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  1. Wow; Janelle looks THIN (and beautiful)! Who's the young chick standing between her and Meri? Not a potential Wife #5, surely? Can't be; it's not Robyn's LV sister...
  2. I keep wondering if Zoey may have a form of primordial dwarfism; these people are perfectly proportioned, just very tiny (smaller than Zoey, but she could be on the high end of THAT growth chart). Definitely doesn't have Will's form. They burned rubber getting him checked out for every possible physical issue; I'm surprised they haven't done the same with her? That exam seemed very cursory. Perhaps a trip to the same hospital specializing in dwarfism, where they took Will, is in the offing, but they could at least have drawn blood and sent it off for genetic testing, as did the Hennons. T
  3. "...it turns into a family vacation when Bill, Will, and Zoey tag along to make sure she follows her doctor's orders to take it easy..." Someone was asking why Bill and the kids had to go along, and I just noticed this at the top of the page. According to TLC, anyway!
  4. It's very difficult to make every post pertain ONLY to the thread topic, particularly when there are a bazillion different threads for each show. Just my opinion (no pun intended).
  5. Oh, Jen is being revered and applauded. No worries there! Agree that Bill seems fine with her being the superstar, on the show and in life. Many couples have this dynamic going on (one Type A making all the calls and the other Type B, being okay with it), and it works, although it's less acceptable these days when it's a man bossing a woman. Granted, Jen drives the train in the nicest possible way (always the big smile and laugh). It's also true that Bill is apparently over the moon for her and willing to let her have her way in any and everything, being secure enough to let her lead. He
  6. I have to say, arranged marriages in other cultures work out as well as or better than America's romantic lust pairings; that's just a statistical finding. I assume they're approaching these couplings as such. What makes them work is that they love "for love's sake only," as it were; they are committed not so much to that particular person - although love usually grows if both behave properly toward each other - but rather to the institution itself. They're going to make it work and not throw in the towel when the new wears off or the other shows a flaw, because the marriage isn't based on
  7. "I don't think theirs was a story with widespread appeal..." No, because they were flawed and imperfect and not afraid to show it. Also, Becky's 'sassitude' cracked me up. I guess I'm weird that way! We seem to prefer fantasy to reality on reality TV, for some reason. Given that Will will soon outsize her, Jen had better start making more of an effort to get on his good side... I do see favoritism on her part toward Zoey, but this is hardly surprising given her own words to Bill in a TH: "Just wait till Zoey gets here. That's all I'm gonna say about that!"
  8. As for the stroller, why not the one seat in front, one seat in back type? That would take up a lot less room in the store aisles, and I anticipate that Jen will be doing A LOT of shopping!
  9. I thought (and posted) the same thing when she insisted on being present at Zoey's very routine checkup when even Bill, in the preview (although it was cut out of the show), said, "We don't need you here." Instead the martyrdom of being Super Mom, exposing herself to germs in the children's outpatient clinic -- heck, even I fear contracting germs when I visit my "family" (read: kids included) doctor -- and the hospital cafeteria, where they met up, and no mask? Don't most "compromised" cancer patients take this precaution while undergoing chemo, esp. if the recognize the danger and express c
  10. Agree; the Browns are better actors, LOL!
  11. Wonder what that ginormous ring he wears on his right (I think; lol) index finger signifies, if anything?
  12. I think they look enough alike to be brother and sister! Not that I'm implying anything. Cute couple, but they'll always be "Dill" to me.
  13. At least they've always been self-supporting; I have to give them credit for that!
  14. I suspect it might be Robyn's (isn't that how she spells it?) sister; after all, they moved to LV, where SHE lives (along with their father), although of course that factoid is seldom if ever mentioned, particularly not as a motivation for the move there. They appear occasionally.
  15. I think Meri would've been left in the dust if she hadn't agreed to Cody's dream of a harem; wasn't he into the "religion" before they married?
  16. An opinion that differs from yours -- or even from the vast majority's -- isn't by definition "inappropriate" unless this board is under fascism, which I don't believe it is. Please don't feel the need to "speak up" simply because you don't agree with me. "Mean," for example, is inappropriate.
  17. Does worshipping her make you all feel invincible? I know; silly me! Expecting reality from reality TV. But I do feel they were genuinely human at one time and, therefore, genuinely interesting. Now it's like "super little hero" hour. Yawn!
  18. Not that they would SHOW them having sex, but "a night with Brady" would appear to consist of him dragging himself over after dinner, exhausted, propping himself up on one elbow briefly in bed, exchanging "how was your day's" or perhaps discussing a wife's problem (some seem to have more than others), then going to sleep. Brady looks like he can't keep his eyes open much less make like Romeo.
  19. I'm sure she can figure out how to delegate, and I'm sure that's what she does.
  20. If Will is still being bathed in the sink, I seriously doubt that Jen - by force of her amazing willpower (with which she defeated cancer) alone - can lift Will into it. Come on, people! Jeez. Being an intelligent couple, they'd be the first to admit that there are things they simply can't do because of their size (in contrast to the Roloffs, who insist that they can, but "just a little differently"). In fact, I believe they have? Perhaps the film crew helps out with them.
  21. I haven't seen any of the fattening food since Will's "issues" have become an issue. The day of Will's surgery, Jen made a point of saying, "Today, there's no restriction (paraphrasing); today he can have anything he wants!" as if that's not the case on most days. I notice that anytime there's a criticism, the default answer is, "But we don't see everything." Okay, but what we see is what we see. The same could be said for the Gosselins or Roloffs or Boo Boos or any other reality TV family. SMH at Jen's power over people; she should run for president!
  22. Re: Rosemary's ring (glad she's not the one jonesing for a pregnancy -- although she said SHE'D like another, too -- or we'd be saying Rosemary's baby)... I'm going to take a wild guess and say that it didn't "break," but rather had to be cut off when she gained all that weight. As long as we're playing poker, what would you bet that Brady was holding out for her to lose the weight before repairing it? It would be a lesser expense, I'm sure Brady wants her thinner and, yes, I think he's that much of a tyrant under his "love ya" demeanor. As for lumpgate, they really need to find a bette
  23. The fact that SOME children from SOME orphanages (probably orphanages that offer neither enough nutrition nor nurturing, and we KNOW this wasn't the case at Will's orphanage) have food issues doesn't negate the fact that Jen is feeding these kids just lettuce, broccoli, grilled chicken, dry bagels, and appears to have withdrawn that with which she was constantly plying Will at the beginning and to which both have apparently grown accustomed (Bill: "These kids know what 'dessert' is!"). Food issue or no food issue, they are clearly hungry! And possibly bored, since they are apparently never a
  24. They're a good example of one being, shall we say, "intense" and the other being laid back. It's a formula that works, but it's hardly unique to reality TV couples. That said, we do need more Bills in the world-wide marriage pool... If only they had spent all that fertility-treatment money on cloning instead!
  25. Um, I think that's parody. She didn't REALLY say "now I'll have to learn my kids' names." Although she will! And THAT is sad.
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