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  1. Bessa have good looks in common; once they get their fill of sex, they'll both be like, "What?" (as Bin asked) He's as dumb as a box of rocks, she is just odd! Wow; kind of amazed to see JB tear up -- twice! Is he okay? Not surprised to hear MC just "talk" about crying (not actually crying) re: her existing kids. The pie. Really? Even I know to add more flour!
  2. The reason they had to manufacture "Mommy and Me" episodes was to compensate for the genuine bonding -- there's that word Jen loves to use -- that was lacking in "real" (there's that word again) life. But agree that I'd love to see "Daddy and Me" for Father's Day. It's clear that the chemistry and compatibility between Bill and both kids "over the moon"; no need for plotlines, props, scripting, coaching, spin, or retakes there.
  3. Jen held Zoey in an awkward fashion -- and set her totally on edge at first, as compared to Bill, who was comforting to her -- for the same reason Jen is hyper, nervous, and strained around the kids and so painfully inept in dealing with them; Jen is not a "natural" parent. Bill is. You may recall that Jen was essentially infertile, while Bill was Mr. Super Sperm... Could there be something to Darwinism after all? I found it notable, as well, that neither any of the cherry-picked questioners nor the parents themselves addressed the continuing speech or potty-training delay. Granted, it's n
  4. I thought we thought this was the one exception... Guess not!
  5. I tune in to reality TV to see reality, not fantasy or spin or a PR campaign for a certain someone to get her own show... But that's just me!
  6. Wow, that was an excellent job of damage control! Great spin. I even realized that it isn't "Jen the wife" or "Jen the doctor" I find uber-irritating (although they both have their moments), but just "Jen the parent"; she is SO awkward and uncomfortable in most scenes with those two kids but, naturally, those weren't the scenes they selected to show last night. Loved how they morphed Zoey's post-tea party meltdown with Jen's mania for shoes; very clever, TLC! Sure; Zoey is a mini-Jen just like Will is a mini-Bill. Would Jen have it any other way? And, what? Zoey initially clung to Bill
  7. If I could cook, but simply preferred not to (which is, in fact, the case), I would - and do - say that I don't enjoy cooking; not that I can't cook and certainly not "if I were taller, I would bake a cake, but no one would like that, hahahaha!" or whatever Jen said on Will's birthday... But that's just me!
  8. I'm not so sure Will is ready for pre-K or K-4 since, as someone here once said, "he has fewer words than Boy in 'Tarzan'"... Certainly hope they're as concerned about this as they were prior to his ear tubes being placed. What is going on there? Perhaps if they took away the electronic device he seems to always have in his hand (I'm no techie, but looks like he watches vidoes on that thing) and put him among other children, his speech would -- by necessity -- improve... Expecting pre-packaged questions and answers. It's TLC!
  9. What "guests"? Certainly not Bill's family... I, too, noticed that they all have to climb up into (or be helped down from) the giant dining room table chairs; what is up with that? A kid's play set would suffice for 99.9% of their meals, at which no family or guests are present. Maybe it's just me, but I sense a great deal of impatience and barely controlled (of course) anger toward Will in Jen; how she reacted to his so-called "meltdown" over cake (all her fault), and now her dismissive demeanor toward him at the crafts table makes me very uncomfortable. All of her interactions with h
  10. Didn't he even say "blesses us with a pregnancy"? Hee! I do feel for Michelle; she's got a big-time midlife -- if not existential -- crisis comin' at her...
  11. Isn't the future father-in-law somewhat highly placed politically (in their circles) somehow? Perhaps it's mutual fame-whoring on the part of the four parents. There's more to this than meets the eye...
  12. Now I remember that female OBGYN; it's been so long since M was pregnant, I nearly forgot!
  13. My mother had me at 40 (nearly 41); I was a "surprise"... Little did I know how lucky I was to be born without Down's Syndrome! I believe Michelle thinks she has some control over this whole process; hence the health kick (exercise machines, drinking gallons of water, and taking fistsful of vitamins with Jubilee after Josie's gestation "went wrong"... Clearly that didn't help, and it might even have hurt, as I thought it was a little over-the-top... Aren't pregnant women supposed to rest and eat for two?). And now she asks what, if anything, she's doing "wrong" and what she can do "right.
  14. As long as there's a basic underlying compatibility (hello, Bessa!), arranged marriages work because the commitment is to the marriage or institution of marriage itself versus the particular person... In other words, it's not based upon infatuation or passion, although that can also be a nice bonus, but rather on a determination to work out any differences and treat each other well. Real love most often follows...
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