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  1. I had pretty much decided I wouldn't watch this any more, but since it's cancelled, I am going to watch the remaining episodes. This one pulled me in and got me engaged more than the previous episodes. I still have trouble keeping track of who's who, how they relate to Rebel, and what they're doing to further or thwart her cause. Now it's more like a British series, which generally run a more limited number of episodes. I like that. The Sharon Lawrence character Angela may be both, woman with cancer and a spy. She sure looks guilty, even with her plausible explanation for being
  2. What a bizarre bunch of speeches/eulogies at Norm's funeral! Loved Sandy going to the restaurant and toasting his friend. Cute dog, Irving. The acting class getting out of control was hilarious! I'm trying to spread out my viewing of the episodes, because I enjoy them.
  3. Oh, yum! Suddently I'm happy to be at the Table41!
  4. Week 37: 1/5 YTD: 80/185 thirteen*
  5. Thanks, but what song? I must have missed a question. eta, OK, I found the question, but I know nothing about the movie or song.
  6. For the first time in this TOC, I correctly got FJ! Yay me! I am rooting for V V-V to win, but they are all worthy.
  7. I knew subtle and Newcastle, but would have said sodium rather than salt. Never would have come up with FJ, though.
  8. I love her top with the sloths! I have a covid mask with sloths. Found this article re: Ryan and his poor reactions/behavior: https://www.mcall.com/news/local/mc-nws-macungie-contestant-jeopardy-semifinals-20210526-3rvwmk6mwvb7tn3ej5zp3qvsbm-story.html Among other quotes, here's one where he acknowledges what he should have done: “I also got emotional after Final Jeopardy instead of congratulating Veronica, which I should have done." He wasn't the worst loser ever,
  9. Where were Lola’s parents? If not in person, then on zoom, like Sara. Pretty good wrap, considering how many loose ends there were. I sometimes DVRd then watched later in the week, but I always looked forward to watching and catching up.
  10. Attention, please! If you’re in Wichita, Kansas, it’s pronounced Are-Kan-sas, NOT Ar-kan-saw!!!!! I lived in Wichita for a number of years, and the River Festival was always so much fun!
  11. I could picture the painting, but got the painter wrong (thought Turner instead of Hopper), and couldn’t pull Nighthawks out fast enough.
  12. Good wrap up episode. Sad regarding the war widow losing her child so close to losing her husband in the war, but words of wisdom regarding old vs. new Norway. The archival footage showing the real family was good to see. Interestingly, I had just been wondering how the children viewed returning to Norway. They had been gone so long, and enjoyed a relatively comfortable life in the US. I was happy they didn't have to see their home as it had been occupied and then vandalized by the Nazis. Nice that Olav saw the error of his ways, fictionalized though it was, and they resumed life togethe
  13. I like the t-mobile spotty network ad. https://ispot.tv/a/OKrc
  14. I love that idea! It's one reason I like buffets, especially brunch with lots of delicious desserts!
  15. Granny, come join me! Did you know, my granddaughter has a granny Smith? Granny Smith lives in Gosport, England.
  16. Table for zero! Week 36: 0/5 no * YTD: 79/180 thirteen*
  17. At the beginning, I thought there were some good outcomes developing. Horst died a painful death, as he deserved. Ronald gets captured. Sheriff Wagy is arrested at the Kleinsasser's. Then it begings to unravel. Ronald/Arthur and Scarlett (if that is her real name) are just made for each other. Poor Phoebe - she'll keep a therapist employed for years if she excapes the crazy that are her mother and her mother's boyfriend. I was really hoping Jerrie was going to pull the trigger instead of letting Ronald be arrested. I wish they'd taken care of Ronald for good,, meaning he's dead. And of
  18. Grace stole money from her community. She intended to repay it, but it was not clear to me if she did that yet. Hope Bennie is still able to go to college in New York, even after her dad is unemployed. Her boyfriend, Faust, reminded me of Eddie Haskell from Leave It To Beaver, sucking up to the adults in the room.
  19. You nailed my thoughts/feelings on the proposal. Wouldn't Gabriel's childhood and escape from ? can't remember the country - be a better story anyway? And their grooms were consistently better, IMHO, that Macie and Corina's. So I'm not happy with the outcome. As to the final three dogs - two were the same breed mix, and close to the same size. The one Gabriel and Monse got was smaller, and I don't remember them ever saying what breed it was. Anyone know? Throughout the show, the mixing of breeds and sizes made a comparison more difficult. Certainly some were easier to groom creat
  20. WVEC 13 ABC? That's where we get it here, and I think I remember getting that and WAVY 10 NBC in Chincoteague too.
  21. When I was a kid, and mom wasn't home, I'd sometimes stir up cocoa, sugar, and a little hot water; that was my invention for fudge.
  22. What are ranger cookies? I’ve made a loaf pan of lasagna, perfect for three servings. I like lasagna, but I don’t love it.
  23. It's probably Muller's, which I think has closed. Muller's is in an old house on Main Street. We went there once; it was very good, but Island Creamery is my favorite. My son-in-law really liked Mr. Whippy's, also good, but soft-serve without a large variety of flavors for the ice cream, but a big variety of sundae toppings. Also, if any of the restaurants are serving Smith Island cake, you must try if you haven't had it before. Ten thin layers with jam or icing in between the layers.
  24. DSC Photography posts frequently on Facebook. As of tonight, there are 49 new foals on Assateague, and they are all adorable!
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