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  1. Stupid football draft! No J! here, but there’s usually a rerun Saturday (7:30 here), so they may show it then.
  2. @saber5055, thanks! Normal notifications confirmed!
  3. Re: recent website update It’s working for me on my iPhone! Haven’t had any notifications so don’t know if the avatar is still huge, but so far things seem to be working as intended.
  4. I liked the opener with both Rebel and the dog dressed like Cruella de Vil. Cute. I so dislike the OTT sob stories. The right groomer went home, but I hoped Riza would win best in show, for doing both her dog and helping Josh after Philip walked off. The formula for the show is way too predictable. Also, too much manufactured drama and not enough of the grooming itself.
  5. On iPhone SE, OS 14.4.2, using safari or Firefox, across all themes Sometimes get the "Community unavailable" message. Also have gotten a message re:server but don't remember exact message. Can't access any forum with more than one thread. Can access those with one thread, such as Atlantic Crossing. All available using PC or Kindle, but not with iPhone.
  6. I seem to remember "travellers" as a term, also used for other itinerant people, such as Irish travellers.
  7. I came up with Angelou and Colette. I cringed at the use of gypsies. When my grandma was a little girl in Iowa, around 1895 or so, she and her brothers and sister were warned against being kidnapped by gypsies, but that was then, this is now. No idea for FJ, but I guessed Memphis. Looked it up later and saw how wrong a guess that was.
  8. No, you did. I didn't know if it was because of the turn to war involvement, FDR's womanizing, or something else I hadn't picked up on. I understand your comment better now. I agree with that. I didn't realize that Martha understood that until she asked Eleanor to stay.
  9. Why did you feel angry at FDR? I suspect the adults know that Vimsla died but are keeping it from the children. Sweet that they got another dog for them in America. We heard that Ulla and Rolf are all right, whatever that means. The Roosevelt’s marriage has been hard for many to understand, me included. I thought It was...interesting that Martha asked Eleanor to stay while she talked to Franklin about helping Norway, and brought up help already being given to Great Britain. I didn’t understand that Lend/lease started prior to the US entering into WWII following Pearl Harbor.
  10. I've had trouble all day getting to Primetimer Forums on my iPhone. It's fine on the Kindle and the PC, but the iPhone keeps getting a message re: the server. I don't remember exactly what it says. Anyone else with similar difficulty?
  11. Week 32: 3/5 Two, yes two *! YTD: 70/160 thirteen*
  12. I really liked the show opening, showing how Vanessa got to this place in her life, like so many other real-life counterparts who worked so hard to keep their businesses going. I was also pleased that Vanessa and her son were reconciled at the end. Good on Rollins for figuring out her father's wife (her step-mother, hee!) was up to no good, and also that they weren't legally married. Also that her mother knew about the life insurance and his real age. That will take some untangling, to get him on Medicare (and possibly Medicaid, depending on his situation), but it's a start.
  13. Thanks for that! I've never seen anything that's listed for Mike.
  14. Voya have the orange squirrels and rabbits in their ads. https://www.ispot.tv/ad/7iu9/voya-financial-squirrel https://www.ispot.tv/ad/INBI/voya-financial-best-vacation-ever
  15. Most of the ones I saw were in what I call old people colors: tan, gold, brown, and were pretty squarish. But I admit to that being an extremely small sample to judge by. Yes, the name completely screams "old fart". When I decided to get a minivan, I was looking at both the Chevy Lumina and the Olds Silhouette. At the Olds dealer, I asked the salesman why the Silhouette was a few thousand more than the Lumina. No good answer, they were pretty much identical. I bought the Lumina, and was very happy with it. That was the one known as the DustBuster, because they closely resembled the hand
  16. I see. I was looking at just when they began, not when they went from college to university. The more you know...
  17. On my iPhone, using light default the up arrows are there, but the poster’s name is partially covered up. On the isp default mode, the up arrows are missing, but the poster’s name is fully visible. I’ll live with however it turns out, but I’ll be glad when it’s settled down.
  18. No, if I’m not mistaken, Harvard was chartered before William & Mary. However, the Wren Building is the oldest university building in the US, and it’s still in use. Any Bible reference to Jesus is always New Testament, so definitely not Old Testament Exodus. I didn’t know which book, so I wouldn’t have gotten it, but I was pretty sure it was Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John. Another asterisk and correct FJ for me tonight!
  19. Aw, I loved that dog. I thought it was really cute! I thought the glam Beyoncé (or whoever) was an inspired plan, but execution lacked on the Afghan.
  20. I’m not familiar with either Joe Buck or David Faber, but I’m looking forward to the rest of them. So far I think they have all done all right as hosts, even the one I despise.
  21. I knew FJ, and added an asterisk! Also knew Boer War.
  22. I was using Light (default), but I decided to see what IPS (default) would do. I do not like it, but mostly because it showed me the column with Replies, Created, Top Posters, etc. that I wasn't seeing before. When I switched back to Light (default), it's still there, when it wasn't before. Not a happy bunny about that.
  23. I’ve been on my iPhone, and I’m not seeing any of the annoying stuff that you all are seeing. Makes me afraid to go upstairs and use my PC! Missing the orange up arrow though.
  24. Week 31: 2/5 one * YTD: 67/155 eleven*
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