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  1. Same! Was I the only one yelling "Don't gooooooooo!" as Curtis was giving the valet his ticket? I adore the two leads, but as someone posted above I love the supporting cast.
  2. I just listened to a 40 minute interview of Jean Smart on NPR's Fresh Air. It was awesome. I can't imagine how awful the 6 minute interview on The View will be.
  3. What wedding? In my neck of the woods Tony was just arrested.
  4. Five forms of the word ugly in one paragraph!
  5. Another thread of misogyny that the show continues to explore. How about police and media not believing Deborah that didn't start the fire? Losing custody of DJ after the divorce? I hope Deborah take's Ava's challenge and talks about all these challenges.
  6. It's so good, let us know what you think of it after you've finished.
  7. The one time the recap doesn't focus on MM it focuses on Caitlin Jenner?! Way to aim high!
  8. Who else would have him but Bravo? Let's agree to disagree.
  9. I don't think Mike's brothers and parents would show up and basically lie to give their brother/son a storyline on a reality show. I bet Mike was the project manager for that building, and after a few weeks of fucking up, being late, missing deadlines and posessing a non-existent work ethic his parents and brothers fired his ass.
  10. Last one was published in 2012.
  11. It got quite a decent review in the most recent Sunday NY Times Book Review.
  12. I agree. Can't wait til September!
  13. It really was. Not only is Mare suffering traumatic guilt because of her son's actions, she's also suffering guilt because her daughter was affected by those same actions. When Siobhan first said "It should have been you." I wasn't sure what she was talking about, then it became crystal clear. It should've been Mare to discover the body. Poor Mare, that's a lot to process.
  14. Absolutely, and it doesn't necessarily mean any kind of disrespect. I was happy that Sunny wasn't in lock-step with VP Harris.
  15. Minor quibble: Imdb.com lists this show as NCIS: Hawai'i.
  16. Who stole it from Glenn Close in Dangerous Liaisons, who stole it from...
  17. This show holds a special place in my heart. At times it was heartwarming, poignant, joyful and surprising. Other times confounding, confusing and downright disappointing. Season one was written so well, so tight, focusing on the lead women characters like Blanca, Electra, Angel, with supporting characters such as Lulu and Candy. I know this is an unpopular opinion but Season 2 suffered from too much Billy Porter, all of sudden the focus is on Pray Tell. Pray Tell, the character who had no problem ripping Candy (among others) to shreds from a podium with a microphone was now espou
  18. This. A thousand times this.
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