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  1. Lots of good jokes, but I didn't feel invested in the outcome of the games, which felt odd for a B99 plot. Strange, I can't totally out my finger on what it was. I did enjoy the more involved Hitchcock subplot. I thought he carried the load well.
  2. Regarding the Wave Metaphor. Looks like Chidi may have studied death and what comes next with Professor Det. Fearless Seriously though, that's how great that metaphor is that I can recall it from the Pilot Episode of a 17-year-old single season (and change) NBC Friday Night Drama. I knew this was going to be a blubbery episode for me to watch as soon as Janet clued into what Jason was saying, they hit when Dance Dance Resolution performed in front of an adoring crowd in the afterlife. Well done show, well done indeed
  3. I can't really comment on anything else.because of that painting. Oh my god... The way the camera would just.zoomminnandmlinger.on the face. Jeff's reaction tonite sitting in the kitchen. Everything. What a piece of gold!
  4. This episode made me really laugh a few times. But I think my favorite was: "Throwing away sunglasses, that jacket! What kinda budget is this guy working with?" Also, "Oh great! Actual feuding with your family!" Glad to see this show can still pull deep when it needs to, even if the "life lessons" get pretty repetitive after a while!
  5. "You did go into the family business, son. Spreading joy and positivity" Damn, what a line in what was a beautiful exchange between the two actors. I had seen Fred in something else recently and he was looking frail too. As they say, "Time is the undefeated champion," but it's so nice to see that he can still perform, if not as physically in the past. I'd always assumed John Michael Higgins would assume those Fred Willard roles, going forward, but it looks like Ty Burrell should have the inside track. The casting if them as father and son has been absolutely perfect. Sentimental Phil always hits hard. I hope we get another episode of him and his Children.
  6. It's quite a common analogy that Sisyphus' rock represents a grand purpose. It's annoying and it never goes away and it's easy to hate in the moment, but when it's no longer there, life feels empty. A common thing for people who made work their whole life and then can't figure out what to do in life. Jake in Everybody Wants Some!! talks about how Baseball is his rock in a Sisyphean struggle as part of his college application essay that required him make an analogy for his life to Greek Philosophy. While I was very happy watching Vicky get turned into a pile of goo earlier this year, it was even better having her back. She'll be great in that role. And at the risk of costing myself some Good Place points, she looked fantastic! That Acid snake knows how to pick a skin suit! I appreciated the relative lack of drama, or twists and surprises. I still think we'll get some as we close out (the committee is obviously wholly incapable of running anything in the Good Place) but this was a nice set up to the finale
  7. I'm pretty sure it was the Horse Chidi tried to draw during pictonary earlier this season, struggling to survive as it ever has.
  8. And their motto: "Fragile Trinkets for the Happiest Days" I don't know if Megan Amram is still the primary writer for these, but she's going to need a creative outlet when the show ends! Even I'm all hot and bothered by this Chidi. /Eleanor makes a good point /Chidi swoops in to kiss her passionately, "Do you want to get out of here?"
  9. Look, I'll always appreciate a Christopher Lloyd farce. Nothing is ever going to top the Ski Lodge episode of Frasier, but many of the Modern Family farces have been great, and the show has been at its best when it goes that route. But I have to agree that the whole premise felt icky with the family taking advantage of Alex. And really the only reason for it was the Robot Butler gag. They could have still gone on the "adventures" if they were able to wander the building on their own. Great heavy lifting by Stephen Merchant though. "Let me just slide back into my shorts" got me
  10. I was pretty Meh on this one. I think endings are hard for Storytellers when you're crossing multiple iterations/series, and especially when you have a rabid fan base who for better or worse has its own ideas about how to end it. So I am willing to give Abrams and crew a good bit of latitude here. I liked the Force Awakens for its ability to reset the tenor and spirit of the films, although in reflection it was a very close rehashing of A New Hope. I LOVED Rogue One because it told a captivating story and presumed you were up to speed on everything going on around the story and the battle scenes were amazing. I really enjoyed The Last Jedi, despite some of its flaws, because it felt like we were going to go in a new direction to close out the story. I really disliked Solo, because it felt like a comic book that gets released alongside a bigger media production, and so much of the movie was just *Wink Wink, Nudge Nudge. This one decided to go back to closing out the predictable beats from the first two Trilogies along with mass celebrations by everyone. Which I can understand, but still felt underwhelming to me. That said I did enjoy the Kylo and Rey storyline, right up until they kissed. Poe and Finn were well done, and the actors gave good performances. I do agree with the take that this felt like Abrams was trying to shoehorn his own ideas for what TLJ was supposed to be into this which really made it feel bloated. This felt every bit of its running time (which to be fair, TLJ did as well, for me). Palpatine being back wasn't shocking or interesting to me, and I would have enjoyed seeing the fallout from Rey had Chewie actually died in the Transport or Hux deciding to join our crew of ragtags. But all-in-all, it served its purpose.
  11. Of all the nicknames for Matt's underwear, my personal favorite was "Under Khakis" Possibly a decade too early for the "Jump, Jive and Wail" era of marketing, but that really spoke to Gap Employee Matt Bradley's passion for his product
  12. Sarayu Blue back on Thursday Night Network TV where she belongs! My apologies, I was one of the few people who liked "I Feel Bad" and especially her as the star, despite the show's other faults. It looks like she's in for a couple more episodes, which is probably right for the end of the initial 13-episode order. It's finally time to explore what a real relationship will look like for Wade, and the impacts on the family and social circle. Ben! Ben Ben Ben Ben Ben, not enough food show's up to your Kegger? Quickly see if there's a way they can send more (it's a mass catering BBQ joint in Raleigh, they likely have more) or just eat some humble pie and order pizza.
  13. Did it seem like Hayley was leaning HEAVILY into the Philadelphia accent right at the end of the story in the end tag. The "Onnne Hunnndred yards" really felt like it was coming from the front patio of Geno's. I hadn't heard that from Erica or really any of the characters' before.
  14. Did Gavin truly believe in Tethics? Or was this all a con to trap Richard? I'd like to think Gavin sees the long game, but the fact that "Hot Kisses, Cold Ie Cream" was ripped.off and he truly seemed to want that to do well leads me to believe it was all Gavin typical impulsiveness. I only wish he had found some exotic animal for his press conference to represent Tethics. The Jared vs Walden power struggle was definitely a bore. We'll see if that actually leads somewhere.
  15. I love the heart of this show. And the acting talent. This episode felt like it covered every emotion. I cannot get over how much the two actresses playing Grace and Natalie actually look like sisters. It makes lines like "They're really starting to look like Jill" hit with that much more weight.
  16. Of all the things there were to love in this episode, one of my personal favorites was Michael's explanation to Chidi of what he believes soulmates to truly be. That was so sweet and honest.
  17. One of the things I'm going to miss most about this show is all the little site gags. All the random disposable coffee cups in the Australian professor's office was well done enough, but then the label on the cup I Creme from a Land Down Under This was an absolutely perfect final season episode, it reminded us of how far we've come and gave us great insight into the characters' interpersonal relationships. I was glad to see Chidi get the focus when he's been somewhat sidelined this season.
  18. Wait.... Did I just...empathize with everyone in this episode? No one was a cartoonish farce? Incredible! That was a really enjoyable episode, because they didn't have to make anyone seem ridiculous to hammer the point home. Great work team. Pops, as usual, straight up steals every scene. Maybe it's those grey hairs
  19. This season had felt a little listless up to this point, but the Jared and Monica subplots this episode were absolute highlights for me. Everything about the interaction between Jared and his birth parents was delightfully absurd. I have to think Zach Woods lends a hand in writing these back-story bits for Jared, so I was delighted to see it get a little more focus. The set-up that it was as a result of getting genetic testing done for his risk of Marfan Syndrome was an amazing slip-in that is so bad, but on point. Everything about the Monica line was great too and gave her some character beyond "she smokes." The trying to weasel her way in, the "mentoring from afar" and then being bumped from the stage were great. And of course, it all leads to Lori discovering and being infatuated with Gwart" I also want to see what comes of this Guilfoyle, Jon "friendship"
  20. Cool that they got Barry Bostwick, I guess, but as the only one it kinda fell flat. I get this wouldn't move the needle for Susan Sarandon, but Tim Curry and Meatloaf didn't want to earn a paycheck for a half-day's worth of work. I hate to say it, because the wobbly legs of comedy appear to have finally started to buckle, but I think we're into the home-stretch of content here. Last year's "100% true story" about the living room was a jolt of energy to the show, this year's felt like "Hey remember that time??? Ehhh??? Ehhhh???" I can only imagine how tough of a project this will be for Adam F. Goldberg to warp up given how personal it is. The connection to his since passed father and grandfather alone, but I feel like it may be time.
  21. I enjoyed the Dunphy stuff (as silly as the break-ups were, they were at least humorous) but everything else felt quite tacked on. I actually felt let down when we transitioned from the Dunphy Kitchen to Mitch and Cam's. All the good energy and flow just felt like it hit a wall.
  22. The "Us" costumes were fantastic. Of course it's a shame they couldn't involve Devante in those. I adored the Ruby and Diane chat, especially Ruby's okay-ness with Diane stating this was a mistake she would have to make for herself.
  23. I'm guessing it probably was, it dovetails nicely with the opening shot of the season with he and Abby looking up at it. The 2019 scene was a decent epilogue, but I had kind of wished it just ended with Paul walking away with his limp, a perfect analogy for the period of New York covered by The Deuce. The ending felt quite put upon, but I enjoyed it as a stand alone. And to be fair, it works nicely with the scene of Vincent noticing how empty Leon's has become. It was very good to see all the old faces one last time, as was the case for Vincent I think. If I read into it all the faces he sees were dead. The paper confirms Eileen, Bobby confirms himself, I think we can safely assume Paul succumed to HIV, and Detective Ralph Macchio likely drank himself to death, or died while "cleaning his service piece" during his time at the academy, and Leon was pretty up there in age and looking slow during the last diner scene That leaves Joey, who we know is getting married (for the third time), Abby (who we see), and Alston (who we don't) for the folks Vincent regularly interacted with. I like to think Alston is retired and happy. Abby also looks exceptional for what would be approximately 60. That last one makes me wonder why they fast forwarded all the way to 2019. You could have gone to 2012, not changed much about the setting, and still had Abby a spritely early 50s. Yup, I had to look this up afterward myself. I guess Nathan was, according to Simon, the loose inspiration for Avon. Nathan felt it was a little more than loose. I'm sure this is Simon poking the bear a bit.
  24. I agree (concur!) with everything you posted. It's great to see sitcom television that treats grown-ups like grown ups. Sure Connie's reaction was out of spite, but she didn't do it in a demeaning way, she was trying to protect herself. And Richard Kind's response was perfect. George continues to develop as a great character. I enjoyed his early part of the show "Am I a kid or grown-up in this scenario?" and the later scene at the bar. Heck, even at dinner, "Can Sheldon come to the bar?" Sheldon's question landed with a lot of weight too. And I loved how Mary responded.
  25. I have to take a minute to acknowledge just how incredible Michaela Watkins is. She exists all over the Comedy/Drama spectrum so well. Even though they're both half-hour single camera comedies her character here is nothing like what it was on Trophy Wife. Her turn in Brittany Runs a Marathon this summer was spectacular drama, and she played sultry so well on Hung. It serves to further reinforce how terribly she was used on SNL. But unfortunately her stint there coincided with the height of the Wiig years when there was no oxygen for the other female performers.
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