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  1. I loved the outside and the kitchen in their brother/sister-in-law's house, but not both in the same house.
  2. What 90 minute commute? It was an hour each way. I am wondering if she's automatically assuming another parent won't be part of her next (and current?) child? Otherwise, wouldn't that parent possibly want to buy a bigger house with her?
  3. Yes! He doesn't do any investigating anymore and hasn't for years. He keeps the rest of his team down because they're so obsessed and needy for his approval.
  4. Actually stealing a body out of autopsy sounds exactly like something Gibbs team would do. Nearly a requirement to be on the NCIS "A" team.
  5. Why couldn't the baker mother teach her children to walk into the kitchen to ask for snacks and work out their problems with themselves? They'll probably just turn up the tv louder and scream more to hear it over the sounder of her mixer lol.
  6. Grrarrggh


    That "security guard" should have been forced to retire. Paul Blart was more impressive than he was.
  7. It was Sec Def but otherwise totally agree. The writers aren't even trying anymore. Gibbs team has become so fake it's painful and insulting to both viewers and NCIS.
  8. I agree they'd have done better with a lovely red brick. I think there aren't many newbuild brick houses because they're expensive. And, just like with open concept w/g/s builders and HGTV have convinced people they're ugly unless it's white or black or that horrible schmear. I really hope M&B don't win. Their houses looks builder grade inside and out.
  9. I'm not sure I trust a lot of these appraisers. Just being open concept would immediately make the house worth a LOT less to me, yet it seems to be a requirement for too many others. White or grey shaker cabinets and counters that are the same in the kitchen as in the bathroom make a house seem cheap and boring in my appraisal, as it would cost me money to change that out, yet all these flippers and supposed "custom" builders on HGTV do only that. Real estate appraisal might be just as hinky as art appraisal.
  10. They're not rich people, they're flippers or developers who have scammed people into believing that is what they should want.
  11. I don't get what the judges had against M&B's pergola? It was way better than a putting green. But I do agree any outside area that's safe from bugs wins.
  12. Really? I think JL is as ugly as Gary (especially with those incredibly immature tattoos), but Gary seems to have a bit more personality. Colin is easily the best looking of the guys.
  13. It didn't seem any more odd that any other religion.
  14. I'll throw in extra for this German property if you can promise Kevin will keep that extra button undone 😉
  15. It seems the exact opposite to me. It's as if too many of the teams are stuck in some sort of "HGTV open concept white/grey shaker" universe when a lot of viewers and buyers are outside.
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