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  1. During a pandemic I'd HOPE it would be quite difficult.
  2. 99.999999999999% of children and babies are.
  3. Why do they bother filming the home owners telling the "designer" they love colour, when it's obvious the only colours to be used will be white, grey and occasionally blue?
  4. I would have paid money too that it was/is Jetson.
  5. Or, even worse, what kind of prejudices the sellers have.
  6. I'm not sure people like that are able to feel embarrassment.
  7. Don't have the money for a year's rent AND a house?
  8. Whaaa?! When was that? I heard one of the kids saying everything was really old and saw the youngest giving Dad looks that showed she clearly didn't believe he was up to snuff as her chauffeur, but I didn't hear that. I liked when Ebony mentioned that they'd done research. It was a nice change from people who at least act shocked over prices or space.
  9. He's either the son of their 18-year old or maybe one of their other children is in the military and divorced?
  10. Yet another stupid episode. What was the point of any of it? Phineus' uncle wouldn't have been that stupid. NCIS writers need to stay away from any sort of romance because they're terrible at writing that. Then again, I suppose they're not any more terrible at writing romance than they are at writing believable, entertaining crime/spy procedurals. I'm soooo bored with Gibbs and McGee. Nick has been less of a complete jerk over the past few episodes. Bishop deserves better, both from the writers and Nick. I like Kasie and Jimmy all right, but I'm so sick of this idea that they are the only peo
  11. I can understand not liking a double-basin sink. It can make it harder to wash large dishes and pans.
  12. Grrarrggh


    Could she come across like this to you, and possibly others, because she's a woman? I have, like every other human being, had to deal with unconscious bias that has led me to take a deeper look at how women are perceived vs how men are.
  13. Grrarrggh


    How was she ice cold?! I thought she was smart and professional. If Gold had been recording Scola's stupid threat he could have easily made huge problems for both Scola and the FBI. What was she supposed to do? Pat him on the head and give him a sweet?
  14. I'm guessing they totally know considering it's been proven that the owners film themselves saying that they'll love it AND that they'll list it.
  15. Hope you're feeling better. Maybe she's feels the need to look "hot" because people are harshly judging her body on IG and other places?
  16. Does she though? I don't see any difference between her "designs" and what nearly every other HGTV personality does.
  17. It was terrible, especially that bedroom that wasn't, but why are so many buyers lacking even the smallest smidgen of imagination? Don't they realise the furniture isn't coming with the house?
  18. I've noticed something interesting and a disheartening on this site. It seems that if a viewer has a problem with the voice, face, or hair of a buyer/seller, that buyer/seller is invariably a woman.
  19. He definitely showed his worst side on Winners at War. I hope he took some of the things that happened there to heart.
  20. Why? It's a joking compliment given from a homosexual man to a happily married heterosexual man. Did it seem as if either the husband or wife found it somehow insulting?
  21. While I enjoy most of the house porn (though I am disappointed to see that there is a whole 'nother level builder grade) rich white people complaining is even more galling that it was pre Covid.
  22. The NZ woman annoyed me the way all people do who think an older house always means it will be falling apart. Just because it wasn't built yesterday or because it isn't white/grey doesn't mean it's going to fall down on top of you or that you'll need to be fixing something every day.
  23. There are people who enjoy a bit more fancy in their pool parties. I've seen pool houses with picture frame moulding.
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