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  1. Wouldn't you get paid more to be Chief Stew on a boat with clients than on one without that's just crossing home for refit?
  2. I couldn't get into this episode. I'm afraid to see what the buyer will do that Ansonia flat. I couldn't build up much, if any, sympathy for the rich lady who's moving to Florida. Same with Ryan and his schmaltzy "worked his way up" schtick.
  3. I wonder if you take a look at a Kardashian kitchen did it change from "farm house chic" to matte black white counter with gold the same time her taste just happened to change?
  4. Sadly, she might be. Not totally surprised, considering she seems super professional and great at her job.
  5. Why? I'm like her in I enjoy knowing I'm in different rooms in my home, not thinking I'm in the same one over and over again. Especially can't stand bathroom/kitchens. Two rooms I don't want to be thinking about at the same time!!
  6. Seriously? This was back when Monica Lewinsky wasn't a victim but a nightly joke. A woman in power is going to be taken down no matter who they have to hurt.
  7. Why do you bother bringing in a "designer" to do that kitchen? There was nothing designed in the whole place.
  8. Howdy! I'm joining in too so it's nice to know I won't be the only newbie. As for job quitters etc I think many people believe the only way they'll "make it" is through something like this. Fame, fame fame/infamy has become the be all and end all for too many people. Or they can't afford to quit a job for the amount of time it would take to work through a restaurant career, which is most likely decades vs 3 months. Plus the world seems to be over-run with people who "made it" nearly instantly, so they might think it's easy.
  9. It only rains %9.4 of the time in Seattle, not the most in the lower 48.
  10. I thought the opposite. I hate when the one who doesn't work at home thinks the at home worker doesn't need a office. But then I also hate people who want "farm chic" or whatever. I think they over spent and that stupid EAT sign in the kitchen/every single public room was just the cherry on the turd sundae.
  11. I think she made it our business by first spending fifteen episodes talking about wanting a baby and sleeping with a sperm donor. Then she doubled down by posting on Instagram. If she wanted privacy she has a funny way of showing it.
  12. I meant in a house (where nobody can hear you scream mwhahahaha) or on the first floor. And you're braver than I am!! Probably better prepared too ;) 🗝️🏹
  13. I would be scared out of my mind to have a "front door" in my bedroom. Wouldn't be able to sleep a wink.
  14. Impressed is about the last thing I'd be walking into that San Fran house. I'd think the owners were conned.
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