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  1. Charles didn't "have" Camilla until at least 5 years into his marriage. And I have no idea why the RF and Di's family thought the two would be a good match. Their personalities and basics interests were so different, and not in an opposites attract kind of way. Diana was much too immature and Charles was set in his way after more than a decade of the bachelor life. Not to mention they barely knew each other. Charles did have tools in his emotional toolbox, he just wasn't allowed to take them out and use them.
  2. Yeah, wallpaper is a personal choice, right up there with creamy or crunchy peanut butter. It can be a big risk if you're not picking it out yourself. But if you like it why care what others think? Unless you're selling the place in 2-4 years make it look how you want, not what HGTV tells you you're supposed to want.
  3. Please tell me they're not going to replace Gibbs (old white man) with this FBI guy (another old white man).
  4. Kitchens like that are what happens when people have been thoroughly brainwashed that they NEED open concept and that the kitchen is the "heart of the home". I think one day soon nearly everyone on HGTV will just have a kitchen with a television as the entirety of their public space. A white and grey kitchen with a huge tv, of course.
  5. The Modesto guy seemed very selfish. Everything was about what he wanted. Does he spend any time with his family or is it all to do with his business, his projects, his golf, his pool table.
  6. It might have been jarring but it "worked" because it was jarring. Makes you think even more about things that are going on in America and the world while others make money and destroy.
  7. Only if you can find your hand twin like Joey....
  8. Grrarrggh


    I hope it is just a tired trope when the PR minded request that the FBI/police solve a crime quickly. I mean, do they normally take their sweet time? Isn't solving it as soon as you can be sort of the MO of their jobs?
  9. HIS career?! No way, SHE would be out on her ass and he'd be excused.
  10. Maybe it's just because I'm sooooo sick of white/grey boxes but I actually liked the design of Tracy's sister's house. She didn't spend a few million of her Daddy's illegally made money to just make it look like something she could have gotten for $200k. I wonder if she cares as much about the stupid sister feud as Tracy does?
  11. The London hunters have to be some of the most contemptable people they've had on this programme for a while. I'm really hoping they will never have children.
  12. Why? Sounds just up Duchess Kate's alley.
  13. Depends on the location and if people think they can get their money back and more by doing renos.
  14. I know it's stupid to still be shocked by anyone else's stupidity but I a large part of me can't believe people pay more for a house because of things like staging. It seems like a pointless, money wasting, middleman.
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