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  1. It sure was, it was gorgeous. She just can't help herself. Some of those elements, like the wallpaper, and the chandelier look wonderful on their own, but they just don't work together together.
  2. and Bernie Rhodenbarr is nothing like Whoopi Goldberg! Yes! BWB is a major supplier on abe.com and alibris.com.
  3. Thanks for mentioning Westlake, he's one of those authors I've always wanted to pick up but for some reason I never did. My library system doesn't carry any of the Dortmunder books, but I just bought a used copy of The Hot Rock on abe.com for less than $5! Win!
  4. From a statement from Sue's widower Steve Humphrey: "Sue always said that she would continue writing as long as she had the juice," she wrote in a post on Grafton's page. "Many of you also know that she was adamant that her books would never be turned into movies or TV shows, and in that same vein, she would never allow a ghost writer to write in her name. Because of all of those things, and out of the deep abiding love and respect for our dear sweet Sue, as far as we in the family are concerned, the alphabet now ends at Y."
  5. Love Bernie Rhodenbarr! I guess of the 3 series that Block writes, Bernie's is by far the cozy-est. Block is such a good writer that he can put Bernie in the same situation 10 times (Bernie commits a burglary, finds a dead body, is caught by police and is charged with murder, Bernie sets out to clear himself, Bernie investigates, Bernie gathers all the suspects together, Bernie unmasks the murderer.), but every book seems brand new. I love how Block can poke fun at the form of the locked room mystery, but still adhere to it's rules (or tropes, depending on how you look at it). He's such a
  6. He's imitating his buddy Kelly Ripa, who calls her co-host RyRy.
  7. Great! I'm already familiar with Delany and her Sherlock bookshop series. They're basically a template for the modern cozy: amateur detective, brisk plot, not too violent, doesn't take itself too seriously. I'll check out my library for Shelton and Adams.
  8. So many reasons it didn't do well: Post-pandemic fears about going to a movie theater No star quality It's a musical It's not based on a great musical, just a good musical Free on HBO Max I saw it in an AMC theater (Dolby Sound and reclining chairs) with friends, some of us loved it. Some of us, including me, liked it. It sure wasn't Moulin Rouge or Chicago, both of which I saw several times in the theaters. The theater was not even a third full. I knew it wasn't going to be a hit.
  9. While I would definitely categorize Maron as a cozy writer, I would have a problem labeling James, Leon and McDermid as such. James is a classic mystery writer. Leon and McDermid are definitely the cream of the contemporary crop, but they're more of a classic mystery writers than cozy writers.
  10. That is worth tuning in for!
  11. Esp ironic since Curtis just said Deborah was not making his needs a priority.
  12. I know you meant Hamilton and not Hamlet, but this is my favorite typo of the day! No one is above criticism, and everyone can do better. I love the way LMM handled this. What a great example.
  13. I DVR'd the RHoNYC (don't judge!) watched it this morning while getting ready for work. The DVR also picked up WWHL. I was happy to see guests in the studio, Heather Thompson and Ryan Serhant. Within 5 minutes there was a game I had never encountered...Million Dollar Fisting. One can always count on Andy to keep it classy!
  14. The water guy didn't ask Marcus to change, he asked him to broaden his horizons. When faced with a change that could be painful Marcus chose the easy way. Deborah took the more painful route with the additional difficulty of a higher heel.
  15. Right, and just because LMM is who he is, it doesn't mean he's infallible. I'm so happy he took the criticism, thought about it, apologized and promised to do better.
  16. I just requested Inherit The Bones from my local library lending system. Thanks!
  17. Me too. But if I come across another plucky female amateur detective with a competitive/flirtatious relationship with a member of the local constabulary I'll scream bloody (definitely not cozy) murder.
  18. It sure did. Now we have "spontaneous" conversation orchestrated by a committee. Boring as it sounds.
  19. Seriously dude, stick to writing books.
  20. Checked my local library system. Only available in audio book. I'm a dinosaur, prefer an old fashioned book with a book mark. I have a cap for used books - $5. Over the cap.
  21. Even a malicious, jealous, petty, hateful, untrustworthy asshole can be right sometimes!
  22. I've been looking for a cozy series that isn't cloyingly sweet, I'll see if I can find a cheap copy of the first one Murder in G Major on abe.com.
  23. Right, we don't know. Only Vishal can say that, and so far he's not even coming close to saying that. Effeminateness is on the spectrums for both gay men and straight men. There are plenty of straight men who are gentle, kind and soft. And sometimes the phrase "I have excellent gaydar" translates to "I ascribe to pernicious gay stereotypes".
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