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  1. Drawing a tiny pencil mark on the door jamb doesn't take up much "wall space," nor does it require a stud finder (Bill is right over there!), but glad Will got to learn how to use a new tool; he will be a big help to his dad in the future. I notice that Jen also says she has a pit in her stomach, so sometimes even Jen -- brilliant though she may be -- has a box-of-rocks moment like we mere mortals do. She definitely seems much more nervous lately, and I would guess that it's because she senses her own failure to "excel" at parenting and dreads the exposure. This would be on a subconscious l
  2. "A Day in the Life." But I mean a REAL day in the life, showing how the kids really get into the bathtub, who really changes their diapers, who really cooks the meals, etc. Zoey getting genetic testing to determine her particular form of dwarfism (if any; I'm beginning to wonder if she wasn't misdiagnosed). Both kids interacting with other children in a non-structured setting and on a regular basis. A backyard! As much of "Bill at work" as we have "Jen at work" because, hello, Bill also works. And, finally, more -- MUCH more -- of Bill's family, who has really gotten the short end of the
  3. "I think Jen needed something to do with Zoey for filming. She's still a bit restricted on public places." Um, she just flew to CA on a public plane, spoke at a public conference, has eaten out in innumerable public restaurants, gone to a public pediatric clinic (although she wasn't needed there, as Bill said), and topped it off with a trip to a public kids' park with public amusement rides. I don't call that "restricted." Jen had to have a tea party because that's Jen's idea of what a perfect mother does with a perfect daughter (I guess Judy wasn't so perfect). My friends and I used to us
  4. Also troubling... I've heard both Bill and Jen say more than once (I think on this and the last episode), "You have to keep kids entertained!" Maybe you do if that's what the show's producers tell you to do, but no. Really, you can just let them play and be kids without micromanaging their every move and directing their actions, and that would be far more entertaining to viewers. But then, that might not be all about Jen being Super Mom! This "tea party" was an epic fail and an embarrassment to watch. It's clear Jen has always had an agenda for Zoey other than sitting back to watch and se
  5. As Jen put it: "Will has learned that, after a meal, he WANTS dessert." MO, Jen; he has learned that, after a meal, he GETS dessert -- and so, apparently, has Zoey (Bill: "These kids know what dessert is!") She's going to have to reverse the policy SHE HERSELF set when, in the beginning, she placated his every whimper with food, and back-pedaling at this late date won't be easy on any of them. Jen, like Judy with the chocolates, brought this on herself.
  6. Two observations: could they not have cut up that big broccoli floweret that Will was shoving into his mouth WHOLE? I was honestly worried the kid was going to choke to death on it (which would make having a doctor in the house really convenient). And yet Jen is all, "CAREFUL, DON'T HIT YOURSELF ON THE HEAD WITH THE HOLLOW PLASTIC PRETEND OTOSCOPE, ZOEY; CAREFUL!" And what is with Jen taking a breath in (ah!) after everything she says to Zoey along with the crazy eyes while directing the pretend appointment? And then "DO YOU WANT A BANDAID, HELP MOMMY WITH THE BANDAID, YOU CAN HAVE A B
  7. I've always found Jill rather annoying, but do believe this is "a match made in heaven." Now for poor Jana.
  8. Plotline, plotline; all is plotline! That JimBoob is such the practical joker, isn't he? I just can't believe they're still trying to procreate... My eyes... I WILL say that Ayyyyyyd-a has some awfully cute kids, though (at least the first two; kind'a hard to tell about Mark Anthony yet)...
  9. Speaking of CAKE, leave it to Jen to order a hundred dollar one from a professional when Bill was able to bake his own, presumably from a cake mix, with Will's help, which was a lot more meaningful, not to mention fun. You can't cook, Jen? Then why the professional kitchen? It's a good thing Jen trained for a lucrative profession, is all I have to say. And the interrogation during the tea party... Is that good? Do you like tea? Is it too hot? Are we having more fun? Are we done now? Can I dress you?" (nervous laughter) Jen is talking and can't hush up...
  10. Mmm; chocolates! Will is neither old enough nor big enough to get his own food. It's sort of like "The 600-pound Mom" or whatever... If they're incapable of feeding themselves and yet are eating too much, well... Just sayin'!
  11. I'm genuinely curious to see if this "cancer scare" turns out to be anything at all except bad acting on everyone's part. I once had what turned out to be an adenoma; got the mammogram, ultrasound, diagnostic aspiration, and excisional biopsy (under local anesthetic only, as I drove myself home after), and then waited for the pathology report all on my lonesome without even telling a soul about it. And I can close my own windows. Imagine that! It's a truly boring family with a very troubling baby obsession (well, maybe Brady's father won't be "boring," if they ever move to Washington st
  12. I liked it, too. Hope it wasn't scripted!
  13. Agreed; Josh is uber- annoying and most of the kids look like Frankensteins, which is to say Rhonda.
  14. Well, I can answer that, having JUST watched the rerun of the spa weekend to Galveston (it appeared Bill had to "make it up" to her for bringing his entire family down for Christmas; I notice they haven't been back since)... Bill said re: the croquet game, and I quote: "My wife has this issue; she is ALWAYS competitive. Always, always, always."
  15. I would suspect producer-driven, as this show (unfortunately) increasingly seems to be, complete with dubbing of the kids' voices at times.
  16. I liked how Zoey ripped those gloves off the minute Jen put them on her (actually, while Jen was putting on her own) and then, because Jen still didn't get the message, threw them on the floor after Jen laid them out on the table "for later." Also, when Zoey was viewing the BIG CAT through the viewmaster, what was with Jen going "ROWR-ROWR!" and all wiggling her fingers just like Bill does with Will to signify a bear? Poor Zoey just kept repeating, "MEOW, MEOW, MEOW" like a sensible little girl... Jen really needs to quit talking so much and learn to listen...
  17. Oh, and... I thought Jen would never stop "speechifying" and ring the bell... RING THE BELL, already!
  18. (talking about the wonderful new growth charts you can BUY now to match the colors in the rooms, whereas poor Jen had to make due with pencil marks on the door jam like the rest of America) Jen: "There aren't many walls in this room." Bill: "Well, there are four." Tee hee!
  19. Plenty of people who choose their own mates after years of dating and because they were passionately "in love" with them ALSO decide they love someone else 15 years down the line; look at the divorce rate! At any rate, I gather the ginormous party for Josiah's graduation is to get a better field of candidates for the next pairings. Seems it was pretty slim pickings for these two! What happened to the Bates? I mean, Bateses? lol
  20. I was annoyed by the aside about how the great benefit of polygamy is that "there's always someone there to help," as demonstrated in the house cleaning. True, but... Didn't we used to have, you know, extended family for that? Neighbors, friends, church members? It may be a sad commentary that polygamy IS the new extended family in a mobile society in which everyone lives so far away from their relatives, but it hardly seems a happy alternative given all the angst involved. And it appears not even a village can raise a (boy) child...
  21. Isn't Bill's undergraduate degree in some area of biology? Not buying that he doesn't know what a mammal is anymore than I'm buying that he was rejected by "Daddy's girl" Zoey. This show is jumping the shark, and Bill is selling his soul if he's uttering lines driven by a producer's plot (it would've been too humiliating for Jen to be shunned by BOTH adoptive children, so there came that storyline, and now we must demonstrate that not only is Jen the put-upon breadwinner, but is so much more intelligent and/or better educated than Bill, whose own occupational achievements would be impressive
  22. From Jen's shocked reaction, I got the impression that this was the first time Will had spoken in a complete sentence. Then she tried to "spin" it -- no pun intended -- in the TH by saying how delighted they are when he utters a NEW sentence. Uh-huh, Jen. I took no exception to Bill trying to have a little fun in the teacup; poor guy!
  23. It was clear in this episode how the "pairings" are going to go down; it's Will with Bill and Zoey with Jen! Good for Will, however (lol).
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