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  1. Can you imagine both the hair team and makeup team trying to rein in their laughter while they're tarting up the Princess of Arizona?!?!
  2. Seriously, did MM's PR people contact Primetimer?
  3. On that we agree. I don't know. I think the crying might connected to the fact that all feminine gay men are subject to the threat of physical violence, so fear is an everyday part of life. That the threat of violence, albeit ridiculous, came from within his family/friend circle might've been a factor. I still stand that an effeminate gay men living his truth in this sometimes homophobic world is brave, even if said person is an asshole.
  4. Thanks for pointing that out, the pun flew right over my head. Copyright infringement is a crime, but punning on a name isn't.
  5. But sous chef Dushka did supply the best line of the night. After asshole Sandy's "It's unfair", Dushka posited the ever true "life's unfair". It left me hopeful for some entertainment!
  6. She hasn't watched the show. Doesn't she live in the old country?
  7. Thank you. The Crows committed a host of constitutional violations, they were the enemy of the people. I'll never forget the scene, set in a sports stadium, when the Crows, including their illustrious leader Jacob, was shooting Batwoman at point blank range. I don't give a fuck if this domestic terrorist is reunited with his long lost daughter.
  8. Yes, physical was not an accurate adjective. Like Grrarrggh suggested, I should've said biological or genetic. The upshot being the surrogate has no legal claim on the baby.
  9. About the scenes with the young family during the blackout, the boy made a fuss about something to look at, his father looked at it and smiled. I never saw what it was, did I miss something?
  10. I read Asta's Book when it came out in '93-'94, I must've read it 3 times since. Here's a link to an article which contains a letter from RR explaining the differences between Rendell and Vine. "Fatal Inversions: The Barbara Vine Information Web" https://www.gusworld.com.au/books/vine/why.htm
  11. Just to be clear, that woman wasn't the baby's mom, it was the surrogate. F&D combined eggs from a donor with their sperm, produced an embryo, which was subsequently implanted in the surrogate. The surrogate has no physical connection with the baby, she is definitely not the mom.
  12. That's where she's been staying during the pandemic.
  13. Now that is the funniest thing I've heard all day. Thank you for your service, Whoopi.
  14. I love it when people show us who they really are!
  15. Normally I would totally agree with this sentiment, but since Meghan joined the show nothing has made me happier than all the other panelists getting claps, whoops and laughs while Meghan's attempts at filleting and humor fall flat with the thunderous thud of silence.
  16. Yes, I am! I stand corrected. Just for the record, Amrit is much cuter than Vishal.
  17. No one brought housewarming gifts! Not a potted plant in sight! He and Nicholas are probably the cutest gay couple on Bravo. I hate to quibble, buuuuuut it's promise cuffs, not cufflinks, ;)
  18. Amrit and Nicholas are not like Vishal and Richa. A&N just bought a property together. They live together. Amrit's parents like Nicholas. Amrit's committed to Nicholas, he's just not committed to the idea of marriage - yet. It was poignant when Amrit shared his feelings about possibly being the first married gay couple of their generation. I suspect after he comes out to his grandmother, his perspective on marriage may shift.
  19. Looking forward to the wedding!
  20. It always baffled me how a promising young writer could wind up a drunken parody of himself. The movie Capote explained it all. The relationship may have started off simpatico, but it turned into something else. Capote had all the power. Capote delivered legal help, which prolonged Smith's trial. But Capote also needed an ending for his book. After Smith finally revealed what happened that awful night in the Clutter house Capote finished his book. Capote cut ties with Smith, except for showing up at his execution. I read the book the movie was based on, written by Gerald Clarke. It's
  21. I just watched S6E6. Episode 5's ending was amazing!
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