. That all sounds really encouraging, I'm definitely going to keep going with it. I'll report back when I finish S1 lol
  13. @LisaM I'm glad you mentioned No Offence because I've started it twice and just can't seem to get into it, even though it ticks all the boxes of things I usually like in a cop show. I think the problem is that I can't figure out if it's a comedy or a drama (guess it's a dramedy?) and that's where I'm getting hung up. But I see so many folks like you recommending it, I'm going to at least finish the first season and hope it grows on me.
  14. I just finished it yesterday and thought the acting was good, but the story was just okay. I was thrown off by Acorn showing there were 8 episodes, when it turns out there were only 6 and the last two were just behind-the-scenes features. I was thinking, "Wow, this is going to be the rare show that solves the mystery in ep 6 and then has two more eps about how the crimes have affected the characters!" Not so lol. But having subscribed to Acorn and to Britbox a few months ago, I must say it's made me quite the Siobhan Finneran fangirl. I loved to hate her on Downton, and thought she was fantastic on Happy Valley, but I think it was seeing her do comedy in Benidorm that really turned me into such an admirer. She can do anything, so I watch all her projects now. I loved Cush Jumbo in it, but the rest of it fell totally flat for me. I know it's practically blasphemy to say this, but I've learned that I'm just not a big David Tennant fan. I just don't connect with his acting for some reason. I really, really enjoyed that one. The lead actress played a character on Grantchester that I think everyone else hated, but I really liked, so I was pleasantly surprised to see her in this. And I thought the supporting cast was great. I'd be happy to see them do a second season. My new favorite detective show, second only now to my beloved Vera, has become Scott & Bailey. I binged all five seasons in about a week and totally fell in love with it. I wasn't familiar with any of the main cast but now I adore Lesley Sharp and Suranne Jones. I just started Doctor Foster, with Suranne (and to my surprise, Jodie Comer), last night.
  15. I just watched this over the weekend and I'm disappointed that I let the first couple of episodes trick me into thinking the whole thing would be good. As everyone else has said, combining the missing kids/Katy thing with the whole Lexie/doppleganger/murder thing was a huge error in judgment by TPTB. On the plus side, this introduced me to Killian Scott who, despite not being my type in any way, I found insanely hot throughout lol
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