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  1. The very best and most successful relationships are rooted in friendship. You want to like and love the person you are with. It's not simply about attraction and having things in common. So I see no reason why, once they are both healed and ready, Ted and Rebecca can't or shouldn't be together romantically. In fact, I am in the camp that hopes it goes there - even if it's in the very last moment at series end.
  2. Pufferfish was top two singer in Group A, and definitely better than both wild cards. The voting audience sucks. And now there's only one woman left in this group, which is typical for this show.
  3. If Keeley hurts Roy, she will be dead to me. Glad Rebecca had the good sense to end things with Sam and that their entanglement was short-lived.
  4. I love happy endings. TV is escapism and make-believe. The "it's not realistic" argument is so tired because while storytelling pulls from life, at the end of the day it's a story. The real world dishes enough crap on a day-to-day basis... we shouldn't always have to experience doom-and-gloom in our entertainment, too. I see nothing wrong with shows ending tied up in a happy bow. YMMV I enjoyed this series. Great cast.
  5. I like Joe with Amy. I think it's really messed up that in both Cop & Rockstar timeline, Jenny never told Joe that she was pregnant. Especially in Cop because she kept the baby, but even still in Rockstar because she carried to term. It's not like it was from a one night stand and they weren't close. They were close friends and on-and-off in college. That, at the very least, warrants a courtesy call. I strongly dislike when the simplest and most natural details are curtailed so writers can build a "dramatic" plot.
  6. Reading these articles and snippets on the book, it seems to me that it's mostly old interview soundbites/articles/tweets by major cast and crew spliced in with a handful of direct comments for the book from other random mostly former and smaller cast/crew members to build a story. Most of this stuff we - those of us who've kept up with Grey's in the press throughout the past 16 years - have already heard or seen. Case in point, the E! article that posts the chapter on cast/character departures. There is no actual concrete information given on Eric Dane, Sara Ramirez, and Justin Chambers'
  7. I'm good with this decision. If ever there were a Housewives season that a reunion could be skipped, it's this one. And, IMO, the less screen time Leah gets the better! RHONY needs to take a beat to regroup and think about the future.
  8. I would have preferred this over killing him off. It's not like Meredith has been dating anyway... well, aside from one sex romp with the army vet that she freaked out over and the disaster that was her and Andrew Deluca which happened 4 1/2 seasons later. They could've pulled off something long-distance and have Patrick on limited ability while still making Meredith "the sun" if the writers wanted to put in the effort, but I think Shonda made the decision she did out of whatever negative feelings/emotion she had towards him at the time. It's nice, though, that with time they (Patrick, S
  9. The morally corrupt Andy Cohen. I hope Twitter drags his ass to filth from now until eternity for this. Anyone with at least two brain cells does not buy the crap Erika's selling.
  10. The way Garcelle said good for you had me on the floor. 😅 No one cares, Dorit! It's five if she counts the fake accent she runs her mouth with.
  11. Real World: Back to New York's Mike "The Miz" Mizanin is going to be on Dancing With the Stars this fall.
  12. If (when) this becomes public, Sam may at worst get blowback from his teammates and his father (who, btw, is most likely around the same age as Rebecca. ick Ick ICK this pairing is ICK). But Rebecca is going to get raked through the coals by media and/or Rupert. Her career and reputation are on the line, especially since her new luvah was the one who protested former-sponsor Dubai Air and he got to keep his position on the team as well as get the sponsorship dropped. Even though that happened before this dalliance, the press don't know that nor will they care because media loves a scandal. Reb
  13. Erika's sitting next to Andy at the reunion. 🙄 He just posted an IG story talking about how they're on a makeup break while filming, and he says something to Erika and looks directly to the side of him (we don't see her, only vaguely hear her beastly voice). If she's in prime position, he better drill her ass!
  14. Season 2 is doing its female lead no favors. Roy and Jamie, that was nice. Nate is not a good person. I miss the joy.
  15. They better cut Kim a check and give her a writing credit or something.
  16. Fuck off, Erika. If Tre on RHONJ had to do jail time, The Ugly Mess better be sentenced to do the Cellblock Tango, too.
  17. I'm going to be highly annoyed if they breakup Megan and Nathan Riggs. They had such a sweet ending. And just because Martin Henderson is busy filming his other show(s) doesn't mean Nathan's absence = no longer together. Same goes for Addison and Jake, who she married at the end of Private Practice. It's not like Megan and Addison are going to be series regulars. There's no reason why the writers can't just have them mention their men and then focus back on the plot that the characters/actors are guest starring on the show for to begin with. I guess we'll see.
  18. Jojo, Kenya, and Matt James? Plus giving Olivia Jade this opportunity is disgraceful. It's rewarding her and her parents for their fuckery. No, thank you to this season.
  19. Isn't that what sister DeLuca is supposedly doing? What else is she good for at the hospital? It's possible Addison will be roped in to Jo's new career path, but I think Addison will be mostly tied to Amelia's story. Former sister-in-law/worked closely together on Private Practice.
  20. 2x07 Nate is an asshole. If the writers actually go through with Rebecca/Sam, it will be a disaster. Keeley and Roy, superb as usual. This episode felt very off for me, but perhaps that was by design.
  21. Grey's Anatomy: Kate Walsh Returning as Addison in Season 18 I'm excited to see Addison again!
  22. I saw that! 😅 It's gained a lot of Twitter traction and I wonder if Andy will bite and actually ask the question since it's gotten some solid attention…? Et tu, Kyle?
  23. I love how Sutton is calm and keeps her composure while Erika is spinning out with her little empty threats. Sutton isn't intimidated by The Ugly Mess unlike the rest of those harpies who live up her ass (sans Garcelle, of course).
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