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  1. Hope I don't get tarred and feathered for this, but I wasn't at all getting the "Zoey doesn't like Bill (or men)" vibe. She seemed to take immediately to him, and their solo trip to the doctor was completely calm and peaceful. It almost seems as if the show or Bill was trying to spin it to seem that Zoey preferred Jen when I wasn't seeing that at all. Zoey seemed more agitated with Jen. Personally, I think it's not only that she's quite Type A and intense, but that her voice/giggle scares the little kids, and when she rachets it up another octave at times, such as when she's being playful,
  2. Happy to find a place to discuss TLC shows! Did anyone else wonder why Brady and Rhonda were taking their "ten-year anniversary trip" four years late? They seemed to just fluff that over... Clearly just to stake out some land near his family, even if it means Wife 1 has to leave hers, as well as their adult daughter, behind. As for that other family (the Browns), everyone keeps wondering why they moved to LV, but seem to forget that Robyn's father (and I think younger sister, a potential Wife 5?) live there, and they've both been on several shows since the move. Robyn strikes again! (Sor
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