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  1. I'm not sure we are all watching the same show, or at least not through the same eyes... ;) Jen went on and on about "no cake, not tonight, Mommy didn't make cake, no cake" and only came up with the cookie thing later. When Will refused to get down (without his cake, which he's clearly used to, and which he earned by eating broccoli), Jen very snippily said, "Okay, come on, Zooey, let's go play, Will doesn't want a cookie, let's go get a cookie, help Mommy push in the chairs." and left Will sitting there. Immediately after, Bill got him down and they had cookies. Why move from the table t
  2. Having been a caregiver myself, as you can tell from my screen name, I can spot from a mile away adult children who don't want to be bothered. It's obvious that this won't be a "safe place" for her mother (her boyfriend himself shows signs of dementia), but the daughter clearly wants to be rid of the responsibility of her aging and ailing mother, and the same for the other siblings. It's as common as dirt. Her anger was not so much concern for Mom's welfare (for that, she'd have kept her home with her), but, "Oh, ****; there goes my out..." I guess it's nice that they were GIVEN AN OCEANFR
  3. Isn't Jessa the one who essentially said, "Oh, whatever!" to Grandma, who was trying to teach her to measure correctly to make cookies? And was it Jessa about whom Jana was weeping at a podium, confessing to some jealousy or resentment or something (she gave up her jewelry box - literal jewelry box - as recompense for it)? She is one cool customer Together, she and Ben do not make riveting viewing, exactly.
  4. And now that they're empty-nesters. Oh, wait; I forgot about Jacob!
  5. I believe Bill has always been the submissive one in the relationship, as evidenced by his moving from his work and family in NYC (did they buy that house together, or was it his house first?), as well as vacationing where JEN likes, at the beach. But in marriages where one is -- what did Bill call it -- "strong-willed," one partner always has to cave to the other; my brother is similarly married, and it works... Happy wife, happy life! At least Bill has a sense of humor about it, and that makes me chuckle. I do believe Jen loves and appreciates him, but she runs the show. How did Will go
  6. I was also a little confused as to why Jen had to rehearse the doctor's appointment with Zoey (it could've been just playtime, but Jen pointedly stated that it was because of her pending appointment the next day). Zoey's already had at least one doctor's appointment, with Bill in India, and was just fine with it. I, too, would like to know more about her condition (she appears to have been well cared for in the orphanage, despite their initial fears about it) and especially if they're planning genetic testing to determine her type of dwarfism.
  7. I'm confused about college (again). The daughter says she got a "full tuition" scholarship, and they all breathed a sigh of relief, as they were worried about how she -- emphasis on "she," Mariah -- would pay for college, but then she says she's hoping or planning to move out. If the money is just for tuition, who's going to pay for her college room and board or apartment? Do any of the older kids besides the first son have jobs? I would think perhaps so, since the parents at least seem to have a work ethic. As for the obsession with babies on this and other TLC shows, welcome to my world
  8. Bill is probably experiencing caregiver fatigue! Seems like he's doing all the housework and even medical care on Jen, and who is changing and bathing the two kids, unless we're not seeing a nanny, "Nini," or other child care assistant? In addition to running his business in NY (doesn't he still have this?), the pet shop (that was just a filler for the grandparents until the grandkids arrived, or that was the original plan, anyway), and just getting those two ready to go somewhere looks exhausting! Plus the chronic back pain. I didn't see anything that needed "disciplining" anyway; boy is
  9. Also, I cannot believe that Jen, a doctor, and supposedly worried about her low immunity, would insist on going to a pediatric outpatient clinic and (it looked like) hospital cafeteria? I even try to avoid the germs at my "family" doctor's office where there are kids with viruses, and she didn't even wear a mask? As Bill pointed out, it wasn't necessary for her to be there (except to be on camera). I hope Jen isn't beginning to enjoy the fame and adoration. She did mention once that she'd love to be a doctor on TV. Hope this was just an isolated "off" show.
  10. Maybe, again, I'll be tarred and feathered for this, but that was just plain depressing! Did Will crack even one smile the entire show? All I saw was Jen scolding him for wanting dessert (after she's obviously trained him to get dessert after a meal), even punishing him by pushing his chair in, all the other chairs too, and leaving him there while pointedly walking off with Zoey to play without him, her also scolding him for trying to "help" with the blood pressure bulb, and generally favoring Zoey over Will. Oh, and Bill washing the dishes. Oh, and then immediately giving him a cookie!!!
  11. "Will"ing audience; that's funny! They should probably be trying to train them to NOT get food (or at least treats) unless and until he asks verbally, if he's capable. I think he'd do about anything for cake or a cookie, and Zoey also seems to be picking up words and language.
  12. He clearly needs to court a sixth wife... A stealth witch!
  13. If this is one where Matt spends the night in the house, I'm glad it's cancelled; what a waste of air time and bunch of bad acting! Enjoyed Dr. Greene with her day-glo eyeshadow, though, as well as the vampiresque Dr. Zasio, but too much drama for my taste. Less rat poop, more actual demonstrations of how to organize and declutter too much stuff, which hopefully would apply to more of us in the real world.
  14. I'm watching for Wife 5 to knock the pins out from under Robyn, but suspect she's already scripted that to be her sister, which is why they moved to Las Vegas in the first place (her father also lives there). After all, doesn't Robyn write the script now? I, too, find these wives more interesting that the Brady Bunch; Christine fan from Day One.
  15. I found them to be just the right mix of "in on it" and "genuinely bizarre" -- they used to give me laughs -- but the crew goading them on to grosser and grosser depths needs to stop. Also, wasting food is a pet peeve of mine; it's clear June never had to actually work to buy any. Pigzilla and the car key incident might's been the last time they were genuinely funny. Oh, and Anna's boyfriend is so Kaitlyn's father... I'm actually very happy for the three of them!
  16. My Three Wives and Two Baby Mamas
  17. I'm with Paulie. "Africa?" Not sure what this has to do with then going on a mission. Hope Uncle Philip isn't as whacked as Brady's dad!
  18. Zoey has "personality plus" and is definitely her own little person (no pun intended); this should be interesting! I loved Jen and Bill in the beginning (although I kind of felt for him, between Jen and her parents), but the egg retrievals weren't holding my interest, and the whole surrogate thing was just awkward and strange. Hope they'll eventually just do annual specials, but am loving these two kids, and I don't even like kids.
  19. I'm too pretty to cook, but not too pretty to post!
  20. As I said, I thought he was being generous about that because Jen was so counting on having a closer bond with Zoey so, in order for her to save face or to spare her feelings, either he or the show "spun" the story to appear that she was rejecting Bill instead of Jen. I saw no evidence of this and couldn't imagine why they kept saying it... Why would he? Because he's that "big" a man, no pun intended... Yes, I too worried about the kids pulling those wires; probably not the ideal setting for two active toddlers (who are so stinkin' cute together, BTW). Also, she said "I hope you brought
  21. My only question is: "drink more water"? (Brady talking about the positive changes his Mom has made lately.) Brady's Dad: no words.
  22. Zoey was kicking her leg at Bill because Bill was deliberately getting her goat by poking at it in fun; she wanted to be held and not put in the stroller, as she had just been. Sorry to the Jen Fan Club (it almost seems we're not allowed to see her as a flawed human since the cancer diagnosis, or at least to comment on any flaws), but there was never any problem between Zoey and Bill. Seems Zoey was also immediately at ease being held by Kate; with Jen, not so much! I do sometimes wonder if the whole "having a family" thing was more for Bill, as he's from a large, close-knit family (and I h
  23. I believe he was being generous, not wanting it to appear that he was being preferred over Jen by yet another child; what a guy! Also, is it just me, or are her parents a little cool and/or not as involved with the grandkids as they had originally planned to be? Seemed her mother was all over the idea, but then we see Bill having to rush back to take care of the kids, leaving Jen alone in the hospital to receive chemo. Really? Her parents, who moved to Houston to take care of the kids, couldn't keep them that day??? I sometimes wonder if they aren't somewhat disappointed that the kids ar
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