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  1. So deserved! Congratulations to Jane!!
  2. "For Erika" is currently a trending topic on my Twitter, and it's a bunch of people submitting their RHOBH reunion questions to Andy. Needless to say, they are keeping their foot on Erika's neck and calling out the others. Will be interesting to see if Andy actually hits Erika with the hard questions. He has that annoying tendency to go light on his favorites.
  3. Disappointed in the Bantr reveal. I hope it's played out for awkwardness and laughs, and not for any actual romantic pairing for Rebecca and Sam. Looking forward to seeing Ted have a session with Dr. "Doc" Sharon. She had Ted clocked from the beginning and knew eventually he'd need an appointment, but seeing Ted like that broke my heart. The sequence with Rebecca going to look for him was well done, too.
  4. I couldn't get through the first episode of White Lotus. But I am enjoying Nine Perfect Strangers. Great cast and chemistry, and I'm really intrigued by the story.
  5. All of these Queens are great, but it's time for a big girl to win. I'm pulling for Ginger and wouldn't be mad at Eureka taking the crown, either.
  6. I'm so over the SATC discourse and think pieces about how "out of touch" the original series is/was. It's a television show highlighting an overinflated experience. That's the problem with today's entertainment, everyone is so quick to get offended by things if they don't check every box. This isn't real life! There are parts of it that people can relate to in one way or another, but things aren't going to always meet everyone's desires. Gen X was definitely the viewer majority age group at the time. Even now. The best thing And Just Like That can do is be authentic while also bein
  7. This was posted on gossip/spoiler Instagram account deuxmoi. Take it with a grain of salt. Although I do hope that Leah is ousted regardless of the validity of this.
  8. I think Nicole Ari Parker is great (and gorgeous!), and I'm fine with her being featured prominently as part of Carrie's friend group. But billing it as replacing Kim Cattrall is a gross overstatement. There is no replacing Kim/Samantha Jones, no matter who or how many new characters are added. Though we haven't met Lisa Todd Wexley yet, I bet her and Samantha would get along wonderfully.
  9. The students were so annoying. Ji-Yoon and Joan were the best part of the series for me.
  10. I can't wait for the tapes to roll at the reunion, because these ladies got a workout at this dinner dancing around what they said at the meeting. Thank goodness for Garcelle and Sutton, who aren't afraid of the little clique and are keeping it honest. Without them, this entire season would've been an Erika Jayne/Girardi circle jerk. "The victims are the most important thing. You'll always be okay." I love Garcelle! She looked that thief in her eyes and said that. 😅
  11. Handsome? Erika must be practicing for when she tells her prison daddies that they look handsome in their jumpsuits.
  12. Not Dorito trying to come for Garcelle. Her and her fake accent and shady business dealings do not want that smoke.
  13. I think Eboni is untouchable unless she chooses to leave or Bravo decides to do a total revamp of RHONY with all new women. No way is Bravo going to dump RHONY's first, and so far only, Black cast member no matter how founded the grounds are on. The cost of the social media blowback probably wouldn't be worth it even if Eboni isn't the right fit. However, I do think Eboni tends to mesh a bit better with the rest of the women when Leah's not around. Leah is the main problem who can and should go.
  14. Ramona's behavior may be absolutely abhorrent, but it's clear that at the root of it all she's going into everything with Eboni on the defensive. She's so concerned about being painted as a Karen that she's being what she wants to avoid. And I also think she (like a lot of us) are fed the f*ck up with the politically correct lessons at every group event. Ramona's been doing this show since the beginning, she's come to expect fun and chaos like the rest of us. And this is not that. The RHONY gals never took themselves all that seriously. It's why it's one of the few - if only? - franchise
  15. This would be ideal, but the network has been pretty clear on wanting to milk this cow to the very last drop. It's really on Ellen at this point. And I do hope that she decides that enough is enough, that she's got more than enough money, and that the storytelling for Grey's has run its course.
  16. These hyenas better back up off Garcelle. They have a problem with her because she speaks the truth and suffers no fools. And one-by-one they (Rinna, Erika, Kyle, Dorit) will be exposed for the filth that they are.
  17. I miss fun RHONY. This season is the worst.
  18. Usually people who are happy with their F1 choice aren't fixated on what the other guys did or didn't do. Is Katie mad because she wanted to f*#k Greg before ultimately choosing Blake, or is Blake the rebound? Either way, how many guys have to leave "the process" with Katie before we acknowledge that maybe she's the problem?
  19. Only two more hours of this mess and then we can focus on Bachelorette Michelle!
  20. Third time's a charm for Blake! 😂
  21. Katie immediately telling Blake that she loves him validates Greg's feelings and what he was saying. She clearly wasn't feeling Greg like that, and that's fine, but that doesn't make his desires any less. Ultimately, it's good that he left. Katie and Blake are a match made in bland together.
  22. Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist Rescued By Roku! Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist may have another song left in it, after all! Streaming player Roku is nearing a deal for a two-hour wrap-up movie for the cancelled NBC musical dramedy, TVLine has learned. We hear if the pic — which would debut on The Roku Channel over the holidays — performs well, Roku could potentially order additional episodes. New deals with the primary cast, led by Jane Levy, are currently being hammered out. I'm happy ZEP will get some closure at the very least.
  23. I liked Aiden and Aiden/Carrie together, but I agree. It'd be the show trying to have it's cake and eat it too. Like "she did end up with Big, but then he croaked, and now she gets Aiden in her second stage of life." No thank you. I really wish they'd left well-enough alone with Sex and the City. A "revival" would have been nice if we had all four ladies together and it was like a reunion-type thing or a one-off just to see how they're doing now without having to infuse all the twists and turns to disrupt the characters lives and progress to feed a narrative for a movie or series. B
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