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  1. I did! A former classmate made a living of sorts as a storyteller. Here at Colonial Williamsburg there were storytellers too. During the pandemic, that activity diminished, but will come back to an extent.
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    Question - what is she reading? I could see he’s reading about WW II (and is it a real book?) but I haven’t been able to see what she’s reading, or if it’s a real book.
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    My recording cut off before the end; I’m trying to catch it in a repeat. edited to add, I was able to catch the ending on streaming just now. I didn’t think young Connie looked that different from older Connie. They married before she’d had a chance to explore life more, and (possibly) because they were expecting a baby, not because they were in love (or at least matured a bit more). From what was said, the baby girl died. A loss like that has a profound effect on the parents. The bickering sounds like a lot of longer-term married couples. They get along well enough, but have fall
  4. I’m not much into game shows (with the exception of Jeopardy!), but I watched the last half of the last two episodes, and enjoyed them. A little of Anthony’s mama goes a long way. Mostly didn’t know anything about the judges except for Nealon and Alexander. Didn’t recognize Jaleel White until they said his name. Still, not a bad way to kill time on a Sunday night.
  5. A father brings up his baby girl as a single dad after the unexpected death of his wife who died a day after their daughter's birth. I watched this tonight. Well done. I can’t begin to imagine being widowed and thrust into the role of raising a child alone, but this brought up many of the emotions. Watching Matt try to cope from those early days when everything is new and mysterious, not in small part tinged by sleep deprivation, then thinking things are going well until life hands out more lemons, brought on so many memories of my own child-raising days.
  6. Week 40: 2/5 YTD: 87/200 thirteen*
  7. It’s from Simon & Garfunkel’s Old Friends. That coupled with their Bookends is lovely. I’ve noticed all the ep titles this season are lines from songs. I was enjoying the episode and laughing more, enjoying the dream sequence, and then the phone call, hospital, all comes crashing down. Then a bit of lift at the end.
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    Today I received a notice from PBS that this starts Sunday. I'll watch because it sounds interesting.
  9. My DD lives in England, and I’ve been there for Guy Fawkes Bonfire Night, so I ran that category!
  10. I did also! Regarding bolo ties, Mr. Zoey wears them and has a big collection. When he wears one, I always hope folks don’t think I dressed him! He’s a little quirky. He grew up in Kansas (as did I), started wearing cowboy boots as a young child. Never wears western style shirts or blue jeans, though.
  11. When did we learn that Roz is ill? I just watched this ep and the previous one, and don’t remember that.
  12. I was so pleased to see the Mobituaries category! I’ve listened to several of the podcasts, and I’m currently reading the book. And I knew some of the answers because of that! I hope Ms. Guthrie reduces the use of “you got it;” otherwise I thought she did OK. I hadn’t commented on Mayim Bialik, but I thought she did well overall.
  13. I’ve watched that movie, on TV a few years ago, and thought it was pretty good. If I get a chance, I’ll watch and look for you! When The New World had its premier in Williamsburg, the VP for our division was invited and attended. Several from our group gathered across from the theater to watch the stars arrive. Fun times.
  14. I saw this in a theater when they were open for about 10 minutes last September. I’m a Dickens fan, and seeing this on the screen was delightful. The cast was so good, and I loved seeing Dev Patel as the title character.
  15. After reluctantly agreeing to move in to a senior's home, a woman encounters a clique of mean-spirited women and an amorous widower. I saw this in a theater yesterday. It's predictable, but funny and sweet. Stars include Ellen Burstyn, Jane Curtin, Ann-Margret, Loretta Devine, and James Caan. Christopher Lloyd has a role as a wacky widower who has a bittersweet story. Michaek Lembeck directs; I recognized his name from One Day at a Time back in the 1980's. I hadn't realized how much he has directed over the years. The dynamic between between Helen (Burstyn) and her grandson Peter (M
  16. Week 39: 4/5 YTD: 85/195 thirteen*
  17. Wow! What a wrap-up! Since it's not coming back, I'm glad they got the trial outcome/settlement that was a win for the plaintiffs. Two hours was exhausting to watch. Some smart and lucky sleuthing by Lana and Rebel. Felt bad for Sean, but good that he found and reunited with his brother. Glad to have gotten more backstory on Ziggy. Feelings about Grady are mixed - sometimes I think he's the worst, but then he turns around and becomes helpful and supportive. The next new case would have been interesting to watch. I was one who had almost decided not to watch anymore after about the fifth e
  18. I watched the second celebrity hour last night. I'd never heard of any of them, though I recognized Arthur, I was unfamiliar with the author. Really enjoyed Carla's items. The purses that had been her grandmother's were cool; wish I still had a couple of my mom's old purses. The others were not as interesting to me. I did like the Al Hirschfeld art.
  19. I’ve watched the first two and am now watching Kristin Scott Thomas. All of the stories have been well done. Just amazing, what our forebearers accomplished against great odds.
  20. Week 38: 1/5 YTD: 81/190 thirteen* I had hoped that getting past TOC would mean a better FJ score this week. That clearly didn't happen!
  21. Tuesday night a gubernatorial debate pre-empted both Wheel and Jeopardy, but both were broadcast in the wee hours on Wednesday, and my DVR caught it. So I watched Tuesday and Wednesday out of order. I knew several of Tuesday's TSs, and knew Nez Perce. Also got Madagascar, although what first came to mind was in Life of Pi. Fortunately remembered those were meerkats, not lemurs, in time. Didn't do as well Wednesday, and did not come up with FJ.
  22. "Whiskers!" What is has to do with selling a car is showing the capabilities of the Subaru to get through rain, mud, closed road/shortcut, etc.
  23. I just came here to see if there was any news on when we here in the US would get the series again. September is a long time to wait, but there it is. At least it's returning, and renewed for what? two more seasons/series!
  24. zoey1996

    S01.E07: Race

    The $ smile emoji shows as a rectangle on my screen, so I didn't get it either. When Angela showed up in the office Lana was in, Lana didn't question her identity, who she really is, or anything. Just a very unsatisfying exchange from my POV. Angela couldn't have appeared to be more evil than if she appeared in a Cruella de Vil dress and wig. Cruz has made reference to the firm's financial difficulties in previous episodes. I understand Stonemore is a huge case for any firm, but more clients are needed to keep on going.
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