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  1. Did she really need that much preparing? He's been out to his immediate family since college, he's been in a relationship with Nicholas for years. It's not like he's been actively deceiving her. I didn't see it that way. I saw her children trying to explain what Amrit what really was saying to her. I don't think Amrit's command of the native tongue is as accurate as his mother and uncle's. Word!
  2. A drunkJax/drunkBrit date should be a monthly occurence. Bartender: It's last call Brit: HOW DARE YOU!
  3. Same here! He seems to be taking a break with Alex McKnight and focusing on his series with Nick Mason, none of which I've read.
  4. I don't think anything happened, he was always a shiftless, lazy, womanizing egomaniac. His true self has been coming to the forefront, more and more every season. You can only wear a mask for so long.
  5. Thank you for that wise insight! I shall endeavour to crochet it on a pillow for fear that I may forget it. But I wasn't posting about life I was posting about Line of Duty, a TV show.
  6. Lord have mercy, polar opposites!
  7. Right, it's interesting to see someone smack dab in the middle of that process. Amrit was right, it's not just the LGBTQ+ person in the family that has a coming out process.
  8. It was easy for me. She was totally corrupt and still had the nerve to contend she wasn't a bent copper, when in fact she had been a bent copper for most of her professional life. Pouring on the waterworks while leading Kate to her place of execution, railroading Terry Boyle and aiding and abetting the OCG in their nefarious adventures. No sympathy here. Tony Gates killed himself. Lindsay Denton and John Corbett were murdered. Roz Huntley is currently serving a 10 year sentence. Jo Davidson lives a nice cottage with a girlfriend and a dog. Where's the justice?
  9. Great place to start! BW, along with A Dark-Adapted Eye and Asta's Book, are my top 3 of the Vines, and the only three that I've attempted to re-read. I read them as they were published, in order, on loan from the library. I dearly miss the release of a new Rendell or Vine. Back when Tigerlily's Orchids was published, RR went on a promotional tour. I got to see her in a B&N in Manhattan. She read the first chapter of the book, adding so much humor in her telling, followed by a Q&A. She was quite charming, and very tiny! When I got the chance to get my book signed, I asked if sh
  10. I'm elated that they did just that, right now Nichole Wallace is kicking ass at 4pm on MSNBC.
  11. Librarians are the best. My librarian suggested the Elizabeth Peters series about Amelia Peabody. After I read them all, she suggested I now go to Egypt to see the sights that the novels were set in.
  12. Lindsay Denton is easily the most compelling, the most polarizing bent copper of LOD. Any season. Mother of God!
  13. Can you imagine both the hair team and makeup team trying to rein in their laughter while they're tarting up the Princess of Arizona?!?!
  14. Seriously, did MM's PR people contact Primetimer?
  15. On that we agree. I don't know. I think the crying might connected to the fact that all feminine gay men are subject to the threat of physical violence, so fear is an everyday part of life. That the threat of violence, albeit ridiculous, came from within his family/friend circle might've been a factor. I still stand that an effeminate gay men living his truth in this sometimes homophobic world is brave, even if said person is an asshole.
  16. Thanks for pointing that out, the pun flew right over my head. Copyright infringement is a crime, but punning on a name isn't.
  17. But sous chef Dushka did supply the best line of the night. After asshole Sandy's "It's unfair", Dushka posited the ever true "life's unfair". It left me hopeful for some entertainment!
  18. She hasn't watched the show. Doesn't she live in the old country?
  19. Thank you. The Crows committed a host of constitutional violations, they were the enemy of the people. I'll never forget the scene, set in a sports stadium, when the Crows, including their illustrious leader Jacob, was shooting Batwoman at point blank range. I don't give a fuck if this domestic terrorist is reunited with his long lost daughter.
  20. Yes, physical was not an accurate adjective. Like Grrarrggh suggested, I should've said biological or genetic. The upshot being the surrogate has no legal claim on the baby.
  21. About the scenes with the young family during the blackout, the boy made a fuss about something to look at, his father looked at it and smiled. I never saw what it was, did I miss something?
  22. I read Asta's Book when it came out in '93-'94, I must've read it 3 times since. Here's a link to an article which contains a letter from RR explaining the differences between Rendell and Vine. "Fatal Inversions: The Barbara Vine Information Web" https://www.gusworld.com.au/books/vine/why.htm
  23. Just to be clear, that woman wasn't the baby's mom, it was the surrogate. F&D combined eggs from a donor with their sperm, produced an embryo, which was subsequently implanted in the surrogate. The surrogate has no physical connection with the baby, she is definitely not the mom.
  24. That's where she's been staying during the pandemic.
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