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  1. I miss Jenna (Emily's sister). I wish we'd see her again and, for me, her absence was heavily felt in this episode. I think she would've been valuable in Emily's postpartum storyline and she was fun with Maggie. For as much grief Max gets for having and expressing his feelings, the silence over Simon's neediness for Zoey is deafening. Like really, dude? She didn't blow you off, she told you she was going to hang out with her sister-in-law - who you know is having a rough time - and she made that decision before you got the chance to make plans for that night. As if he doesn't sleep at he
  2. I love Deb. I love Bernadette Peters. Zoey going to therapy should've started in 2x04 after she had to hit "pause"… better late than never, I guess. 3 episodes left.
  3. Tamisha is not f*cking with Kandy and I love her for it.
  4. Why do they think seeing people throw up is entertaining? It's not. I'm going to miss Teck being around. I love his energy.
  5. Social Justice Anatomy* needs to time jump and catch up to the now when there's a vaccine… maybe then COVID can take a backseat, C plot at the most, and we can get back to surgeons doing surgery and such. Props to Ellen Pompeo for getting paid a looooooooot of money to spend a season laying in bed and/or hanging out on the beach with minimal dialog. *I jest, yes I know these real life issues are serious but Grey's can be a touch too sanctimonious about it.
  6. And this is why she's my favorite NJ housewife.
  7. Max was always harboring feelings for his friend Zoey, it wasn't Zoey gaining powers and tapping into his feelings that opened his eyes to some sort of connection with her. Zoey's powers opened her eyes to see that he had feelings for her. So in that sense, no, Max and Simon are not level in that way. Simon may not know about the powers, but it's because of the powers that Zoey was able to tap into his feelings and thus make him think she just naturally "gets" him.
  8. Double dates go as planned when you don't have feelings for both men at said double date.
  9. Max's only issue with knowing about Zoey's powers was that while she is able to see his feelings, she wasn't sharing her feelings with him. He felt left in the dark, and that's what makes a romantic relationship unbalanced. All he wanted was to know how Zoey was feeling, too. And that is valid. And he gets vilified for it. It's Zoey's choice who she chooses to share the information about her powers with. It's not good for the show if too many people know. As for Zoey and Simon: the root of their "connection" is Zoey's ability to see what he was truly feeling when other people - his
  10. This is the guy who nearly had an affair with Zoey while he was engaged, so I'd say no. Simon does not or would not care. Four episodes left...
  11. I don't like friends-with-Ken Marlo. She's been acting so thirsty and almost desperate to get that peach. In the words of Countess (lol) Luann de Lesseps: Be cool. Don't be all, like, uncool! Marlo working overtime to try and get Porsha's attention, especially after Ken leaves, is just unappealing. Let it go. Porsha doesn't want to talk to you and you're trying to make a scene. Props to Porsha for creating her boundaries and not taking the bait, especially while at the restaurant tasting. I think that's what bothers Ken and Marlo most, that Porsha isn't giving them an inch. And eno
  12. And they all lived crappily ever after. (except for Kev and V, who are off to flourish in KY.)
  13. Natalie Morales, Amy Landecker & Alice Lee (Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist) are set as the leads in CBS’ comedy pilot based on TikTok star Sarah Cooper’s book How to Be Successful Without Hurting Men’s Feelings. Wonderful news for Alice Lee (Emily), but could this be a sign that the end of Zoey is near?
  14. Tami's girl group REALITY and their smash hit "Prisoner of Your Love". 😅
  15. Link and Amelia are a good couple. I actually like Dr. Hayes aka McIrish aka McWidow aka Cristina's gift. I think Jo changing specialties to OB is so stupid. I get her reasoning, but her timing especially is the worst. These barely a crossover but "crossover event"-billed episodes are overkill. There was one two weeks ago, and 50 more before it. Enough.
  16. The music on this All Stars season is *chefs kiss*.
  17. "A Koooorpi on the wall"... Drunk!Julie is a delight. I really love Heather and Julie's friendship, and Heather's vibe in general. I've so enjoyed seeing this crew back together again, I only wish the season was a bit longer and that Eric could've made it into the house.
  18. It's so random that after all these years, that scene has come back and is now a meme. lol
  19. Seriously. I mean I think it's nice that Max and Simon aren't mortal enemies fighting over Zoey, nor do they need to be, but they also don't need to be dude bros bonding, either. What, are they going to both high-five that they've slept with Zoey and then compare notes? (I'm assuming that by this point Zoey and Simon will have gone there) I like both characters just fine. But it's unrealistic to me that they'd be bonding and choosing to hang out. It would've been far more plausible had Zoey actually stuck to her choice at the beginning of the season, allowing the other one to move on fro
  20. Yessss Sophie! I really hope Kevin doesn't actually marry Madison. Bleh I'm not mad at Nicky for going off on Miguel. I felt the same way when it was revealed that he married his best friend's girl. lol Tess, you're mom isn't going to be happy walking in on any of her daughters making out on a bed. Tess is hyper-sensitive about her sexuality and that's her own issue. Beth is trying, and Tess is lucky to have a loving home with two loving and supportive parents and supportive siblings and extended family. Little girl, you are not a victim. And, no, your mother doesn't have to knock o
  21. It seems like the showrunner is trying to justify walking back what was said to be Zoey's definitive choice at the beginning of the season by insinuating that Zoey can't really make her decision until she's been with both guys, which is ridiculous. Yes, Max has a new crush in town that's being entertained, but he's basically been waiting for Zoey to be ready to "un-pause". Instead, while Zoey's not ready (aka doesn't really want to?) to be with Max, she has no problem wanting to dive into her feelings for Simon - which is her prerogative, except she's coming off as a huge flake. She said it he
  22. Marlo is a lot less fun the more she hangs in Kenya's orbit.
  23. Ugggggghhhhhh Rosé or Symone better take the crown.
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