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  1. I don't care if Kim never wants anything to do with the franchise again, it better not be Samantha Jones. I'll keep saying it until I know it's not her. lol
  2. Genuine question: is this a Bachelor/Bachelorette record for how many people have self-eliminated in a season? Three of her top five bounced. "it's not us, it's you" 😬
  3. Unless Michael A was her #1, why hold such a grudge? We get it, your ego is bruised, but where's the understanding that he has to put his son first?
  4. I find it hilarious that Justin basically made it to F2 because the others left. (I like Justin, I just don't think him and Katie's "connection" is all that deep.)
  5. I've come to the conclusion that Wendy doesn't like Mia because Mia came in the va va voom voluptuous girl and that seems to be what Zen Wen wants to rebrand herself as this season. She went from 4 degrees to thirsty on a dime.
  6. No disrespect to Forever 21 but come on now. Can we at least keep the over-indulgence in high fashion sacred? Is that not allowed in 2021? Fabulousness and extravagance, soooo 2000s.
  7. Bershan's got the right kind of attitude and vibe for Housewives. I find her delightful. STFU Leah. Big side-eye to Eboni for excluding Bershan from her "Black Shabbat" party but invited her white "friends". I can't do another season with L & E. Lu, Ramona, I guess Sonja, promote Bershan, bring back Dorinda (even Slurinda is welcome, at this point), and any other former RHONY wife or some actually cool/fun/chaotic new wives to round out the cast. Leah and Eboni are not "the future of the franchise", they are its demise.
  8. Someone in the comments section said: Powell will portray George, a student at the famed Fashion Institute of Technology who is unconstrained by fashion/gender norms. He’s described as having a calm demeanor and self-processed energy beyond his young years. Okay, enough with the new additions. Especially the young ones. This is only 10 episodes (assuming still a half hour, 5 hrs of television!) Obviously Brady, Lily, and Rose make sense as they are the main characters kids who have preceded the new series, but unless George is in fact the son of another established character (like Bi
  9. I could do without Jemmye. Put her on the regular Challenge show, because that's how she wants to play - stir the pot, and cause drama. The fun of Challenge All Stars is that it's lighter and nostalgic and more fun. I hope that spirit doesn't change. "I just needed 8 of y'all to have my back!" a classic moment. Bummed if no Eric. I want more oldies!
  10. Season 2? That's mighty ambitious of them. As it is, it seems that fan response to the revival is mixed. However, should this be true, at least the article confirms for me that Samantha isn't dead. lol
  11. I think after everything Miranda and Steve have been through, particularly in the first movie, no. I would not like to see this. There is such a thing as separating an actor's real life from the character that they play. On top of that, between Samantha being MIA and something else I read about another character/couple, it'd be nice if some things stayed consistent from the original show. This is not to say that the revival won't go this route. But that's JMO.
  12. This is what happens when you try to make Housewives PC and let the likes of Leah run rampant over the tried and true. It's just not the platform for it. I wouldn't be opposed to RHONY taking a year off and waiting to film season 14 until Winter 2022.
  13. And Just Like That is not a movie, it's a 10 episode "revival".
  14. They better not kill off my girl, Samantha Jones. There are a million ways to explain her absence without having to do that to the character. Between not having Kim/Samantha back, Patricia Field not doing wardrobe (no disrespect to current wardrobe), the contents of the script spoilers that was released by Page Six… As someone who's been a fan since its original run, "I couldn't help but wonder" (lol) who exactly they are making this revival for?
  15. Why do I get the feeling the vibe with this cast isn't going to be as fun/chill/nostalgic as season 1… 😐
  16. Heavy on Real World Cancun. And I don't care what anyone says, Fresh Meat does not an All Star make. I'm pleasantly surprised that Katie's coming back. Good to see Teck again, too, and I hope he sticks around longer. I like that Eric's participating. I really enjoyed Real World Homecoming: New York and it was too bad that he had tested positive for Covid and couldn't be in the house, so I think it will be fun to see him in this setting; especially since he's a different man than he was back in the day.
  17. Bershan told no lies. They are boring (this season). And, apparently, easily offended. And I think their overreacting pile-on on Bershan was a way to distract themselves and keep the conversation away from Eboni's next teachable moment. And speaking of overreacting: Leah's over dramatic reaction to the news of Eboni's grandma. I swear not one tear actually fell from her eyes. She's so damn fake.
  18. Not just Bravo, I think Hollywood is starting to make decisions based off of Twitter, and it's a detriment to quality entertainment. And, no, this has nothing to do with diversity and giving opportunity to showcase different voices, as storytelling and entertainment - when authentic and done well - at the end of the day is universal and something we can all find a connection to. But the paint-by-numbers, box-checking, leash-tightening decisions being made out of fear that someone on Twitter will write a think piece about why XYZ is "problematic", thus encouraging a small but loud like-mi
  19. Per the bolded: and what direction would that be? Boring, un-fun, preachy? No one watches any of the Housewives franchises for real world politically correct news and events. We're all watching for the chaos, the real estate, the vacations, the egos that offer an escape from our everyday lives. We're here to be entertained. We want Scary Island and Turtle Time, Herman Munster shoes, the Bezerkshires. These women are supposed to be somewhat out of touch because if they weren't, they wouldn't be on Housewives. And if Bravo can keep RHONJ's Teresa who went to prison and RHOBH's Erika
  20. Happy for the nominations the show got, but frustrated at the obvious snubs. People who aren't up on Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist really are missing out on a special show.
  21. That's awesome and well-deserved. I hope they're able to snag some Emmy nominations, too. (primetime Emmy nominations are announced July 13)
  22. Isn't she just renting that house, though? At least that's what I thought I heard… if so, it's not hers to sell.
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