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  1. I thought it was cute, too, but it's so obvious Jen is biased toward Zoey that it's NOT funny... Will must be so confused! It's funny when Zoey hits, my Bee-Beep is taken away if I hit? It's funny to paint my hand with Baba at the pottery place, it's not okay to paint my hand with Mommy at the easels? I just hope Bill is a "stand-up guy" for Will now (once he has his back surgery, that is). Bill's family. Vanished?
  2. "It wasn't just a celebration of his 4th year of life, it was also a celebration of Jen being healthy and able to plan the perfect party." Yes, it was certainly all about Jen... But isn't it always? I was disturbed that they all seemed to find Zoey's hitting so cute and funny, yet poor Will was sent to time-out for the same behavior. Double-standard much? True, Will did it with the Mad Will look on his face, while Zoey did it with a big, beautiful smile, so she gets away with murder. Hmmm; she might be her mother's daughter after all!
  3. Is Dill being a little forward here? Did Jerrick actually ASK her to come to Nepal? Is it Sadie Hawkins' Day? She certainly seems to have set her sights on him and isn't above chasing him down, even halfway around the world, to prompt a courtship. Very self-promoting, that one.
  4. High-deductible -- or "catastrophic" -- health insurance; you just try not to run to the doctor's every five minutes for every little thing, which is another "thrifty" tip I admire and try to emulate; it would save this country bazillions. Or a church "pool." I personally see nothing wrong with saving money as long as you're not taking from others to do so, and I don't count "kids eat free" or saving condiments (I said CONDIMENTS) as "stealing." That said, wish they'd rerun the early, frugal, hard-time Duggar episodes... THOSE I would actually rewatch...
  5. It's clear Josie has some "issues," but why shouldn't she, being born at 25 weeks? It IS a miracle that she survived at all! Too bad they have to spoil it by vociferous denying -- again -- REALITY. Would it be a slight against their (idea of) God to admit to imperfection? Life is full of it... Certainly the Duggars are full of it! Aside from that, I believe she's definitely one of prettier Duggar offspring; a mini-Michelle. And, even if 'Kensie's line, "I wish you could stay forever," was scripted and rehearsed, she probably means it. I find the relocation very sad...
  6. That is one fugly tatt. Surprised they didn't do an LA/NY INK crossover with Brady doing the big confessional talk, baring his soul to the tatt "artist" about his five wives, who are always complaining about everything! The five-vine arm band wouldn't have aged well? WHAT???
  7. Will was never a screamer before Zoey; her influence, no doubt (or maybe he just has to work harder to get everyone's attention). I wish Jen had gone with the "bee-bee" car cake to which she seemed to have a positive reaction; if any cake was "Will all over," it was the cartoon car-shaped one; he'd have loved that! But she just had to stick with the theme; she's all about the theme, as we saw in Bill's former media/now play room. Her manta: "must keep everyone occupied every minute" is getting old (and is extremely controlling)... Let kids be kids and interact naturally rather than microma
  8. I do wonder who all those party attendees are; last year's, with just the family (granted; only JEN'S side of the family, but still) seemed much more enjoyable and real, if this is reality TV. But then, Jen wasn't such the celebrity last year, nor was SHE planning the party! Again, will we see any of Bill's family there? His brother, wife, and their children (?) live just an hour or two away in Florida, I believe...
  9. "I have a pit in my stomach"... Just sayin'! Although, to be fair, we also had Bill "brooming" the floor in this episode, so who knows? Good luck learning English, kids...
  10. If Brady doesn't get angry (even off-camera), I wonder what Robyn meant by "we've had several fights about this," including "the worst fight we've ever had"; how do you "fight" with someone who doesn't "fight" back, unless -- by "fight" -- timid rabbit Robyn means raising an eyebrow?
  11. Something must be wrong with me, too. The only question I was left with after watching last night (because I already suspected drama queen Rhonda didn't have cancer; if a biopsy was "strongly recommended," why didn't she go straight to an excision and skip all the other 500 tests? oh, yeah): how did those five bouquets in glass vases full of water in no container not fall over in the back of the vehicle?
  12. Good idea, Lillybee... I wonder if Bill and Jen will get them active in LPOA which, if I'm not mistaken, is how they met (through a dating website there) and also where they were looking to adopt (can't remember if one of the kids actually came through them)? Will seems less interested in interacting with Zoey lately, although she imitates him a lot. It would be nice to see them WITHOUT Bill and Jen, too! As for Bill disciplining Will, he DID tell him "hands off" the train under the Christmas tree!
  13. It's like "Will has learned that, after dinner, he WANTS dessert." Mo, Jen; Will has learned that, after dinner, he GETS dessert! Jen misspeaks occasionally; I'm sure it's not to intentionally mislead, spin, or create a false impression, however.
  14. Will was ADORABLE decorating those cupcakes with Bill. BOOM! And Bill was all chill, just enjoying him. Too bad "Mommy and Zoey Time" couldn't have been making a cake for Will's birthday, but that wouldn't be Jen's style, now would it? Besides, by her own admission, she's "not big enough" to bake a cake, although she's "big enough" to save micro-preemie babies.
  15. Someone correct me if I'm wrong here, but did Jen not actually endanger Zoey no fewer than three times in this episode? First she leaves her alone in the kitchen, in front of an open cabinet with who knows what in it, to walk the expensive professional cake lady to the door. Then she LEADS into the bedroom, carrying the plate full of expensive professionally made tea sandwiches and tea pot filled with hot water (that's what it looked like to me, anyway; yum!), and Zoey gets her right foot caught under the throw rug behind her and nearly trips and goes down with a SPOON in her mouth (!!!); th
  16. She's always wanted to be a party planner! Suddenly. Although she's "not big enough" to bake a cake. LOL
  17. I agree that it's time for just periodic updates (as cute as I think the kids are, I don't think the presence of the camera is natural or healthy for them). Plus, Jen is getting such the big head! I get the "over it" jibe from Bill, but Jen drives the train, so it'll be interesting to see when -- or if -- SHE is willing to retreat from the spotlight.
  18. How will we know when Zoey can speak English? No one else can get a word in edgewise. I expect her first sentence to be "STFU!"
  19. Somehow, I can't picture Robyn and Brady "fighting"; I can picture Nonie screaming and Robyn crying (because I've already seen that), but does Brady have a temper he hides from the viewing public? I wouldn't think he would have enough energy left over.
  20. Again, I'm puzzled at people constructing ginormous McMansions for entertaining (at least Bill mentioned this while they were building it), purchasing professional ovens for baking, etc., and then doing all of their entertaining in rented venues with purchased baked goods, but anyway. I do hope we see at least some of Bill's family at this party, as Will and Zoey have TWO sets of grandparents and not just one... Three, actually!
  21. Well, some families make dessert a regular part of the meal, and others don't. My only point being that you don't switch horses in midstream; if you do, expect to make some waves... And it's not Will's fault that he expected it (as usual, apparently)... This only proves what a quick little learner he is! And he DID end up getting his cookies... ;)
  22. But, MrMattyMatt, she did give in... Although there was no cake to be had (did everyone hear Jen say "there's no cake" about 200 times?), the cookie was SUPPOSED to be a before-bedtime snack later, after "taking a break" from eating. Instead, Will ended up going straight from the dinner table to the high chairs for -- you guessed it -- cookies early! No fair, Jen, conditioning him to expect a dessert after he eats all his dinner (maybe he shovels it in just to get to the CAKE faster?) and then withdrawing it because he's now gaining weight (because of Nini's chocolates, among other things);
  23. A genetic test to determine her type of dwarfism is simply a blood test. She's already been to the doctor in Houston, so I'm not sure why that wasn't done then (assuming it wasn't). I'm withholding judgment as to whether Zoey is "girly" or not, because I've yet to see anything coming from Zoey herself. True, she's all decked out in girly clothes, but that would be Jen... She DOES enjoy imitating Will, however!
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